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Chapter 317: Sealing the Giant Foot

Translator: Sissy That Walk

After a meal, Liu Ming and Han Li chased after the snake for more than a dozen miles.

The black snake ahead plunged into the ground and then disappeared.


Liu Ming rushed to the place where the black snake plunged into with a gust of wind, and packed a punch without saying anything.

Therewith a booming sound!

The yellow blast along with dust rolled out to all sides, hereupon a pit more than three meters deep revealed.

However, nothing was seen in the vast pit.

Liu Ming frowned, pointed his forehead with one finger, and then a powerful Spirit force rolled out.

"The Space Crack".

It almost slipped of his tongue the next moment, and his facial expression changed on a dime. But half a minute later, he took a talisman from his sleeve and stuck it on himself.

With a muffled thud, the talisman burst into a dozen light yellow Spirit Inscription soon.

A layer of yellow light rose among Liu Ming. After forming a sign with one of his hand, Liu Ming sank downward and into the yellow sand in silence.

Although surrounded by yellow sand, Liu Ming could see through everything within three meters with the assistance of the enhanced secret technique.

A white halo with a diameter of less than three meters emerged out from the sand as he had sunk into the ground in less than twenty or twenty-five meters deep.

The halo rotated slowly on and on in the same place, arousing a mild fluctuation while there was something vaguely visible inside.

Liu Ming formed a sign with one hand. He got close to the near front of the white halo in a flash. When he narrowed his eyes and glanced inside the halo, he revealed a weird facial expression subconsciously.

A dark blurred scene was revealed indistinctly in the center of the halo.

Only when he distinguished it attentively can he roughly recognize that the scene showed the interior of a certain structure.

Then he muttered to himself in reflection.

Sure enough!

The black snake must have escaped from this uncanny space crack to the other side.

He would never reconcile to give up on chasing the snake.

After all, he had promised to kill the Fiendish Python, otherwise, he would be ashamed of facing the master of the Yuan Mo Sect after leaving the tower. In addition, the head of the Blood Tiger he had got may be controversial.

The monsters in this Suppressing Demon Tower were almost fostered by the master of the Yuan Mo Sect. They had paid a lot as they were willing to deprive themselves of a rare Blood Tiger for him.

However, he did neither know how the space crack turned up nor where the other side accessed to, since the black snake got through without a scratch, so may did he.

After pondering over for a second, Liu Ming made a decision. But cautious as he was, he did not pass through the crack right away, but shook his sleeve instead. Then an worn-out talisman flew out from it, hovering once and suspending quietly before him.

It was seen that he muttered some words, formed a sign with two hands in a rolling wheels speed, and then he pointed towards the talisman in front without touching it.


Suddenly, numerous golden seal fluttered out from the talisman, which soon converged and then a Golden-armor Seal Soldier came into being.

Liu Ming fluttered and his finger pointed the forehead of the Seal Soldier in an instant, and there poured in a pure supernatural power.

A moment later. The Seal Soldier, opened his closed eyes, turned around without saying a word, and drew near ahead to the white halo on his own accord.

Liu Ming stood still and formed the sign with one hand to get in close contact with the Seal Soldier by virtue of the spiritual power.

Nothing can be heard at that time!

As soon as the Golden-armor Seal Soldier approached the halo, he was pulled in by the suction rolling from it.

When the Golden-armor Seal Soldier showed up on the other side of the white halo, Liu Ming was faint while he could keep in touch with the Soldier without any obstruction.

The Golden-armor Seal Soldier stood still after looking around there.

"Very good!" Liu Ming exclaimed with a relief, and then headed towards the halo without any hesitation.

He turned up in a narrow corridor made wholly by black stone after a twinkling white light, in which both sides stood lofty and antique black pillars. The white halo was attached on one of the stone pillars as if it were inlaid in.

Surprised as Liu Ming was, he cast a sweeping glance and then saw everything clearly.

It was seen that above and around the corridor was full of black mist just as the same as the Suppressing Demon Tower. However, on both sides of the corridor, there was a vast expanse of black galaxy-like void, dotted with twinkling light, which seemed to know no bounds.

It was unbelievable that the whole corridor was suspended in mid-air without any support.

Liu Ming moved to one side of the corridor in amazement and looked down. There was nothing but endless twinkling light.

He once again formed a sign to release his powerful spirit strength. However, as soon as the strength met with the edge of the corridor, it was rebounded by an invisible barrier.

This weird corridor had been set up an invisible inhibition, the spirit could not leave the corridor at all.

Liu Ming was somewhat astonished, and then he drove the sign secretly. When he saw the black gas surging on his body surface, he relaxed a bit.

His supernatural technique wasn't suppressed here at all!

Once more he formed a sign, and then the black clouds rolled over at his feet, lifting him upward gently.

It seemed that his flying and penetrating technique had been restricted could be employed as usual here.

Liu Ming was at a loss!

It could only be explained that the space he was in now was not the Suppressing Demon Tower but another independent space.

However, by this time, the black snake had already disappeared. If he wanted to pursue it, he would have to put more efforts into the mission.

Fortunately, the snake just left here for a while, with some of its lingering breath retained. And he had already been acquainted with the Python's breath.

After a moment's hesitation, he flipped himself with one hand, then a multicolored stack of flags for Matrix emerged. All these flags disappeared into the nearby void as soon as they were thrown into the air.

The empty void he pointed at appeared a white halo. After a moment, the halo assimilated into the common empty space, which veiled the whole Space Crack.

Liu Ming commanded the Golden-armor Seal Soldier by employing the power of his mind. Then he took a circular plate for Matrix out from his bosom and scribbled for a while until a light black gas appeared on it.

He moved once and then dashed to a certain direction.

On a small island-like altar that suspended in the void stood "Shan Gan" on the very edge of a Giant Matrix with full of Seven-color Spirit Inscription. He looked at the jumbo bundled by numerous milky white chains at the center of the Matrix. Pale as he was, he still couldn't conceal his ecstasy.

Something was bundled at the central Matrix, covering with black scales. It had toenails of more than three meters in length, and a dozen feet-long thick black fur on the soles of the feet. One can never imagine that it turned out to be a hill-sized Giant Foot!

It was doubtless that Liu Ming was greatly frightened as he saw the Giant Foot here.

This Optimus Giant Foot resembled to the Optimus Fiendish Hand he had seen in the other secret realm, obviously the two belonged to the same body.

However, besides the white chains that enwound the Giant Foot, there was a seven-color light curtain covering the whole Matrix. And after a closer look, it could be found that most of the milky white chains were embedded within the Giant Foot, as if they were born this way.

The smile faded from Shan Gan's face as he walked around the seven-color light curtain.

"This ancient seal is more intact than I expected, while it's hard to tell whether it can be broken by old means."

After a few more depressed murmurs, the young man drew out piles of spiritual tools from his bosom in earnest, including several translucent jade medals, a small gold bottle, a palm-sized silver flywheel, and a dilapidated yellow scroll.

As Shan Gan flicked his sleeves, these tools flew suspending in the void one by one before him. And then he pointed out once, the silver flywheel shot out like a ball of silver light. It cracked in the seven-color light curtain all of a sudden.


The seven-colour light curtain was motionless as it used to be, while the silver flywheel rebounded like it chopped in the armor.

The young lad was not surprised at all, then he formed and drove a sign suddenly with one hand. A "click" sound was heard from the edge of the flywheel, and then turned up dense inches of sharp teeth, which started twirling in a rapid speed along with "buzz" sound. Once again, it headed towards the seven-color light curtain.

After a strident scream, numerous sparks burst out between the silver wheel and the seven-color light curtain, while the light curtain was motionless as before.

“Shan Gan” hummed and then patted the yellow scroll.

The scroll opened slowly, coming out an ancient painting thickly dotted by Spirit Inscription, with a golden Three-legged Crow engraved in the center, whose wings were extended and head raised high as was about to soar!

The young man spat out a bloody red square Pill from his mouth and then flew away to the ancient painting. A strong fragrance of medicine diffused in the meantime.

Then “Shan Gan” formed signs at lightening speed to draw the ancient painting.

An abnormal scene took place.

The still golden Crow in the ancient painting came into blurring. Then, after an unpleasant cry, the shadow of the golden Crow's head popped out and swallowed the Pill in one gulp.

Therewith the golden light came out from the painting, followed by a few "quack" sounds. And then flew out a Three-legged Golden Crow.


The young man said in a low voice and pointed to the Golden Crow.

At that moment, the Crow hovered in the air, erupting a golden flame, which just got to the silver flywheel.

The whole flywheel was wrapped up by a golden flame after a "bang" sound. And at the edge of rotating sharp teeth emerged lines of golden fire, which empowered its cutting ability by several times.

The motionless seven-color light curtain set about wobbling.

“Shan Gan” was glad as he saw this, with his finger flipped again.


The golden bottle burst, from which rolled out a black liquid.

As soon as the liquid appeared, a terrifying sound was heard from it. And then it twirled and emitted billowing black fog.

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