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As she spoke!

The four Sea Creature Clan cultivators behind Prophecy Fairy suddenly flickered, and their bodies turned blur as they ran at great speed.

After waiting for the four people to stand on their feet again, a formation was formed vaguely.

Everyone already had an exquisite spiritual weapon in their hands. From the appearance, it seemed that they were all made of some kind of flawless jade. They were a jade flute, a red jade drum, a pair of black jade gongs and a green jade pipa.

“Do it.”

The smile on Prophecy Fairy’s face suddenly disappeared. With a light command, there was a white jade guqin with a pale silver glow in front of her chest. Her ten jade-like fingers on the guqin playing or caressing nonstop. Her fingers were changing every moment, and it was so fast that it dazzled the eyes of others,but it contained a strange rhythm.

The melodious music of the guqin sounded!

The four Sea Creature Clan cultivators behind the Prophecy Fairy also threw up the spiritual weapon in their hands, and they suspended in the air in front of them. At the same time, they began to chant as their fingers were making gesture that could bring out the spiritual power in their body.

But seeing various runes continuously blasting out from the hands of the four, and the runes immersed in each of the spiritual weapons suspended in front of them. The four spiritual weapons suddenly became brighter, and some milky white unknown runes began to appear nearby. Different rhythms trembled as the flutes, drums, gongs, and pipa were playing. They seemed to echo with the guqin music played by Prophecy Fairy.

Five different rhythms intertwined together, and it was as pleasant as listening to the heavenly melody. It made people feel indulged as if they were in a fairyland.

With the sound of music, rays of light spurted from the spiritual weapons in front of them and went into the white jade guqin in front of Prophecy Fairy.

The guqin and the four spiritual weapons were flickering at the same time. The rhythm was a bit disordered at the beginning, but with the rhythm of the guqin, all the rays of light gradually lighted up and contracted at the same time as if they were one object.

“Interesting. Five Sea Creature Clan juniors who overreach themselves. I want to see what you can do.” Chi Li laughed charmingly as she saw the amazing scene. She looked interested, but she didn’t seem to make a move.

However, in the next second, the smile on Chi Li’s face suddenly solidified, and then it became abnormally solemn.

At this moment, she found that the breath of Prophecy Fairy soared in the sound of the fairy music. She broke through the Condensation Period later stage to the early stage of Crystallization Period!

Chi Li realized something was wrong. She immediately acted carefully. A ruthlessness flashed through her eyes as she made a gesture. Her right hand was waving against Prophecy Fairy.

With her wave, there was a whistling sound in the air immediately. A round of sun-like dazzling red light clusters were condensed out, spinning steadily over the top of Prophecy Fairy’s head. It exuded an intense energy fluctuations which were about to fall.

Prophecy Fairy’s eyes flashed coldly. Her hands’ action didn’t delay for one second. Her fingers were dancing quickly. In a moment, colorful runes flew out of the guqin in front of her, and they quickly merged with the red light cluster that was about to fall. The original dazzling light was dimmed a lot.

Jia Lan, who was in the middle of the room, was walking back and forth in the house because of the one month agreement was about to end.

As soon as she heard the sound of fierce fighting outside, she simply commanded the few Sea Creature Clan subordinates to make them take care of Li Kun and Aunt Yu. After that, she didn’t stay in the house and jumped out of the door.

But at the next moment, the woman’s face suddenly changed. Her body twisted, and she suddenly left for somewhere far away.

A cry!

Just after Jia Lan dodged, a sharp knife suddenly sliced through the space where her body was. The sharp breath on the blade immediately shook the space, making the cold air surge.

If she didn’t react in time, she would likely be sliced into half!

Looking forward, there were eight tall men in front of Jia Lan, surrounding Jia Lan in the middle.

They looked ugly. From the breath, they were between the Condensation State early stage to intermediate stage. They were uniformly dressed, and a blue snowflake was embroidered on their chests.

Jia Lan recognized that this was a peculiar mark of the Sea Beastkin Clan.

Although Chi Li didn’t show up in these days, she didn’t sit idle in the dark. She had been walking around in the Ironfire Valley and took the opportunity to subdue some beastkin.

The eight macho men in front of Jia Lan were the Condensation State cultivators that Chi Li subdued during this period of time.

“Miss Jia Lan, we are here to help you.”

As the sentence was spoken, the two remaining Sea Creature Spiritual Masters of Condensation intermediate stage on the Prophecy Fairy’s side had rushed to the direction of Jia Lan.

The Sea Beastkin Clan leader saw it, and his eyes flashed a murderous intention. He glanced at the several macho men next to him, then the four macho men immediately spread out to stop the two Sea Creature Clan men.

In an instant, the two Sea Creature Clan Spiritual Masters battled against two opponents each.

Jia Lan breathed a sigh of relief secretly when she saw this. She looked faintly at the four tall macho men as the coldness on her face became more and more intense. Her jade hand suddenly raised and lay flat on her chest. Hand gestures came one after another under the trembling of her ten finger.

In an instant, the nearby space buzzed, and the space was twisted again. A vague illusory world flashed out again, immediately enveloping the four Sea Beastkin Clan cultivators.

The three Sea Beastkin Clan who were weaker felt a stun in their mind. An illusory scene emerged from their minds.

The leader macho man at the Condensation State intermediate stage naturally knew that the situation was bad. He hurriedly struggled to get out of this illusory world, but it was too late. After his face muscle twitched, it began to become dull after a while.

Under the influence of these illusory scenes, the four Sea Beastkin Clan men each showed different exaggerated expressions suddenly. One was laughing; one was roaring; one was feeling happy…

Jia Lan sneered when she saw this. The gestures on her hands changed lightly. She pointed one finger at each of the four Sea Beastkin Clan men.

Suddenly, the ripples began to expand from Jia Lan’s hands, and they swept the four men together in a flash. At the next moment, Jia Lan’s phantasms flashed out, dancing wildly around the several men.

The strange thing was that Jia Lan’s phantasms also had different expressions on their faces, changing constantly.

However, this scene did not last long. Afterwards, all the phantasms of Jia Lan were disappearing into the four macho men’s bodies.

“Bang bang…” After four muffled sounds, the bodies of the four men exploded, turning into a blood mist in the air. This made the suffocating atmosphere have a bloody smell.

Qing Qin and Chi Li on the side, despite being in a fierce battle, were amazed when they saw Jia Lan killing the Condensation State Sea Beastkin Clan cultivators so easily.

Hong San, Prophecy Fairy and the others of the Sea Creature Clan were overjoyed!

At this moment, two huge noises sounded at almost the same time!

Qing Qin’s condensed fish head and bird body beast and Hong San’s crimson palm were colliding against each other. Under the huge impact of the collision, the two were forced back in the air.

After a few muffled sounds, Chi Li and Prophecy Fairy were also separated by the burst of red light.

Qing Qin and Chi Li stared at each other and exchanged glances, then their gestures were formed quickly.


With a loud shout, Qing Qin’s body was suddenly full of blue light, then it flashed into the mid air. After spinning for a while in the air, there was a blue light that was extremely blurred shot out from his waist. It was creeping slowly.

At the same time, Chi Li made a gesture with one hand as she opened her mouth and spat out a black flag. The black flag was floating in the air.

This flag looked rather strange. A thick black gas was surrounding it, circling and flying continuously.

Afterward, Chi Li shouted. Her right hand made a gesture and pointed at the flag.

In the whoosh sound, the black flag seemed to have spirits at once. The black air lingering around quickly spread quickly, and it instantly enveloped the radius of a few dozen meters.

After a loud roar, a black monster stampeded out of the space enveloped by the black gas.

This giant beast was sixty meters tall, but it had a lion’s head and bull body. There were black hurricanes in the body constantly gushing on it. It was actually a rare wind attribute beastkin.

But as this giant beast just appeared, and the blurred light mass in the mid-air of Qing Qin began to gradually solidify, and it finally formed a round blue liquid.

Strangely, this blue liquid was constantly changing its shape during its descent. It first became the look of a strong human race, then it became a fierce beast roaring at the next moment, and then turning into a giant bird again… it looked very peculiar.

After Qing Qin and Chi Li summoned these giant beasts, they pointed at Jia Lan’s direction without communicating.

Just when Jia Lan stood still and before she could help the two Sea Creature Clan Spiritual Master, she was surprised to find that the two new beastkins appeared not far away. They were rolling silently. After a strong wind, they roared and charged toward her.

Jia Lan was shocked, staring tightly at the two approaching beastkins. Her face dignified.

Based on the terrifying breath from the opposite side, she could clearly feel the strength of the two beastkins at the Condensation State later stage!

By virtue of her succubus physique, she could only contend with a powerhouse of the Condensation State later stage, but now she was facing two beastkins of the Condensation State later stage.

And generally speaking, beastkin was stronger than the same rank human because of its strong physical strength.

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