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Demon's Diary - C297

"Sister Zhang, I really can't remember anything. Could I really remain young until then? That's impossible. If that's the case, then wasn't I a monster back then?"

The gray-haired old man replied with a blank expression.

Not only did Liu Ming's appearance change into that of an old man, but also his memories as a cultivator had mysteriously disappeared.

"When I woke up, I was shocked to find that you had become so old. But perhaps this is the will of heaven."

"Although I don't know why you called me Fellow Zhang and why you spend decades making such a hoax, since my child did not die, you raised him and brought him up smoothly. I don't want to pursue the reason behind this. Let me accompany you through the remainder of your life."

Zhang Ya turned her beautiful face to look at Liu Ming's aged face as she slowly spoke. However, anyone could hear the determination in her words.

The gray-haired old man turned around and similarly stared at the white-haired woman's face for quite a while before speaking with a smile.
"Even if I can't remember the past, with you by my side, I feel that the rest of the journey shouldn't be that difficult."

"I hope so!" When the white-haired woman heard this, she smiled sweetly, a faint hint of happiness appearing on her face.

In the main hall of the Heavenly Moon Sect.

"Two hours have passed."

"Martial Nephew Liu couldn't wake Xiu Niang up! Fellow Yuan, start activating the Nine Revolving Samsara Plate!" Master Leng Yue, who had been quietly waiting outside the array, said to Yuan Mo.

"Mm, this is within my expectations. "

Yuan Mo nodded. Then he turned to the beautiful woman. "Fellow Shi, please!"

"OK, just leave it to me." The beautiful woman replied with a chuckle.

Then, she raised her fingers, pointed at the seven-colored light above the center of the formation.


The white jade plate within the seven-colored light began to spin quickly, causing the light around it to also become blurry for a moment.

After a muffled sound, a seven-colored light pillar shot out from the center of the jade plate and submerged into Zhang Xiuniang's body on the jade platform.

The woman grunted. Even though her eyes were tightly shut, her eyebrows couldn't help but wrinkle. She seemed to subconsciously feel pain.

When Master Leng Yue saw this, she showed a look of concern. Ye Tianmei's expression also changed.

"Fellows, don't worry! My Nine Revolving Samsara Plate is only forcefully affecting the illusory world formed by the Gu worm, allowing the two of them to enter the path of reincarnation through magical equipment simulation." The woman seemed to see through the worries of the two Heavenly Moon Sect's Crystal Level Cultivators, so she said charmingly.

"With the secret techniques that were added to the formation, even if the two of them were to reincarnate, there would still be an unbreakable connection between them. It would absolutely not cause any real damage to Martial Niece Zhang."

"Fellow Shi, go ahead. We are completely confident of your ability." Master Leng Yue replied.

Ye Tianmei only gave an indifferent smile.

It was unknown how many years had passed in the illusory world.

In a bustling city, there was a slender, dainty young woman.

She was standing in a pavilion covered in red silk, holding a colorful ball wrapped in countless ribbons. She bit her lips as she looked down at the bustling crowd below.

Most of the people in the crowd were young men in their twenties or thirties. All of them were staring at the young woman with wide eyes. Their faces were filled with fanaticism.

Not far away, there were a dozen or so servants holding sticks maintaining the order below.

"Ling Er. What are you hesitating about? Those who could enter this place were all people who came from decent families. Choose one."

Beside the woman was a chubby old man. He said with a face full of smiles.

"Hmm, I will really throw it out."

The young woman grit her teeth and threw the ball down with a bit of shyness.

Immediately, there was a commotion in the crowd below and almost all of the young men began to rush towards the place where the colored ball had landed.

However, at this time, a gale suddenly swept through the sky and blew the colored ball away. Then, it steadily fell behind and landed in the arms of a seventeen or eighteen-year-old scholar who happened to pass by with a worn out book scroll.

Facing the colored ball falling into the embrace, the scholar was shocked. However, when he raised his head to look up, he happened to meet the eyes of the young woman.

The two of them immediately trembled and couldn't help but feel a strange sense.

At this moment, several servants rushed to the young man's side. One of them immediately said with a smiling face, "Congratulations to the young master. You are our master's son-in-law."

As soon as he finished speaking, the group of servants quickly put him on the bridegroom's clothes and carried him toward the door of the pavilion.

Three years later.

At the city gate, the young scholar now had some short beards. He was saying goodbye to a young woman who was holding a two year old child in her arms.

The woman's abdomen slightly bulged and she was pregnant again.

Months later……

In another city, the scholar was in a room in an inn. Suddenly, he grabbed his head with both hands and rolled on the ground without stopping. Not long after, he fainted without moving.

Half a day later, the scholar slowly stood up again. He raised his hands and gazed at it for a moment. His eyes were unexpectedly filled with an extremely complicated expression.

Seven years later……

In a luxurious mansion, the woman's eyes were spitting fire as she stared at the scholar in a bright red official uniform. She kept asking, "Why? Why? I've been waiting for you at home for over ten years. Now you say you want to divorce. What about your sons?"

The scholar looked at the woman in front of him with a strange gaze. After a while, he shook his sleeve and a piece of white paper filled with words floated out. Without saying anything, he turned around and left.

Moments later, a group of sturdy women rushed in from outside the door. They immediately took the two boys from the woman's arms. At the same time, they grabbed the woman's finger to press down a mark on the white paper.

The woman sat on the floor with her face covered in tears. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she looked at the door.

Ten years later……

On an official boat, the scholar had become a middle-aged man with a dignified expression. He was standing at the bow of the boat and looking forward.

"Master, please enjoy the lotus seed soup!"

A hoarse voice came from behind him.

He turned around. There was a middle-aged woman with a face full of scars. She was holding a tea tray with a fragrant porcelain bowl on top of it.

"Nanny Wang, you've been in my house for four or five years, right?"

"I don't know why, but among all the servants, only your lotus seed soup suits my tastes the best." the man said slowly.

"Master likes my soup. It is my pleasure." The woman looked down and replied.

"Back then, I used to like the lotus seed soup made by another person. That person may not be in the world anymore." The middle-aged man said softly.

This time, the woman held the teacup in her hand and didn't say anything else.

The middle-aged man didn't seem to mind at all as he picked up the porcelain bowl and slowly drank the lotus seed soup …

The woman's body trembled slightly. She raised her head slowly and stared at the man in front of her with eyes full of hatred.

There was no change in the look of the middle-aged man. Instead, he threw the bowl in his hand into the river and spoke to the scar-faced woman with a faint smile.
"Ling Er, you don't need to hide your identity anymore."

"You …When did you know it? "

The scar-faced woman took two steps back in shock, as if she had heard thunder crackling in her ears.

"Since you sneaked into the mansion. This poison is severe. It should be the Red-crowned Crane."

The man laughed softly as he spoke, but then his complexion changed and he spat out a mouthful of black blood.

"You know that I poisoned the lotus seed soup?" The woman's eyes filled with bewilderment.

"Hehe, you've been in my house for so many years. I usually only use the silver bowl and silver chopsticks to eat. Only this time, I didn't bring anything with me. How could you possibly let such a good opportunity slip by?" The man replied.

"Since you knew I poisoned them, why did you still drink it?!"

The scar-faced woman felt that she was about to go crazy. She looked at the man in front of her and muttered.

"Our children have all grown up. One is studying in the capital while the other has become a County General." The man said calmly.

"Bullshit! I heard the people in the mansion say that my two boys had been abandoned by you and disappeared without a trace. You heartless man, stop trying to deceive me." The woman shouted angrily.

In spite of such strange things, the ship was quiet. No one came to check on the situation.

"I'm dying, so there's no need to lie to you. This letter has the addresses of the two children and some of the things I want to tell you." The man took out a sealed envelope from his sleeve and handed it over to her.

The woman subconsciously received the letter, but she stared at the man that she wanted to kill every single day. She asked slowly, "Why did you do that? Why?!"

"Read my letter. You will understand. Ling Er, no … Fellow Zhang, I hope you will wake up after reading it. Otherwise, we'll have to see each other in our next life. "

The middle-aged man let out a bitter laugh and black blood began to flow out of his seven apertures. His entire body fell limply to the ground.

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