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Demon's Diary - C 283 the Scarlet Dragon's bones

With a flick of his wrist, Liu Ming threw the talisman in front of him, clamped it with his hands and rubbed it. Immediately, a bloody flame began to violently burn between his hands. The voice of the golden-armored man begging in fear came from the yellow talisman.

"Senior, stop. I surrender. Do not erase my intelligence, please."

"If you keep me with you, I will definitely be of great help."

"Hmph, a mere talisman spirit. Do you think I don't know how to raise one?"

"Rather than leaving you alive, I might as well cultivate another one myself."

"Liu Ming" said expressionlessly, and then he ruthlessly rubbed his hands together.

The golden-armored man let out another miserable cry and a wave of black gas rushed out from the yellow talisman. After that, there was no longer any sound.

The intelligence of this yellow talisman had actually been so easily erased by "Liu Ming".

After doing this, Liu Ming opened his mouth and spat out a mini conch that was about an inch tall. It only spun around in front of him before turning into a huge conch that was about a foot tall.

It was precisely the Sumeru Conch. Liu Ming put the talisman on the Sumeru Conch. Immediately, the talisman entered the Sumeru Conch.

Subsequently, "Liu Ming" put down the conch. His eyes flashed with a light and released a terrifying amount of Mental Energy that swept through his body.

"The spirit of the sword, there are actually two!"

Human sword cultivators were indeed very difficult to deal with. Cultivating the flying sword technique was a choice.

In this way, this Immortal Six Yin's sword embryo would be of great use.

Hehe, the bloodline power of the Sword Spirit is extremely troublesome for others. As for me, erasing the imprint on it isn't an easy task.

In addition, this body was too weak. The Dark Bone Technique he had cultivated before was also superficial and did not have the essence of it.

He needed to reinvent himself properly.

Hmm, the empty shell of the Scarlet Dragon should be useful …

Before all this.

He had to clean up here first and leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the junior of the Sea Race would rush over.

"It's going to take me a lot of trouble to deal with it in my current situation."

Liu Ming's eyes flashed incessantly as he muttered to himself.

With a movement of one hand, he took out a green robe from the Sumeru Conch and draped it over his body. With a shake of his sleeve, the rainbow light flashed and Liu Ming put the Sumeru Conch away.

With a stomp on the ground, he transformed into a ball of black light and soared into the sky.

He circled around the surrounding area like a gust of wind before collecting the huge blue banners that were inserted into the sides. He pulled all of them out, and they had once again become a thick stack of small blue flags.

The moment the last blue flag was pulled out, the huge crystalline net that had originally covered the entire sky immediately turned into seawater that sprinkled down.

The light dimmed!

Liu Ming's body appeared in the center of the area. He only looked at the stack of the flags in his hand before rubbing his hands together and the bloody flame flashed.

The flame then turned all the marks left in the flags into dust. He then waved his hand downwards.


A black bead shot up into the sky from the ground. After a few flashes, it disappeared into Liu Ming's sleeve.

Then he rushed to the mountain area.

Li Kun felt he's going crazy!

Although he was sitting in the huge formation at the center lake of the floating city of the Sea Race, he was like a tiger in a cage as he walked back and forth within the formation. His eyes were filled with shock and anger, and several clumps of bright red blood stains appeared on the front of his chest.

Not long ago, he suddenly lost his connection with the golden-armored man. As a result, he wasn't able to defend against it, so not only was his mind injured, but he also was attacked by Fa Li. He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood, faintly feeling that he only remained half of his energy.

This naturally caused him to be both shocked and furious. He immediately knew that something had happened to the golden-armored man.

However, just when he was hesitating whether he should disobey the rainbow-robed woman's orders and immediately rush to the mountain area, he suddenly lost contact with the flags.

So, even if he were to rush over now, the opponent would definitely escape without a trace.

Moreover, the opponent was actually able to kill the golden-armored man. It definitely wasn't that human kid. It was most likely that another Crystal Level human expert had interfered in this matter.

It would be useless if he rushed over by himself.

Li Kun gnashed his teeth and wanted to tear Liu Ming apart…

Four hours later, in a natural cave in the mountains, "Liu Ming" sat cross-legged on a yellow cushion. In front of him was a white and a yellow swords simulacrum that were two inches long floating in the air.

These were the Sword Spirit that Liu Ming had condensed from the Taigang Sword and the Sword Spirit given by Immortal Six Yin's spirit imprint.

The two seemed to be similar, but one was merely nurturing for a few years while the other had been nurturing for at least a thousand years. In addition, the cultivation of the person who refined the sword embryo was vastly different, so the difference between the two is wide.

Logically speaking, the two Sword Spirit that couldn't be separated from the body were now exposed in the air in such an arrogant manner. If other Sword Cultivators were to know about this, they would probably be even more dumbstruck.

"Liu Ming" quickly formed hand signs with his two hands while chanting an extremely obscure incantation. At the same time, a faint black light was emitted from the surface of his body and the black talisman between his eyebrows even let out a piercing light that gave off a "pu" sound.

The black talismans suddenly transformed into a mass of violently burning black flames. With a flash, a wisp of the black flames shot out and coincidentally landed on the yellow sword simulacrum in front of him.

The originally quiet and unmoving yellow sword simulacrum immediately began to buzz. It struggled with all its might within the black flames, but it just had to stay where it was, unable to move at all.

At this time, "Liu Ming" stretched out a finger and pointed at the white sword simulacrum.

With a shake of the sword simulacrum, it steadily jumped into the black flame and instantly overlapped with the small yellow one.

With a low shout, Liu Ming opened his mouth and spat out a ball of light golden colored essence blood. All of the blood fell into the black flame without leaving a drop behind.


The originally faint black flames instantly transformed into a light gold color. At the same time, the two small swords, which were originally overlapping each other, began to merge together at a rapid speed.

After a while, the two small swords had already transformed into a faint golden sword which sparkled like a star.

"Very good. Under the effect of the Consciousness Flames, the mark of Immortal Six Yin can be easily erased. All its power was moved into the other Sword Spirit. Although it would inevitably lose a small part of its power, it was at least a hundred times stronger than if I couldn't use it."

"Next, I only need to let this newly born Sword Spirit be tempered in the Consciousness Flames. Then, I can completely remove the excess impurities in it and have nothing else to worry about."

"Liu Ming" Looking at the golden sword in front of him, he couldn't help but let out a smile and mutter to himself.

Subsequently, he let the small golden sword be wrapped in flames in the air while he pulled out a one-foot-tall miniature Scarlet Dragon shell from his sleeve. However, a small portion of its soft abdomen was impressively damaged.

"The Crystal Level Scarlet Dragon. With this body's cultivation, It's just a grudging try…"

However, this human kid is really blind! He did not know that the true essence of the dragon was right in front of him all these years.

"Liu Ming." After examining the Scarlet Dragon Shell in front of him for a while, a trace of ridicule suddenly appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Then, he suddenly moved his arm and used one hand to touch an ordinary-looking scarlet scale below the Scarlet Dragon's head. Immediately, a red light flashed on the surface and he pulled out an extremely huge crystal skeleton.

It was at least seventy to eighty feet long, and its entire body was sparkling and translucent. It also emitted a faint red light. This was precisely the Scarlet Dragon's complete bones, and its entire body emitted an extremely shocking aura.

It turned out that after the Scarlet Dragon was seriously injured, not only did it leave behind the entire empty shell, it even used a secret technique to refine the bones and hid it in a Dragon Scale on its neck.

Liu Ming was naturally unable to see through this secret technique. However, it was impossible for it to hide it from the "Liu Ming". "Unfortunately, it is a Scarlet Dragon. If it was an Earth Dragon or a Golden Dragon, it would be even better."

However, under these circumstances, I could only barely use it.

However, this human kid wanted to cultivate the Dragon Tiger Hell Art. Now he is able to achieve twice the results with half the effort after it was absorbed by the dragon bones.

Hehe, but how could I cultivate such a devilish cultivation technique?

"After I finish modifying my body, I will immediately leave this remote place. I will find a way to return to the Demon Domain so that I can cultivate my supreme demonic aura."

"Liu Ming" Used his finger to touch the extremely large Dragon Bones in front of him, revealing a trace of regret as he muttered to himself.

He immediately made a one-handed sign without further delay. The black flame between his eyebrows flashed and another strand of flame shot out, landing exactly on the Dragon Bones in front of him.

Under the burning of the black flames, the Dragon Bones began to melt like a candle. In a moment, it had turned into a crystal grain the size of a bean.

"Liu Ming" waved his hand again and grabbed the crystal grain. Without any hesitation, Liu Ming threw it into his mouth and swallowed it.

Subsequently, the black light on the surface of Liu Ming's body flourished once more and the black flame between his eyebrows began to swirl. He then closed his eyes and started cultivating.

After a while, his face suddenly flashed with a crystal light and his expression became extremely painful.

At the same time, the muscles on the surface of his body began to wriggle. A densely-packed "beng beng" sound came from the depths of his body. Thick green veins immediately popped out of his skin and his body was suddenly lacerated open as blood flowed out …

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