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Under the inspection of his mental power, it was found that there was only a bone shield and a thick red book in this crystal ball. The surface was written with three light silver characters “Flame Cultivation Scripture”.

This crystal ball was also an uncommon rare treasure, and the space inside was a little bigger than Sumeru Snail.

As he was surprised, and he used his Divine Thought to move the two items out of it.

This bone shield was the size of a palm. It was dark in colour. There were nine skulls imprinted on the surface, and there were layers of black gas lingering on it. There were actually ghost faces on it which made it seemed strange.

As for the “Flame Cultivation Scripture”, after reviewing it, he found that the first half of the book recorded some cultivation and mystic arts suitable for the Fire Mastery Clan people, while the second half recorded Yan Jue’s knowledge in forging, and it recorded the way to forge a few kinds of powerful spiritual weapon.

Through the introduction of these spiritual weapons in the “Flame Cultivation Scripture”, Liu Ming finally knew that the black bone shield turned out to be a superb spiritual weapon called Nine Skulls Shield.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but rejoice. He immediately made a gesture and transferred his spiritual power into the shield.

“Poo” “Poo“!

As a burst of black gas erupted from the shield, many black runes appeared on the surface, and they formed layers of vague black array after they swirled around. At first glance, there were actually 35 layers.

This spiritual weapon has 35 enchantments!

Liu Ming took a breath. This really shocked him.

The 35 enchantments spiritual weapon was already an upper rank spiritual weapon. It had 7 more layers than the only superior spiritual weapon, Golden Moon Sword in his hand.

As the grade of the spiritual weapon increased, its enchantment also increased, and its power also increased by multiple times!

“This Yan Jue deserves to be a forge master. This Nine Skulls Shield is only one step away from the rumored magic weapon prototype of 36 enchantment. According to this ‘Flame Cultivation Scripture’, it turns out that the last two enchantments of this spiritual weapon need to have spiritual materials to bless it. No wonder this Yan Jue was so obsessed in getting these troll bristles. Even if I were him, I would do the same. However, does this shield have the chance to be inscribed with the 37th enchantment and become the true legendary magic weapon? It can’t only be achieved with spiritual materials. It also depends on luck. However, he has such a magic weapon, but he didn’t sacrificial refine it. This is really weird. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be dead so easily.” As Liu Ming thought of this, he stared at the shield in his hand without blinking. He was unable to hide the excitement of his face.

What he did not know was that Yan Jue originally intended to forge the 36th enchantments on the shield before sacrificial refining it. After that, he would use some kind of mystic art to borrow the spiritual weapon’s power to help himself break through the bottleneck to the Crystallization Period.

And if he wanted to forge the 36th Nine Skulls Shield. A large amount of spiritual material was essential.

When Yan Jue was planning to steal his troll bristle, he would never expect that he would die in the hand of an intermediate stage Condensation State cultivator.

After all, this time when he came out, not only did he have the two puppet soldiers, each of them had the strength that was stronger than the ordinary Condensation State later stage, and he even brought such a superb spiritual weapon like Golden Fallen Sand.

Liu Ming put away the bone shield, then he re-read the part about the Nine Skulls Shield in the Flame Cultivation Scripture again.

He also remembered the forging method of the 36th enchantment in detail, and he still needed other rare auxiliary materials except for the spiritual materials to forge this enchantment.

“Purple Sunstone, Filth Yin Liquid…”

After Liu Ming read, he remembered the names of these auxiliary materials. He retrieved this red scripture. Then, his eyes flashed, and he looked at the Yan Jue’s body that had turned into ashes.

He just clutched his hand in the air.

Eleven soybean-sized golden sands flew out of it, and all of them fell into his hands in a flash.

Liu Ming grabbed it and carefully assessed the eleven golden sands. He couldn’t help but reveal a smile on his face.

He had personally experienced the might of the golden sand just now.

Now that it was his hands which gave another superb spiritual weapon in his collection. He was of course delighted about this.

Liu Ming flipped his palm, and all these things disappeared. After that, he retrieved Bone Scorpion and Flying Skull and left without staying any longer. His sleeve flickered, and a green flying boat was condensed .

Liu Ming lightly touched the ground, then his figure appeared on the flying boat with a flicker. He made a gesture, and the flying boat below him turned into a green light that flew away.

As Liu Ming was escaping, there was a whistling sound in the air in the distance from Ironfire Valley.

With a silver rainbow shining from the far away sky, it had already appeared one thousand meter away with just a flash.

If one watches from a close distance at this moment, he would find that a silver woman dressed in white was wrapped in a silver rainbow, and her eyes had some dim light, but the breath on her body was still unusually strong. It was like a powerful sword that was unsheathed.

It was Ye Tianmei who was chased all the way by Ma Shu.

On this way, Ma Shu did not dare to be too close to her because he was afraid of the power of Ye Tianmei’s Sword Cultivation. He just kept the distance between them within the range that his mental power could lock her trail.

At the moment, Ye Tianmei, because she cast a flying sword escaping skill, her spiritual power was long depleted. Her speed wasn’t as fast as she escaped initially.

Ma Shu, who was far behind Ye Tianmei, felt the change, and he was overjoyed.

According to his guess, it would not take long for Ye Tianmei to exhaust the spiritual power. At that time, he could easily kill her.

15 minutes had passed.

The space behind Ye Tianmei suddenly shook violently, only to see that the huge flying sword on her feet slowly dissipated after a slight tremble.

Ye Tianmei hurriedly waved her sleeve, and a shuttle-shaped craft appeared in front of her. She made a gesture and jumped up to the flying boat.

“Ye Tianmei, now that your spiritual power is exhausted, I want to offer your head as a sacrifice to my wife in the heaven.” Ma Shu, who was a thousand meters away, took back his Divine Thought, and he knew about Ye Tianmei’s situation now. He immediately laughed crazily. He made a gesture, and the square bronze flying car suddenly accelerated by more than half.

Ye Tianmei, who was standing on the flying boat, no longer controlled the flying magical weapon at this moment, but slowly turned around, looking solemnly at the flying car behind him.

After a few breaths, a green light flashed, and it had already appeared within two hundred meters away from Ye Tianmei. After the light disappeared, Ma Shu was standing on the square bronze flying car with a ferocious face.

Ye Tianmei raised her eyebrows; there was a trace of coldness flashed on her jade-like face. Her slim finger pointed at the opposite instantly. There was a ray of silver rainbow shot out from her sleeve, targeting Ma Shu.

“Swish swish“!

Although Ye Tianmei was seriously injured, the power of her sword skill didn’t seem to reduce. There was an ear-piercing explosion wherever the sword rainbow passed through.

The surrounding space was vaguely distorted and as if it was directly influenced by the silver rainbow.

Seeing this, Ma Shu was so shocked that he didn’t dare to neglect. The old man’s hand suddenly pressed the bronze car, and a green light appeared on the car immediately. At the same time, the flying car under him retreated at full speed.

He didn’t expect Ye Tianmei to attack at this time, and her attack was still as sharp as before. He hesitate hesitating for a while, and he still planned to exhaust her remaining spiritual power first.

How would Ye Tianmei not know Ma Shu’s thoughts, she sneered, and her sword skill changed. She drew a circle in the air at Ma Shu.

Suddenly, the silver light around Ma Shu suddenly flourished. The silver rainbow began to dance around his body indefinitely; it had already sealed off all his way out.

This woman was actually forcing Ma Shu to fight her head-on!

Seeing this, Ma Shu was shocked!

He didn’t want to perish together with her. He could only flip his hand in a hurry and panicky took out a palm-sized golden disc. After he transferred his spiritual power into it, it suddenly rose to the size of a few ten meters. After it blurred, it transformed into countless round disc phantasms to protect himself.

At the next moment, a silver rainbow and the round disc phantasms were colliding at each other. The sharp sword lights were overwhelming. Ma Shu who was on the bronze flying car was forced to retreat bit by bit.

Ma Shu was frightened in his mind. He retrieved his flying car without giving a second thought, then he took out a diamond-shaped crystal after his sleeve flickered.

The crystal was crimson all over the body. It was inscribed with ferocious bloody patterns. A very strong bloody smell emerged from it.

Ma Shu’s expression sank, and he flicked the crystal into the air with his fingers.

Suddenly, there was a strong wind in the air, and a fierce beast like goshawk phantasm condensed out of the wind.

There was a loud and high pitch noise!

A goshawk phantasm quickly hovered in the air, and the red crimson feathers on its body were flowing with a peculiar light, emitting a burst of red ray.

The indescribable dazzling red rays instantly filled the sky. Looking from a distance, there seemed to be a crimson red sun above his head!

Seeing this situation, Ye Tianmei’s complexion suddenly changed, and the silver rainbow she cast was getting more powerful. However, it couldn’t deal with the golden round disc phantasms.

Ma Shu sneered slightly. The gestures in his hand kept changing which looked extremely mysterious.

The body of the goshawk phantasm grew in the dazzling red light, and the image became more realistic. The only strange thing was that the thing on the head shone brightly which was exactly where the diamond-shaped crystal was before.

As Ye Tianmei saw the situation, she knew that she must focus on the crystal to defeat this goshawk phantasm. She immediately made a gesture. The edge of the sword trembled as it flew straight at the goshawk’s single eye.

Immediately, there was a loud “chirp” sound, and the countless silver sword shadows suddenly blasted off at the crystal on the head of the goshawk.

But at this time, the fierce beast phantasm had grown to about a hundred meters. It was lifelike like a living creature.

Just listening to it uttering a sharp tweet, the space was actually distorted by it. It stirred up waves of ripple; the sword shadows were all bounced off. Some of them even turned into the opposite direction, shooting straight at Ye Tianmei.

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