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At the next moment, Liu Ming’s eyes flickered, then he moved his arms without saying much. He drew a big circle in the air, and when the layers of black were swirling, he punched ruthlessly at the golden sand.

A tremendous loud noise!

On the golden sand curtain where Liu Ming’s fist hit, an indescribable force surged out, and it turned into black waves that spread to the surrounding quickly.

The surface of the golden sand curtain glimmered, and it dimmed quickly.

At this moment, Yan Jue sitting cross-legged in the distance couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of black blood. His face looked pale.

Yan Jue was also very abnormal. After taking a breath, he quickly hit himself with a few palms. After his face regained its vigor, his hands kept forming different gestures, pouring all his spiritual power into the Golden Fallen Sand.

However, the golden sand power surged madly again after the golden light shone in the sky. The next moment, a golden punch of a few ten meters smashed down at Liu Ming with a strong wind.

Liu Ming had just launched the first level of Tiger Dragon Hell Prison. When he saw that it worked out, he couldn’t conceal the excitement in his mind. Immediately afterward, another golden punch launched at him, his pupils shrank slightly, and he moved his arms without hesitation. After the black dragon phantasm slightly looked up, he launched another punch.

“Boom boom boom!” Three astounding loud sounds came one after another, and Liu Ming and the golden giant fist made by the falling gold sand fought three punches!

“After a click sound, there was another burst of ice-breaking sound!

When the last punch hit, the golden giant fist in the air was finally broken under the layers of black gas. It scattered into the sky of sand and fell to the ground.

At the moment, Yan Jue had spewed out some black blood one after another, and his face was so pale that it almost looked transparent. His breath was extremely weak. He was obviously seriously injured!

Liu Ming looked as usual, but he didn’t bother about Yan Jue. He looked at the puppet soldiers who were fighting with Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull instead.

His sleeve flicked, and he held the Golden Moon Sword in his hand again. As he swung, countless rays burst out from the Golden Moon Sword. The power was obviously different from the previous one. Under a flash, the two puppet soldiers were covered under that strike.

The crisp sounds were endless!

After a few breaths, after the golden light surrounding the puppet soldiers dispersed, the spiritual ray on the puppet soldier was dimmed a lot, and there were countless bean size pits on the surface.

After Yan Jue was injured, his Divine Thought was greatly damaged. Even the power of the two puppet soldiers was greatly weakened, so their defense was no longer as good as before.

During this chance, Demon Flying Skull who was entangled with the puppet soldier turned into dozens of ropes after its hair grew longer, and it bound the puppet soldier firmly.

Liu Ming was delighted as he saw this. He threw up the Golden Moon Sword in his hand without hesitation and made a gesture to cast the sword.

“Whoosh“, a sharp sound!

After the golden dagger shone, it turned into a rainbow after a tremor. With just a flicker, it went through the forehead of the puppet soldier.


After the Golden Moon Sword penetrated through, there was a small hole in the thickness of a finger on the forehead of the puppet soldier, and a broken golden crystal was faintly visible in it.

The golden color above the puppet’s body suddenly dimmed, then the crystal light slowly dissipated too. Finally, it crumbled to the ground as its body trembled.

After that, Liu Ming made a gesture and pointed at another puppet soldier that was fighting with Bone Scorpion.

The Golden Moon Sword in the air flickered, and turned into a ray of light blasting away at this puppet,

This puppet soldier’s eyes flashed, then its hand turned blurred as it became a thick golden shield that blocked in front of it.

However, after the sound of something penetrating, the light went through the golden shield and came out from the back of the puppet soldier’s head. It crumbled to the ground as the previou puppet soldier.

In this way, the two seemingly very powerful humanoid puppets were both easily destroyed by Liu Ming’s flying sword skills.

Of course, half of it was due to the injury of Yan Jue, the controller, and the other half was that Liu Ming had finally relied on his powerful mental power to find the place where two puppets were inlaid with gem, only then he was able to defeat it in one hit.

The whole process was like lightning; it was almost completed in one breath.

After doing all of this, Liu Ming’s expression was slightly relaxed. He glanced at Yan Jue on the other side. After a flutter, he slowly approached Yan Jue.

Yan Jue saw the two humanoid puppets that he had spent a great deal of money on actually lost so easily, and there was finally a trace of fear on his face. He endured the pain on his body and fluttered without saying much, trying to escape.

“Gaga“, “Hiss hiss“, there were two strange voices!

Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull appeared behind him out of nowhere, staring at the forge master ferociously.

Yan Jue’s figure stopped, and his face looked extremely ugly. After slowly turning around to face Liu Ming, he bit his teeth and said, “Friend, your ability is so exceptional. I’m really impressed. However, I am the guest of the Black Flame Palace. If you dare to kill me, this is provoking the Black Flame Palace openly. You should know the consequences of it!”

AsLiu Ming heard him, he smiled slightly. The Golden Moon Sword shook gently in his hand. Immediately, sword shadows were cast from it, whistling in the air.

Seeing this scene, Yan Jue’s face muscle twitched; he quickly waved his hand, “Nevermind that, as long as you promised to let me go. Just tell me whatever condition you want, I still consider myself to be quite rich.”

“It’s not necessary!” Liu Ming’s mouth showed a hint of sarcasm. As his arms moved, the sword turned into countless golden rays which burst out.

Yan Jue was shocked by this. He opened his mouth and spat out a blue bead. After it swirled around in mid air, it transformed into a blue cocoon that wrapped around Yan Jue. At the same time, another yellow talisman on his sleeve was crushed by a pinch.

Later, Liu Ming felt that his vision turned blurred, then Yan Jue’s figure disappeared into the ground.

“Hmph, trying to run? How can it be so easy.” Liu Ming snorted. He released his huge mental power. He flipped his hand, took out a yellow talisman and put it on his body. Suddenly, a green light flashed and held his body up, then he blasted away towards the east.

At the same time, black gas rolled out from Bone Scorpion, and it entered the ground in a flash.

After Demon Flying Skull laughed, it then turned into a green light that followed behind Liu Ming.

After 15 minutes!

Suddenly a “bang“!

There was a tremor in front of the earth. The black gas suddenly emerged from the ground, and it condensed into Bone Scorpion. At the same time, in the snake head tail, the unconscious Yan Jue was curled up by the tail.

His face was covered in black gas; his body was twitching; he looked like he was going to be poisoned to death without the need to do anything on him.

Obviously, Bone Scorpion finally showed its power underground. Yan Jue, who was already seriously injured, was poisoned until he was unconscious.

After Liu Ming’s figure became blurred, he rushed here like a breeze. The Golden Moon Sword slashed through Yan Jue’s neck without hesitation.

With a puff, a skull rolled on the ground. The muscles on his face were twisted together because of extreme panic.

Liu Ming waved one of his hands and a few storage talisman flew up from Yan Jue’s body one by one, and Liu Ming caught all the talismans.

After Bone Scorpion’s tail moved, the headless corpse was thrown away a dozen meters away.

Liu Ming’s sleeve shook, and two red fireballs blasted out.

“Boom boom“, two fireballs hit the skull and headless body, and they instantly became into a rolling flame.

At this moment, a “bang” sound. Yan Jue’s head suddenly burst open, and a mass of black gas brought an egg-sized crystal ball out of the flame. After a flash, it flew out a few ten meters away.

It was Yan Jue’s soul!

Seeing this, Liu Ming raised his eyebrows, he wasn’t too surprised.

After all, after one achieved the Condensation State, some cultivation or godly skill of each clan could allow one’s soul to live for quite some time after his body was destroyed.

As long as the soul could escape to the proper body that one had arranged in advance, then his life could be saved through soul stealing.

Of course, this approach also had a lot of hidden dangers. Not to mention the resistance of the flesh itself, soul stealing itself would also cause the cultivation and mental power to be greatly reduced, and even reduced one’s lifespan.

Of course, there were very even few Condensation State cultivators with this ability. Generally, only one or two among the dozens of Condensation State cultivators might know. But after the Crystallization Period, almost everyone could learn this kind of mystic arts.

Liu Ming had killed many powerful enemies. Of course, he knew everything about these things. He flickered his wrists, and another golden sword ray swept out, blasting toward the black gas. It went through the black bag in the next moment.

After a painful scream, Yan Jue’s soul was shattered in the golden light, leaving only a crystal ball with a mysterious golden light crystal ball on the ground. Liu Ming waved his hand and retrieved the crystal ball.

In this way, this forge master of the Sea Region really disappeared from this world.

Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He flipped his hand and the Golden Moon Sword disappeared in a blink of an eye. After that, he looked at the few storage talismans in his another hand.

Layers of golden energy slowly flowed out of these storage talismans, and there was a kind of invisible elasticity looming out, wanting to shake off his fingers.

Obviously, these storage talisman had been specially enchanted by Yan Jue for mental power.O Ordinary people couldn’t use it under normal circumstances.

But now that he was already dead, this was easy to handle.

Liu Ming sneered as he made a gesture with one hand. He threw up the storage talisman, and runes kept coming out of his hands.

A black light swept through, and it was accompanied by the sound of “woo woo“!

After a while, Liu Ming withdrew his hand, and the storage talisman in the air went into his hand again. The light circulated above the talismans had disappeared, and his spiritual power could easily be injected into the storage talismans.

Liu Ming was overjoyed. He immediately transferred his spiritual power into the storage talisman. When he checked the first two talisman at the beginning, he did not find anything special. There were just some commonly used talismans and some fairly good forging material.

However, when Liu Ming injected his spiritual power into the third storage talisman, a smile gradually showed on his face. This storage talismans had a lot of upper grade spirit stones with different attributes, and there were even some higher grade spirit grass and some rare ore.

In the end, he naturally turned his attention to the crystal ball with mysterious golden light.

Liu Ming put it on his forehead. After making a gesture, his spiritual power immersed into it. He slowly closed his eyes.

As time passed, his expression also changed.

After a while, he took the crystal ball away from his forehead with his eyes wide open. He could hardly to hide the excitement on his face.

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