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Liu Ming looked at the weapons that were transformed by the two puppet soldiers in front of him, and he was surprised in his heart. He frowned, and he focused on the puppet soldier whose arm turned into a hammer.

This puppet soldier’s power was already very strong. If it was matched with this heavy hammer, its attack power would never be lower than the full blow of a Condensation State later stage cultivator!

“Hoo” “Hoo“!

The golden light of the two puppet soldiers shone. After they turned blurred, Liu Ming was sandwiched in the middle. The dagger and the hammer suddenly struck toward him.

Yan Jue, who was watching from the side, also moved at the moment. He turned his hand and a golden sand appeared in his hands.

He sneered as he rubbed both his hands and threw up the sand. At the same time, he sat cross-legged on the ground and began to chant.

Suddenly, a strange scene appeared!

As a whistle sounded, the golden sand in the sky disappeared in mid-air after a flash.

Liu Ming, not far away, was about to launch an attack at the two puppet soldiers, but after a golden flash, he was wrapped in the sky of golden sand.

He was taken aback and hurriedly injected all of his spiritual power on the Golden Moon Sword in his hand. The sword body was suddenly gleaming with gold. It swept out and struck at these golden sand.

What shocked Liu Ming was that the Golden Moon Sword, which was called the superb spiritual weapon, was like striking on an iron wall.

And those sands were unscathed. “The superb spiritual weapon, Golden Fallen Sand, that I man carefully forged can cover a few thousand meters once I cast it. It is like an inescapable net that renders the person being caught unable to escape, and it is indestructible. Your short sword is one of the superb spiritual weapons, but it is impossible to destroy this sand. Stop your wishful thinking. “At this moment, Yan Jue, who was sitting in cross-leg position position while casting the Golden Fallen Sand, opened his eyes and looked at the current situation. He smiled faintly.

Liu Ming’s heart was cold, but he didn’t reveal any expression on his face. He was just injecting his spiritual power into the Golden Moon Sword in silence continuously.

Seeing this, Yan Jue sneered even more. He said calmly, “If you are tacful, I can let you die and reincarnate quickly. If you are still stubborn that you make me angry, I will let you know what living hell is like.”

Liu Ming still had no expression on his face, but the Golden Moon Sword in his hand began to tremble. The golden light on it gradually dazzled.

As he shouted, a cold light flashed!

Golden Moon Sword transfigured into layers of golden sword shadow, slashing in all directions like a huge tide.

“Boom“, a loud noise!

The sand curtain formed by the Golden Fallen Sand waved just like a wind blew past the lake water, and it resolved the Golden Moon Sword’s strike.

At this moment, there was the sound of a sharp object slashing around Liu Ming. It was the two puppet soldiers who came near the golden sand, and their arm once again transformed into other sharp weapons, slashing at Liu Ming.

Those golden sands didn’t block their attack at all. It was as if the golden sands weren’t there.

Liu Ming’s face sank. His wrist shook, then the golden dagger once again turned into waves of sword light to resist against the approaching sands and blades while he suddenly patted his waist pocket with one hand.


A leather bag was opened, and a black cloud rushed out from it, swirling in the air. After a few weird laughs, it transformed into a green haired demon skull.

Since the recuperation after his advancement, the small skulls on the left and right sides of the Demon Flying Skull were now bigger, and the brightness of the demon flame was much better than before.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming patted another black leather bag around his waist. After a black haze flashed out, a Bone Scorpion covered with reddish scales in bean size also appeared as it hissed.

He used his thought to command the Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion.

After Bone Scorpion heard it, it suddenly jumped up and charged at a puppet soldier. At the same time, after a twitch of the “snake head” on the back, it made a “ch ch” sound that flew across the air. Many black lines appeared immediately, shooting at the puppet soldier.

At almost the same time, the Demon Flying Skull widened its mouth, and it exhaled a green gas. As the green gas surged, it wrapped around another puppet soldier. Its green hair was blasting green silk which turned into a dense silk net and covered the soldier.

The two puppet soldiers also showed their might. They immediately fought back as their thick hands turned into various kinds of weapons. Four of them battled together.

The defense of these two puppet soldiers was really terrifying. Even the powerful weird attack of Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull couldn’t do anything to them. They couldn’t really damage the puppet solider; they could only distract them which gave some space to Liu Ming.

Seeing this scene, Liu Ming felt a little relaxed in his heart, then he focused his attention on the Golden Fallen Sand in front of him.

He suddenly withdrew the Golden Moon Sword in his hand. As he clenched both of his hands into fists, a black gas suddenly surged out. He punched at the golden sand as he shouted.

A buzz sound sounded!

In the space passed by the fist, there was a burst of low muffled noise immediately, and the nearby space was also slightly shaking.


Yan Jue sneered.

Just now, you could do nothing against the golden sand using the power of the superb spiritual weapon. Now you want to break free from the imprisonment? This is really ridiculous.


A black halo suddenly scattered on the golden sand. After an earth shattering noise, the initially stable golden sand suddenly shook violently. It actually had the sign of collapsing!

Such a scene made Yan Jue’s smile suddenly stiff, a flash of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. His weird gestures were formed continuously.

Golden Fallen Sand was a spiritual weapon specially forged by him, and it had a very close connection with his consciousness. Just when Liu Ming’s fist just landed on the golden sand, he could suddenly feel a sound in his head. He couldn’t help but take a few step back, and his face looked abnormally pale.

Although the Golden Fallen Sand was extremely hard and dense, even the Golden Moon Sword couldn’t slash it open, it couldn’t withstand the brute force of the fist.

Liu Ming was originally just trying to break the imprisonment. Unexpectedly, it was really useful. He was happy immediately. He charged his physical strength once again. His two fists were wrapped in black gas, and they suddenly turned into multiple fist shadows which smashed ruthlessly at the golden sand.

Another loud noise sounded, and the golden sand shook again.

But when Liu Ming raised his fist again and wanted to smash it, he suddenly saw the golden sand in front of him start to spin rapidly under the golden light. It formed a golden bucket that surrounded him tightly.

While the golden sand was spinning rapidly, sharp thorns emerged in it. As it was spun rapidly by the powerful force, it had already formed a golden sharp blade!

Liu Ming made a gesture with one hand immediately. A thick black gas surged out from his body surface. After he tapped himself with one hand, countless red runes danced out from the black gas. As the runes turned, it faintly formed a rune shield which was protecting Liu Ming in it.

This was exactly the upper grade spiritual weapon Crimson Hydra Leather Armor.

The next moment, the countless golden blades approached him who was in the middle. Liu Ming could not help but feel that he couldn’t dodge it anymore.

Fortunately, the rune shield cast by the Crimson Hydra Leather Armor was also extraordinary.

After a piercing shriek, the golden blades struck on the crimson rune. The impact stirred up a heavy shock wave between them.

After the rune shield flashed a few times, it was not torn apart.

At this moment, after Liu Ming snorted and he moved his arm, layers of crimson scales appeared. They formed into two layers, and they actually wrapped his whole arms as well.

After Liu Ming’s expression turned fierce, his arms moved, and immediately a mass of crimson fist burst out.

It was a loud noise that could tear the eardrums!

Liu Ming’s fists landed heavily in the middle of the golden sand, and it even made a big hole in the size of a washbasin.

The golden spikes did not hurt Liu Ming at all; they only left some pale traces on his arms.

The reason Liu Ming dared to do this was naturally because he had full confidence in these crimson scales.

He also used the Golden Moon Sword to slash the scales on his arm previously, and it only left a white sword mark on it.

Now that the scales on his arms were overlapping, its defense would naturally increase exponentially.

As Yan Jue outside saw this, there was a trace of greed and surprise in his eyes.

The scales on Liu Ming’s arm were so hard. According to his judgment, it couldn’t be forged by ordinary materials.

It seemed that the person Yan Jue wanted to deal with had a lot of treasures on him.

However, this forge master was not an ordinary master as well. He soon calmed the distraction in his mind. He suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. After the blood touched the wind, it turned into a blood mist and permeated into the golden sand.

After the hole on the golden sand shrank, the golden sand actually wanted to bind the crimson arms.

Liu Ming was shocked; he immediately withdrew his arms.

At this moment, Yan Jue made a gesture with his left hand while his right hand was pointing at the Golden Fallen Sand.

In the whistling sound, the golden light scattered all over the sky, and the sand particles suddenly dispersed. After that, they quickly gathered together at a speed that was visible to the naked eye and formed a golden hurricane of more than one hundred meters. It immediately shrouded Liu Ming in it.

The Golden Fallen Sand that absorbed Yan Jue’s blood was really more powerful than before. At the moment when he was shrouded, Liu Ming only felt that the surrounding air was tight, and waves of powerful force surged at him.

The rune shield immediately made a wailing sound. Its surface turned dim as if it would be torn apart any time.

What made Liu Ming a little more shocking was that with the rotation of the Golden Fallen Sand was still increasing rapidly. It seemed that he would most likely be dead if he was still being trapped inside this sand.

Immediately Liu Ming no longer hesitated. He made a gesture with one hand; he clenched his five right hand fingers, and layers of black gas flowed out from his body. After it swirled on top of his head, it quickly condensed into a black dragon phantasm. It dived down after it hovered for one round, and it finally wrapped around his right arm.

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