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Demon's Diary - C284 Refining the Treasure

The areas where the flesh had split open even revealed the white bones within.

The white bones originally had some silver Spirit Marks on them, but now a few more scarlet red threads slowly appeared. The two intertwined and overlapped with each other. After a while, the latter strangely seeped into the depths of the bones, never to be seen again.

The light golden blood that was originally flowing out of his wound suddenly stopped bleeding after a short moment.

"Liu Ming" formed a sign with one hand once more. The black flame hovering above the Dragon Bone jumped and landed on the other bone.

The seemingly extremely hard bone was instantly refined into a sparkling and translucent pellet that Liu Ming then forcefully sucked into his mouth.

Immediately, an explosive sound came from the bones in his body. The surface of his body instantly split open into countless extremely small wounds. There was no longer any expression of pain on his face.

It looked extremely strange!

Half a day later, all of the Dragon Bones were turned into crystalline pellets and were swallowed by "Liu Ming" one by one before easily melting into his bones.

At this moment, "he" could clearly feel the drastic changes in his body. The toughness of his body had probably increased by more than half.

Of course, the Scarlet Dragon's Essence that was refined from the Dragon Bones could not be completely refined like this. Liu Ming would take at least a few years before it was completely absorbed.

Liu Ming was not satisfied with this. His gaze swept across the Scarlet Dragon shell in front of him and he grabbed it with one hand.

His wrist trembled slightly and immediately, a faint black shockwave surged out from his five fingers.

A shocking scene appeared!

The empty shell trembled and began to emit "Pu, Pu, Pu" sounds.

Under this shockwave, all of the scarlet scales began to fall off of the dragon's skin. They transformed into specks of red light that shot out in all directions and a large amount of black mist flew out.

With a shake of his sleeve, "Liu Ming" covered all of the Dragon Scales before pulling them back into his hand.

Looking at the hundreds of scarlet scales in his hands, "Liu Ming" revealed a hint of happiness on his face.

His suddenly opened his mouth and dozens of scales jumped up. Like a whale swimming in water, they were sucked into Liu Ming's mouth.

The other scales shook and floated in the air without moving.

Subsequently, "Liu Ming" formed two hand signs with his hands and yelled something in a low voice. Both of his eyes suddenly released two completely different strange lights, one golden and one purple. The faint black light that was originally being emitted from his body suddenly dispersed and turned into wisps of dark purple light that crazily danced around his body like living creatures.

"Liu Ming" sat in his original position without moving. However, during this process, scarlet scales began to appear on one of his arms.

One, Two, three…

In the blink of an eye, all of the scarlet scales appeared, each of them flashing with a sparkling scarlet light.

They seemed to be naturally grown on his body!

At this time, "Liu Ming" relaxed and gave his arm a slight shake.

That was a sinister arm completely wrapped in Dragon Scales.

"Good. I've absorbed the bone essence of this Scarlet Dragon."

"Otherwise, with this body's cultivation level, he wouldn't be able to use this technique so easily."

"Liu Ming" Looked at the bright red arm in front of him, muttering to himself.

In the next moment, the golden and purple silver glows flashed in his eyes and immediately, the scarlet scales on his arm flashed and disappeared into his skin without a trace. His arm once again became fair and shiny.

"Liu Ming" smiled slightly and put down his sleeve. He then waved his hand at the hovering Dragon Scales in the air. Dozens of the scales shot toward him and were sucked into his mouth.

Another round of refining had begun!

Four hours later, the last Dragon Scale was also refined by "Liu Ming". His gaze fell on the dragon skin that had become smooth.

Although the skin was much softer , it was not something an ordinary beast skin could compare with.

Therefore, he only pondered for a moment before cracking his brows. A wisp of black flame rolled out and instantly wrapped around the dragon skin.

"Liu Ming" flicked his fingers continuously and numerous black hand signs appeared one after another. After a flash, they all disappeared into the black flame without a trace.

The originally light red dragon skin gradually softened under the black flames. From time to time, wisps of green smoke would come out. It smelled extremely fishy.

As the dragon skin became crystal clear and soft, it also began to shrink in size.

When "Liu Ming" saw this, a cold light flashed in his eyes. He suddenly stopped the technique and flipped his hand. Immediately, the Sumeru Conch appeared out of thin air.

With just a spin of the storage treasure, it brought out a large amount of various refining materials that Liu Ming originally stored inside. Most of them were the items that Liu Ming had obtained from killing his enemies over the years.

With a shake of his sleeve, the materials entered the black flame like bees. They instantly transformed into a colorful liquid that entered the dragon skin.

Subsequently, he made a sign with his ten fingers once again, flicking at the black flame. The dragon skin began to distort and transformed according to his will.

After a while, a scarlet leather armor with many unknown black inscriptions on its surface appeared in front of his eyes.

With a wave of one hand, the black flame immediately separated from the armor and flew back. At the same time, the leather armor let out a "weng" sound and vaguely appeared within the robe.

Liu Ming took off his robe and looked at his leather armor. Suddenly, he placed his hand on it and pressed down with his five fingers.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard.

Subsequently, the red light of the leather armor greatly expanded and layers of faint red marks appeared out of nowhere. There were actually twenty-six layers. In a flash, they disappeared one after another.

"Hmm, this should be considered a high grade Spirit Weapon."

It seems that my refining skills haven't decreased by much. It's a pity that this brat really doesn't have any good materials. Otherwise, it wouldn't be impossible for me to refine a top quality armor with a few more supplementary materials.

Right now, I can only use this one.

"Liu Ming" Looked at the leather armor on his body. He seemed to not be satisfied as he shook his head.

Then, he draped a long robe over his body and made a grasping motion with one hand. After the fluctuations, a ball of golden liquid and a piece of pale golden clay appeared in his hand.

It was the Glazed Fire Gold and Golden Essence Dirt!

"What a stupid brat! A good thing was only be used as a simple amplification material."

Let me make good use of this treasure.

"On the other hand, this Gold Essence Resting Dirt is indeed the best material to refine a pill. However, I am not proficient in the art of alchemy, so what use is there for me to keep it? However, by fusing it with the Heavy Water Pearl, I'll be able to refine that treasure. It's not a waste of this material."

Looking at the two materials, his eyes narrowed as he muttered to himself.

Subsequently, Liu Ming's sleeve shook and a green light and a black light flew out at the same time. After a slight spiral, they each transformed into a short cyan sword and a black bead.

It was the Cyan Moon Sword and the Heavy Water Pearl.

"Originally, the materials used for these two magic tools could be considered okay, but their refining methods are extremely inferior. It's just nice for me to take the opportunity to adjust the restrictions inside."

After using a disdainful gaze to size up the Cyan Moon Sword and the Heavy Water Pearl, the black flame between Liu Ming's eyebrows rolled and condensed before landing on the two of them at the same time.

In an instant, a fierce black flame surrounded the two of them.

He then raised his hand and waved to the empty space beside him.

"Pu, Pu." The Glazed Fire Gold and the Golden Essence Dirt moved and landed on the sword and the bead. They were both submerged by the black flames.

The expression on his face became serious for the first time. A finger quickly streaked across the air in front of him and black talismans immediately appeared out of nowhere. They swarmed into the two Magic Tools within the black flames.

The sword and the bead started to emit a clear sound, while wisps of black mist began to gush out with a humming sound.

His refining this time was obviously much longer than the previous time.

A day and a night passed. When two balls of black flames flashed in front of Liu Ming and returned to his brow, a small, golden sword with a crescent moon embossed on the hilt and a slightly larger black bead appeared.

The Glazed Fire Gold and the Golden Essence Dirt disappeared into thin air.

Seeing this, "Liu Ming" laughed and pointed at the small, golden sword with one hand. Immediately, the sword flashed and flew in front of him.

"Hehe, it really is a top quality sword!"

It could barely withstand the infusion of the sword spirit.

So, a Yuan Spirit Flying Sword can be successfully condensed right away."

One of Liu Ming's arms moved and he extended two fingers to grasp the small golden sword. He lowered his head and examined the sword with his mental strength. A smile appeared on his face.

Subsequently, he flew to one side of the sky and waved to the other sword shadow that was still surrounded by black flames.

When the black flames flew into his brow, the sword shadow blurred and soundlessly appeared in front of him within a wave of fluctuations.

Looking at the small golden sword and the sword spirit before him, Liu Ming took a deep breath. His other hand reached out and grabbed the sword spirit, then pressed it onto the sword in his other hand.

At the same time, the black flame around Liu Ming's brow slightly rotated and an extremely powerful Mental Energy violently surged out. The Mental Energy instantly solidified and transformed into a misty crystal pillar of light that directly entered the small golden sword.

However, at this time, "Liu Ming" suddenly let out a miserable cry. The sparkling light at his brow disappeared and the small golden sword and sword shadow in his hand were simultaneously thrown away. His body trembled and directly fell over.

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