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Chapter 309: Entering the Tower

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Suddenly, the tool sparkled and then turned into a ray of white light, disappearing into the black ball in the air. Soon it shook with the wind and changed into a glittering jade door with antique appearance. On the surface were numerous arrays of silverish characters. Accompanied by a spell of Sanskrit sounds, the door slowly opened before them.

“Accomplished! Let’s go in.”

The elderly man dressed in a black robe (the head of Yuan Mo Sect) saw this and said quickly and joyfully. The air on his body flowed up and down fiercely.

Obviously, the opening of the door was even putting a strain on the liquid advanced stage alchemist.

Han Li heard these words and flew up without saying anything, entering through the jade door in an instant.

Liu Ming smiled and also formed a sign, soaring high in the air.

Not until then did other followers of Yuan Mo Sect begin to summon their clouds and follow up full of excitement.

Liu Ming had a dizzy spell and felt his body getting lighter. After that, he found himself on a piece of land paved with bluestones.

By his side was a man measuring the environment. It was no other than Han Li.

Liu Ming took a glance and found himself within a magic structure extending severalzhang(a unit of length, equals 10/3 metres). Around him were a number of white stone columns supporting a white light curtain. They seemed to protect well all the neighboring areas.

“Such protective structure is targeted at the demons. It was designed by the very founder of our sect. Unless the demons have the power of the crystal forming stage, they can never break it. For us human beings, however, we can enter and exit easily.” The lad by their side spoke slowly and moved his body. As expected, he entered through the light curtain as if meeting no barriers.

“Your founder is really a legend! He has truly impressed us by designing such a fantastic structure.” Liu Ming exclaimed in surprise and then went inside in no hurry.

“It is already the fourth storey of the Suppressing Demon Tower. Before going to the next storey, I must give you a word of caution. After all, the environment here is special and different than outside. Remember not to make trouble here.” Han Li meditated for a while and then said to Liu Ming.

“Well, just tell me your thoughts. I am all ears and will learn your words by heart.” Li Ming felt there was nothing wrong and just smiled.

At this time, he looked up and found that a thick mess of black air was covering the top of this storey, more than 30zhangabove them.

“Above all, the Suppressing Demon Tower can only contain 2 liquid primary stage outsiders and 1 liquid middle stage outsider. No matter whether you have liquid level spirit animals or ghosts, you can only put them in the bag of spirit animals. Summoning them in this space will only cause them to be sent directly out of the tower. Secondly, you cannot use the space-type secret techniques or talismans. Otherwise, space disorder will cause you serious injuries at least or death at most. Finally, within the tower, any flying technique will be weakened dramatically. The effect will be reduced to one tenth of the original and the power needed will go up several times than in normal cases.” Han Li looked into Liu Ming’s eyes and said.

“I see. This tower must have been endowed with spatial limits. That is why it is so spacious inside. As for the prohibition against using spirit animals, this is no surprise for me. Lastly, since the flying technique is weakened, I will just walk.” Liu Ming nodded in approval.

“Ok. Let’s go. Since it is the fourth storey of the tower, it will only contain liquid primary stage demons in normal cases. Once the power of the demons exceeds the primary stage, they will be moved directly to a higher floor.” Han Li’s look slightly changed and he walked in a certain direction.

Liu Ming showed no disapproval and followed up in an unhurried manner. At the same time, he asked with a keen interest:

“Since you just said the normal cases, there must be an exception.”

“If the demons are endowed with a great talent and know how to weaken their breath, they can remain on the lower floor by deceiving the limits within the tower. I remember that one of my seniors was suddenly attacked by the demons that were also at the liquid middle stage. He took no precautions and almost died from falling. However, such demons are uncommon and even if they appear, they will be eliminated as soon as possible. ” Han Li responded calmly.

“It can be rather hard to defend ourselves against the demons that know how to weaken their breath.” Liu Ming replied in approval.

One could hardly imagine how spacious it was on this floor of the Suppression Demon Tower!

By then, they had walked out of the hall. Within sight were thin fog and scattered stone columns and piles. However, nowhere could they find a demon.

It was no surprise for them since this place was obviously located on the boundary of the Suppressing Demon Tower.

After a while’s walk, though, there appeared bushes and some of them were even laden with fruits. Within the grass and trees were some insects flying here and there.

Liu Ming’s eyes shone slightly and it suddenly dawned on him that why the demons in the tower would never starve to death.

“You need not feel surprised at this. The Suppressing Demon Tower has been here for so many years that it has already integrated with the sealed entrance to the secret realm here. From time to time, things from the realm will flow into the tower.” Han Li felt the amazement of Liu Ming and explained in a few words as if nothing were special.

“Before entering, I heard that this tower had been originally used to seal the entrance to a certain secret realm. I can hardly understand, though, why the demons remain here. They could have all fled to the secret realm.” Liu Ming frowned and asked.

“Fleeing to the secret realm? Haha, it could never be that easy. Firstly, the entrance to the realm is not fixed in the tower. It could be on the first floor or the seventh floor, but it could never reach the top. Secondly, the entrance is controlled by powerful limits of our sect. In normal cases, only entrance is allowed. Even though there have been cases where demons fled to the realm, they will be eliminated soon by persons assigned by our sect.” Han Li glimpsed at Liu Ming and stated full of pride.

“I see.” Liu Ming suddenly realized what the reason was.

By then the two had found themselves before a big forest. Unconsciously, they stopped walking.

The lad saw this and grabbed with one hand as if there were something in the air. Then, with a popping sound, a white disc suddenly appeared in his hand. He used his fingers to rub against the disc and showed a slight frown.

“What is wrong with the forest?” Liu Ming saw this and raised his eyebrows.

“According to the map, the nearest route to the next level of the magic structure is passing through the forest. However, there is a troublesome liquid primary stage demon in there. Try your best not to start a fight with it. ” Han Li hesitated for a while and answered.

“A liquid primary stage demon can be such a deterrent for you that it must have some unique powers.” Liu Ming was lost in thought for a while and looked somewhat confused.

“There is a demon called Di Qiu Beast. It can emit poisonous gas that easily kills anyone. Moreover, the demon itself can hardly be killed. It is said that the beast will, even after being cut into hundreds of pieces, give new life to the pieces and continue to attack the enemy. So it is rather a headache for us. Several senior followers in our sect tried to enter the tower and eliminate it, but it was to no avail. So we have no choice but to avoid it. However, if we choose to avoid trouble and make a detour, the distance will be much longer and we are likely to meet many more demons.” Han Li said slowly.

“In this case, we have no reason to hesitate. The demon is just a bit troublesome and this does not mean that it cannot be eliminated. Furthermore, we don’t even need to kill it. Repelling will just work.” Liu Ming smiled and said.

“Humph! In no case will I fear a liquid primary stage demon. I just don’t want to waste too much magic power on other demons or gods before reaching the sixth storey. The Suppressing Demon Tower will, after its opening, stay open for just 3 days and nights. When the time runs out, I will be automatically sent out of the tower. On the way I will have little time to recover my magic power.” Han Li took back the disc and then strode into the forest.

Liu Ming smiled at this and followed up unhurriedly.

In the meantime, before a stone pile on the third floor of the Suppressing Demon Tower were quietly lying 2 beetle-like demons. Their black blood covered the ground under their bodies and slowly flowed into a temporally-built small magic structure.

Standing in the center of the structure was a youth from Yuan Mo Sect.

It was no other than Shan Gan who stared at the top of the stone pile without even blinking his eyes.

After a spell of unusual movement, on the top of the pile suddenly appeared a greyish light ball that was constantly changing its shape from roundness to oblateness or vice versa.

Shan Gan laughed loudly and formed a sign with one hand. All of a sudden, the magic structure under his body gave off a beam of red light and the black blood all gushed out in the form of mist.

Scarcely had the youth present himself by the magic structure was he enveloped by the mist and surged forward to the light ball surged.


On the surface of the ball appeared an array of grey runes. After the collision with the mist, the ball soundlessly turned into halves.

Shan Gan then, with a quick movement, vanished into the ball.


Outside the Suppressing Demon Tower were alchemists from Yuan Mo Sect. They had already stopped using their tools.

The black light ball on the top had disappeared, and the white jade door changed into an object that measured just severalcun(1/3 decimeter) in length and flew back into the hands of the head of Yuan Mo Sect.

All hunkered down near the stone tower, obviously knowing that the opening would not stop very soon.

The girl with long hair leaned against a small tree nearby, lost in thought.

“Little Rou, how is our master doing? It’s been a long time since I saw him last time. I need to call on him sometime.” The girl suddenly heard the head of Yuan Mo Sect speaking from afar.

“My grandpa is the same as before. The only difference is that he has been studying something these days. So he might have no time to meet you.” The girl was taken by surprise but still looked as if nothing had happened.

“I see. Then I shall go and meet him in half a month.” The head thought for a moment and spoke again

This time, the girl readily agreed.

However, what she did not see was the tiny bit of doubt showed on the face of the leader who was looking down then.

Around the Suppressing Demon Tower were a number of followers of Yuan Mo Sect. They were using tools shaped like short black sticks to besiege an enormous dark blue wolf.

Flashes of light were followed soon by the fall of the demon.

They cheered and rushed forward, killing the demon on the ground in an instant.

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