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Chapter 305: Demon Calling Spell

Translator: Sissy That Walk

“Perfect! Come with me.”

After replying coldly, the young man, with white light glowing over his body, instantly transferred to a ball of white light and flew away.

Without saying a word, Liu Ming also turned into a ball of black smoke after him.

After a while, they arrived at a circular platform at the foot of Giant Demonic Mountain one behind the other.

The platform covered an area of around sixteen acres, with quaint stone pillars craved numerous black inscriptions around its four sides.

At the edge of the stone platform waited seven or eight alchemists from Yuan Mo Sect.

Among them, the oldest looked merely around 25 to 26 years old while the youngest, a girl, looked some two years younger than the young boy.

The girl, though young, her hair long, her eyes clear, her eyebrows silky and her skin fair, she was very beautiful.

After a flash of white light, Han Li appeared among these people.

Liu Ming swayed his body and gathered his black smoke around him, directly suspending above the platform and waiting for Han Li to come.

Some alchemists from Yuan Mo Sect looked curiously at Liu Ming, saying something, while others looked disdainful.

After several words with these alchemists, Han Li was just about to fly towards the platform when he was stopped by a muscly teen with his face sullen.

They talked for a while before Han Li took a look at Liu Ming and nodded reluctantly.

The teen was so excited that he immediately stepped on the ground and rose up in the air like an arrow. Just within a second, he appeared in front of Liu Ming.

“So you are Liu Ming who was mentioned by Barbarian Demonic Sect before. You are just an alchemist from an unknown Sect. How dare you come to Yuan Mo Sect and act wildly? It seems that you do have a great deal of courage.” said the dark-face teen. He stared at Liu Ming without hiding any of his hostility.

“Act wildly? I am just a primary-stage alchemist. Of course, I do not dare to do such things in your Sect. Please do not accuse me of what I didn’t do. Besides, I assume that my opponent should not be you.”

“I don’t know what tricks you have played to persuade Senior Master to replace me with you, an outsider, into the Suppressing Demon Tower. But I did pay a lot to get the chance and I won’t give up easily. To defeat you doesn’t need junior fellowman Han Li. I could deal with you on my own.” said the teen resentfully.

“So you are Guan Zhiyang mentioned by fellowman Han. Sorry for not recognizing you. I heard about you several days ago. If you have complaints, we can have a competition. If I lose, I will immediately leave Yuan Mo Sect without any hesitation.” said Liu Ming smilingly after giving a start.

“Are you serious?” Hearing Liu’s reply, Guan Zhiyang became excited.

“Of course. Although I’m not extremely powerful, I won’t betray my promise.” smiled Liu Ming.

“Perfect! There we go. If I lose, I would be convinced sincerely and I won’t say anything about this.” laughed the teen, being extremely confident.

“Wait a second! If this is the case, I will be at a disadvantage situation as Senior Master offered me the chance.”

“If I lose, of course I should give up entering the Suppressing Demon Tower. But if you lose, a lip service is all you need to offer?” broke in Liu Ming.

“So fellowman Liu, what do you want?” frowned Guan Zhiyang after hearing Liu’s words.

“I have long heard that Yuan Mo Sect is abundant of demonic crystals which can do a great deal of good to those who are cultivating demonic powers and these crystals are also the favorite food of demons.” said Liu Ming in a neutral manner.

“Demonic crystals! You want them. No wonder. In the vast land, only we Yuan Mo Sect have them and we don’t sell. Fine, I have around a hundred low-level demonic crystals. As long as you can defeat me, you can take them.” laughed Guan Zhiyang after he startled for a little while.

“Perfect, deal.” replied Liu Ming with satisfaction.

On hearing that, alchemists around the platform began to whisper to each other.

The youngest girl with long hair said happily, clapping her hands “It seems that senior fellowman Guan is going to lose a lot of wealth; not only the chance to enter the Suppressing Demon Tower, but also half of his wealth.”

“Junior fellow Rou Er, why did you say these words? Have you ever seen his power?” said one alchemist surprisingly. Hearing that, Han Li also stunned and looked at them.

“Don’t you think that senior fellowman Xu is strategic? If he does not have some fighting chance, he won’t let an outsider enter the Suppressing Demon Tower at the cost of offending Guan. In addition, several days ago I happened to hear that Liu does have some powers and even Uncle Yuan praised him privately.” replied the girl smilingly.

“What? Uncle Yuan had praised him?”

Other alchemists didn’t pay attention to the former words, but hearing the latter words, they were all surprised.

Obviously, Yuan Mo had already been regarded as god in Yuan Mo Sect.

“Whatever, senior fellowman Guan is also powerful, maybe we should see their battle first.” said Han Li coldly, with his eyes focused.

Afterwards, he made finger gestures, presented incantations single-handedly and pointed at the nearest stone pillar.


An intensive black light flashed away instantly and disappeared in the stone pillar.


Numerous black incantations flowed over from stone pillars around the platform and they suddenly became a light black curtain surrounding the whole platform.

It was almost at the same time that the teen opposite Liu Ming flicked his sleeves and roared towards the sky. Suddenly a black thing came out and turned into a grand demonic sculpture with cattle head and human body in the wind. Black smoke was all over his body.


The blood spat out of his mouth suddenly turned into blood mist going into the sculpture.

Then Guan Zhiyang presented some incantations with his fingers gesturing before his ten fingers like wheels rushed towards the sculpture with numerous black incantations.

Instantly, lots of spiritual incantations sprung up from the teen’s skin and covered every inch of his body. How horrible it was from far away!

Seeing this, a slim teen outside the light curtain couldn’t help but blurt out “It’s Demon Calling spell. It’s hard to believe that senior fellowman Guan uses his utmost spell at the very beginning. So he does want to defeat him within one spell.” Other alchemists were also astonished.

Obviously, the secret spell Guan used had a great originality.

Seeing this, Liu Ming also gave a start, but he remained still and didn’t even want to interrupt Guan’s performance.

Seeing Liu’s response, the teen thought disdainfully and roared suddenly, with ten fingers rushing towards the sculpture.

A thunderbolt in the clear sky…

Out of nowhere, a light column suddenly fell down from the sky, directly went through the light curtain and integrated into the sculpture.

Instantly, there rose silver fires in the sculpture’s two eyes. After several quick flashes, black light rolled out and congealed together, turning into a giant demonic shadow of over a dozen feet tall.

The shadow was of cattle head and human body, which was exactly the same as the sculpture.

Just as the shadow came out, out of no reason the sculpture suddenly broke out and turned into spots of black light flying into the shadow. All of a sudden, horrible demonic wind came out of the shadow and congealed the surroundings.

Liu Ming felt his spiritual sea trembling twice at the sight of the demonic shadow, but he recovered quickly. The feelings were the same as that of when Liu stepped on Giant Demonic Mountain, but this time the feeling was stronger.

After a short startle, Liu Ming immediately swept away his whole body with spirit and his spiritual sea was as usual, free of any abnormality.

“This is…”

His face suddenly turned gloomy.

This time Liu Ming could confirm that previous trembling of spiritual sea wasn’t his illusion. It was something that did touch his spiritual sea.

Seeing Liu Ming’s change of face, Guan Zhiyang couldn’t help laughing before he jumped forwards and integrated into the demonic shadow.

A surprising scene appeared.

The cattle head and human body shadow swayed once before the shadow suddenly came into the teen’s body.

Afterwards, Guan roared and his whole body shined with black lights of spiritual incantations as if he was surrounded by black halo. Besides, his whole body emanated the horrific demonic flow which was previously captured by the shadow.

At the moment, the teen emerged as the previous cattle head and human body shadow and there was a huge spiritual intensity which was not second to that of a middle-stage alchemist.

Such an astonishing transformation naturally attracted Liu Ming’s attention from the trembling of his spiritual sea. Truly, that was unexpected by Liu Ming.

“We didn’t expect senior fellowman Guan’s Demon Calling spell was that powerful. He had trained refinery spell and now he has the power to kill demons and monsters. I’m afraid that his body is incredibly powerful. Even advanced-stage liquid alchemists should avoid him. Sadly, great efforts must be put to build the sculpture of killing demons. He has to rebuild it now.” Seeing this, the long-hair girl was stunned before she clapped her hands laughing.

Seeing Guan calling such demonic shadow, others were also astonished.

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