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Chapter 310: Di Qiu Beast

Translator: Sissy That Walk

In another place within the tower, a strong young man was sweating heavily, using two swords to fight against 2 demons that looked like sheep. They had altogether 4 horns and each measured severalchi(a unit of length, equals 1/3 metre) long. The horns were sharp-pointed and a number of dark blue blades flew from within from time to time, making it rather hard for one to defend.


The man suddenly found one of his swords struck by a blade and flying out of his hand with a jolt.

This frightened the follower of Yuan Mo Sect into turning around and running away immediately.

Unsurprisingly, the 2 demons wasted no time in chasing after him, growling all the way.

In the jungle on the fourth floor, Han Li and Liu Ming were slowly advancing in tandem.

Noticeably, Han Li had a black lamp flame floating before his body and he looked a little more serious than before entering the forest.

Liu Ming was still bare-handed but every step showed great deliberation even all his footprints on the ground were uniformly deep.

As they were going to pass through the center of the forest, coming from afar was a burst of rumbles. Then the trees were falling down quickly one after another, approaching them in a short time. Immediately, they found that the trees were just 10-pluszhang(a unit of length, equals about 3.33 metres) away.

“Watch out! Di Qiu Beast is coming. ” The lad (Han Li)’s expression suddenly changed. He gave a shout and then formed a sign with his hands, stamping his foot on the ground.


A layer of white frost was, centered around the standing position of the lad, spreading rapidly towards the surroundings. In an instant, a thick layer of ice was forming within a radius of several zhang.

At this time, Liu Ming dapped at the ground and flew up about 3 chi high, waving with one hand. Then before his body appeared numerous reddish-brown fire balls.

A loud bang!

All at once, the ground below Han Li shook severely, as if struck by something heavy. Then, with a rattle, a great many white marks appeared on the ice layer.

Han Li looked somewhat worried and kindled the flame before his body. Instantly, the flame turned into a ray of black light, covering his whole figure. Then he slowly flew up.

In the meantime, the lad incanted and shook his sleeves, conjuring up a short snowwhite ruler in his hand. Then he swung the ruler and a great many glittering ice needles measuring severalcun(a unit of length, equals 1/3 decimeter) long appeared before him.

A loud bang rocked the land and the mountains simultaneously.

The ice layer immediately broke apart, turning into lots of fragments. Something black jumped out from below and opened wide its mouth, ready to give Han Li a nasty bite.

However, the lad was well-prepared and in no case would he allow this to happen. He humphed and used his short ruler to hack in the downward direction. All of a sudden, freezing winds blew downward and hundreds of ice needles were shot at the target with a whirring sound.


The bulky demon was directly pushed down from the air by the winds and then shot in the head by needles, bursting apart in the form of masses of white cold air.

The demon gave a peculiar cry and then half its body was covered by a layer of white frost.

Not until then did Liu Ming see clearly the real look of the demon. It was an enormous python-like earthworm with countless thin and long tentacles on the head and all tusks in the mouth. The appearance was truly horrible and disgusting.

After a while, however, the beast shook its head and then the ice covering on its body broke off into small thin pieces and fell off defenselessly.

Liu Ming squinted his eyes and shook the sleeves. Then a dozen of fire balls before his body flew out instantly with a whistling sound and hit the demon’s body exactly, bursting apart one by one.

Red flames soon engulfed the demon.

After a while, though, they heard a cry of anguish and then a mass of green mist gushed out of the flames, putting out the blaze mostly.

After that, Di Qiu Beast jumped out of the flames with a smell of burnt food. This time, however, its target changed into Liu Ming who was standing behind.

“A real beast! You are courting your own ruin!”

Liu Ming looked at the demon with contempt and inhaled deeply, clenching his fist and pointing it at the beast.

A loud bang!

Then a black mass broke apart on the head of Di Qiu Beast. In the blink of an eye, the demon was pushed afar and half its head sank into the body. It floundered to get up in a short time.

At this moment, the lad in the air gave a deep cry and threw the jade ruler before his body. Instantly, a number of white halos appeared out of nowhere. Then the sight was blurred for some time before the halos disappeared in the air.

At almost the same time, the demon found itself covered by cold air. Numerous halos appeared and then, after coagulation, turned into a great many glittering ice rings, trapping its body immediately.

Liu Ming saw this and formed a sign without saying anything. His two hands moved together and apart, and then an enormous wind blade absorbing all his energies flew out with a shake of the wrist.


A verdant line passed through the body of the demon, cutting it into two halves as fresh blood was streaming out.

At this time, the short ruler in the lad’s hand swung fiercely in the downward direction. After gusts of freezing winds, the two halves of the demon’s body were wrapped up in two pieces of glittering ice.

“Done! However powerful the demon is, it can no longer make trouble for us in this case. ” Han Li saw this and said confidently.

Liu Ming smiled. Before he uttered anything, green gases were suddenly emitted from the two bulky pieces of ice. Then the ice started melting at a high speed.

In the blink of an eye, two beasts which were smaller than the original one jumped out . They pounced on Liu Ming and Han Li respectively, giving off green poisonous gases ceaselessly.

Liu Ming had heard about the peculiarities of the demon from the lad. However, seeing this with his own eyes gave him a real shock.

It was time to end the fight as soon as possible. Then Liu Ming grabbed the air with one hand, as if there were something in the void. After that, a small light golden sword appeared in his hand. He pointed the sword at one of the demons and shook it slightly. Instantly, masses of golden light were radiated and turned into massive rays, engulfing the demon.

However tough the beast was, it could not withstand the blow of a superb sword. In an instant, it was cut into pieces of minced meat, which fell down together with masses of fresh blood.

But Liu Ming was shocked by what happened next.

These pieces were, after falling down onto the ground, wriggling continuously, as if they were something alive.

Soon Liu Ming calmed down. He muttered and took back the short golden sword, forming a sign with one hand. Suddenly, a fire ball appeared in the palm and absorbed quickly all the energies before it grew as big as a vat.


Liu Ming pushed the ball slightly and it fell down on the ground before him. Then he stepped on the air and his figure suddenly fell back.

A rumble!

Instantly, a black and red mushroom-like fire cloud soared up in the air and the raging flames engulfed all things within a radius of 10-pluszhang. All went up in smoke.

The heat was spreading to the surroundings and the air nearby grew scorching hot.

After the flames disappeared, on the ground appeared a huge hole that was 1/2 zhang deep. On the surface was all reddish-brown lava. Gone were the pieces of minced meat.

Not until then did Liu Ming take a deep breath. He looked up at Han Li who was standing a short distance away.

The lad took back the short ruler and on the ground appeared a mass of glittering pink ice flakes.

Obviously, the other demon was, after being covered by ice, directly knocked into pieces.

Han Li turned the other hand and conjured up a light blue gourd. He shook the container and then a beam of blue light was emitted from the gourd neck, taking in all the flakes in a gale.

After that, the lad just shook the gourd with force and then it vanished in a turn.

“I know that such a beast will in no case get in your way, Mr. Han. Now we can hit the road free of worries.” Liu Ming clapped his hands and laughed.

“I haven’t expected that Mr. Liu does so well in techniques and has polished up the fire ball technique into the perfect level. However, as far as I know, the common fire ball technique in the perfect level will not seemingly achieve such a dramatic effect. ” Looking at the huge hole that was half melting before Liu Ming, the lad looked somewhat deterred. His expression had, for the first time, changed a little bit.

The lad was an expert in using the ice-related techniques and Liu Ming’s fire ball technique in the perfect level could be such a deterrent.

“I have had some opportunities to enhance my magic power so my techniques may be a little more powerful than my peers’.” Liu Ming’s expression hardly changed.

“Humph! Just a little more powerful? Such powerful fire ball techniques will deter even a liquid advanced stage alchemist.” The lad still looked somewhat emotional.

This time, though, Liu Ming only smiled and said nothing.

Luckily, Han Li did not mean to get to the bottom of it all. Soon, the two men kept advancing.

A short time later, they walked out of the forest and found themselves standing before an open space full of weeds. They could also faintly hear howls coming from afar.

The two spent more than half an hour fighting with a number of white demonic wolves jumping out from the weeds. Then, they finally saw another giant palace hall ahead. Within the hall was shining white light.

The lad immediately quickened his pace.

Liu Ming followed up closely.

In the blink of an eye, they reached the hall and saw clearly the magic matrix shrouded in a light curtain not very far.

The lad was wild with joy. When he was passing by a stone column, however, Liu Ming behind suddenly changed the expression and somehow slapped him on the shoulders.

With a flopping sound, a beam of black light shone out of the lad’s body and enormous power was terribly released from the hand of Liu Ming.

The lad felt his body trembled and uncontrollably fell forward.

Han Li was in shock and anger. Before he started to figure out what was happening, an intangible gust of wind rubbed against his back, cutting into halves the protective black light and leaving on the back a thin and long vent that was severalcundeep.

If he hadn’t fallen forward, the heavy wind would have blown through his heart.

The lad was given a real start then. With a jolt, he was pushed 10-pluszhangaway, shock and rage filling his mind.

Almost at the same time, Liu Ming somehow vanished from where he had been. Another intangible gust of wind blew past his original position.

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