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"You actually took so long to transcend a tribulation! If you don't come back, I'll have to look for you myself. "

Although Liu Ming was shocked by the White Bone Scorpion's change, he still felt a hint of joy when he used his hand to touch it.

In the past, the White Bone Scorpion had accompanied him for a long time. They had experienced quite a bit of danger together, so Liu Ming naturally had feelings for it.

At this moment, another shadow flashed in the jungle, and a man's head flew out without a sound. It was the Flying Skull.

The Flying Skull floated in front of Liu Ming and stopped with a respectful expression.

"What happened to you?"

Liu Ming placed the White Bone Scorpion on his shoulder and spread five fingers to press on the Flying Skull.

He closed his eyes and waves of black gas roiled around his body. His Mental Energy had already entered the Consciousness Sea of the Flying Skull, and he saw everything that they had gone through during this period of time.

"What? That little thing's mutation actually lasted for a whole year. And during the last tribulation, it was able to make a black lightning!"

Liu Ming was very surprised. He stared at the White Bone Scorpion.

The White Bone Scorpion seemed to have seen through Liu Ming's doubt. It suddenly shook its tail and opened its mouth. Immediately, a black arc of lightning shot out. Its target was the dense forest not far ahead.

The lightning struck a large tree at the edge of the forest and disappeared. The tree remained the same, unharmed. Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned. Just as he was about to head over to take a closer look, he heard a 'pu!'.

With a loud sound, the huge tree instantly turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared, leaving only a several feet deep hole in the ground.

This strange scene caused Liu Ming to be shocked. He quickly formed a sign with one hand and released a huge amount of Mental Energy from his brow to cover the hole.

"Eh, what is this energy? It seemed to be the power of lightning, but it was different. There seemed to be something else mixed in it. I actually wasn't able to forcibly separate this power."

As Liu Ming muttered to himself, he used his Mental Energy to slowly examine the remnants of the power. Suddenly, his expression changed greatly and he cried out involuntarily.

He could clearly feel that his Mental Energy became sluggish the moment it came into contact with the power.

At this time, the White Bone Scorpion on his shoulder moved its tail and instantly bit onto Liu Ming's neck. A strange energy rushed out and directly entered Liu Ming's Consciousness Sea.

Liu Ming was stunned at first, but he immediately felt two energies collide with each other in his head before strangely disappearing.

At this time, the White Bone Scorpion let out a complacent hiss and released its tail from Liu Ming's neck.

"Well done! You've advanced."

Liu Ming was overjoyed. He used his hand to touch the White Bone Scorpion on his shoulder as he spoke to it.

Next, he curiously tested out its other attacks. In the end, he discovered that even though it did not increase its other techniques, its attack speed and toughness had both increased by a huge amount.

And the layer of red scales on its body should be related to the Dragon Scales it had devoured in the past.

Even though the scales of the White Bone Scorpion were not comparable to Liu Ming's own Dragon Scales, they won't be broken by ordinary Spirit Weapons.

Of course, the strongest part of the White Bone Scorpion was the snake-shaped tail hook on its back.

Now it used the "snake head" to whip the ground with all its strength. Before Liu Ming could clearly see its movements, he heard a loud explosion and a clear and long groove appeared on the ground.

This made Liu Ming even more happy. He formed a sign with one hand and pointed at the White Bone Scorpion. Immediately, the ghost turned into a ball of black gas with a "peng" sound and drilled into the leather pouch on Liu Ming's waist.

He then put the Flying Skull into another pouch, soared into the sky, and flew the cloud towards the sect.

A dozen or so days later, Liu Ming sat cross-legged on the ground beside a Yin energy cave in the Barbarian Ghost Sect and cultivated. A lifelike black misty dragon slowly formed on his skin and coiled around his body.

Above his head, there was a ten feet long black misty tiger, which was sometimes distinct, sometimes blurry, and seemed to be unable to stabilize.

Not far from Liu Ming, the White Bone Scorpion had already transformed into a fifty to sixty feet large monster. It spat out waves of Yin Qi from its mouth and was completely focused on cultivating.

Puff! -

The black misty tiger above Liu Ming's head trembled for a moment before suddenly breaking into pieces, turning into a dense black gas.

Liu Ming let out a sigh.

He opened his eyes, and the black misty dragon disappeared into his body.

"I never thought that the power of the misty tiger would be so difficult to gather! When I gathered the power of the misty dragon, it wasn't difficult at all. Could it be related to the power of the Dragon Scales in my body? According to the ancient records, if the condensing of the Dragon and Tiger Form doesn't go smoothly, one can use some external forces." he said heavily.

Thus, Liu Ming got up and went to Jiuying Mountain to ask Gui Ruquan. "

"Huh? Junior brother, you want to know where you can find Demonic Tigers?" Gui Ruquan's face was full of surprise.

Although Zhu Chi had already passed away and Martial Aunt Zhong rarely appeared, due to Liu Ming's appearance, Jiuying Mountain' strength could be considered quite strong.

Gui Ruquan's complexion was much better than before.

"En, it would be best if it's a Liquid Level Demonic Tiger. "I'm currently cultivating a certain technique and need the bones of this beast." Liu Ming did not hide anything.

Gui Ruquan looked Liu Ming up and down before giving a bitter smile and replying, "Junior probably already knows that our Yunchuan is actually just an island in the sea. There were quite a few demonic snakes, demonic birds as well as some demonic wolves. However, Demonic Tigers were indeed extremely rare. If Junior Brother really needs it, you might as well find it at the Demon Suppressing Tower of the Yuan Mo Sect."

"Since the day the Yuan Mo Sect established their sect, they had the habit of placing outside demonic beasts in their tower to seal them. After so many years, there should already be countless demonic beasts in the tower."

"The Demon Suppressing Tower! Since they are sealed inside, doesn't that mean they are already dead?" Liu Ming asked curiously.

"Haha, junior brother doesn't know this."

"There is a secret entrance to this tower for the people from the Yuan Mo Sect. The demonic beasts can't get out, and they won't die." Gui Ruquan explained.

"So that's how it is. But it won't be easy for me to enter this tower, right?" Liu Ming frowned.

Gui Ruquan smiled. "If it was before, it would not be easy. But now that the Yuan Mo Sect has claimed that they would work together with other sects to fight against the Sea Race, I don't think they are gonna say no. At worst, you would just have to pay more spirit stones. Of course, if Martial Uncle Yan can write a letter, then it won't be a problem. "

"Martial Uncle Yan has already gone to the alliance headquarter and that is in a completely different direction from the Yuan Mo Sect. If I go looking for Martial Uncle, then I will waste a lot of time. Why don't I go ask the Yuan Mo Sect first!" Liu Ming said.

"Up to you! By the way, the purple beast egg that you took out a while ago, I went back and specifically looked through many books and finally discovered that it should be the egg of an Eight-legged Sea Monster. However, its aura is too weak. It's basically impossible for it to hatch. Otherwise, it would be a treasure. " Gui Ruquan said regretfully.

" Eight-legged Sea Monster?" Liu Ming was surprised.

"The Eight-legged Sea Monsters are the most powerful sea beasts! They can shatter mountains and split the earth with their eight legs. The most terrifying thing is that they have a very powerful self-recovery ability. Even if they are cut in half, they could still recover in an instant."

"It is said that the three clans of Yunchuan worship a Eight-legged Sea Monster as their sacred beast. That beast has swallowed Crystal Level Cultivators more than once." Gui Ruquan told him.

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