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Chapter 274 - Final Battle with the Sea Race (Part Five)

At this moment, a blue light shot up from the bowl, and with a spin, it became a young woman in a rainbow robe.

The woman appeared to be around twenty-one or twenty-two years old and had sparkling eyes and skin that was like fine jade. There was an unexplainable pure aura about her as if she were not of this world. Both sides of her cheeks had a faint golden pattern, making her a little mysterious. 

It was clear that the blue ring from earlier belonged to this woman and she had injured both Zhang Xiuniang and Yun in one go. Her strength was unfathomable.

Even Liu Ming couldn’t help but have an overcast expression after seeing this.

Zhang Xiuniang, slightly blushing, broke loose of Liu Ming’s embrace. Thanking him with a low voice, she then looked towards the rainbow-robed woman with a stern expression. Simultaneously, there was a cold light that flashed in her sleeve and her snow-white sword appeared once again.

“Who are you? What kind of talent is making a sneak attack on us from within the totem?” huffed Zhang Xiuniang. 

The rainbow-robed woman swept her gaze at Liu Ming and the others lightly. With a beckon of her hand, the blue ring shot back with a flash and securely landed in her hand. She then said indifferently, 

“Making a sneak attack on you youngsters? What a joke. I was just taking a nap in the totem. But to be unable to even guard the Sea Overturning Bowl properly, the three great Sea Race clans of Yun Chuan are really useless. Looks like it won’t do if I don’t act early.”

Just as she finished speaking, with a flutter of her body, she walked towards Liu Ming and Zhang Xiuniang ostentatiously. 

Regardless of how much the Three Eye Golden Ape that was controlled by Yun struggled, it lacked the strength to do anything. Every single bone was crushed and there was no way it could stand up to fight. 

“Junior Liu, use whatever skills you have. If we cannot defeat the enemy in one go, this place will probably be where we die,” said Zhang Xiuniang to Liu Ming lowly, raising her eyebrows. She then opened her mouth and spat a few balls of essence blood on the sword in her hand. With a slight tremble, the snow-white sword instantly became bloody in color. At the same time, her aura rapidly grew with unbelievable speed, approaching that of a Crystal Level.

Hearing her words, Liu Ming’s expression darkened and without another word, he poured all his Fa Li into the White Bone Token in his hand and shook it towards the back.

With a blur, the token disappeared into the Ten Thousand Bone Demon’s body.

In the next moment, the Bone Demon gave a huge roar and the black mist around it surged to condense into churning black flames dozens of feet high.

Following that, the Ten Thousand Bone Demon grabbed at the air with both hands. With a poof, two huge black blaze swords over a hundred feet long were formed.

Liu Ming then used the Dark Bone Method and the Ten Thousand Bone Demon instantly charged at the rainbow-robed woman across from him. The two giant swords swayed and each had a shocking, black Sword Qi that crazily shot out.

The moment the black Sword Qi shot out, it became black flames and with a spin, it rushed at the rainbow-robed woman.

Right at that moment, Zhang Xiuniang gave a low yell and her body moved, instantly becoming an eye-piercing blood-red light ray, along with the sword in her hand, that also rushed at the woman across.

It was the Sword Person as One technique that sword cultivators could use after they reached initial mastery.

Zhang Xiuniang practically did not hold back this time, and with the support of the essence blood, the power reached the point where even an average Crystal Level expert would be affected. 

Simultaneously, the Three Eye Golden Ape appeared to be unable to move before, moving its head with all its might, suddenly opened its third eye that was on its forehead widely.

A muffled sound.

A blood-red light ray shot out of the bloody eye, and with a flash, it appeared in front of the rainbow-robed woman. It was even faster than the black flames and blood-red sword ray.

The rainbow-robed woman was not flustered at all by Liu Ming and the others’ combined attack. Instead, she lightly snorted, flipped one hand to hold the blue jade ring between her hands and began chanting.  

An incredibly large blue right ring rippled out from her and everything froze in its path. 

Everything that was swept by the blue light was dispersed and extinguished by it, whether it was the light ray or the black demon flames.

When the Ten Thousand Bone Demon’s two black flame demon swords came into contact with it, they were warped by the blue light and the demon flames were extinguished. It was turned into a small, clear, blue ice mountain.

The huge skeleton could not move at all amongst the ice.

Liu Ming’s connection with it was also instantly cut off and he was unable to sense it anymore.

When Zhang Xiuniang’s blood-red sword ray came into contact with the light ring, a large part section of it entered the light ring with a crisp sound and was then stuck in the blue light, unable to move one bit.

But Zhang Xiuniang kept trying to activate the sword in her hand and a shocking sword aura shot from within her. A blood-red light appeared and with a ‘ga beng’, the blue light nearby shattered.

With a flash, the blood-red sword ray pierced through the blue light and surged at the rainbow-robed woman at lightning speed.

Seeing this, the rainbow-robed woman’s eyes flickered and a surprised expression appeared on her face for the first time. She shook her sleeve and a gold, glistening trident-halberd appeared in her hand. With a blur, she slashed it at the sword ray.

The trident-halberd gave off a buzzing noise and a large patch of gold light was unleashed.

There was a deafening boom!

The blood-red sword ray that appeared to be unrivaled in power was pushed back by the gold light under contact, and with a few flashes, it shattered.

When the light dispersed, Zhang Xiuniang appeared next to Liu Ming again with a pale face.

Even though the girl was always strong at heart, she couldn’t help but look at the rainbow-robed woman in shock.

“The sword, Sword Person as One! Not bad, who would’ve thought that someone as young as you could cultivate the sword to such levels. Unfortunately, the Fa Li you have right now was not cultivated by yourself, otherwise, you may really have a sliver of a chance in defeating me,” said the rainbow-robed woman finally after she looked at Zhang Xiuniang, a strange expression appearing on her face.

“Hurry and leave. This person is not someone you guys can go against, run while you can!”

The white-haired young man and green-robed woman outside the square naturally witnessed everything and after exchanging glances, the white-haired young man shouted at Liu Ming and the others.

Then, the two didn’t badger with the Sea Race guards nearby any further. Making a hand seal with one hand and twisting his body, he disappeared into the ground.

The other shook the glyph in her hand and her body instantly became spots of green light that dispersed.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s expression darkened and instantly crushed the golden glyph in his sleeve that he already took out. A gold light coiled around his body and with a whoosh, he became a gold light ball that flew out.

Zhang Xiuniang who was next to him crushed the white jade pendant that was hanging at her waist before Liu Ming had even moved. A white light shot out and enveloped the woman, shooting out into the sky in another direction.

At this moment, the Three Eye Golden Ape roared loudly and its body exploded in an instant. A blood mist then surged to form a blood-red light ray that shot up into the sky. With a spin, it escaped into the horizon at lightning speed in a flurry.

Liu Ming and the others were the fellow sects’ most important disciples and had naturally prepared life-saving techniques before taking the risk of executing such an important mission. Seeing that things weren’t going well, they instantly left without a hint of hesitation.

Seeing them leave so simply, the rainbow-robed woman was slightly surprised. But she then lightly smiled right away, and with a move of her body, became a blue light ray that shot into the sky. The direction in which she was heading was the same as Zhang Xiuniang.


Liu Ming traveled over a hundred miles in one go without looking back before the glyph’s power was finally exhausted. The layer of gold light on the surface of his body turned into spots of spiritual light that scattered at once.

He then stopped and used his mental strength to sweep behind him.

Liu Ming, upon not seeing the rainbow-robed woman’s figure, relaxed his expression and exhaled largely.

The strength of the Sea Race woman who appeared later was the strongest he had seen yet. The pressure he had been put under was one that he hadn’t felt from even the sects’ Crystal Level experts! Could it have been that the woman was an existence greater than that of the Crystal Level, the rumored old monsters of the True Pill level? 

But it didn’t really seem like that either!

If she really was such an existence, they would have been crushed to death like ants from her purely moving her fingers.

It was known that when Crystal Level cultivators reached the final level of perfection, also known as the Fake Pill period, they were incomparable to that of average Crystal Level experts. The woman was most likely a peak level expert! But why would the Sea Race hide this if they really did have such an existence? If she had made a move at the beginning, the sects would not have been able to withstand it and the allied forces of the human race would have retreated in defeat.

The Ten Thousand Bone Demon had landed in the hands of the woman like that. How would he explain it to the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader after he returned? It was such a regrettable matter!

Liu Ming rapidly thought like so and his facial expression changed multiple times. But after changing his mind, he shook his head.

This kind of thing should be left to the Crystal Level experts to decide. Although he had escaped thus far, it was probably still not that safe with the Sea Race woman’s terrifying strength. It was best to quickly return to the city first.

Making his decision, Liu Ming took out a pill and swallowed it. He was about to urge the grey cloud to continue forward.

But right at this moment, an old man’s voice was suddenly heard from not far in the air, “Wonderful, it is truly wonderful! Human brat, who would have thought that you’d meet me again so quickly. Let’s see who will save you this time!”

Liu Ming shuddered when he heard this. Raising his head to look in that direction, his face drained of all colo.

He saw that high up in the air a few miles away, a purple-robed, emaciated old man was watching him with a hideous grin.

It was the Li elder of the Silver-scaled Clan.

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