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A roar!

At this moment, the black lion head and bull body monster became blurred and leaped at Jia Lan who were far away as a strong wind raised under its feet.

This beast’s head tilted up, and a black light flowed down, then there was a black rune with the size of basin glowed.

After a poof sound and a tremble, a black hurricane with a hundred meters appeared from the rune, surging toward Jia Lan.

While the monster was controlling the hurricane to attack Jia Lan, it opened its big mouth, shooting a few black wind blades at Jia Lan.

Seeing this, Jia Lan’s face suddenly changed. Her slender jade hands changed quickly, and one by one mysterious runes ejected from her palm. It spun around her body, seemingly mysterious.

With the anti-rotation of these runes, a layer of blue light emerged from it. After the blue light scattered, it formed a durable light shield.


The black hurricane hit the light shield first. The runes inside the light shield were trembling. Different kinds of light were flickering, but the light shield could still sustain it.

But at the next moment, the dense wind blades approached. In the crisp collision sound, countless black lights exploded. The momentum was extremely shocking.

The light curtain immediately made a whining sound, and the light was dimmed a lot.

Seeing this, Jia Lan did not dare to hesitate. Her jade hand made a gesture.

She pointed at the space in front of her, then waves of ripples spread toward the black giant beast. After they condensed, they formed dense black threads.

Jia Lan’s ten fingers shook and stopped. The black treads turned into a big net that enclosed the giant beast after it turned blur.

Just when this woman made a gesture with one hand, she heard a whistling sound. The blue liquid had turned into a blue giant spear, shooting at her.

Before the giant spear `reached the target, the air it went through had a blur trajectory. At the same time, it made a sharp air burst.

Jia Lan was shocked when she saw this. The strength of the two beastkins was far beyond her expectations. Her jade hands changed slightly, and the phantasms surged again. The surrounding air began to twist.

She even exhibited her succubus technique again!

In a sharp cry, the spear suddenly penetrated through Jia Lan’s chest.

A strange scene appeared!

Jia Lan’s body that was pierced by the blue spear turned blur. After a twist of the space, it actually disappeared completely.

This was just a residual image left by this woman!

At the next moment, in another void of several feet, the space fluctuated. Jia Lan appeared with a dignified face.

After a clapping sound, her hand turned and there was a round ring with a meter size. After she threw it up, it hit heavily on the blue spear.

In an instant, there were phantasms flashing on the surface of the ring. It turned into waves of translucent ripples and quickly wrapped the blue spear in it.

A muffled growl!

The trapped giant spear vibrated violently. Not long after, it reverted to a pale blue liquid with the size of a washbasin. It was tumbling in mid-air, desperately trying to break free, but it was of no avail.

The ring body reappeared in Jia Lan’s hands after Jia Lan raised her hand.

But on the other side, a broken sound could be heard.

The black giant monster, that were previously bound by Jia Lan’s black thread, tore the thread after its body shone. It turned into a black gas which dissipated in the air.

The beast roared as it was spouting demonic flames. Its eyes were red; it seemed very angry.

After the black rune lit up five times in a row, and under a flash, there were five black hurricanes swaying out. They each had a light gray tail like the comet, flying toward Jia Lan.

As Jia Lan saw this, her one foot gently tapped on the ground. She suddenly retreated quickly, and her hand was forming a gesture rapidly, pointing at the round ring nearby her.

Immediately the spiritual weapon formed a circle of light, and it spread to the surrounding like shadow.

After these light circles traveled in the air, they rippled and swelled rapidly, and they were connected together in a very strange way which turned into a crystal clear chain.

Jia Lan Xiu raised her eyebrows, and her gesture changed again.

These chains immediately appeared in countless crystal runes, then quickly began to blur, and finally disappeared without a flash.

At the next moment, the ringing sound on the giant beast sounded loudly. Crystal chains emerged silently, and they bound the giant beast unexpectedly.

But at this time, five black hurricanes also hit Jia Lan’s light shield one after another, and they turned into clouds of black halo that burst open.

After an explosion, the light shield finally turned into crystal spots and disappeared after a violet shake.

When the black hurricanes finally disappeared in a flash, Jia Lan reappeared unharmed on the spot, but her face was slightly pale. However, she immediately gritted his teeth and threw the ring up to the sky, the she spurted blood onto the ring as she chanted.


The ring released a blue light in the sound of the spell. It became dazzling as if a round of blue sun appeared in her hand.


When the halo above the ring was extremely bright that it started to tremble, Jia Lan shouted softly. The object in her hand immediately blasted out. It became bigger in the air. It was already one hundred meters in an instant as it descended from the sky.

“Boom boom!“

The ring hit the black giant beast first, then it bounced off like a lightning bolt and slammed heavily at the blue liquid beastkin.

The two beasts screamed in pain almost at the same time, but after being hit by this, they each twisted their own bodies. They easily broke free of their restraints and charged at her again.

Although succubus technique was weird, it obviously could only trap the two beastkins for just a few moments.

As Jia Lan saw this, she channeled the giant ring in the air. Circles of ring shadows fell from the sky, instantly blocking the two beastkins on the outside.

However, at this time, Jia Lan was already panting. She looked like her spiritual power was gradually depleting, but she bit her silver teeth and took out a talisman. She stuck the talisman on her, then there was a layer of yellow light flashing. Her pale face was rejuvenating in an instant.

In the following time, Jia Lan did not dare to spend a lot of true spirit power to channel her succubus technique to directly trap the enemy, but she only transfigured a few phantasms to battle for her using the power of the round ring and her succubus technique.

Fortunately, two beastkins had previously suffered a big loss in the hands of this woman, plus they were already injured, so the later stage beastkins were held back by Jia Lan.

On the other side, the battle between Hong San and Qing Qin was obviously more intense than that of Jia Lan.

After Qing Qin and Hong San shouted one after another, rumbling sounds resounded loudly in the sky like thunder.

Qing Qin previously condensed the fish head and bird body giant beast, and at this moment she once again collided with Hong San’s crimson palm.

For a time, the space near the two was occupied by the blue and red light rune.

In the sound of slashing through the air, the blue and red shock waves overlapped and shocked each other, then it turned into a wave of turbulence that spread to the surrounding.

The whole sky trembled.

Then, the gestures in their hands were constantly changing. They each pointed at the giant beast and giant palm in the air respectively.

Suddenly, the blue and red trembled, and they rose at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Then with a “boom“, blue and red separated as they exploded, turning into countless light spots and slowly dissipating in the air.

Under the sweep of this energy ripple, Hong San and Qing Qin each went back a dozen steps.

Qing Qin snorted coldly. He turned his hand, and there was already a blue trident of palm size in his hand.

He made a gesture, threw up the trident into the air and chanted.

Suddenly, the runes engraved on the trident in mid-air began to creep slowly. The dazzling blue light flashed out of the middle, and it grew to one hundred meters instantly.


Qing Qin shouted, and a gesture was formed as it flashed into the trident and disappeared.


The trident, which had been swaying for a long time, suddenly converged its light and flew out in a ten meters thick blue light. It was penetrating the crimson palm ferociously.

Seeing this, Hong San did not dare to delay. He tapped his storage amulet with one hand, and took out a black and red short stick from it. It was the same short stick as Li Kun used.

Then he waved with one hand, and the short stick in his hand was thrown up. As the gestures changed, he also chanted.

Suddenly, the short stick grew bigger in the air, and in a moment of few breaths, it had risen by more than two hundred meters.


Hong San pointed at the giant stick.

The object whistled; its body surface immediately glowed red, smashing ruthlessly at the trident.


The sticks collided with each other, striking and chasing each other in the air. It burst into an indescribable loud noise.

The surrounding ground of the house collapsed, and the whole area had a tragic change for a time. This made people feel terrified.

Afterward, under the violent spirit weapon of the two powerhouses of the Crystallization Period, the sticks separated and collided again and again in the air. The striking sound was endless.

A group of Black Flame Palace guards patrolling in the distance saw this, but they turned around immediately and went straight back in the same direction where they came from.

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