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Demon's Diary - C285 Golden Moon Sword

The black flame on Liu Ming's brow suddenly became blurry and transformed into a ball of shadow as it flew away from Liu Ming's body.

At this time, waves of Buddhist chanting came from Liu Ming's body and a milky white halo scattered from his body.

Following the fluctuations in the air, a glittering bubble the size of a bean silently appeared in the center of the light. With just a spin, there were eight ordinary-looking grayish talismans emerging from it.

When these talismans appeared, they were only the size of a grain of rice. However, with a shake of the wind, they became as large as a fight and all of a sudden, they disappeared.

In the next moment, the shadow more than a hundred feet away from the mountain peak where the cave was suddenly began to ripple in the surrounding air. Eight misty gray talismans silently appeared and simultaneously pounced toward the center, accurately wrapping the shadow within.

"No, I've escaped from that damned place with great difficulty. I'll never go back."

An strange man's crazy voice suddenly came out of the black flame. The flame began to heat up and turned into a black fire lotus. Each lotus petal was struggling desperately in the grey talismans.

However, at this time, the eight gray talismans suddenly began to shine brightly. They slowly turned around outside the black fire lotus and then merged into a ten feet large gray talismans formation, and colorful light shot out.

A miserable scream!

The black lotus then turned into ashes after the colorful light dissipated. The black flame appeared again, but it was much dimmer than before.

Then, the gray talismans rotated and the colorful light quickly spread out one layer after another.

It instantly enveloped the black flame into a Colorful Light Ball.

Following that, the talismans formation wrapped the light ball and shot back to the mountain peak where it had come from.

After a moment, it disappeared into the glittering bubble.

The glittering bubble shook and the Buddhist chanting from within immediately came to a stop. The milky white light around it even disappeared with a flash.

Subsequently, the bubble only flashed a few times in the air before it descended and returned to Liu Ming's body without a sound.

Liu Ming was still lying on the floor of the cave, not moving at all.

After an unknown period of time, one of his fingers twitched slightly.

After a while, Liu Ming finally let out a groan and slowly sat up with his eyes open.

But now his eyes were full of confusion and he looked like he was lost in thought.

A short while later, Liu Ming's eyes finally regained a sliver of clarity. However, he immediately jumped up with a quiver. He raised his hands and examined himself once more. His face was filled with shock.

Previously, when Liu Ming was hit by the golden-armored man's Crystal Level Cultivator's fist, even though he did not immediately die under the protection of the Dragon Scales, he was almost at his limit.

Just as he was about to pretend to be dead and lure the golden-armored man closer, and even sacrifice his own Taigang Sword without hesitation to give him the final blow, his eyes suddenly darkened.

He appeared in the grey mysterious space once again.

While he was in shock, he looked at the other "Liu Ming" who gave him a strange smile before transforming into a ball of black flame and disappeared.

At this moment, the fear in his heart was like a black fog that enveloped him …

Although he was full of doubt and worry, he was unable to leave.

He could only wait quietly in this mysterious space.

In the end, he stayed in this space for seven or eight days. And suddenly, the air fluctuated and a Colorful Light Ball appeared without any warning. Liu Ming's eyes suddenly darkened and his consciousness inexplicably returned to his body.

Liu Ming sized up the body that was completely different from before and his face was naturally indecisive …

In an instant, he could feel that this body was much stronger than before. He slowly clenched both his hands and a tremendous force surged out from within his body.

He once again used his mental strength to scan his body and felt different parts compared to before. He was more surprised.

Liu Ming retracted his mental strength and touched the newly refined scarlet armor he was wearing. He then looked at the dazzling short sword on the ground and the black bead that was larger than before as well as the floating golden shadow of the sword. His expression couldn't help but change several times.

No matter how stupid he was, he now understood that something had taken over his body before and that it was most likely the second "himself" that suddenly disappeared from the mysterious space.

However, if that person was planning to possess him, why would he suddenly return to his body? Could it be that he didn't succeed in possessing him?

And before he left that mysterious space, what was the ball that suddenly appeared in that space?

Could it have something to do with the second "me"?

This series of questions emerged in Liu Ming's heart and caused his face to become extremely gloomy. He did not show any happiness at having escaped death this time.

Fortunately, Liu Ming's mind was abnormally resolute and he knew that although possession was strange, as long as he made preparations beforehand, it was not impossible for him to restrain it.


The golden sword and the black bead all fell into Liu Ming's hand. The moment the other misty sword shadow made contact with Liu Ming's skin, it disappeared in a flash into his body without a trace.

Liu Ming was surprised and quickly used his mental power to scan his body. He discovered that the golden sword shadow was quietly stopped near his Spirit Sea in his Dantian and was not moving at all.

As for the two original Sword Spirit, they were long gone.

Liu Ming furrowed his brows and used his consciousness to briefly communicate with the sword spirit. After that, Liu Ming was first shocked and then overjoyed.

He was shocked by the terrifying power contained within the sword spirit and was glad that this sword could connect to his mind.

It was as if it had been cultivated by him in the first place.

Although he didn't know what was going on but he could vaguely guess that this golden sword most likely had something to do with the two missing swords.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to explain all of this!

Liu Ming thought like this and forcefully suppressed the joy in his heart. His gaze once again landed on the golden short sword and black bead in his hand.

These two magic tools both gave him a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling. However, without a doubt, these two should be the original Cyan Moon Sword and the Heavy Water Pearl.

He grabbed the golden short sword and carefully probed it with his consciousness. Immediately, an expression of disbelief appeared on his face.

"28 restriction! It's a top grade spirit weapon. How is that possible?"

He cried out and immediately slapped the golden short sword with one hand.

Immediately, a clear sound was emitted from the sword's body, and at the same time, layers of golden talismans appeared out of thin air from the small sword.

He was so surprised that he did not know what to say.

Indeed, the 28 restriction spells had appeared on this little golden sword.

After a short moment, he finally regained his senses. Then, he threw his Fa Li into the short sword and grabbed the handle to carelessly slash at the stone wall at the side of the cave.

A sizzling sound was heard.

A golden light that was several tens of feet long easily flew out from the tip of the sword and cut through the stone wall like tofu, leaving behind a deep scar on the surface of the stone wall.

"It really is a top grade Spirit Weapon, even though it's only the lowest of them."

But it was also a top grade Spirit Weapon, and a high grade Spirit Weapon was absolutely not comparable to it.

However, it was indeed the original Cyan Moon Sword. So how did that person make a high grade Spirit Weapon to the top grade in an instant?

No, the gold on it seemed a little familiar …

"Isn't this the Glazed Fire Gold!?"

Liu Ming first muttered to himself as he carefully examined the shiny sword.

Suddenly, he recognized that there was an extra layer of material on the sword. He was stunned.

Glazed Fire Gold could increase a Spirit Weapon's strength to a certain extent.

Of course he knew, but that was only if he used this material to wrap the Cyan Moon Sword, it would only raise the level of restrictions by one or two levels at the very most. Not to mention a top grade Spirit Weapon.

He once again used his spirit imprint to carefully study the layers of incomparable complex talismans on the sword. He discovered that apart from the additional restrictions, many of the ten or so talismans were different from the original ones.

He was quite surprised.

A person with such ability was undoubtedly a true master refiner. Even among master refiners, he might be one of the best.

However, this top grade sword was not suitable to be called the Cyan Moon Sword. It was more suitable to be called the "Golden Moon Sword".

His gaze once again fell on the black bead.

At first glance, the pearl didn't seem to have changed much, apart from its size being a bit larger than before.

Liu Ming formed a sign with one hand and pointed at the bead.

"Bang! "

On the surface of the bead, the illusory image of the 25 layered formation appeared.

"It's only a high grade Spirit Weapon!"

His face showed a hint of disappointment.

However, in the next moment, the formation on the bead suddenly shook. With a "Hong" sound, it transformed into a thick black fog. Inside, the image of an earthen yellow small mountain could be vaguely seen.

"This is …"

Liu Ming's expression froze once again!

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