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Liu Ming was naturally surprised as he was looking that the girl in front of him was Jia Lan.

And Jia Lan’s face showed a hint of joy. She said swiftly, “Brother Liu, I’m afraid I still need your help this time.”

Liu Ming was stunned slightly after hearing the words, but his face quickly calmed down. Instead, after glancing at the woman, he slowly said, “Sister Jia Lan, we haven’t seen each other for quite some time since we last saw each other. I didn’t expect to meet you far away from the Yunchuan Continent here today.”

As Jia Lan heard the words, a slight peculiar fluctuation flashed in her heart, but she said with a slight smile, “It has been a long time since I met junior fellow apprentice. I didn’t expect Brother Liu to break through from a Spiritual Disciple to the Condensation State intermediate stage in these few years. It is quite an achievement.”

“I’m just lucky. Isn’t Senior Fellow Apprentice Jia Lan advanced to the Condensation Period? May I know how you find me? Don’t say that we meet by chance this time.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he said meaningfully.

It should be noted that during this period, Liu Ming used a black-faced macho man to enter and exit on various occasions in Ironfire Valley. He also deliberately changed his voice in order to avoid from being detected. In theory, the party of Sea Creature Clan was impossible to trace his identity as an outsider.

“To tell you the truth, I have a strange talent that outsiders don’t know. I can easily distinguish others by sound, and I can remember it for decades. And the person whose sound is marked by me, no matter how they change their voice through external force, they can’t hide from me. When junior fellow apprentice bade in Yan Jue’s auction, I easily recognized you. However, the situation was just inconvenient for us to meet.”Jia Lan blinked and smiled sweetly. Obviously, she was quite proud of her special talent.

“So that’s the case. I didn’t expect senior fellow apprentice to have such ability, but did senior fellow apprentice find the wrong person to ask me for help? Let alone the others, based on senior fellow apprentice’s identity as the Sea Creature Clan and the stealing of the Savage Demon King’s head of our sect, I am already giving face by not attacking at first sight.” Liu Ming nodded first, then he refused to help with a stern face.

“Brother Liu doesn’t have to rush to refuse. You can listen to the condition I offer before refusing. This time, as long as junior fellow apprentice is willing to help, I can let Sea Creature Clan protect you to safely leave the Ironfire Valley.” Jia Lan said disapprovingly.

“What do you mean? If I want to leave this valley, I can do it at any time. Why should he seek the protection of the noble?” As Liu Ming heard, his face suddenly turned gloomy.

“It seems that junior fellow apprentice is asking the obvious. If you can really leave the Ironfire Valley at any time, why would you keep staying here. Where do the monitors come from? These people who secretly monitor junior fellow apprentice. Although I don’t know what their intention is, they don’t look weak. If junior fellow apprentice wants to leave this place without being notice, it won’t be an easy task. “Jia Lan raised her eyebrows and replied calmly.

“Hmph, do you really think these people can prevent me from leaving?” Liu Ming was startled in his heart. After his expression became uncertain, he said with a sneer suddenly after a while.

“Junior fellow apprentice is so famous in the Great Xuan Kingdom’s border war. Even I heard of your story when I was in the Sea Creature Clan. You may not be bothered by the monitors, but do you know who is behind them? Maybe there is a powerhouse from the Crystallization Period. Facing such a monster, can Junior Fellow Apprentice still stay calm?” Jia Lan spoke slowly.

“If it is a powerhouse of the Crystallization Period, I indeed can’t fight back, but why would such a character make a move on me? Is it that just because of the intermediate grade spiritual weapon, Soul Lock?” Liu Ming smiled slightly as if he did not believe it.

“Then you have to ask yourself. Maybe someone really wants this Soul Lock or something else of your possession. But in short, you must admit that the person who can command so many Condensation Period cultivators may really have the chance to be at the Crystallization Period.”Jia Lan pursed her lips and smiled. She said disapprovingly.

“Hehe, listening to your remarks, it seems that if I don’t help you, I will never be able to leave the Ironfire Valley alive this time. In this case, I need you to tell me what do you want me to do?” Liu Ming laughed as he asked Jia Lan while maintaining his composure.

“Presumably Junior Fellow Appretice Liu also knows that Siren King’s Crystallization Period subordinates,Qing Qin and Chi Li are hiding in the vicinity of our place. This situation is not good for us. But I have also sent a message to another troop in the Bieyuan Island. Soon, there should be reinforcements. However, the most important thing is that the Elder Li is now seriously injured and unconscious. He may even have life danger, so we need to save his life first. For our Yunchuan Sea Creature Clan tribe, the existence of any Crystallization Period cultivator is indispensable. At this point, Jia Lan paused slightly, and her face became dignified.

“What do you mean, does senior fellow apprentice plan to let me help this Elder Li?” Liu Ming’s face suddenly became weird after listening to it.

This Li Kun of Silver Scale Clan once pursued him for a long distance, and he even almost killed Liu Ming. Moreover, that holy beast’s egg in his hands was probably related to this Sea Creature Clan.

Now this woman actually wanted him to save this Elder Li. This was naturally very ridiculous for him.

“Yes, I have found someone to diagnose Elder Li’s injury. He is now not only seriously injured, but also because of the backfire of his own technique, his Spiritual Sea and the meridians are now in a mess. I must find two people who have powerful mental powers to suppress his injury to save his life. I can be one of them; I can only ask junior fellow apprentice to be the another person. As long as you are willing to save Elder Li, we can bring you out of the valley after the reinforcement reaches.” Jia Lan spoke what she wanted to say, then she stared at Liu Ming without blinking, waiting for his answer.

After Liu Ming listened, he hesitated for a while, then he shook his head and said to Jia Lan, “To tell the truth, I had some conflicts with Elder Li previously. I will not tell you the specific. Hehe, if I really save him, the first thing he does after he wakes up is killing me! As for the matter of leaving Ironfire Valley, I know what to do. I don’t really need the help from the noble.”

Hearing Liu Ming said that Jia Lan’s complexion changed slightly, knowing that this junior fellow apprentice had always been cautious. If so, he really wouldn’t try saving Li Kun. She frowned at that moment, then she no longer insisted on asking for his help, “Since junior fellow apprentice and Elder Li had some misunderstandings, then I will not force you anymore. But if you change your mind, you can come to my residence at any time. As long as junior fellow apprentice really contributes to save Elder Li, I can definitely guarantee that you to besafe and sound.”

“Thank you, senior fellow apprentice, if I really have no way, I will consider your offer. Besides, I will always remember senior fellow apprentice’s kindness for giving me the Soul Cultivation Bag. However, your identity and I are different now; we can be the same like last time. Due to the special circumstances this time, I will not do anything to senior fellow apprentice. If I meet you next time, I can’t guarantee the same thing to happen again.” Liu Ming nodded as he said with a sigh.

As Jia Lan heard this, her face was slightly darkened. After a short while, she also sighed and said, “I gave you the Soul Cultivation Bag last time was because of your kindness in saving me. As for whether to make a move or not, as long as junior fellow apprentice thinks that you can defeat me, you can try it. Right, last time when I stole the Savage Demon King’s head, I’m afraid that I brought some troubles to my master. May I know is she alright now? In the days of Savage Ghost Sect, master really took good care of me. I am still very grateful to her. I stole the Savage Demon King’s head was for the survival of my tribe, but I, Jia Lan couldn’t bear to harm my master. Although, it wasn’t hard for me to do that at the time. Moreover, junior fellow apprentice didn’t know that I’m actually a half blood himan, otherwise I couldn’t sneak into the sect so smoothly.”

“That’s it! Senior junior apprenticem please rest assured, although Master’s Junior Bing did get some punishment, she is fine now.” Liu Ming was astounded for a moment as he heard the words, but he immediately replied honestly. His look seemed to be much relieved.

“Fine, in this case, I am finally at ease. Keke, seeing that Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu also called me as “senior fellow apprentice” and told me the truth, I should also tell junior fellow apprentice a news. The people who follow you are mostly from the Black Flame Palace.” Jia Lan nodded, then she suddenly said with a chuckle.

“How do you know this?” Liu Ming’s face changed when he heard this.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, a few days before I came to see you, I have secretly approached these people who took turns monitoring your place. I also heard a few conversations of them. One of them, if I didn’t hear the wrong voice, he should be the person of the Black Flame Palace, and he also appeared at the auction that day with another face. I believe junior fellow apprentice should know something without me saying further.” Jia Lan said ambiguously.

“So that’s the case, then I know the intention of these people. I will return to this kindness in the future.” Liu Ming’s heart was moved when he heard it, but he looked a little enlighted.

“This trip is worth for letting junior fellow apprentice owe me once. So, anyway, one or two favors don’t matter as they are free. I will help you to get rid of the person who follows you. Lest junior fellow apprentice makes a huge movement that attracts the others.” Jia Lan turned her beautiful eyes, looking at Liu Ming with a smile.

After Liu Ming listened, he glanced out of the light curtain subconsciously, and his expression didn’t reveal his intention.

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