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Chapter 272 - Decisive battle with the Sea Race (Part Three)

With a low grunt, the youth pointed a hand towards the Golden Ape Puppet.

Moving its body, the Golden Ape dashed towards his direction.

Towards the Golden Ape’s coming, the youth’s body blurred and silently entered the Golden Ape’s body.

The eyes of the originally mechanical Golden Ape flashed and had a quick-witted look.

“Haha, Junior Liu, Elder Zhang, I shall make a move first with this Flesh Puppet,

Saying that, the Golden Ape stomped on the ground, transforming into a golden light, flashing towards the floating city.

“Flesh Puppet!”

“I have heard the Nine Enlightenment Sect’s found a Primeval Flesh Puppet in a Secret Realm, to think it is this Three Eye Golden Ape Spirit! With its name from the ancient days, just 10 to 20 percent of its body is equivalent to a Crystal Level expert.” Seeing this, Xie Feng let out a shocked expression.

“However, according to records, to activate a Spirit Beast Flesh Puppet, normal puppeteering techniques are useless. I’m afraid Junior Brother Yun has the same bloodline as the puppet and therefore, could use it to his will.”The green sleeved girl beautiful eyes flickered as she said.

“Having demonic bloodline is not something strange. During ancient times, to give birth to powerful future generations, inter-race marriages between powerful race were common. After many generations, most humans have at least one to two bloodlines of other races. If not, how can there be such special Spirit Bodies? However, Junior Yun’s Three Eye Golden Ape bloodline should be extremely negligible, but enough to activate this Flesh Puppet. With the rarity of Three Eye Golden Ape bloodline, just how much effort did Nine Enlightenment Sect put in to find Junior Yun.” The white-haired youth slowly said.

The green sleeved girl nodded and did not say anymore.

At this moment, Liu Ming tore down the glyphs on the jade box and tossed them out before weaving a hand technique.

Emitting a ‘weng weng’ sound, the lid flew open and a miniature skeleton about a foot tall jumped up. Its body was covered with silver mantras and was broken to the point of only having one arm.

Liu Ming waved his sleeves and revealed a white bone token. He waved it in front of the skeleton and said, “Go!”


The black spirit inscriptions on the token flashed and countless black smoke covered the skeleton.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and he moved, rushing into the black smoke.

Immediately, a low growl was heard from within the black smoke and the smoke dispersed from all sides.

A white light flashed!

Upon touching the formation laid by Zhang Xiuniang, the black smoke was blocked by a white light.

Seeing this, the green sleeved girl and white hair youth quickly retreated a distance away.

Liu Ming was unperturbed as he remained in the smoke, activating the token without stopping.


A white skeleton size of a basin emerged from the black smoke. At the same time, a three hundred feet high skeleton, whose body was shining with silver light emerged as well.

Liu Ming was standing on the large skeleton's shoulder and he gave an order, “move”.

The black smoke nearby coagulated and wrapped around Liu Ming and the giant skeleton, sending them towards the faraway floating city.

At this moment, Yun reached the lake beside floating city.  In a blink of an eye, the Golden Ape he was controlling shapeshifted into a thousand feet huge being and killed its way through the Sea Beasts emerging from the lake before appearing in front of floating city.

The shocked Sea Race guards atop the city wall immediately sounded the alarm while at the same time, started raining attacks on the Golden Ape with their giant crossbow. However, upon nearing its body, the attacks were nullified by a golden light. 

The physical and magic attacks from the Sea Race did not affect the golden light the slightest.

After killing the two gigantic Sea Beast with two punches, the Golden Ape’s body appeared above the floating city, sending a fierce punch down towards the nearest city wall.


A protection made up by a myriad of colors appeared on the city wall, blocking the attack.

However, the youth controlling the Golden Ape continued raining attacks on the city, causing the protection on the city wall to disintegrate layer by layer.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s eyebrows shifted, there was no need to help out as Senior Yun could single-handedly break the outer defense.

At this moment, space flashed and a shadow stood above the black smoke.

Liu Ming was surprised, seeing that the person was “Senior Mo”.

“Junior Liu, this should be your sect’s famous Ten Thousand Bones Demon. You are different from Junior Yun when controlling the Ten Thousand Bones Demon, your defense will weaken, therefore I shall defend you for a while!” The green sleeved girl smiled as she said.

“I shall trouble Senior Mo then.” Liu Ming thought for a while before nodding.

With the Ten Thousand Bones Demon’s shocking speed, it appeared above floating city in a few flashes.

Seeing the protection weakening under the attack of the Golden Ape, the White Bone Token on his hand flashed a black light.

The hands of Ten Thousand Bones Demon moved, pressing down towards floating city, the demonic flames on its fingers moved as a great power pressed down.


Under the combined attacks of the Golden Ape and Ten Thousand Bones Demon, the weakened protection immediately collapsed.

Seeing this, hundreds of Sea Race guards wanted to back away, but it was too late.

The Golden Ape let out a strange laughter as its fists shot out, causing a huge golden ray to envelop the Sea Race, turning them into a mist of blood.

The black smoke on the Ten Thousand Bones Demon twisted around and members of the Sea Race turned into ice on the spot.

Seeing this, the green sleeved girl beside the Ten Thousand Bones Demon was joyous. Just as she was about to urge Liu Ming to move into the city, the space distorted and five to six Sea Race Spirit Master angrily shot towards them with seven to eight high-level Liquid Level demon beast.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was a little shocked.

It was no wonder the Crystal Level expert dared to leave floating city, to think he left so many experts behind.

However, both Ten Thousand Bones Demon and Three Eye Golden Ape possessed the strength to rival a Crystal Level and did not fear these Liquid Level opponents.

A cold glint flashed across Liu Ming’s eyes and he was about to urge the Ten Thousand Bones Demon to start attacking.

Suddenly, he heard a clear rumble behind him.

A white light flashed past the Ten Thousand Bones Demon and Three Eye Golden Ape, and into the midst of the Sea Race and Demonic beast and under the angry shouts, a cold light exploded.

The cold disappeared in an instant. Both the Sea Race Spirit Master and Demonic beasts’ bodies were split into two and a strong stench of blood wafted into the air.

The light whirled towards the center before shrinking. Only after the air was littered with bodies did Zhang Xiuniang appear with a sword in hand.

Although her appearance was the same as before, she carried with her an unfathomably deep aura which was shockingly at the Late Stage Liquid Level cultivation.

“Senior Zhang, you are……”

The Three Eye Golden Ape youth was involuntarily shocked.

“I only borrowed a treasure from my ancestor, causing my cultivation to increase exponentially. I cannot maintain it for long, we must hurry!” Zhang Xiuniang said.

“Of course we will, but what kind of treasure is that, to increase one’s cultivation by two realms? This is an inconceivable matter! Heavenly Moon Sect deserves its reputation as the top Sect of Da Xuan Country, its strength is unfathomable!” Yun sighed with shock and said.

“Junior Yun has exaggerated. Speaking of true strength, your Three Eye Golden Ape and Junior Liu’s Ten Thousand Bones Demon is not below my current strength.” Zhang Xiuniang laughed, obviously not wanting to answer the question.

At this moment, the white haired youth finally rushed over.

All of them spoke a few more words before rushing towards the center of floating city.

Although waves of Sea Race Guards and Demonic Beasts attacked them along the way, under the attacks of the three, their attacks had no use on the five people.

In a blink of an eye, they arrived at the center of floating city and looked at the plaza surrounded by blue glyphs.

The four corners of the plaza were guarded by four different Sea Race statues, tortoise, octopus, whale and serpent dragon. Each of them was a hundred feet huge and were all white and sparkling. 

In the center of the plaza was an altar over a hundred feet tall and on top of it was a silver basin with a simple black bowl within. 

“Get it, this is the Perfect Tier Spirit Treasure of the Sea Race!” The green sleeved girl’s eyes lighted up upon seeing the black bowl and shouted excitedly.

Upon hearing this, Yun got excited and the Golden Ape rushed towards the altar.


Upon reaching the edge of the plaza, the Three Eye Golden Ape was blocked by a blue light that suddenly appeared and was violently repelled by the force.

After taking around a dozen big steps back, the huge ape shook its head and steadied itself.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and the rest had a shiver down their heart.

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