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Chapter 321: The Demonic Eyes

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Since he had nearly been possessed by someone else, he had specially looked up many related books and records after going back to his sect, in which did record that some of the learners who had been possessed and got good out of such a misfortune.

These men had got their spiritual power increased, or had directly overwhelmed the one who tried to possess them by obtaining their memory and mastered some secret techniques overnight instead.

Of course, there were also someone who had not been possessed successfully at that time, but their spirits were influenced by the residual spirit of the stealer later, and then they went mad and died.

He just got a little memory of the man who was intended to take his body in the ancient character, which was quite normal in this case.

But when Liu Ming pondering the source of the purple ancient character, he got nothing for he had no definite memory when it came to specific details.

Nevertheless, he would never let go of the opportunity presented to him. He then stared at the scales on the Giant Foot.

Only then did he realize that the scale seemed a little larger and darker than the other nearby scales.

After gazing at the scale for nearly the time for a meal, there flashed a black light as well as the purple ancient character that of the same as before.

Liu Ming was vacillated a bit when he saw this, and kept looking at the scale.

And then after a while, he unexpectedly uttered an obscure syllable when the purple ancient character appeared again.


Then the purple ancient character fixed on the scale in an instant. At the same time, there came a faint light in the blank area near the scale, and there appeared another wholly disparate purple ancient character.

Liu Ming started being nervous which can be seen from his shrinking pupil, while he recited the pronunciation of this ancient character without any delay.

Consequently, the second purple ancient character fixed on the scale as well, and the third purple ancient character followed after...

Liu Ming read all the characters out as soon as a new one leaped in front of his eyes.

A moment later, nine purple ancient characters flickered in a row on the scale, while nothing else happened beyond this.

Liu Ming frowned and stood up, then opened his mouth to read out the nine characters all at once after meditating for a while. It seemed that was a sort of sign.


Just as he pronounced the last syllable, the nine purple ancient characters on the scale scattered and gone simultaneously. Yet there was a faint and muffled sound coming out from the Giant Foot.

Though the sound was low enough, somehow Liu Ming’s heart jolted as he heard it.

Liu Ming was alarmed while he couldn’t help taking a few steps back.

Whereas seconds later, another louder muffled sound came out of the Giant Foot.

And Liu Ming’s heart jolted once again.

At this time, he was definitely terrified and his face turned paler.

Then the muffled sound came out of the Giant Foot one after another, and became louder and faster, as if there was a strong heart resuscitating inside.

After a while, this powerful "bang" sound resounded all over the altar.

Liu Ming had put a palm on his chest at this point while he looked exceedingly ghastly.

Now his heart within his chest was beating unexpectedly at the same frequency with the muffled sound. Even if he desperately drove his supernatural power to make a change, nothing improved at all.

At this time, every beat of his heart sped up his blood’s circulation from head to foot, which was an ineffable bad feeling to him.

"Oh no".

Liu Ming turned around promptly and headed towards the outside of the altar.

Although he did not know what changes had taken place in this Giant Foot, he’d better stay away right now in case of any accident.

But just then the muffled sound stopped, followed by dense silver wires emerging on the black scale’s surface and gathering later. It was seen that the gathered wires suddenly turned into an egg-sized silver eyeball that stared at Liu Ming with its silver light shining in the pupil abruptly after a budge.

The next moment, Liu Ming felt the air around was tightened, a tremendous suction beyond imagination rolled out from behind, dragging him back like a magnetic attraction in an instant.

Naturally, he was shocked by such a situation.

He was truly despaired when he turned his head and saw the silver eyeball on the scale. Then he shouted without any preparation and clenched his fists. He became far heavier than before at this moment and paused the tendency of being dragging backward, followed by a side somersault with one of his hand. Hereupon the golden sword emerged from the air and slashed backward.


The invisible suction was severed by a blinking golden light.

Liu Ming was delighted. He was about to extricate himself in virtue of forming a sign once again.

But just then, along with a dull boom from the altar, the scales on the Giant Foot erected instantaneously. Each scale possessed a silver eyeball after glittering, reaching a quantities of three to four hundred, and stared at Liu Ming right away.

It was no wonder that Liu Ming may be tensed up as he turned his head and saw the whole scene in a hurry. Then he was rolled away by the black gas that turned from a hovering black foggy dragon. And after a few flash, he got somewhere three-hundred meters away.

Just when he was relaxed and thought he was secure enough, the silver eyeballs on the Giant Foot flashed once in the pupils all of a sudden, shooting out a silver wire each. And all the wires disappeared into the nowhere nearby in a flash.

The next moment, the air around Liu Ming fluctuated, followed by hundreds of silver wires ejecting out in an instant. After another flash, the wires straightly pierced all the light shields that played on Liu Ming’s body surface and tied him up, and suddenly pulled him away toward the altar.

Liu Ming fought tooth and nail by driving some signs. However, all his powers were noneffective as entangled by the silver wires at the moment. At the same time, some energy was transfusing into him, which made him feeble to an extent that couldn’t even lift his limbs up.

Liu Ming was overwhelmed at the very moment.

Meanwhile, the white seal chains that had been almost buried in the Giant Foot were buzzing loudly after the Demonic Eyes of the Giant Foot spewed out the silver wires.

Accordingly, these chains were dyed by seven different colors, then released some light golden flames and tightened up all at once.

Tightened by the Seven-color Seal Chains, coupled with burnt by the golden flame, the hundreds of silver eyeballs twisted with a monstrous "sizzle" sound and shrank at a rate visible to the naked eyes.

At the same time, it was seen that a silver mark on the sole of the Giant Foot. Then as the mark shined again, the mark ruptured and exposed a large and fierce-looking black mouth, orienting toward Liu Ming as he was dragged by the silver wires.

Liu Ming was so horrified as he saw the things happened in the altar and the Giant Foot. However, he could do nothing but see himself getting closer to the altar as he was restrained.

After a quick think, he was determined to release the Embryo of the Plough Sword once he was finally dragged to the Giant Foot, even though he would be severely hurt and consumed his spiritual energy.

He thought that, if this Embryo of Sword’s terrifying power can be fully released, may be the only mean to strike down this Giant Foot.

And as long as he could power through this trail, those Seven-color Seal Chains should be able to suppress the Foot once again.

At this point, a peculiar and familiar feeling was sensed within Liu Ming.

Liu Ming knew it well and then swept his spiritual power within him in an instant, only to see a bean-sized sparkling bubble in the Spirit Sea, out of which came a sense of great longing in the subtle twinkling, while targeting to the Giant Foot that sealed on the altar.

Liu Ming rejoiced and was about to do something, but only saw the mysterious bubble in the Spirit Sea rotated and rose up gently.


The silver wires that wrapped around Liu Ming were self-ignited at the same time with surging black flame, and then out of sight as a black smoke.

Liu Ming halted as soon as he cast off these wires, and his power and body recovered at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Giant Foot was grilled by the golden flame on the altar, and its hundreds of silver eyeballs attached collapsing coincided with the disappearance of the silver wires. However, the Giant Foot itself was tightened by the Seven-color Seal Chains, struggling and twisting at its full split.

The bloody mouth on the sole of the Foot opened as wide as possible, with more black air exhaling out.

Liu Ming was surprised as well as delighted to see the scene.

The mysterious bubble was closely related to the sealed Giant Foot as expected!

But then, a weird cry suddenly came out of the sole of the Giant Foot which followed by a "bang" sound, and a dark light column burst out. It merged into Liu Ming’s body after a flash and flew madly into the mysterious bubble of the alchemist.

Liu Ming could only sense the bright black light before him. He then closed his dim eyes after a hum in his ears.

The black light columns coming out from the weird mouth kept on pouring into Liu Ming, while the Giant Foot shrank at a rate visible to the naked eyes and became shrivel.

At the same time, the Seven-color Seal Chains buzzed, emitting more golden flames, like a golden sea of fire, which almost shrouded the whole altar.

Liu Ming opened his eyes and looked around. He couldn’t help wearing a wry smile.

He was once again in the mysterious overcast space.

This place had no big difference comparing with last time he left!

After a brief examination, Liu Ming sat down randomly and meditated on everything he had recently experienced.

Unquestionable! The reason why he was directly dragged into the space was related to the black light column emitted by the sealed Giant Foot. Although he was pulled into the space at the moment of touching the light column, he could still sense the horrifying demonic aura in the light column through his spiritual power.

In this case, from the aspects that his power had been absorbed more than once by this mysterious bubble and the missing of the other Giant Hand, the prerequisite for his spirit entering this space was to be absorbed a great deal of energy. It seemed that the mysterious bubble brought some changes to the space each time it absorbed energy, and such changes depended on the different energy it absorbed.

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