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The five black shadows that climbed up to the attic had now appeared to be surrounded.

If one looked carefully, he could find that the enchantment fluctuations faintly outside of the attic. It seemed that a magic array enchantment had been set up.

Seeing this, the leader black-shirted man raised his hand without thinking, and immediately a green talisman blasted out of his sleeve, turning into a green ray which went into the enchantment.

At the next moment, a circle of light green halo emerged from the enchantment. With a violent spatial fluctuation, the enchantment finally burst open in a loud explosion.

A black shadow rushed into the attic, and then the four black shadows also appeared in the attic like a ghost.

When these five people entered the attic, they found that the person in the house was calm and abnormal. He was sitting with his leg crossed and eye closed on the bed as he didn’t realize someone suddenly broke in.

As the leader saw it, he raised his hand without hesitation. A large net came out, and at the same time an obscure spell sounded in his mouth.

Suddenly the big net lit up a layer of blue light, then it grew to a few ten meters. It flew forward and covered the person sitting in the cross-legged position.

These people saw that they succeeded so smoothly, but there was no joy on their faces. After glancing at each other, they were angry at the same time.

But they saw that the body of the man who was covered in a flash of five-color light, dissipated into bits of aura.

“Damn, we let him run away!” The black shirt macho man gritted his teeth and groaned. His face looked extremely ugly. After that, he turned over with one hand and took out a green disc. He made a gesture and a line of tiny words flashed into the disc.

After doing all this, five black macho men hurriedly withdrew from the attic and disappeared quickly.

At the same time, Liu Ming was already in the jungle of the Ironfire Valley dozens of miles away, and he was rushing in a certain direction.

As soon as he heard the sound of the Sea Creature Clan fighting with Qing Qin and Chi Li in the valley, he slipped out of the enchantment gap that he quietly broke the other day, leaving only a shadow talisman in the house.

This symbol was a kind of upper grade talisman that he purchased in the early years at a large price. Although it has no fighting power, it had an amazing effect on deceiving people.

Even if only one phantasm remained, it could temporarily exude the same breath and spiritual fluctuation as the main body which made people hard to distinguish.

After leaving the Ironfire Valley, Liu Ming immediately took out a yellow talisman from the storage amulet and put it on his body. Suddenly, a yellow mist scattered away, and he felt his body lighter. He stomped his feet and dashed toward the jungle.

Liu Ming could have activated the flying boat to rush, but that was too conspicuous; it was easy to be discovered by Yan Jue’s men. So he could only retreat by borrowing the power of the talisman and sprint under the cover of the jungle.

He continued to scan the rear with his mental power on the way. He was finally relieved when he saw that no one was following him.

However, after sprinting for around ten kilometers, his pupils shrank. His figure stopped abruptly, and he didn’t dare to take another step forward.

A middle-aged man in a red robe and some natural faint red spirit patterns on his cheeks was staring at him with a smile. There was a hint of playfulness in the face. It was like the proudness of a hunter seeing his prey stepping into his trap.

It was Yan Jue who was named as the three forge masters in the sea.

And beside him, there were two golden puppet soldiers that were two hundred meters tall.

“You are so eager to leave this place, are you going to get the bristle material?” Yan Jue asked with a smile after winking.

“Master is right. I want to try my luck overseas so that I can exchange the master’s top-grade spiritual weapon.” Liu Ming glanced at Yan Jue, and his expression quickly recovered.

As he said this in his mouth, he was wondering how Yan Jue traced his whereabouts.

He had been exploring the surrounding movement through his powerful mental power. In the process, he had not found any signs of suspicious people following him.

Naturally, he did not know that Soul Lock, which Yan Jue had originally handed over, was soaked in oil by a beastkin named “Muskrat”.

As long as Liu Ming carried the spiritual weapon on his body, he could not escape the tracking of the another muskrat he kept in three months.

“Oh, looking at your expression, you seem to be quite sure about getting this material.” Yan Jue’s face showed a few smiles again as he asked with concern.

“Master must be joking. How is it easy to find bristle? Otherwise, I wouldn’t just get these two. I might get something else if I go forward this time. If master has nothing to do with me, then I won’t stay here for long.” Liu Ming’s eyes moved, and his eyes fixed on Yan Jue.

“Hmph, it seems that you are choosing the hard way. I just want to spiritual material on you. As long as you obediently hand it over, I can not only guarantee you to be safe, but I can also exchange it with many rare materials. ” As Yan Jue heard this, his face dimmed, and the smile in his eyes was gone.

As Liu Ming heard those words, his face sank too.

He was too lazy to talk to Yan Jue again. His sleeve flicked, and he took out the Golden Moon Sword. With a slight sway, the sound of slashing through the air appeared immediately.

Seeing this, Yan Jue’s face changed, and he also quickly formed a gesture, pointing at the two puppet soldiers beside him.

Two golden runes blasted out of his hands and flashed into the puppet soldier’s forehead.

Suddenly, the two puppet soldiers began to radiate dazzling golden light. The light shone from their eyes fell on Liu Ming at the same time, locking at him completely.


As Yan Jue shouted, the two puppet soldiers began to take a big step toward Liu Ming.

“Thump” “Thump“, every step of the puppet soldiers made the ground tremble slightly. Footprints that were a meter deep appeared clearly on the ground.

Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly. It seems that the puppet soldiers are quite powerful!

He lightly touched the ground with one foot, and his body flew up as he was holding the Golden Moon Sword and slashing at the puppet soldiers.


A golden light came out and hit heavily on the puppet soldiers.

However, out of Liu Ming’s expectations, this superb spiritual weapon that contained twenty-eight enchantments could only leave a shallow sword mark on its surface.

This showed that its defensive power was incredibly strong.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming turned his wrist, and the golden moon sword in his hand slashed horizontally again. The strike was as quick as the snow dancing in the wind as it turned in waves of threatening cold light and slashed at the puppet soldiers’ neck.

After a clear crisp sound, the result was exactly the same as before.

The Golden Moon Sword left a white mark on the neck of the puppet soldiers!

Liu Ming was secretly surprised. But his attacks didn’t stop. A fireball appeared when he raised his hand, launching at one of the puppets. When the fireball contacted the puppet, it exploded…

At this moment, the two puppet soldiers raised their golden right arms and launched them at Liu Ming.

The muffled sound came immediately from the space when the golden fists passed through, and waves of five-element ripples spreading out.

Although this soldier looked bulky, its punching speed was as fast as lightning. It was almost just a golden flash, then the two fists had reached Liu Ming’s chest together.

Liu Ming was shocked, and it was too late to dodge. Immediately, he could only use his Golden Moon Sword to parry those golden fists in front of his chest.

“Boom” “Boom“!

Two golden fists hammered on the Golden Moon Sword. The sword bent, then Liu Ming borrowed the force to retreat.

“Great power.”

Liu Ming took a breath. Just at the moment when the Golden Moon Sword was smashed in his hand, he immediately felt that an overwhelming power surging to him from the opposite side.

Liu Ming’s first impression was as if he was smashed by a mountain!

Fortunately, he responded promptly and chose to retreat quickly without resisting the powerful force. If he blocked the fists forcibly, the Golden Moon Sword would have been broken!

Yan Jue, who was on the side, smiled smugly when he saw the situation. He was obviously satisfied with the power of the two puppet soldiers.

After smashing Liu Ming back, the two soldiers’ figures flicked and rushed forward again.

The next moment, a strange scene suddenly appeared.

After the two puppet soldiers moved each of their golden arm, countless rune on the surface suddenly brightened. After they turned blurred, they actually transformed into a few meter long sword and a blade.


One of the soldiers, whose arms turned into long swords, somehow appeared beside Liu Ming after its figure blurred. The long sword flickered and struck down at Liu Ming’s head.

Liu Ming shouted. He moved the short sword without thinking, then a sword shadow rose into the sky immediately. After a blast, it immediately blocked the soldier’s long sword in a burst of sound.

But it was at this time that the puppet soldier, whose arm turned into a blade, also reached nearby.

As the long blade swept, layers of golden blades surged against Liu Ming immediately.

Liu Ming couldn’t think much about it. He flickered as he transformed into eight different afterimages. After the golden blades surged over, they eliminated half of the afterimages.

However, only one afterimage flickered and went to the back of the puppet soldier with a long sword. He moved his arm and launched a punch.


The puppet soldier flew out, and it happened to collapse with the other puppet soldier.

After the golden light of the two puppets shone for a while, they then fell to the ground. The spot where they collapsed even had a pit on it!

However, this did not have any effect on the puppet soldier with super defensive power. After the golden light flashed in their dull eyes, they stood up one by one and locked on Liu Ming again.

To Liu Ming’s slight surprise, the golden arms of the two puppet soldiers changed into a hammer and a dagger after they blurred just now.

Liu Ming was almost certain that the arms of these two puppet soldiers could transform into various weapons at will!

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