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“Want to go?”

Qing Qin on the opposite had already seen his intention. After a cold snort, she changed her gesture. Her figure blurred, and her body surface flash a green light. She actually transfigured three identical green phantasms. They quickly blocked in front of Hong San. When the 6 arms moved, countless wind blades blasted at him.

Hong San’s eyes turned cold, and he was furious. However, he could only stop and cast a spell to resist the phantasms.

After being pincered by Qing Qin and his phantasms, it wasn’t easy for him to escape from this battle.

But after this delay, the phantasm light curtain in front of Prophecy Fairy finally broke apart instantly.

The woman snorted, and her body fell straight from the air. As for the four people behind her, their bodies exploded directly after making a painful scream, turning into a large blood mist.

Chi Li was rejoiced to see this. She made a gesture with one hand, and the black flame surged forward, trying to burn Prophecy Fairy into ashes.

After Prophecy Fairy’s array was gone, her cultivation suddenly dropped backto Condensation State later stage. She didn’t dare to resist the black flame in such a situation. She just lifted her hand and launched a talisman. It turned into a golden light and wrapped her up, letting her dodging all over the sky.

“Prophecy Fairy!”

Seeing that Prophecy Fairy was going to die, Hong San couldn’t put still anymore. As Qing Qin became sloppy, he took the opportunity to spat out a cluster of green light as his eyes flashed red. The green light was wrapping around a green small bowl, after it flew around, it went back into his hand.

Hong San held the small bowl. His other hand made a gesture, then a green ray flashed in the bowl. Countless runes were flickering, then a weird dark green liquid gushed at Qing Qin’s phantasms.

The liquid exuded a disgusting odors as if it had a very strong corrosive power.

As Qing Qin was caught off guard, the three phantasms were dissolved by the liquid instantly. The layers of body protection aura couldn’t even stop it at all. As a sizzling voice sounded, three green smoke scattered and disappeared.

“You dare to break my phantasms!”

Qing Qin’s real body was linked to the phantasms. She felt a sweet sensation in her throat immediately. She opened her mouth and spurted a black blood. She seemed a little furious.

The phantasms she cast just now weren’t normal mystic art. Each of the phantasms 30% to 40% of her actual strength. It was very useful in some special circumstances, but now it actually was actually broken by such an inconspicuous liquid.

This sudden change not only caused Qing Qin a serious injury, her three phantasms were even gone. They were cultivated by her using her own blood essence since she advanced to the Crystallization Period, only then they could be linked to the real body and her mind!

However, Hong San was ignoring it. After he eliminated the phantasms, his face looked mad. He didn’t bother about Qing Qin as he turned into a red ray that blasted toward Prophecy Fairy. On the way, the small green bowl in his hand shook again.

Then a large patch of dark green liquid surged out, turning into two dark green anaconda; one aimed at Qing Qin, and the other rushed to Chi Li.

The process of using poisonous venom to break the phantasms and blasting forward was only a few seconds. The speed was extremely fast!

After Qing Qin saw the power of the green liquid, she didn’t dare to let this green anaconda get close to her. She could only dodge it.

When Chi Li saw another dark green anaconda pouncing at him, he could not help but insult Qing Qin for being useless. He immediately chantd as he used both of his hands to call back the black in the air/

The black flame suddenly turned around and turned into a black fire wall to resist the approaching dark green anaconda.

At this moment, Hong San no longer continued to manipulate the two dark green anacondas. After he retrieved the small bowl in his hand, he suddenly spewed out a patch of blood, and it turned into a blood-red flag with a few inches tall.

After a blood mist spurted out from Hong San’s mouth, he grabbed the small streamer and shook it violently, and suddenly disappeared in a piece of blood.

At the next moment, Hong San’s body became blurred, then he appeared in front of Prophecy Fairy. As the blood on his body surface rolled, it wrapped around Prophecy Fairy. After it soared to the sky, it turned into a blood rainbow that shot away.

Jia Lan, who was fighting with the two beastkins near the residence of Sea Creature Clan, was also brought along by a flash after the blood rainbow passed by.

Not only that, this blood rainbow passed through the attic where Sea Creature Clan lived in a flash. Then it circled again, it went out of the valley without hesitation.

After watching Prophecy Fairy and others rescued by Hong San from under their watch, Chi Li was furious. She glanced at Qing Qin who was sitting cross-legged not far away and looked pale, then she turned into a red rainbow, trying to stop Hong Hong.

In the blink of an eye, the two disappeared at the end of the sky.

Chi Li followed tightly the blood red light of Hong San. When she was only a few feet away from Hong San, she said with a smile, “Let’s see where you can run!”

With that said, her speed became faster.

Feeling Chi Li’s breath behind him, Hong San felt anxious. He desperately channeled his spiritual power to get rid of the other party.

However, he had gone through a fierce battle after all. There were even four people in the blood rainbow that Hong San cast. The two of them were even unconscious. Under such circumstances, how could he fight with Chi Li’s speed!

In this way, the distance between the two had shortened to one hundred meters.

Chi Li looked at the two people in front of him, and her arm that was holding the square cauldron suddenly waved forward.

Then Fang Cauldron turned into a red light, exuding a faint temperature. It rushed toward Hong San’s blood rainbow.

Hong San could naturally feel a high temperature approaching behind him. As he was helpless, he clenched his teeth and stopped abruptly. He threw the small flag in his hand, and it turned into a blood rainbow that brought the four people moving forward.

Then at the moment when the fang Cauldron was approaching, he turned around and moved his palm. Suddenly, there was a black red short stick in his hand. His other hand was making gestures instead.

The short stick instantly glowed in red light, and it became a two hundred meters long giant stick.

Under the constant spiritual power channeling of Hong San, the giant stick emitted a dazzling red light. It collided with the square cauldron fiercely the next moment.

“Dang“, a loud noise!

When the two collided, a huge air wave was suddenly set off, and it spread to the surrounding.

At this moment, Hong San had an idea. He retreated a few hundred meters away using the knockback force caused by the collision of the giant red stick and the square cauldron.

Afterward, as he just landed, he did not turn around and leave immediately. Instead, he slapped hardly on his chest with his right palm.


He spat out a green mist that was wrapping around a small green bowl. After it hovered in the air, it fell into his hand.

As Hong San made another gesture, the hand that was holding the small bowl shook. After a green light flashed, a green liquid surged out from the bowl and went toward Chi Li.

At the moment when the venom flew out, Hong San chanted as he made a gesture, then he spurted a blood arrow into the venom.


Hong San shouted. As the venom kept surging, it instantly turned into a dark green anaconda. It circled around the square cauldron in the air and bound Chi Li.

Then, he flickered, dodged the square cauldron, and fled toward the blood rainbow that was not far away.

Feeling the stench from the body of the anaconda, Chi Li’s face changed slightly. Her body retreated for several ten meters, then she lifted her hand and waved lightly.

The square cauldron circled around and shot back as it turned into a light, then a big flame surged over. It turned into a sea of fire in front of the anaconda.

It was just that after everything was gone, Hong San was long gone.

Chi Li recalled back her square cauldron. After her face’s complexion changed, she could only leave dejectedly.

Qing Qin was sitting cross-legged on the ground at the moment. He whose appearance became a bald muscular man looked very terrible. There was a black gas circling between his brows as if a poisonous snake was crawling on it. It looked very hideous.

Qing Qin endured the pain all over his body and spurted out a cluster of green light that was wrapped around a green crystal bead. It floated in front of him after it swirled around.

At this moment, Qing Qin who was sitting on the ground suddenly had his meridians burst out, and he made a low growl.

The crystal bead in front of him flashed in a pale blue light, and it entered Qing Qin’s forehead to battle with the black gas inside.

This pale green light was extracted from the Crystallization Period’s beastkin core in Qing Qin, but the toxin was so strong that it couldn’t be expelled for a while.

Qing Qin opened his right hand, and there was another crystal clear medicinal pill in his palm. The pill turned into a light and disappeared in his mouth. It became a pale green spirit that went into his meridians.

At the same time, he made gestures to control the spiritual power in his meridians and the pale green spiritual power to resist the toxin in his body.

Gradually, the toxin was forced to his mouth, and then the toxin turned into a condensed substance. It transformed into a dark green viper which hissed.

Qing Qin’s tightly closed eyes suddenly opened, and murderousness flashed in his eyes. As he made a low roar, his body trembled slightly.


The dark green blood turned into a mist and gushed out.

However, when Qing Qin’s mind was slightly loosened, the blood mist seemed to possess spirituality. It suddenly condensed in the air, and turned into the dark green snake again, opening its mouth wide and assaulting Qing Qin.

Qing Qin’s pupil shrunk, and his heart was horrified. I didn’t expect this toxin to be so difficult to deal with!


A fierceness flashed in his eyes. He opened his right palm and a flame burst out of nowhere, then it surrounded the poisonous snake. The toxin screamed painfully in the flame, and finally disappeared after a while.


Seeing this, Qing Qin was relieved.

I didn’t expect there would be such a horrible poison!

Just when Qing Qin closed his eyes again and was about to recover his body’s lost vitality, Chi Li suddenly appeared beside him with a blank expression.

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