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Chapter 316: Black Snake

Translator: Sissy That Walk

"Killed it at last!" Han Li saw this in the air, said with great joy.

At this point, he finally regained control of his body.

"Be careful, this Python can never be chopped off and killed so easily." Liu Ming said in a severe tone.

The young man was astonished when he heard this, however, having learned the foregoing lesson, he formed a single-handed sign without hesitation. Then the black flame of the quaint lamp floated out before him, which shrouded him in the rays of black light in a glimpse.

Just then, the two pieces of the giant Python's head that were cut off below suddenly burst into fragmentation with crisply sound inch by inch. Then something cropped up, causing fluctuations. It turned out to be another smaller black Python's head revealing in the empty space, which was the same shape as the previous one, except that there was traces of fine blood on the top of the head, while threads of black blood bursting out from it.

The Python's head that Liu Ming had cut off was only a thick layer of cover outside the head of this Demonic Beast.

Of course, it was unknown to them that the snakeskin was extremely tough after it was demonized. If it hadn't been for Liu Ming's top quality sword and the employment of Sword Technique, it would have been impossible to cut the Python's skin off so easily.

However, after withstanding such a deadly strike with ecdysis, the Fiendish Python itself had sapped most of its vitality. Its power was much weaker than before, but its bright red eyes still blazed with madness.

The Python suddenly raised its head with a long roar and twisted its body. The skin that had been scorched by the white flame had cracked and fell out piece by piece, exposing the new scales inside. It looked as if the Python had never been injured at all.

Liu Ming's face suddenly darkened and pointed to the air with one of his hand.


The black bead that suspended in the nearby void, hit towards the Python again in a glimpse, and a black mist burst out of it before it was close enough.

After severely defeated by this bead, however, how would the Fiendish Python follow the same old disastrous road without doing anything this time? It was seen that it twisted its head suddenly, opened its mouth, and then spit out a translucent crystal bead.


The two beads collided. Then the black bead was wrapped in the translucent bead all of a moment and then stagnated inside.

At the same time, the Python's tail slapped hard on the ground, and its huge body rushed toward Liu Ming with a gust. Before it had sprang at him, a purple shadow ejected from its mouth.

Liu Ming was awfully surprised while moved his body backwards and shook the golden sword in his hand, and then a thick sword light split out in an instant, which was about to exscind the snake's tongue coming right for him.

Nevertheless, the purple shadow dodged aside the next moment, and the golden sword light cut nothing but the flashing phantom. Then something emerged above and then he saw the snake's tongue shot down to him in a rapid speed.

Liu Ming, however, stamped his feet as if he had expected this, shot his body back sharply in an instant, and after only a few rounds, he returned to the destroyed Magic Matrix.

The Giant Python was fully driven by blood-lust, joggling the black Spirit Inscription all over its body without thinking, it raised its body up and swoop down to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming threw out a cold glance against the Python after he saw this. He stood still, and then took a deep breath. Suddenly, his body surface rushed out black smokes which assembled together in the upper sky, then it turned into a black fog dragon, which was several feet long, fluttering and swirling around him.

At the same time, Liu Ming's golden sword glistened and then disappeared, his other arm swayed once and five fingers clasped, then he shouted, rushed out towards the Python. And with that a majestic wave rolled out.

The Giant Python opened its mouth with a hissing and spewed out a black liquid, and then pounced to Liu Ming with its bare fangs.


Soon after the black liquid was ejected, it was hit by a force opposite that was difficult to portray in words and was forced to roll back.

The Python was startled at first, then it roared furiously and spurted an invisible shock wave out of its mouth, which stopped the black liquid in the original location.

But just then, a white light flashed over the Python, then a crystal net emerged without any sign and fell down, which shrouded the whole Python inside out of expectation.

Amid the incantations heard in the upper sky, the whole net tightened. At the same time, numerous white Spirit Inscription emerged on the Python's body, ploughing into the giant Python frantically.

What a surprise!

Although these white Spirit Inscriptions seemed unimportant, hardened as the Python's scales, the Python couldn't resist the Inscription's slightest assault. And as soon as these white Spirit Inscription ploughed in, the Python uttered a heartrending cry, its giant body suddenly struggled madly in the net, which seemed to undergoing a great torment .

It was Han Li who finally seized the opportunity to give play to the prepared spirit weapon.

It seemed that it was quite useful.


A figure occurred above the black giant Python, then showed up Liu Ming. He waved away with one hand, and then a cloud of black gas dashed towards him. He caught it with one hand which turned into a black bead.

He gripped the beads with his fist in a stern look. And then he flung his fist into the giant Python's head and shot it out fiercely.


The Python, confined by the net of white filaments, was hit on the head by the smoggy black fist. Then a black glow burst out at the top of its head, and then it fell heavily on the ground after a strange cry.

On the Python's head, a basin-sized pit appeared out of nowhere.

The giant Python was so enraged that it was about to lift its head from its neck, only to feel a sudden tightening around its body, and it became sluggish forthwith.

At the same time, Liu Ming's figure blurred, presented unexpectedly on the Python head. Without waiting for its response, there came out another blurred maniacal attack from his arm.

There was a loud blare during the time with circles of shocks rippled over the giant Python's head!

The shadow of the black fists punched the Python's head in the same spot repeatedly like a rainstorm, while every punch contained tremendous force within.

At the very start, the giant Python struggled desperately, but after more than a dozen punches, the Python' head was crushed into a flat one, most of which was deeply buried in the sand and kept pinned. After another hard punch, the Python's head cracked like a watermelon and burst out, spraying out white brains and black blood forthwith.

Liu Ming's figure blurred and hereupon disappeared from where he stayed.

The next moment, something fluctuated in the void more than a dozen feet away, and then there just appeared Liu Ming.

But at that time, his was pale. There were vague sweat flowed out from his forehead. Obviously, it consumed him quite a lot vigor to drive the fierce attack with the heavy water beads.

Han Li, who was still muttering incantations in the high air, was ready to drive a high-level magic art. He was startled when he saw these.

"Such a Python was shot to death so easily!" He couldn't help muttering as he could hardly believe it.

"Thanks for brother Han's favorable support, otherwise I could never come off so easily.

Liu Ming said in a relaxed look while could not help looking at the net that still covering the giant Python.

He could clearly sense that as soon as the seemingly ferocious Python was trapped by the net, its strength was suppressed by more than half.

Yet even so, it was unexpected for him to defeat the Python in this way. It seemed that this spirit weapon was the veritable trump card the master of Yuan Mo Sect entrusted to Han Li.

"Well, thus we have finally fulfilled the task of this trip. Just in case, it would be better for us to dig its Demonic Crystal out and refine the corpse immediately. But I'm afraid a normal fire won't work, thus it's better to use my Three Spirit Flame. The young man finally came to his senses and said it with excitement.

Next, he fell down from the high sky little by little, flicked once with one hand to the quaint lamp suspended in front of him, then a black flame fluttered out and went down to the corpse of the giant Python below.


Black flames raged on the Python's corpse, turning into a vast sea of black flame.

At the same time, the young man made the other one-handed wave.

The sparkling net that encased the giant Python turned into dots of white light and rose up at this moment, then concentrated together and fell back into the hands of the young man.

It was at that time that Liu Ming beside him became nervous and shouted "what the hell!" Suddenly one of his arms waved, then a black shadow of his fist shot out into the flame with a loud "bang" and a gust of wind.


There was a black shadow rushed out from the flame, happened to avoid the black shadow of his fist. It emerged in the void more than a dozen feet away in a twinkling. And to their surprise, it was a small black snake no longer than a foot in length.

It was a snake with bloody eyes and one-horn on its head. However, covered by the black gas, it did not hesitate to flee away, as if the Suppressing Demon Tower could not constrict it at all.

"Follow it! This is the noumenon of the Fiendish Python!" Liu Ming groaned and shot himself out towards the snake like an arrow without any hesitation.

Han Li was alarmed, and then chased after them without stopping to think.


The young man fluttered in a quite rapid speed, however, compared with the black snake and Liu Ming ahead, there was an immeasurably vast difference. After only a few miles, he could no longer see the traces of the two, thus he gave a small sad chuckle and stopped.

Liu Ming was able to jump out more than ten feet with once leap, a speed that was not inferior in any respect to the small black snake in front.

The black snake in front was fragile, which could not be compared with the former Fiendish Python. Otherwise, cautious as Liu Ming was, he would not chase after it alone.

Seeing the black snake's breath getting weaker while its speed was getting faster, Liu Ming frowned but kept chasing on the ground, and suddenly his sleeves shook. Thereupon a golden rainbow rolled out, just in a flash, it cut the black snake in front into two pieces.


The two pieces of the black snake that were cut off converted to two black gases in an instant. However, there followed another burst sound, a smaller black snake burst out and gone, with an almost rapid speed as fast as the former one.

On the contrary, Liu Ming slowed down by nearly half for the driving of the flying sword, which distanced himself from the black snake.

When Liu Ming saw this, he hummed and waited for the golden sword to spiral into his sleeve. He dared not perform Sword technique again but kept pursuing the snake as mute as a fish instead.

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