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Chapter 319: Another Drop of Heavy Water

Translator: Sissy That Walk

“Impossible… I’m only one step away…”

“Shan Gan” stared at the black snake that appeared all of a sudden, raised his hands and touched the black blood and the brains with an unbelievable expression. He murmured a few words and the whole body collapsed onto the ground. The white light screen in front of him dispersed into rays of spirit lights and disappeared.

But it was not until the corpse had touched the ground when the head exploded with a muffled boom. A whirl of black smoke rushed out and shot upwards. Then with a turn, it dashed in the opposite direction.

Shadows appeared in the thin air and the upper part of the hair at the bottom of the huge foot transformed into black snakes again. They bolted out as the lower part of the hair still clung to the foot.

Then there was a shriek, and the thing covered in the black smoke was bitten by these black snakes, unable to extricate itself.

When the black smoke dispersed, a fist-size green mask was revealed, with a horrified expression vivid like a living man. In no time, it was torn apart by the black snakes and eaten whole, along with the headless corpse.

Moments later, the black snakes, which had devoured every bit of blood on the ground, suddenly shrank and became thick scrubby hairs again. All except one snake that had eaten the brain of “Shan Gan”. It circled around the giant foot, as if hesitating whether to go near or not.

But as it became weaker and weaker, it eventually rushed towards the giant foot, hissing.

As soon as the black snake touched the bottom of the foot, a blackish shadow of a python escaped from the foot and with a “boom,” spitted out a shiny black crystal core onto the ground.

The black snake itself blurred and turned into a thick hard hair on the bottom of the giant foot, as other hairs were, as if this was where it belonged.

While the green mask was torn apart, the black coffin in the black hall in the middle of the Giant Demonic Mountain, which was originally quiet, suddenly let out a horrible shriek: “No!!!”

At the same time, the lid of the coffin soared and a blackish figure popped out from the coffin, hands scratching the air in vain. Then with a loud “boom,” its head exploded.

A whiff of black smoke rushed out from the headless body and, among the uncontrollable dashes of magical powers, transformed into a hurricane, spiraling upwards.

When the hurricane touched the ceiling of the black hall, it triggered multiple restrictions set in the hall. Instantly, light screens of all colors started flashing simultaneously while a deafening booming sound echoed in the mountains.

Outside of the Gathering Hall of the Giant Demonic Mountain, people were running around. As soon as it happened, seven or eight Liquid Stage cultivators with different clothing styles gathered at the gate from all directions. They each had a formation tablet in their hands and, without a word, started scanning the surroundings with it.

A short time later, a graceful looking woman in green exclaimed:

“Impossible! The vibration came from the direction of the Black Demonic Hall!”

“Indeed, it was the Black Demon Hall. Perhaps…” said a skeletal man with a sallow face in horror.

Other people exchanged looks and revealed surprised and doubtful expressions in unision.

Just then, another ray of black light shot from behind the hall. With a few flashes, it had already reached the sky nearby. The light waned and a brocade-wearing man over twenty appeared. Seeing that these people were here, he said with a pale face:

“My dear Censor senior disciples, I have bad news. Master Xin’s life plate split open.”

Everyone’s face changed. For some time, silence reigned the hall.

Outside of the Suppressing Demon Tower, the leader of Yuan Mo Sect sat quietly in a crossed-leg pose. Suddenly a buzzing sound rang in his sleeve. Surprised, he gave the sleeve a wave and a white round plate flew out, swirled and stayed afloat in front of him.

The plate was flashing with white lights. A silver line of words surfaced.

The sect leader glanced at it and popped to his feet, his face pale.

“My senior disciple, what has happened?” asked Xiao Yuebai in surprise, who was sitting leg-crossed near him.

“Our master, he has forever gone,” the sect leader finally said sorrowfully by sending his voice after some time.

With this, he threw a glance at Rou, the girl with long hair.

The young girl was then sitting under a tree, enjoying a silver-cover classic, obviously unaware of the news.

“What? Impossible! Master did suffer from the reverse effect of forbidden arts, but how can he perish so fast?” Xiao Yuebai paused and exclaimed without thinking.

But he did not say this by sending his voice.

Not only the girl with long hair, but all the other cultivators who were sitting near the sect leader shook at hearing this. They all looked at Xiao Yuebai.

“Senior disciple Xiao, what did you just say?” The girl’s voice was somewhat shaky. She thus asked, as if she hadn’t heard what Xiao had said.

Liu Ming looked at the altar not far away, which was connected to many corridors on each side. He was still in shock from what he had just seen.

Not long after he started chasing, he found the black snake by tracing its smell, and was just in time to see how the black snake had hid itself and attacked and killed an old man on the altar.

The black snake that he was chasing turned out to be a hair! This thought made him feel unreal, and subsequently, terror.

A single hair at loose in the Suppressing Demon Tower was able to transform into a Liquid Advanced Stage Fiendish Python! One could only imagine what a horror that a live giant foot on the altar could be.

After he saw the giant fiendish atlas hand in the Secret Realm some years ago, he had looked up some ancient classics and had finally known about some of the rumors of the giant ancient fiend being dismembered and separately sealed.

Therefore, he wasn’t as confused when he saw this giant fiendish foot, albeit still taken aback.

“Other cultivators may not be able to lay eyes on even one of the places where the giant limbs were sealed, but I am so lucky as to have stumbled upon two! I do have some luck. Anyway, who is that old man? He looks somewhat familiar. Perhaps he is also a Yuan Mo disciple? But his level seems rather low!”

Liu Ming had performed the invisibility charm and hid himself as soon as he saw the altar. And now, recovering from the shock, his mind started working fast to straighten out the matter.

He was only able to do this because he saw that the giant fiendish foot was constrained by white talisman chains. Otherwise he would have fled in no time if he saw an untamed giant hand like he did last time.

But now, he simply stared at the giant foot on the distant altar with changing faces.

Another reason why he had not retreated was that he wanted to take this chance to find out if there was any relation between the sealed limbs and that mysterious bubble in his spiritual sea.

The last time he was in a Secret Realm where another seal was at, he mysteriously lost conscious not long after the giant hand was revived. When he woke up, the giant hand was gone and another “Liu Ming” appeared inside of him.

There’s got to be some connections!

But what he was now facing was an enigmatic existence who had ruled the entire Yun Chuan Continent in the ancient history, and even whose hairs on the sealed limb could transform into horrible fiendish pythons. Naturally, he was extra careful.

Liu Ming quietly stayed put for quite some time and, not having observed any slight movements in the giant foot, started sliding towards the altar.

This was a good opportunity for him to figure out the nature of the bubble, perhaps the only chance. Therefore, although Liu Ming knew how much risk he was taking to get close to the altar, he had no choice.

After all, his suspicion of that mysterious bubble had become unbearable. He would not sleep nor eat well if he could never dig out the truth about it.

When he was only a fewzhangsaway from the altar, he revealed his figure and stuck onto himself as many talismans as he could find. Instantly, rays of colorful light screens emitted from him.

He then formed a sign with a single hand and heavy black smokes roared out of his body. In spiral, the black smoke contracted and gave form to the black misty flood dragon, brandishing its teeth and claws and hovering around.

At the same time, bright red scales silently crept onto the surface of Liu Ming’s vital body parts like his chest and abdomen.

Having finished this, he took a deep breath and finally took his first step to mount the stairs leading to the altar. First step, second step…

After the time to take several breaths, Liu Ming finally mounted the altar. He halted his steps and started sizing up the formation and the giant foot sealed in it middle at a close distance.

At such a distance, he still hadn’t felt any unusual movement in his spirit sea. He was greatly relieved, but also somewhat worried.

But moments later, he was attracted by a few tools on the ground near the giant foot:

A visibly decrepit silver flying wheel; a ball of black mist as if something was wrapped inside; and a bright black crystal.

The silver wheel was of little value. Simply having scanned it with his spirit sense, he knew that this piece of spirit weapon was completely destroyed and had only a slim chance to be repaired.

But the black mist and the black crystal were elating.

Liu Ming gave a wave of his hand and a siphoning power was released. The black mist and the crystal trembled and flew towards him.

The black mist weighed on his arm as it landed in his hands.

Liu Ming’s eyes brightened. Presently, he blew hard into the mist.

Suddenly, winds were roaring!

The black mist was completely dispersed and revealed a pesize black drop of liquid.

“A drop of Heavy Water! It is indeed another drop of Heavy Water! But it seems to have been refined in a special way,” muttered Liu Ming with an expression of pleasant surprise.

The drop was not easy to hold even with power such as his, which meant that it was still more valuable than the first drop of Heavy Water he had obtained.

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