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Chapter 306: Snow Blowing Spell

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Looking at the teen's transformative spell, Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and resumed calmness again.

Seeing Liu's response, Guan Zhiyang suddenly became angry as if there was a fire raging from the bottom of his heart.

The teen stepped forward, shook his hand and punched over from dozens feet away.

Suddenly, there came a severe explosion in the visional realm.

In front of Liu Ming, a black fist shadow appeared out of nowhere with some undulations and massive forces sprung up.


Liu Ming shook his sleeves before he caught the black fist shadow with his fair-skin hand and crumbled it up.

When the invisible forces touched upon Liu, there only came a muffled sound and nothing more.

Obviously, these forces couldn't do any harm to Liu who wore armor of water dragon.

Both Guan Zhiyang and alchemists outside the curtain were stunned after seeing this.

"No way! How could you handle all that so easily?" After a long startle, Guan became conscious and roared with anger and astonishment. He suddenly made his two arms vague and numerous fist shadows appeared in front of him, but within a trembling, they all went away.

At the moment, harsh screaming was suddenly heard in the visional realm.

Numerous fist shadows appeared in front of Liu Ming. There were so many fists that it looked horrific at the sight.

Seeing this, Liu Ming only slightly raised his eyebrow, took a deep breath and threw a solid punch promptly.

Suddenly, there was a huge bang shaking the whole realm.

Numerous fist shadows were strangely congealed by a wall that could never get over before they exploded in an invisible shock and turned into waves rolling over half of the realm, making everything in the surrounding space squeaky.

At that time, a figure calmly walked out from the explosion. After several flashes, the figure stood several feet away from Guan Zhiyang, raised one arm and pressed against the opposite visionary realm.


A giant hand shadow appeared above Guan Zhiyang out of nowhere and fell down slowly.

The teen felt the surroundings were shaken and a horrific and terrified force was pressed downwards, making his black halo twisting.

"No way."

Although Guan Zhiyang felt his heart was falling down, he roared angrily and turned into a giant cattle head after a flash of black halo. Strong silver fire was seen in the cattle's eyes with fire suddenly spitting towards the sky.

Instantly a black light wave sprung up, lifted up the giant hand and stopped it falling down.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was quite amazed because with gradual training of dragon and tiger spell and the remaining essence of the water dragon, his force was now almost twice as strong as that in Sea Race, which could even overshadow alchemists at the same level.

The teen in front of him could act as a counterweight to such powerful forces with a single spell. Obviously, he had a powerful body.

But till now, Liu Ming didn't want to show mercy. He immediately presented incantations and a dragon call was heard inside him before he turned into a black water dragon with rolling black smoke, dancing around Liu's body fiercely.

At that time, the giant hand which was previously subdued suddenly shined with black light at its back and was craved with a water dragon signal from nowhere shining mysterious black light.

Afterwards, the teen felt the pressure on his top became much stronger. With a dull sound, he spat blood and the shadow of cattle head suddenly broke in fragments.

The black giant hand suddenly halted at dozen inches away from Guan's head.

"Fellowman Guan, you put up an impressive fight." said Liu Ming smilingly before he withdrew his arm and the giant black hand was dispersed immediately. But he began to worry about the overbearing power of dragon and tiger spell.

Guan Zhiyang turned pale and after a while, he took out a leather bag, threw it to Liu and went away determinedly.

Taking the leather bag, Liu Ming glanced over and found that there were almost a hundred black crystals of finger size inside it. He was very excited and kept it duly.

These demonic crystals were not only the favorite of demons, but also could make up for the lost essence.

His flying cranium had the power of liquid level, but after several battles, it lost too much essence and fell into the realm. Now, with demonic crystals, it must be helpful.

Now, all alchemists outside the light curtain were dumbfounded.

The long hair girl called Rou Er was even so and couldn't help opening her mouth.

Han Li's facial expression was complex.

A teenager smiled reluctantly, saying, "It seems senior fellowman Guan underestimated his opponent. He used Demon Calling spell just now but he didn't use any spiritual weapons. Otherwise, even if he cannot win him, Guan won't lose easily."

"Don't lie to yourself. It's true that Guan didn't use any spiritual weapons; neither did Liu. Even if senior fellowman Guan uses superior weapons, he cannot fight too long. No wonder Uncle Yuan praised him. Liu Ming does have strong powers. His power was almost the same as advanced-stage liquid level alchemists'." said Rou Er disdainfully, staring at Liu Ming as if she was looking at something priceless.

The teenager who first commented on their battle could only smile embarrassedly after hearing the girl's words.

The girl call Rou Er seemed to have such a strong background that other alchemists didn't dare to offend her.

Hearing her words, others became silent.

Suddenly, Han Li flew up to the sky and went into the light curtain with while light rolling over his body. After several moves, he appeared in front of Liu Ming, looking at him coldly without saying a word.

"Fellowman Han, finally you come. Please perform your spell." said Liu Ming seriously, looking at the young man.

"You don't need to take ten moves from me. One move is enough to prove you having the ability to enter Suppressing Demon Tower." said the slim young man without any facial expression.

"One move?" asked Liu Ming surprisingly.

"Yes. I saw your power just now. If you can take this move, then it is not necessary to perform the remaining nine moves." said the young man oozing winter chill.

Just as he said, he opened his mouth, spat a black antique lamp and pointed at the visionary realm inside it with his hand presenting incantations.


The antique lamp was instantly lighted and black flame appeared inside it. After flickering, the flame suddenly glowed stronger and surrounded the young man.

Inside the antique lamp came a dull sound and afterwards it directly went into young man's body and disappeared.

Han Li now relaxed himself, said some incantations and presented them with fingers.

Originally Liu Ming just looked at the young man calmly, but when he heard what he was saying, his face clouded.

"That's Snow Calling spell! You learned such an advanced spell. Do you think I'll give you time to perform?"

Just as Liu finished speaking, there came two "poof" sounds.

Without hesitation, Liu Ming punched twice toward the opposite visionary realm.

Although there was no fist shadow, two invisible forces came towards the flames on the young man's body.

But what happened next stunned Liu Ming.

At the touch of the black flame, two invisible forces immediately integrated into the flame and didn't have any other movement.

Though surprised, Liu quickly performed incantations and two giant wind edges appeared in front of him. With Liu shaking his hand, the edges turned into an invisible light green string.

Instantly the flame flickered, but still the string integrated into it and nothing happened.

This time, with pupils getting smaller, Liu Ming didn't say anything but again performed incantations. Then blue lights were seen in front of him and a light blue ice cone appeared, turning to a giant cone of dozens feet in a split second.


With a dull sound of Liu Ming, the gun-like ice cone rushed out as a blue light and rooted on the flame as if it would pierce young man.

However, just a flickering of the black flame, the giant ice cone also went into it. But this time, after several strong flashes of the light flame, it broke out, and disappeared in blackness.

At the moment, young man stopped saying incantations but joined hands in front of his chest and then separated. Black ice snow appeared from nowhere and it became vague before it rushed upwards and disappeared.

Liu Ming felt a strong chill came from the surroundings. Then a dull thunder was heard high above the sky and it snowed heavily.

At the beginning, snows were small like beans, but later they were inches big, shining with light and their edges were extremely sharp. When they collided with wind, Liu could even hear collision sounds like metal-clashing.

Hearing this, Liu's face turned dark and pat upwards with one hand.


A layer of red light came out of his chest and turned into a red light curtain covering him.

Later, numerous snowflakes rolled against the light curtain oozing freezing chill. At the touch of the curtain, they shined with crystal light and exploded, sounding like heavy rain hitting bamboo fences.

At that time, it seemed that numerous sharp knife edges were cutting the red curtain and it was chilling cold. The world began to crystallize.

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