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Seeing this scene, the old man with green eyebrows suddenly breathed a sigh of relieve. After the prismatic thorn in the air turned blur, it shrank to a few inches in size and disappeared into his sleeve. Then, he turned around to Ye Tianmei and said while cupping his fists, “I haven’t seen Fairy Ye for so many years, your swordsmanship has really improved a lot. With the great power of the Sword Cultivation, if you are not injured, let alone Ma Shu this old, even I will lose to you without a doubt.”

“Old Liu has over praised me. I have just advanced to the early stage of Crystallization Period for only ten years. How can I compare with Elder Liu who is at the intermediate stage of Crystallization Period. Although the Sword Cultivation is strong, it is much more difficult to advance than the general cultivation. If I want to go further, I don’t know when will it be.” Ye Tianmei replied with a slight smile.

“Fairy Ye is really a forthright person. In recent years, I also heard on the island that the fairy is now the elder of Yunchuan Alliance. I want to congratulate you on that.” The old man with green eyebrows suddenly turned the thread of discussion and congratulated.

“You are making it too serious. I was just forced by the formality.” Ye Tianmei said lightly.

“Hehe, Fairy Ye is too humble. You are hurt now, if you don’t mind, you can go to my cave house to rest. It is only a hundred miles away from here.” After Elder Liu laughed, he suddenly thought of something, then he pointed at a direction and said.

“Thank you Elder Liu for your good intentions, but I still have something to do here. It is not appropriate for me to stay here for long. I think…” As Ye Tianmei heard those words, she glanced subconsciously in the direction of the old man, and gently refused.

However, before she finished her words, she felt a spine chilling sensation that came suddenly from the old man’s position.

Ye Tianmei was shocked in his heart, but she responded fast enough. Her figure bounced off abruptly at the same time the sudden change happened.

But unexpectedly, it was still a little late.

A blue prismatic thorn appeared in the space in front of her body, and it pierced through her right shoulder. A freezing numb sensation desensitized her right arm, and it started to spread through her body!

After Ye Tianmei’s body trembled, she appeared in another place that was a few hundred meters away from Elder Liu. She tapped a few times at her right shoulder immediately to seal off the meridians on her shoulder, then she stuck a green talisman on it.

A green light flashed immediately, and the wound on the woman’s shoulder quickly healed.

At this time, Ye Tianmei looked coldly at the opposite “Elder Liu” and asked without any expression, “Speak. Why do you do this? Don’t tell me that you suddenly attacked me because you are on a whim.”

“You are really worthy of being Yunchuan Continent’s first female Sword Cultivator. You can still be so calm at this time. Unfortunately, I’m not convenient to tell you the reason. However, Fairy Ye, please don’t be worry. I will keep you alive. Moreover, this matter may even be a chance for you.” Seeing that the old man with green eyebrows still praised her after seeing this situation, and he looked like a kind-hearted person. The person who didn’t know him might really think that he was a kind person.

“Elder Liu assaulted me like, but you still said that it is my chance. So, should I still be grateful to Elder Liu?” Ye Tianmei said with a frown.

“Speaking of which. I have some profound relationship with your sect, and I have a little friendship with you, so Fairy Ye doesn’t have to be flustered. As long as you follow as I said, I can guarantee you to be safe.” Elder Liu still said calmly.

“Hmph. Really? Edler Liu really has a wishful thinking. However, do you really think that you can capture me by this hit?” Ye Tianmei suddenly said with a strange look on her face.

“Fairy is seriously injured now, I advise you to not simply make a move.” As Elder Liu heard it, he immediately took back the smile on his face. His expression became somber.

Ye Tianmei didn’t say much anymore. She suddenly shattered a light silver talisman that was in her left hand. Waves of rune patterns spread out. Her cultivation actually recovered until her heyday!

Seeing this, the old man with green eyebrows was shocked. Ye Tianmei even raised her right arm at the next moment. After making a gesture, the silver flying sword shone brilliantly, turning into a silver flying rainbow hanging that swirled on top of her head. It even made a sharp air blast.

“Body and sword fusion, you are obviously injured seriously, and your spiritual power has been exhausted. How can you still have such a magical power?” Elder Liu’s face looked fearful. He muttered to himself, “No, this powerful breath … You recover all your spiritual power in such a short time. How is it possible … ”

Ye Tianmei would not answer him naturally. She changed her gesture, and the flying sword returned to her hand. As her body fused with the sword, a silver ray piece blasted at the old man with green eyebrows!

The old man’s green eyebrows twitched for a while. His face was extremely ugly. He quickly stuck a speed buff talisman on himself, and he turned into a cloud of green light which flew away, dodging the powerful silver rainbow.

However, when he showed up again, his face was full of hesitation.

If Ye Tianmei really still reserved some of her strength, and his Crystallization Period Sword Cultivator’s power was used to the max, he definitely didn’t want to fight head to head with her.

However, in his view, Ye Tianmei now used some unknown method to recover her spiritual power, so she was just a spent force. As long as he pulled the distance and waited for her spiritual power to exhaust, then he could capture her alive easily.

It was just that his face changed again when he thought about it.

After the silver crystal rainbow swirled, drawing a beautiful arc of semicircle in the air, it blasted at him again. Morever, after it turned blur in the air, it transfigured into countless giant sword shadows. The sword qi could even be felt at the edge of the world. How did she look like she had exhausted her spiritual power?

The old man’s face turned a little gloomy. Suddenly, he made a whistle and turned into a green afterimage that blasted away in a direction. After a few flashes, he disappeared at the end of the sky.

After the silver rainbow was withdrawn, the countless sword shadows disappeared.

Ye Tianmei’s figure reappeared in the air again, and she sneered at the direction which the old man disappeared.

Just now, she didn’t care about the injuries in her body and used the unique mystic art of the Tianyue Sect. It stimulated her inner potential which made her seem to be fully recovered. However, this power was just a spent force. It couldn’t hold for long at all. If Elder Liu stayed for one second longer, he could notice this.

It was just that most of the cultivators cherished their life very well. Especially for the powerhouse who had trained to such a level, he paid great attention to his own life. He would never take the risk.

But for her, if she didn’t take the risk, she would have no choice but to wait for her death. Moreover, Sword Cultivation was a way to keep breaking through one’s limit, letting a person experience death and live through it.

However, Ye Tianmei was also very clear that this little method could only buy her a little time. After taking a few pills of medicine, she once again exerted her flying sword escape technique without hesitating to spend her spiritual power. She immediately travelled for a few thousand meters. Within just a few seconds, there was only a light spot left by the flash of silver light.

But after 15 minutes, the figure of the old man with green eyebrows appeared again in the air of this place. After looking around the area, his face was full of annoyed expressions.

Earlier, he was temporarily suppressed by Ye Tianmei’s momentum, thinking that she would use some sort of mystic arts to suicide with him, so he could not distinguish it at that moment. He was actually fooled by such a simple means.

“Hmph, she actually dares to trick me! Fortunately, I have just injected my own breath into the prismatic thorn in advance. With your severely injured body, where can you escape? Hmph, I will definitely take you down so that I can get what I want!” The old man said to himself.

Then he settled his mind, and suddenly murmured with a stern face,

“I have been trapped in this realm for two or three hundred years; my lifespan only has little left. If there is no breakthrough, it will most probably be dead after a few decades. Now, the only person who can help me among the sea region is her. I don’t know if this is a chance given by god or it is my good luck. As long as I capture this girl alive, with her Crystallization Period Female Sword Cultivator identity, her body will be the best boost to recover one’s heyday strength. Not only I can break through my current realm, it is also possible for me to advance to the Real Pellet State in the future.”

As Elder Liu finished speaking, he couldn’t help but lick his lower lip, and a passion revealed from his eyes.

It turned out that this old man with green eyebrows intruded the practice ground of Siren King inadvertently in pursuit of a Crystallization Period beastkin on the sea a few years ago.

The only Real Pellet State powerhouse in the Sea Region was cultivating in a closed door because he had just advanced not for long, so he was in a good mood. He didn’t use any harsh means on the human cultivator. Instead, he promised that as long as the human joins his force and helps him to recover his peak strength, then he would teach him how to advance to the Real Pellet State.

At that time, the old man was looking for opportunities because he was stuck at the bottleneck of the later stage. He was naturally surprised to hear this incident. He almost immediately pledged allegiance to Siren King without much thought. After the Siren King set some enchantment on him, he returned to the Bieyuan Island again.

He had been thinking hard about how to please Siren King so that he could get his secrets to advance to the Real Pellet State. A few days ago, he suddenly received the news of Ye Tianmei.

As a result, he was overjoyed.

For the pure spiritual power of a Female Sword Cultivator like Ye Tianmei, wasn’t she the perfect body for Siren King to cultivate!?

In this way, it involved the secret of advancing to the Real Pellet State and his lifespan, Elder Liu would naturally no longer care about the previous friendship. Therefore, after he helped her to eliminate Ma Shu, he suddenly backstabbed Ye Tianmei.

Of course, as a result of his doing, as long as a little news was spread, he would no longer be able to return to the human clan of Yunchuan Continent.

Thinking of this, the old man with green eyebrows did not rush to track her down, but he stood on the spot. His face looked uncertain for a while.

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