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Everyone showed different expressions as they heard Qing Qin and Chi Li said so. There were also people who felt resented to the person who asked.

Siren King waved his hand back at this moment and said lightly, “Relax, my one strike, I will only use 10% power. If you still can’t endure my one strike in such a circumstance, why would I still keep you.”

As soon as these words came out, most of the powerhouses of the Crystallization Period were relaxed.

But after Wu Yan heard it, he squinted his eyes. He said without hesitation, “Since that is the case, then let me first take your one strike!”

Right after he spoke, Wu Yan looked dignified. Then his both hands made gestures, transfiguring blurred black runes. As they flashed, they went under the puppet giant bird under his feet.

With the influx of rune, the puppet giant bird suddenly burst into a violent breath. This breath was not weak compared with a Crystallization Period powerhouse.

As the giant bird spread its wing, the black feathers on the wings were abnormally sharp as the arrows, emitting a faint metallic halo.

A soft chime sounded!

The giant bird turned into a black rainbow, rushing toward Siren King from the old man.

Siren King saw Wu Yan being so decisive, and there was a trace of appreciation in his eyes. At the moment when the puppet giant bird approached, his right palm waved into the air. The spirit immediately became violent. It turned into the one thousand meter giant palm and grabbed the puppet giant bird.

Seeing this, Wu Yan’s eyes flashed a hint of ruthlessness. He made a gesture and shouted, “Explode!”

At the moment when the giant palm collided with the puppet giant bird, a terror wave came from the body of the puppet giant bird. The huge puppet exploded in the air and stirred up countless stormy waves. The giant palm slightly trembled under the force.

At the moment the giant palm paused in the air, Wu Yan had already taken out a black giant fork with a few ten meters. He condensed all his spiritual power in his meridians as his eyes condensed, and it madly rushed into the giant fork through his both hands.

The giant fork suddenly emitted circles of golden light, and there seemed to be countless runes flowing in the light.


Wu Yan shouted furiously. The sound was deafening like thunder. At the same time, his arms waved forward. The spirit in the air flowed into the giant fork in the void, turning into a vortex, and the vortex spun faster and faster, making the golden light above the giant fork a little more prosperous. Finally, it condensed into a half moonlight arc. He launched it at the thousand meters giant palm.

The light arc erupted in dazzling light. Waves of air blast could be heard wherever the light arc passed by.

But the giant palm did not dodge. It faced the light arc directly. When the two were several feet apart, its five fingers that were a few ten meters long grasped slightly in the air.


A clear voice came out. The giant palm exuded a faint blue light and grasped the golden half moon arc in its hand. Waves of golden and blue light were dazzling, applying the same color on the sky.

Liu Ming looked solemnly into the sky and felt the amazing force. There was a trace of horror in his heart.

Wu Yan’s complexion gradually looked ugly to look at the moment.

He could clearly feel that the golden light emitted by the light arc was being covered by the giant palm quickly. However, what made him feel slightly relief was that the power breath of the giant palm exuded was weaker than before.

Just as the light arc was about to be crushed by the giant palm, Wu Yan’s eyes flashed instantly. He instantly opened his mouth and shot out a blood arrow. It turned into a mist that floated in front of his chest.

Then he made gestures, emitting countless golden runes. The runes merged with the blood mist, making it rolled. He waved his sleeve, bringing up a wild wind with the blood mist and surging at the giant palm.


Wu Yan who looked slightly pale floated in the air with his clothes fluttering. His figure exuded a hint of dignity. He raised his arm and pointed lightly at the giant palm.

Suddenly, the blood mist that dispersed around the giant palm condensed. A tremendous energy waves burst out, covering the blue light.

The giant palm was making crack sounds as it was squeezed by this powerful energy, turning into spirits and disappearing in the air.

Wu Yan was slightly relieved to see that the giant palm was destroyed. He was indeed worthy of being one of the three major force leader of the Crystallization Period later stage. At this time, except for slightly panting, he did not show any abnormality.

After he swallowed an elixir, he became more casual.

Seeing Wu Yan so calm, the appreciation in Siren King’s eyes became stronger and stronger.

Several other alien clans were relieved when they saw that Wu Yan actually resolved his opponent’s palm.

Then an alien clan powerhouse of the Crystallisation Period was moved. He appeared in front of everyone else and said respectfully toward Siren King, “I am willing to take one hit from Siren King. Please be merciful! ”

Seeing this, Siren King’s eyes flashed. The smile on his face didn’t reduce. He waved his sleeve and slapped in the air hard.

Suddenly another giant palm of one thousand meters appeared on his head as it was exuding blue light.

After feeling the coercion coming from the surrounding void, this person’s face changed a lot. He didn’t expect Siren King to give him a blow directly. He was caught off guard!

His eyes showed a decisive expression. He spurted out a silver light from his mouth. It turned into one hundred meters giant silver wheel, slashing upward in a rapid spin. It had collided with the giant palm at that moment.

At the next moment, the silver wheel burst apart as the ear-piercing sound of metal being cut sounded, but the momentum of the giant palm didn’t reduce at all.

But when he hurriedly tried to cast his spiritual weapon, his face turned pale.

Because he found that he actually couldn’t move at all under the pressure of the giant palm!


The man stared at the giant palm coming down with his eyes wide open, and his eyes were full of despair and unwillingness. He could only transfer desperately all his spiritual power into the defensive aura, turning it into a layer of silver light curtain to protect himself.

But everyone on the side was a little panic-stricken. They realized that Siren King’s palm of 10% power was not so easy to deal with!


The giant palm fell instantly. This Crystallisation Period powerhouse was pressed into meat sauce; he died horribly in it.

The surroundings were quiet. Everyone held their breath, staring at the place where the famous Crystallisation Period powerhouse died. A chill came from their hearts.

“Who is the next one to take my one blow?”

The faint voice of the young white robe broke the surrounding silence, and his voice spread to everyone’s ears.

No one dared to step forward for a while, and their gaze looking at the young white robe was filled with deep fear.

The white robe youth looked indifferent as if nothing could make him move.

After everyone was silent for a while, Siren King saw no one stepping forward, his body gradually emitted a chilling breath. He said, “If no one dare to take my one blow, then the rest can all die!”

Hearing this speech from the young man in the white robe, the remaining two Black Flame Palace elders of different race changed their complexions. One of the Crystallisation Period powerhouse stepped up helplessly. He waved his sleeve without talking, and a bronze mirror came out from the sleeze and suspended on his chest. The bronze mirror grew into the size of seventy to eighty meters in size. It emitted a bronze light that protected his body.

Immediately afterward, a fiery red light flashed, a thirty meters woodlike sword that was burning in flame appeared from his other sleeve. It turned to a few ten meters of red light and slashed at Siren King light lightning.

Siren King looked coldly at everything in front of him, and there was no slight change in his expression. When the burning flying sword reached the few inches away from his chest, his eyes suddenly flickered. Immediately, an invisible force from his body surged out.

The red light stopped in front of the young man in white robe in an instant, and the flame on the sword extinguished, exposing the sword itself.

Then his right hand slowly lifted up. He struck lightly, and the flying sword fell into his hand.

“Do you really think that you can resist my one blow with this sword?”

Siren King murmured, then his five fingers pinched casually.

With a bang, the flying sword in his palm was crushed into pieces like wood chips.

Just at the moment when the flying sword shattered, the Crystallisation Period powerhouse’s body trembled immediately. His face was flushed like he was drunk. He obviously suffered the same injury due to the mind connection.

Siren King glanced at the man, and his arm moved and waved at the man.

A blue ray of light flew out of his sleeve, and it went straight at the Crystallisation powerhouse like lightning. It penetrated through the red light protection aura and went into his forehead.

A “bang” sound.

The person’s head suddenly exploded, turning into a blood mist and floating in the air.

Then, the headless body fell straight from the air.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s pupils shrank suddenly.

“Friend, it’s your turn!”

Before waiting for Liu Ming to recover from the shock, the dull voice of Siren King came from his ear. Then, he saw Siren King’s arm raised and pointed to the last Crystallisation Period powerhouse of the other race.

Seeing this, Hong San, Li Kun and others who were standing near this person almost immediately retreated a few steps, but everyone’s complexions looked extremely unsightly.

The Crystallisation Period powerhouse also met Siren King’s cold gaze as he heard the words. His heart skipped. However, his figure shook and blasted to the front. A powerful death intention burst out from his eyes.

“Take this!”

The man snarled, and his body instantly turned into several afterimages, galloping toward Siren King.

Siren King snorted lightly. His left palm was launched instantly, turning into a thousand meters size palm with a light blue light. The overwhelming pressure brought a few violent winds along with it.

As the person saw this, his vibe skyrocketed again. At the next moment, several rays of light flew out of his sleeves. Each of which wrapped around a spiritual weapon that exuded a powerful spirit aura.


When a few rays of light collided with the giant palm, the person shouted with a frantic expression on his face. He was obviously already desperate.

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