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Chapter 302: Xiao Yuebai

Translator: Sissy That Walk

T/N: Hi, y'all, I just decided to pick up this novel for multiple reasons. To start with, it's obviously because I can! Haha, all jokes aside, I appreciate the setup and world building of the story, such a solid storyline. The enemies and people in general in this novel are definitely more intelligent than in your average xianxia. And I adore our MC, Liu Ming, he is probably the most low key MC I have ever met, with that being said, that doesn't necessarily mean he is a coward. He just knows how to wield his power in a smart way. It also depicts many other memorable characters, who have feelings and objectives which often do not revolve around the MC. Anyway, please read it, rate it and let me know about it.

Let's give a shoutout to Babel Realm Translation, the previous chapters were translated beautifully by them. I know I have some big shoes to fill. Wish me luck. All comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

"Sacred Beast?" Liu Ming's face changed on hearing that.

If his memory served him correctly, he had heard something about "Sacred Beast Egg" from the golden-armored guy transcended from amulet when he was chased after. He barely spared any thought on it for his life was on the line back then, and he completely threw this matter out of the window afterwards.

"Ah, junior brother has no idea of Sacred Beast of the Sea Race? Pardon me forgetting about Sacred Beast of the Sea Race are not supposed to go ashore, that's why this matter has not been discussed by many. Sea Race Tribes normally worship those beasts with great sacrifices, so that these beasts will protect them when they are under attack by enemies. These beasts wield strong powers, unlike other tamed beasts, Sacred Beasts and Sea Race are equals. These beasts in question dwell deep the sea, their powers will weaken once they go ashore, that's why us Human Race haven't taken these beasts into consideration when we started the attack." explained Gui Ruquan.

"Sacred Beasts are so powerful, I assume there aren't many of them out there?" asked Liu Ming in shock.

"Correct. It's said that these beasts like to eat sacrifices with great spiritual power, the Three Sea Race Tribes altogether are not able to offer too much to them, one Tribe can only worship one beast." Replied Gui Ruquan.

Now it all started to make sense.

These two chatted a bit, then Liu Ming took leave.

After the time to drink a cup of tea (approx. 15mins), Liu Ming's figure emerged in the chamber, he grabbed a jade box sealed with several amulets in hand with a backward somersault, inside which contained a purple Sacred Beast Egg.

This purple egg was supposed to be the egg of the Eight-legged Beast, no wonder the Sea Race fighter refused to let go of him, chasing him so hard, this egg might well be the reason.

The energy of this egg was rather feeble, yet it was highly valued by the Sea Race Elders, it must of great importance to all the practitioners alike, even the ones held high ranks.

Could it be eaten up like other beasts to increase the cultivating powers? Or it was supposed to be dealt with some other way?

If his memory served him correctly, other beast eggs definitely held no power as strong as this one, now that it was called Sacred Beast Egg, it was not strange that it worked differently.

Liu Ming got excited thinking about this.

As rarely-seen as Sacred Beast Egg, it was reasonable to presume that not many people knew the real use of the egg in question on the whole Yunchuan Land. To really settle the question, a journey to Sea Race was highly demanded.

He resumed calmness after thought this through, then he collected the jade box.

The matter of Sacred Beast Egg should not be hastily done, it was a matter better off dealing with afterwards.

His top priority was to visit Yuan Mo Sect, finding a corpse of demonic tiger in Liquid Level, so that he could reach first level of Dragon-Tiger Nether Power.

According to what Gui Ruquan said, it was highly possible that the class of tiger beasts could be found in the Suppressing Demon Tower. The only thing he needed to take into consideration was how he, a modest cultivator, could earn admission from Yuan Mo Sect.

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes on thinking about this.


Three months had passed. The grand selection initiated by the alliance officially started. An indigo alien ship emerged and charged towards the Yuan Mo Mountain, home to the biggest sect on the land.

A young general armored handsomely standing on the tip of the ship, startled on seeing the Yuan Mo Mountain not far ahead.

Stone pillars erected on the ground several lis (1km=2lis) away, as high as a thousand zhang (1000zhang=3.3km). And black mists were twining the pillars from the ground up high.

The number of the pillars was overwhelming, Liu Ming couldn't see the end of it. The sight of stone pillars was the only thing he could see, how intimidating.

As Liu Ming charged for yet another several lis, three black flying vehicles were flying towards them, with three spearmen in black robes standing in each vehicle. They motioned to form a tripod formation to stop Liu Ming once they got close.

"Pardon me for my ignorance, distinguished guests. Ahead of us is the mountain gate of us Yuan Mo Sect, all guests without invitation should halt." said a twenty or so years old spearmen, with his torso bent a little and his spear standing in front of him.

Fancy him seeing through Liu Ming's identity as a Liquid Level Alchemist, with a look on his face neither cringing nor arrogant.

"Greetings, this is Liu Ming from Barbarian Ghost Sect, I'm on this trip merely to pay a visit to your sect leader and discuss one matter." As surprised as Liu Ming, he put on a calm face.

"That is Elder Liu who is there. Please wait a little bit, allow me to pass this message to get permission." Replied the spearman hesitantly.

Liu Ming of course agreed.

The spearman grabbed a spiritual compass from his belt, and stroked on it.

The spiritual compass glowed colorful lights after a short while. The spearman read the light and told Liu Ming, "Yes, Elder Liu. Our leader agreed your visit, only on condition that I show you the way."

"No problem. Please show us the way." Hearing that, Liu Ming's eyes narrowed but he replied quite straightforward.

The spearman gave orders to his fellow spearmen on the vehicles, then he joined Liu Ming on his ship.

While the vehicles gave way to them, the ship charged forward with a tremble.

Only this time no one was in its way.

The ship arrived the pillar jungle in a split second.

It was definitely more overwhelming to watch the pillars at such a close distance.

Not until now did Liu Ming realize that there were gates on each of the pillars, and there were people coming in and out from the gates.

And there were pillars that were inscribed with giant spiritual scriptures on the bottom part of the pillars, where the black mists were formed and twined.

Liu Ming was obviously curious about the pillars and spiritual scriptures, but he respected them too much to ask, in case he accidentally touched their taboo. So he kept driving the ship deep in the stone jungle.

More Yuan Mo Sect disciples could be seen along the way, most of whom were flying o the cloud, while some were riding beasts, or the black vehicles they just saw. But they all seemed too busy to talk to each other.

Some Yuan Mo Sect disciples saw Liu Ming as they were flying by each other, but they resumed their own business after a brief surprise.

Among which, several Liquid Level Alchemists could be seen.

That indeed concerned Liu Ming. But he was no ordinary either, he showed no sign of strange expression, and soon they arrived the deepest part of the pillar jungle.

After flying across a giant stone pillar for yet another time, an arch of White Mountain emerged.

That didn't catch Liu Ming's attention in the beginning until he took a close look.

"We are arriving at…"

"As you can tell, Elder Liu, this is Giant Demonic in front of us, which was transformed from a giant demon's skull that was slaughtered by the Three Races altogether in foreworld. Countless years has passed, the demonic energy in it was still stirring in the mountain, an ideal spot for us disciples." put in the spearman with pride.

"It was transformed from a giant demon's skull, no wonder the demonic energy in it was still intimidating." Although Liu Ming didn't buy what the spearman said one hundred percent, he replied quite reverently seeing the black mists hovering on the White Mountain peak.

The huge White Mountain in front of them, if without the trees and buildings on it, was really a shape of a skull.

The ship arrived at a giant platform on the mountain slope in a split second, Liu Ming and the spearman jumped out the ship once it landed.

A heavily built man with a beard in dark black ushered them in.

"Greetings, Uncle Xiao." The spearman's face clouded, and he hastily bowed and greeted the beard man.

"That is indeed Alchemist Liu, I'm Xiao Yuebai, please accept my greetings." The strong man didn't pay much attention to the spearman, he turned to greet Liu Ming instead.

"Thank you, Senior Xiao, how do you know me?" asked Liu Ming surprisingly.

"Haha, to be honest with you, I was among the people to rescue the sects in Da Xuan back then. I was mainly in charge of matters like formations, I barely show up in front of people, no wonder you don't know me, my friend. I've heard so much of you since you slaughtered the alchemist of the Sea Race and destroyed the floating city formation of them, I've been longing to meet you in person." replied Xiao Yuebai with a big laugh.

"That's so flattering, I won those battles by luck, it's not worth mentioning." Liu Ming said quite humbly.

"Anyway, please stay longer with us now that you are visiting. Now please allow me to take you to visit the leader." Said Xiao Yuebai, then he turned to the spearman, "Shan Gan, your business is done here, you can leave."

"Yes. Pardon me for my leaving." The spearman named Shan Gan agreed, and stepped back.

Liu Ming cast a glance at the young spearman who left, he intuitively felt this young man was not as simple as a spiritual disciple.

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