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Chapter 304: Han Li

Translator: Sissy That Walk

After a while, a surprising voice was suddenly heard from the grand hall.

"What? You want me to assist Barbarian Demonic Sect to deal with a monster of advanced stage of Liquid Level State?" said Liu Ming.

"Right. You come at the right time. We are planning to reopen Suppressing Demon Tower after several months. If you come at usual times, I will by no means open the tower for outsider no matter what the offer is. But this time we open the Suppressing Demon Tower out of two reasons. For one thing, we want to test the capabilities of our spiritual apprentices; for another, we intend to find and kill advanced-stage monster in Liquid Level State." said the Old Man in Black in a serious manner.

After considering quickly, Liu Ming asked without agreeing instantly "With the power of Barbarian Demonic Sect and the whole Sect, it must be a piece of cake to kill advanced-stage monster in Liquid Level State. Why bother letting me do this?"

Hearing that, Old Man in Black smilingly said "It seems that Liu didn't know much about the Suppressing Demon Tower. Junior fellow Xiao, please explain everything to Liu."

Xiao Yuebai immediately agreed and smiled at Liu Ming, saying "The reason why fellowman Liu felt it strange is that you did have a vague picture of the Suppressing Demon Tower's bans. In fact, the Suppressing Demon Tower was designed to train future apprentices when it was first built by the founders of our Sect who set extremely severe bans and restrictions for those trainees. It is fine when the trainees are below liquid level because they can independently choose from the first to the third floor and there is no limitation of the number of people allowed in the tower. When it comes to liquid level and above, the tower can only accommodate two trainees and they were limited at the primary-stage of liquid level. And in terms of middle-stage liquid level, only one people can be allowed to train; if it is beyond certain level and exceeds two persons, those who even have managed to come in will be sent out automatically by setting bans."

Liu Ming did start after hearing Xiao's words. After a while, he said with a bitter smile "So, you first intended to send two alchemists at primary-stage liquid level to kill advanced-stage liquid monster?"

If one's power enters liquid level, every upgrading of his or her power will be totally different from the previous one, which cannot be compared to the stage of apprenticeship.

Normally, monster's power at liquid level far exceeded that of people's at the same stage.

No wonder when Liu Ming heard Yuan Mo Sect intended to let two alchemists at primary-stage liquid level kill advanced-stage monster, he would be that astonished.

"Of course, ordinary primary-stage liquid level alchemists cannot combat advanced-stage monster. We originally intended to let two most powerful primary-stage alchemists to deal with the monster, but there happened to be an election of Three Saints and Six Scions, so one of the alchemists had to go to the Alliances ahead of time. If we replace him with a middle-stage liquid level alchemist, we don't have an appropriate person. We had planned to send a less powerful primary-stage alchemist into the tower. But you paid a visit here, which we didn't expect. So we really want fellowman Liu, your help. If you agree to cooperate us to kill the advanced-stage liquid level monster, then senior master can let you into the Suppressing Demon Tower." said Xiao Yuebai seriously.

Liu Ming frowned for a while before saying "Can I ask why your Sect lays so much emphasis on the advanced-stage liquid monster? Although the monster is powerful, I assume it won't do much harm to your Sect as he is in the Suppressing Demon Tower right now."

Hearing that, Xiao Yuebai hesitated for a second. The Old Man in Black said calmly "Although bans in Suppressing Demon Tower are enigmatical, they can only suppress monsters below False Core Realm. If there are monsters surmount False Core Realm, they can break the seal inside the Tower and release other monsters under the seal. Although we Yuan Mo Sect have the capability to kill all the monsters, we might destroy the whole Suppressing Demon Tower, which is the worst-case scenario that nobody in our Sect would like to see."

"Ok, I got it. But how can you ensure that with the cooperation of me and your alchemist, we can kill the advanced-stage monster. What if I fail to perform well and that might cause damage to your grand plan?" replied Liu Ming bitterly after listening to his words.

"Fellowman Liu once managed to kill a middle-stage alchemist of Sea Race, so even if your power is not as good as that of advanced-stage alchemist, it won't be worlds apart. The one our Sect will send is not an ordinary alchemist, he's one who also has the power to beat cross-race opponent. I believe as long as both of you cooperate closely, there is high possibility that you can kill the monster. Of course, if you still failed after you tried your best, our Sect will send other alchemists. But that would be huge losses and it will be hardly worth the candle." said the Old Man in Black slowly.

"Well, then I have to agree with you. Fine, I will try my best to assist you." Liu Ming quickly spun his mind flow, feeling his power was much stronger than that in the Sea Race Battle. Even if he faced the advanced-stage monster alone, he still got some fighting chance. Thinking this, Liu nodded and smiled at them.

"Perfect! I know fellowman Liu is a straightforward person. Then you can stay in our Sect for a month or so and after we prepare everything, we will send you to the Suppressing Demon Tower. Junior fellow Xiao, could you help to arrange Liu's accommodation and make sure everything is perfect? " Hearing that, the Old Man in Black smiled with satisfaction, turned around and said to Da Han.

"Senior, please rest assured. It seemed that fellowman Liu and I hit it off today, so I'll definitely arrange everything well for him." said Xiao Yuebai excitedly.

Afterwards, they chatted for a while. Then Xiao Yuebai and Liu Ming went out from the grand hall to temporary accommodation on the Giant Demonic Mountain.

Sitting on the chair in the grand hall, Xu Xiaowen seemed to be thinking something.

After a while, Xiao Yuebai returned to the grand hall.

Without mentioning Liu's accommodation, the Old Man calmly asked "Tell me the truth, how much possibility do you think that Liu and Han Li could kill the demon snake monster?"

"If it is other advanced-stage monster, it would be no problem. But in terms of that demon snake monster, I'm afraid the possibility of winning is less than 50%." Hearing that, Xiao Yuebai didn't feel strange but replied respectfully, acting totally different from what he was in front of Liu Ming.

"50%. Then it's worth a try. If we resort to that method, the losses would be huge. It may be the same as destroying the Suppressing Demon Tower." frowned the Old Man in Black.

"That's true. Previously, with the candidate we chose, the possibility was only less than 30%. Although junior fellow Han Li ranks top three in our Sect, it is hard for Chief to let him take such risks." replied Xiao Yuebai in a respectful way.

"Yes. If we don't have much fighting chance, I won't allow Han Li into the tower with his power. Liu Ming seemed to be extraordinary, but we haven't seen his power in person, so I'm still concerned about it." said the Old Man in Black after being silent for a while.

"Senior, don't worry. You know Han Li's personality. If he knows that his partner is replaced with an unknown outside alchemist, he will definitely try to battle with the replacement. At that time, if Liu does have strong power, we can do that as scheduled. If he is not that different, he cannot withstand Han Li's power. Out of shame, he won't continue to stay at Yuan Mo Sect." said Xiao Yuebai without thinking too much.

"Fine. We'll let Han Li test his power first." nodded the Old Man in Black, deep in thought.

Xiao Yuebai immediately agreed.

Liu Ming was arranged in an independent loft on the Giant Demonic Mountain. He hunkered down on the wooden bed, thinking deeply what he had witnessed today in Yuan Mo Sect.

After a long time, he sighed, closed his eyes and began to train his power.

Ten days later.

As a visitor from outside, Liu Ming behaved well. He stayed in the loft on the second floor during most part of these days without stepping outside.

But today a visitor came to the first floor of the loft lobby.

Told by a maid outside the loft, Liu Ming was quite surprised and went out from the second floor.

A thin and comely young man with silvery hair stood at the center of the lobby.

"Fellowman, you are…?"

Just at the sight of the young man, Liu Ming felt trembled in his heart.

The young man was a primary-stage Liquid Level Alchemist whose flow of breath seemed to be strange.

"I'm Han Li and I'm the other alchemist who was arranged into the Suppressing Demon Tower." said the young man without any facial expression when seeing Liu Ming.

"Oh, you are fellowman Han. Do you have some instructions for me? It seems that we still have some time before we go into the Tower." said Liu Ming, raising his eyebrow.

"The reason why I visit you today is that I don't want an unqualified partner in the Suppressing Demon Tower. I assume you offered to go into the Tower. I still consider original senior fellowman Guan is much more reliable." said the young man coldly.

Hearing that, Liu Ming squinted at him and said "senior fellowman Guan?"

"I mean senior fellowman Guan Zhiyang. It was a big deal that you once managed to kill an alchemist from Sea Race. But Senior fellowman Guan had defeated middle-stage alchemists during examinations for several times." said the young man arrogantly.

"I got it, but I'm sorry. I will definitely go to the Suppressing Demon Tower this time, so please don't try to stop me." said Liu smilingly after flashing his eyes.

Hearing his expected reply, Han Li sneered and said "I know you won't agree on this easily. Fine, you can go to the Suppressing Demon Tower. But you have to battle with me and take ten moves from me."

"Ten moves? That's no problem. I have been long interested in Yuan Mo Sect's power and moves and I would like to see." said Liu Ming smilingly.

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