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Chapter 320: Out Came the Demonic Character

Translator: Sissy That Walk

As for the other black crystal, Liu Ming could recognize it at a glance that it was the demonic core of the Fiendish Python.

It was unexpected that when the black snake that transformed from black hair got back to the Giant Foot, the core was abandoned here.

And if he obtained the hair, he was able to say that he had fulfilled his duty to the master of Yuan Mo Sect when going back.

Liu Ming put the two spiritual tools into his storage conch warily, then glanced at the ground not far away and saw a pile of black debris.

These debris, however, were the black gourds that Shan Gan had taken out, which transformed as soon as falling to the ground. Now it could not be broken any least, while it could no longer have any function as well.

Liu Ming walked around the Giant Foot along the edge of the almost partly destroyed Matrix. He kept making a comparison between the Giant Foot and Hand that he had seen.

In the meantime, the Giant Foot lay quietly in the center of the Matrix, together with its motionless hard hair, just like a wholly dead thing.

Liu Wu frowned as he saw this scene.

He sensed not even the slightest demonic breath from the Giant Foot, which was perhaps the biggest difference from theGiant Hand.

Liu Ming stopped and made a quick think, then he turned one of his hands over and there came a green needle in his hand.

It was the Earth Grade spirit weapon--Needle of Blue Shade.

Then he took a deep breath with his fingers trembled. Thereby the needle turned into a blue light, targeting at the very part of the Foot’s sole in which was not covered by scales.


One of the hard hair that nearest to the Foot’s sole blurred, which elongated to more than three meters. It knocked the Needle of Blue Shade over in just one motion.

Liu Ming’s face turned pale a bit as he saw this, then he stepped two steps back while empowering another sign more rapidly.

It was seen that the Needle of Blue Shade hovered and burst out to the Foot’s sole once again. However, there was a loud sound breaking through the air all of a sudden, followed by hundreds of blue radiance.


The upper half of the huge hard hair rolled up abruptly, converting to a giant black snake which spurted black clouds from its opening mouth.

After rolling by the black clouds, the blue radiance collapsed and disappeared one after another. When there was only stroke one blue radiance left, it was swallowed up by the Giant Python as the Python lunging towards it.

Under such a situation, Liu Ming looked ghastly paler as he was forming a sign.

At this moment, he had lost spiritual contact with the Needle of Blue Shade.

However, he had roughly found out the strength of these black snakes after a round of fight, which was about the Liquid Middle Stage.

The giant black snake, after swallowing the Needle of Blue Shade, did not change back to hard hair. Instead, it raised its head and made a “hiss” sound, staring at the Liu Ming all the same time.

Liu Ming closed his eyes and changed his sign. At that moment, the dense blue light turned up before him, which gathered into more than ten Cyan Wind Blades.


He swung his sleeves and gave the order under his breath. Then the Wind Blade in front of him turned into a burst of green radiance.

The giant black snake was enraged. After a sudden wiggle, there appeared more than a dozen heads of snakes. Each one of its big mouth opened and then bit a Wind Blade in an instant until it swallowed all the Blades.

Thereupon, all the shadows of the snakes’ heads vanished at the same time and restored to a single one head. Then it was seen that the body part beneath the head jerked, and then turned into a black gas heading to Liu Ming.

Liu Wu’s eyes narrowed, with his upper body remained still, while his feet slid backward for several steps like a spring.


After trembling at the edge of the Matrix, the black gas turned into a ferocious black snake again.

Despite twisting its body desperately, the latter part of the hard hair was tightened together with the Giant Foot, which was incapable of moving forward for another inch.

But the next moment, the black snake opened its mouth from which wavered black clouds, and it seemed that was about to be spew out.


A group of black fists came and hit the black snake on its head.

It was Liu Ming who pounded out a punch that hadtrembled the head of the snake, and the black clouds that were to be sprayed collapsing and disappearing in an instant.

Then a golden light flashed in his hand, therewith emerged a golden sword which changed into a sword that of three-meters long and marched off as he overturned his hand.


The sword light made a sharp turn and cut to the juncture of the black snake and the untransformed hard hair out of expectation, cutting off the upper half of the black snake.

As the black snake hissed once, it turned back into a two-feet thick black hair and floated down from the air.

But such a cut was resemble to stabbing in a honeycomb, for the rest hard hairs at the sole of the Giant Foot rocked and turned into black snakes. All of which swooped towards Liu Ming with their heads held up high and their tongues out. However, they were hindered by the time they got to the edge of the Matrix, with their body tightened.

Liu Ming chuckled at this stupid scene.

Obviously, these black snakes were not so intelligent as their means of attack were of little change, while the distance of their attack was greatly limited as well.

So he was less fearful about it as a matter of course.

There was a shout coming out from Liu Ming, empowering the sword sign in his mind at the same time, and then the golden sword in his hand trembled and shot out like a dazzling rainbow.

For a time, the sky was bestrewed flashing shadow of swords.

It was the Sword technique that can only be performed by a swordsman!

Since the dazzling rainbow flickered and rolled back to Liu Ming’s hand as a short sword, all the black snakes were cut off by halves, leaving more than a dozen feet long half-hairs on the ground.

The remaining hairs, which were still connected to the sole of the Giant Foot, bounced back one after another to the sole of the Giant Foot and then out of sight.

As if they were scared as being chopped by Liu Ming.

Liu Ming was somewhat astonished. Then he flicked his sleeve after a second thought, in which flew out a black gas, rolling one of the half hard hair in the ground back. Next, he firmly nipped the hair with two fingers.

But something startling happened.

As soon as he touched the hard hair, there flickered a black light. And each end of the hard hair turned into a head of black snake, biting in a lightning speed after a flip towards Liu Ming’s palm.

But it seemed that Liu Ming was already on the alert as his wrist shook suddenly, followed by a vibration that was hard to portray in words gushing from his two fingers which input straightly into the two-head black snake.


The two heads of the black snake trembled, then melted into a black gas and dispersed. It became a thick hard hair again, while still writhing to a small extent.

Right now, Liu Ming packed the golden sword up and took a yellow talisman out instead, just sticking right on the hard hair.

Silver Inscriptions poured out of the talisman and then merged into the hair.

The surface of the jet-black hard hair appeared many a lot rice-sized Silver Inscriptions, and then the hair kept still like a dead thing.

Such a hard hair was so singular while belonging to the sealed limb of an ancient Giant Demon that Liu Ming could never abandon it.

He took out a few more talismans and pasted them on the hair, and then put the hair in a jade box.

Later, Liu Ming collected all these half-cut hairs on the ground in the same way.

Liu Ming had already made plans as for how to use these hairs.

Now that the fur of the Green-haired Demonic Mouse can be refined into the Needle of Blue Shade, let alone these hard hairs of the Giant Demon, which were undoubtedly the best material for Flying Needle.

If he could find the right refiner, he might even be able to get a set of Heaven Grade Flying Needle.

As Liu Ming brought all those hard hairs under control, he looked at the Giant Foot once again. He then muttered to himself, followed by a single-handed beckon towards the air, there emerging another blue Wind Blade. With his wrist swinging, the Blade shot out like a green light.


Under the circumstances of without any obstruction, the Wind Blade was firmly chopped at the sole of the Giant Foot and then bounced off.

Liu Ming was not surprised about it at all. Instead, he muttered some words, with his palms closed and parted once. Then a giant Wind Blade that of four-to-five meters long emerged in front and vanished after a “whoosh” sound.

The blue light flashed the next moment, then the giant Wind Blade cut in the sole of the Foot and rebounded off as well.

It seemed that even without scales, the defensive strength of the Giant Foot was far more than anyone can imagine.

Liu Ming then became greatly frantic.

It seemed the hearsay that, in ancient times, those revered elders were incapable of destroying the corpus of the Giant Demon then they sealed the corpus up in parts instead, was true by and large.

Liu Ming twinkled for a few times, turned one of his hand over, and then the Golden Moon Sword turned up. He then flicked it once and a golden sword light rolled out.


The pointed sword light cut to the sole of the Giant Foot, and disappeared in a flash though it was not bounced off.

Liu Ming was truly stunned this time.

He flicked once again as he couldn’t accept the result, and then burst out several sword lights, which faded away on the surface of the Giant Foot alike.

Liu Ming was getting desperate by now.

If it couldn’t exterminate this Demon even with the sharpest Golden Moon Sword, there was no other more suitable means.

As for the white chains bundling the Giant Foot, he would never decompose them as long as he was not insane.

As time elapsing, Liu Ming tried Fire Bomb technique, Ice Cone technique and some other attack techniques.

The attempts were of little avail.

Liu Ming walked along the edge of the Matrix and around the Giant Foot again, with his eyes swept slowly every inch above and below the Giant Foot.

Where the Giant Foot had been cut off was covered by a layer of black scales anew, exposing not an inch flesh. As for the rest part of the Foot, there was no weakness could be taken advantage from at all.

Abruptly, Liu Ming halted, with his eyes fixed on a basin-sized scale on one side of the Giant Foot, and then he was startled.

If he had not been dazzled, there was an unfamiliar purple character emerged on the huge scale just then, and disappeared all of a moment.

But what appeared as crazy to Liu Ming was that, it was a grotesque and tedious ancient character that was clearly he had never seen before. However, he knew its meaning and pronunciation at a glance, as if he were born to know it.

Weird as such a thing he encountered, no wonder he would be bitterly frightened!

But when he thought about it again, he figured it out a bit.

The reason why he could recognize the character was greatly connected with the experience that someone had possesses him to come back to life once.

Thus it was not he knew the purple character, but the person who had possessed knew it.

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