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Chapter 303: Blood Tiger

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Next, Liu Ming, accompanied by the big fellow, walked along a built mountain road straight to the top of the mountain.

As soon as he stepped on the gray-white stone steps, he felt a slight surge swept the whole Spiritual Sea, but it instantly recovered.

This surprised Liu Ming and almost immediately reminded him of the mysterious bubbles, but after the sacred spirit swept the sea, he found nothing unusual.

Was it just illusion?

Liu Ming could only think in such a surprised and bewildered way.

"Is there any discomfort with you, Liu? Oh, I almost forgot. The Giant Demonic Mountain is so magical that people who enters the mountain for the first time maybe unaccustomed to it." Xiao Yuebai naturally noticed the anomalies of Liu Ming, so he said it without thinking too much.

"When I came here, the disciple of your sect said that this Giant Demonic Mountain was actually converted from the skull of a giant demon in ancient times. If that's the case, it's not surprising that the mountain will have such amazing magic." Liu Ming responded with a cough.

"You don't believe this legend at all, do you? Hey, not only you, in fact, few other senior members of the sect believe it, and only lower-level disciples such as Shan Gan have always believed in it. However, although there is not much evidence, it is true that the Giant Demonic Mountain should be a nest abandoned by the ancient giant demons. It is said that before the establishment of this sect, some other monster remains were found in the mountainside. Of course, now that everything has been searched out, and it has become a forbidden place for our sect." Xiao Yuebai heard the words and explained it with a smile.

"If that's the case, it makes sense." Liu Ming heard this and there was a sudden enlightened look on his face.

They were chatting and came to a large hall built of black stone at the top of the mountain unconsciously.

In the hall there was an old man in a black robe with snow-white eyebrows. He waited there with his hands clasped behind his back. When he saw the two men coming in, he immediately looked up and down at Liu Ming with his sharp eyes.

"Brother Xu, let me introduce you to each other. This is Liu Ming who was once personally praised by Uncle Yuan." When Xiao Yuebai saw the old man, he immediately introduced with a smile on his face.

"I made this visit obtrusively, but I hope that Chief Xu would pardon me for this!"

Liu Ming was shocked when he heard those words. He did not know that the most respected person in Yun Chuan Continent ever praised him, but he immediately responded and stepped forward, saying with both hands cupping and gestured at them.

Since he wanted to come to the Yuan Mo Sect, naturally he had some understanding of the Chief here before he came, but the result was quite unexpected.

The news of Yun Chuan Continent's number one leader, Xu Xiaowen, was rarely spread outside, and except for the occasional mention of his name, there was no other hearsay.

This did not really tally with his identity of the first major position in charge.

According to Liu Ming's conjecture, there were only two possible explanations for this situation.

The first was that this Chief of the Yuan Mo Sect was really mediocre, so he really did not do anything worthy of spreading. The other possibility was that he deliberately kept a low profile, blocking all his news, so that the outside world could not know much.

But after all he could become the person in charge of Yun Chuan Continent, how could he be a mediocre person? So the second explanation was more probable.

But in this way, his disposition must be really extraordinary, and he must be a very importunate role.

"Don't be so overcautious, my friend Liu, and I have been looking forward to seeing the man who could be personally praised by Uncle Yuan. Hha. In the eyes of Uncle Yuan, it is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to attract his attention. It can be seen that you must be someone extraordinary." The old man in black robe said slowly with a smile on his face.

"Chief Xu overpraised me. I really don't know that senior Yuan should have evaluated me." Liu Ming modestly answered after hearing this.

Although he did not use his mental energy to scan the old man's cultivation, he was most likely to be the same as Barbarian Demonic Sect, who was also an advanced Liquid Level alchemist.

"Brother Xu, friend Liu, you two should not be so polite. It's not too late to talk after we sit down." Xiao Yuebai obviously had a good relationship with the black-robed old man, so he said so with a laugh.

The black-robed old man heard the words and laughed, then he signed Liu Ming to sit down.

"As far as I know, the selection of Three Saints and Six Scions from the Alliance has begun. My friend, you don't go there to have fun, how could you think of coming to the Yuan Mo Gate?" Xu Xiaowen was not beating around the bush either. As soon as Liu Ming was seated, he asked directly.

"The selection of Three Saints and Six Scions can go as long as Uncle Yan is there. I came here this time, in fact to consult something from Chief Xu!" Liu Ming answered honestly.

"Oh, I dare not to be consulted by you. If you have any question, you can just ask me." The black-robed old man heard his words, and his eyes were slightly fixed, but he showed on signs in his tone.

"In this case, I will say no more useless words. I have long heard of the name of Suppressing Demon Tower of your sect. I heard that there are many demons and beasts suppressed and sealed in it, but I wonder if there are any tiger demons in it?" Liu Ming asked with a solemn look on his face.

"Tiger demons?"

Xiao Yuebai as well as the chief of the Yuan Mo Sect was a little shocked after hearing the words.

But a moment later, the old man in black coughed and said:

"Junior fellow apprentice Xiao, it was junior fellow apprentice Jin who led the team into the Suppressing Demon Tower last time, wasn't it? You ask him to come, and I want to ask him personally."

"No problem. Junior fellow apprentice Jin came back from outside a few days ago and should still be staying in the sect. I'll send him a message." Xiao Yuebai hesitated for a moment and nodded his head.

Then the big fellow took out a magic compass from his waist and patted it with one hand.

Immediately, the white light on the surface of the magic plate was blurred, and a line of small words flew into it.

"Liu, my friend, now can you tell us the reason for asking about this matter?" The old man in black robe asked Liu Ming without hurry at this time.

"To tell you the truth, my friends, I need fresh materials on tiger demons for some reasons, but in other parts of Yun Chuan Continent, such monsters have already disappeared. So I can only try my luck on your sect, hoping to find the monster tiger traces in this Suppressing Demon Tower." Liu Ming said directly.

"So, if there is a monster tiger in the Suppressing Demon Tower, you are going to enter it." The old man in black heard his words and frowned.

Beside him, Xiao Yuebai also had a strange expression.

"I do not necessarily need to enter the tower. If there are monster tigers in it, it is also OK for you, my friend, to work and catch one out. Of course, I certainly will not let you make a futile trip down the tower. I will pay the price to satisfy you." Liu Ming had already thought of the words to respond, and immediately answered.

"I don't know what kind of monster tiger you need. I'm afraid it's not useful if the rank is too low." The old man in black robe said again.

"Yes, at least the primary stage of Level Liquid." Liu Ming answered calmly.

"At the primary stage of Level Liquid, and it needs to be captured alive? I'm afraid that's not easy." Xiao Yuebai interrupted.

"Of course, if I can get into it in person, you don't need such trouble. Whether alive or died is okay." Liu Ming answered so.

"Well, let's wait till junior fellow apprentice Jin arrives to determine if there is a monster tiger at the primary stage of Level Liquid in the tower." Chief Yuan smiled and did not immediately refuse.

This made Liu Ming happy.

As long as Chief Yuan did not immediately refuse, it showed that the thing was probable to be done.

In the following time, the three men chatted freely about the Sea Race war which had just ended.

After a while, a mass of green air rushed in outside the hall, and then suddenly condensed in front of the three people. It turned into an ugly man with long green hair.

"Brother Xu, and the Chief, do you need my help?"

"Junior fellow apprentice Jin, this is Liu of the Barbarian Demonic Sect, and he once killed two Sea Race spiritual masters in the battle of Sea Race War, one of whom at middle stage. Even brother Yuan Mo once praised him personally." Xiao Yuebai immediately stood up and said with a smile.

"So what? Did the Chief ask me to come here just for an alchemist from a small sect?" The ugly man glanced at Liu Ming, and answered coldly.

"You must not be so rude! I'm sorry that little brother Jin always talks coldly, even when he was talking to other people in his sect." Xiao Yuebai first scolded with a restrained smile, and somewhat had no choice but explained to Liu Ming in this way.

Liu Ming saw this, and naturally could only laugh bitterly and say nothing more.

"Junior fellow apprentice Jin, I have something to ask. Did you ever see a monster tiger when you led the team into the Suppressing Demon Tower a few years ago?" The old man in black finally said slowly.

"Monster tiger? Let me think about it. Well, I did see some, and I personally hunted a middle-stage monster tiger in the second floor." The ugly man thought about it for a moment and then answered.

"Only the middle stage? Did you see the monster of Level Liquid State when you visited several other floors?" The old man in black asked in deep voice.

"There are. When I was on the fifth floor, I saw a blood tiger in the middle stage of the Level Liquid State. It could handle poisonous blood fog. It was frightening." This time, the ugly man answered without thinking.

"That's good enough." Liu Ming was very glad hearing this.

"Ok, I've finished my question. You can go back, Jin." The Chief of the Yuan Mo Sect nodded thoughtfully and said so.

The ugly man heard Liu Ming's words, glanced at him, without saying a word, pinched his sleeve with one hand, and flew away again into a mass of green air.

"Liu, my friend, it seems that we should have a talk. The Suppressing Demon Tower itself is a place of great importance in my sect. Generally speaking, it is impossible for outsiders to enter it." The Chief of the Yuan Mo Sect turned his head and spoke to Liu Ming meaningfully.

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