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Fire Cloud Summit was a mountain more than 100 miles north of Ironfire Valley.

In this continuous mountain range, this summit was originally unremarkable. It was just that there were a lot of red trees on the mountain, and the summit had a strange shape. From a distance, they look like a mushroom-like red fire cloud which was why it got the name.

At this time, Liu Ming’s flying boat came to a place more than a hundred feet above the mountain peak. He suddenly frowned. He felt the Yunchuan token given by Ye Tianmei in his sleeve suddenly shook lightly.

He immediately shook his sleeves, and the crimson token flew out, hovering in front of him. The token surface flashed a red light, and a line of small silver characters appeared.

After Liu Ming saw it, he immediately looked serious. He made a gesture, then the green flying boat accelerated to a direction after it took a turn. At the same time, he released his huge mental power to search the nearby area again and again.

After 15 minutes, he saw a silver flash in the distance. A silver spot appeared there, then it flew toward his side.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but rejuvenate. He immediately made a gesture and controlled the flying boat to fly over.

After a moment, Liu Ming felt the silver light spot enlarged a little at a time, and there was a slender figure dressed in white in the silver light. She was controlling a flying sword to rush to his side.

As the distance got closer and closer, the silver light suddenly became dimmed.

Liu Ming flew a short distance again, then he stopped the flying boat because the silver light glimmered and stopped a short distance ahead, revealing the person inside.

It is Ye Tianmei!

“Master’s Junior Ye!” Liu Ming shouted in surprise, then he could no longer speak the following words.

He saw that Ye Tianmei, who usually looked cool and solemn, looked pale. There was no vitality on her face. She was clearly injured seriously.

After the woman saw Liu Ming, she just nodded. Then, she stumbled as the giant sword turned into light spots and disappeared in the air. Her weakened body fell straight down to the ground.

Liu Ming was shocked, and he hurriedly made a gesture. After the green flying boat trembled, it dived down in the falling direction.

When the distance from Ye Tianmei was less than 20 to 30 meters, his sleeve shook. A black gas surged out of it, turning into a black rope that extended forward.


The rope immediately wrapped around Ye Tianmei’s waist and pulled her onto the flying boat.

Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He controlled the rope to lay the woman on the deck of the flying boat.

At the moment, Ye Tianmei barely opened her seemingly heavy eyelids and said to Liu Ming intermittently, “Someone will pursue me again… Elder with long eyebrows; intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period… We.. we should stay long at this place. Need to leave this place hurriedly… Buy me some time.”

Before Ye Tianmei finished her words, she finally couldn’t stand it and fainted directly.

As soon as Liu Ming heard the words “intermediate stage of Crystallization Period”, he felt shock in his heart. He immediately made a gesture and turned around the flying boat, blasting away in the original direction.

Then he shook his sleeve robe again, took out several medicine bottles, poured out some pills of different colours, and fed them to the unconscious Ye Tianmei.

As a result, Ye Tianmei’s face finally regained its vitality, but she still didn’t look like she would wake up in a while.

After Liu Ming’s heart sank, he realized that the woman’s injury was out of his expectation, and the person who injured her was most likely the person chasing behind.

As a result, the current situation was much worse now.

As Liu Ming thought helplessly, he scanned the area behind him with his mental power, always paying attention to the movement behind.

After 15 minutes.

A thousand meters above the Fire Cloud Summit.

An old man with green eyebrows and gray robe was floating in the air, thinking about something alone thoughtfully.

“I didn’t expect this woman to have someone to take her here. Now she has most likely escaped for a hundred miles away.”

He was now staring attentively at a crimson disk with a little white light on it, and it was slowly moving towards the edge of the disk.

“Since they are running hurriedly, this person shouldn’t have high cultivation. The person should most likely be Ye Tianmei’s junior. If that’s the case, don’t even think about escaping from my hand.” Elder Liu frowned slightly, then he sneered as he said.

Then the old man with green eyebrow’s sleeve flicked, and the square bronze flying car that originally belonged to Ma Shu suddenly appeared at his feet.

“I really want to see how far you can run.” After he spoke, he made a gesture with both hands, the bronze flying car under his feet spun and became a green afterimage that blasted away!

Just as Liu Ming brought Ye Tianmei to escape from Elder Liu’s pursuit in the hundred miles distance, the battle in Ironfire Valley had entered the climax.

Between the fierce battle of Prophecy Fairy and Chi Li, a tremendous loud noise was evoked from time to time.

This Prophecy Fairy was just a Condensation State cultivator. Although she forcibly powered up through the set of spiritual weapon and the array, she was not a real Crystallization Period cultivator after all. At this time, she was clearly in a disadvantageous situation against Chi Li.

But she wouldn’t immediately lose for a while. She was still in a stalemate with Chi Li.

However, the woman took a brief glance at the situation on the field while fighting, and she frowned.

She knew very well that the key to this victory was not on her side, but it was on Hong San and Qing Qin.

And these two powerful crystal players were constantly changing the gestures in their hands. In mid-air, the club and halberd were fighting, causing spirit explosions in the space around. The sounds of metal collision could be heard constantly. The fight couldn’t be finished in a while.

The two Sea Creature Clan Spiritual Masters who were fighting the Sea Beastkin Clan soldiers, after killing one Sea Beastkin Clan soldier respectively, were all covered with blood and bruises. They were forced to retreat under the offenses. They looked like they were going down in any second.

Jia Lan, who was not far away, seemed to have exhausted everything at the moment. She could barely handle the two Condensation State later stage beastkins. If the two Beastkin Clan muscular men joined the fight, then the victory would be decided in the blink of an eye.

No way, if this keeps on, we will be defeated. Not only we can’t secure the Tidal Shield, but we will also be dead here.

After Prophecy Fairy thought about it, her face looked decisive. She clenched her teeth as she prepared to use her last resort.


The colorful feathers transfigured by Guqin once again resisted the attack of giant cauldron, and there was a roar when the two collided.

At the next moment, Prophecy Fairy’s jade-like hands suddenly crossed in front of her his chest. Her fingers quickly changed their gestures. After that she spat out a blue glittering tiny talisman.

The female made a gesture and spat several mouthfuls of blood on it.

Talisman burst open, and a blue light flew out of it. After flying in the air, a half man half fish old man phantasm gradually emerged.

The old man phantasm was wearing a red coral crown and emerald green robe; his lower body was covered with pale gold scales. His appearance looked majestic. When he just appeared, his arms moved without any expression. He pointed at the space where Chi Li was at.


In the sky above Chi Li, a ten meters long light blue finger. It just trembled slightly, then it slammed down with an overwhelming vibe.

Chi Li’s pupils shrank slightly, but after she made a cry, she lifted her right hand freely and threw the crimson square cauldron into the air.

The square cauldron grew into the size of one hunter meters.

Chi Li chanted as her ten fingers flicked in the air. Countless runes appeared out of thin air, and they all went into the square cauldron.

The square cauldron shone in bright red light. After a tremble, it went to the blue finger.


A loud noise spread out, and a terrible breath surged through the world!

After the red giant cauldron sank downward, the surface light instantly dimmed.

The blue finger phantasm also took the opportunity to press it down.

Chi Li was shocked when she saw the situation. She looked fierce as she opened her mouth and spurted out a white light cluster.

This light cluster was just the size of a thumb. It’s surface had a soft white halo, and there were countless light red runes around it. It’s interior was even crafted by unknown materials which made it look crystal clear. It exuded an amazing spirit.

Hong San, who fought against Qing Qin, couldn’t help but be attracted by this loud noise. He anxiously took a look at it, but at the next moment, he was immediately shocked. He could not help but exclaim,”It’s an essence pearl. Prophecy Fairy, quickly retreat now. This is not something you can fight against.”

But when he said that, it was already too late.

Chi Li sneered. She had already made a gesture.

The light cluster turned from white to crimson. After it soared to the sky, it jumped once, then black-red flames appeared on its surface..

It was Chi Li’s life flame that she had been cultivating for many years!

Prophecy Fairy was naturally even more shocked. She hurriedly made a gesture to call back the blue fingers.

As a result, after a “bang” sounded, the black-red flame hit the blue finger. Then, it burst open, turning into a ​​black-red sea of fire with a few hundred meters in size.

The blue finger phantasm gradually faded in this flame, and it finally turned into a little crystal light and collapsed.

At this moment, Chi Li shouted again. She stretched her left hand and pointed at the sea of fire in the sky.

The black-red flame immediately turned into a huge wall of fire more than a hundred meters and surged forward right away.

For Chi Li, since she had already spent her most important treasure, so she naturally had no reason to let her opponent live.

As Prophecy Fairy saw this, she was naturally terrified. She hurriedly controlled the feathers in the air and immediately transfigured layers of phantasm to temporarily block the fire wall.

However, under the surges of this black-red fire waves, these feather phantasms burst apart like bubble bursting.

Seeing this, Hong San couldn’t help it anymore. After pushing back his powerful enemy Qing Qin again, his figure flashed and rushed to the side of Prophecy Fairy.

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