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Chapter 262 - Attack of the Sea Race

When the black cloud appeared, the area underneath shook violently and waves of water gushed out. The ground instantly became a vast expanse of whiteness that was the sea. Simultaneously, various roars rang out and sea monsters of strange shapes appeared on the sea surface, with the smaller ones only an inch big and the larger ones as big as a small mountain.

At this moment, the Sea Race, who had bodies that were half human and half fish, came down from the black cloud. They either traveled on water or on a sea monster, their impetus astonishing.

“Junior Liu, the Sect Leader has called for us.”

Just as Liu Ming was lost in a trance, Yang Qian’s voice echoed in his ears.

He looked down.

He could see Senior Yang waving at him from the city wall below. The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, Lei Spirit Master as well as other Spirit Masters were all standing there.

After exhaling, he dropped down towards where they were.

“Since the reinforcements have come, we are not intending to just defend. Other than leaving a small half of people in the city, the rest will be sent out to battle with the Sea Race in order to strengthen our morale. Junior Lin, Junior Chu! You two lead part of the disciples and remain in the city. The rest of you, follow me out. Martial Uncle Yan and the other elders will also remain in the city to guard it and prevent the opposition’s Crystal Level experts from making sudden sneak attacks. Everyone, make sure to be careful, as the Sea Race’s morale is currently booming and they are extremely sanguinary. They will not be dropping their disposition to talk nonsense with us,” ordered the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader once Liu Ming had arrived. It seemed that after days of studying, he was already very familiar with the Sea Race.

Liu Ming along with the other Spirit Masters of the Barbarian Ghost Sect naturally did not have any different opinions, and all boarded the flying ship nearby.

In the other directions, the other sects such as Heavenly Moon and Hall of Blood were in the same situation. Groups of disciples were either flying of clouds or had boarded flying boats and battle chariots and all looked combative. 

When Liu Ming boarded a bone ship of over a hundred feet long, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s voice rang at his ears.

“Junior Liu, you are the key person controlling the Ten Thousand Bone Demon. If you run into a strong opponent on the battlefield, make sure to return to the city immediately. Do not flaunt your power! Remember, you are our sect’s trump card and must make sure that your own safety is first priority!”

Hearing this, Liu Ming looked towards where the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader was at with slight surprise and nodded at him.

He did not plan on taking risks in the battle with the Sea Race this time anyway. After all, with his cultivation, he may be able to easily defeat average entities of the same level of cultivation, but there was not much chance of winning if he went against a Middle Spirit Master. If he bumped into a Late Spirit Master, he would probably have to consider how to save himself.

At this moment, the seven or eight disciples of the bone ship greeted Liu Ming. He acknowledged them, and with that, the ship shot forward like the other bone ships of the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

In an instant, the densely packed front lines of the sects were only a mile away from the seawater across.

Clear buzzing noises radiated from the Heavenly Moon Sect and densely packed sword rays shot up, condensing in the air to form a light sword of more than a thousand feet long that held up the sky.

A ‘pu’ sound rang out!

The huge sword slashed out, shattered all over and disintegrated.

Amongst an earthshaking noise, the seawater about a mile away suddenly split from the center and a huge ravine of a few miles long appeared on the ground’s surface.

The Sea Race and sea monsters nearby that were hit were instantly reduced to a mess of blood.

At the same time, the yells of countless Sea Race came from another stretch of seawater nearby. Following that, a blue light appeared on the surface of the water and blue balls of water floated out, all heading to one point and condensing into a huge, blue hand. It spread out and each finger pressed towards the direction of the sects.


A great, invisible force crashed down on the disciples of the Nine Enlightenment at once and the flying chariots and ships within a mile’s range were all crushed into pieces, the disciples either killed or injured.

Seeing this, the Nine Enlightenment Sect Spirit Masters nearby all had ugly expressions on their faces.

The Firestorm Way had a dozen elite disciples making seals and a huge firebird of more than a thousand feet long appeared out of the air amongst the group of people. It flapped its wings at the other side and densely packed flame feather arrows shot out instantly.

There was a sizzling sound.

Balls of burning flames exploded among the Sea Race, becoming clouds of flame that shrouded the masses of sea monsters and Sea Race who was unable to dodge in time, turning them into charcoal. 

On the other side where the Hall of Blood was, the disciples opened their mouths to spit out a mist of blood. The mist turned into a dozen huge blood spears that were seventy or eighty feet long, and with a tremble, they shot out.

There was a loud whistling noise in the air. A dozen streaks of blood flashed on the sea surface across and the Sea Race or sea monsters that were in their way all exploded with a tremble.

In the Sea Race’s formation, more large blue hands appeared and retaliated against the several sects on this side without holding back.

There were already many who had fallen in the battle even though the two sides hadn’t truly come into contact yet

But with the speed of the two sides’ charging, such long-range attacks only lasted an instant.

In a moment’s time, the fellow sects and Sea Race were only over a thousand feet apart. The disciples at the front could even see the Sea Race’s ferocious faces on the seawater across from them.

“Go!” yelled a middle-aged Spirit Master of the Firestorm Way suddenly.

Immediately, almost a hundred Firestorm Way disciples took out stacks of glyphs and threw them across crazily.

The glyphs crazily flashed a few times before turning into streams of yellow mist that entered the ground between the sects and the Sea Race.

Next, the disciples of the Firestorm Way continuously activated techniques.

There was a strange rumbling noise.

There was a yellow light that flashed on the ground ahead and chunks of earthen walls grew out, forming a city wall that was a hundred feet tall and twenty feet thick. It turned into stone in the blink of an eye, becoming incomparably rock solid.

When the seawater on the other side hit the thick city wall, other than a small part of it passing through on top, most of it was slowed and could only gush past the two sides of the wall. The shocking, imposing manner from before was thus stopped.

There were also sea monsters that were riding the water and were unable to dodge in time, crashing into the city wall with a low growl.

Amongst them, the more powerful ones rebounded off the wall and felt a little dizzy for a moment, whereas the weaker ones were battered and bleeding from the crash, with injuries that were not light.

Seeing this, the human sects’ disciples were delighted and either activated their weapons or techniques to attack the Sea Race and sea monsters behind the city wall without pause.

“You’re looking to die!” yelled someone from the Sea Race with great anger.

Then, a Spirit Master of the Sea Race with a green face and red armour who was controlling an octopus three hundred feet long appeared from out of the seawater behind. He stepped on the head of the octopus and the sea monster’s eight feet slashed at the city wall with a blur.

A booming sound rang out!

Eight eye piercing balls of white light erupted at the wall ahead, and following a shattering noise, eight huge, water tank-sized holes appeared on it.

The seawater nearby instantly gushed in through these holes.

Simultaneously, powerful sea monsters such as giant turtles and cuttlefish appeared in front of the other walls and were all ordered to destroy the city wall into pieces.

They all roared out at the sky!

For a moment, the whole area turned into the churning surface of the sea.

At this time, the fellow sects’ disciples had already abandoned their tools for flight and began to attack with their weapons.

On the Sea Race’s side, the black clouds in the sky dispersed and countless cultivators of the Sea Race appeared on all kinds of enormous sea monsters. In an instant, the two sides came into battle like tidewater, and at the moment they came into contact, a dozen figures fell from the air.

For a moment, the battle became incomparably severe.

As a higher up within the sect, Liu Ming naturally could not rush to the front like regular disciples. Instead, he discarded the bone ship and stood side by side with Yang Qian on a cloud. 

Not far from them, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and other Spirit Masters were watching the large battle ahead with stern expressions.

“Junior Lei, Junior Zhu, go support the west side. Two Sea Race cultivators of the Liquid Level have appeared,” ordered the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader with a low voice a moment later.

Hearing this, Lei Spirit Master and Zhu Chi flew towards the battle on the west side on clouds without another word.

“Junior Lin, Junior Chu, go kill the thick-skinned giant turtles in the northeast. Our sect’s disciples there aren’t able to deal with them.”

“Yes sir.”

“Yang Qian, go support the Nine Enlightenment Sect neighboring us!”


After a short while, there were only a few people, including Liu Ming and Gao Chong, remaining near the where the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader was.

At this time, the entire battlefield had spread out and spontaneously formed groups of battles of different sizes.

Some battles consisted of a dozen Sea Race attacking a few human disciples, whereas others had several dozen human disciples attacking one Spirit Master of the Sea Race.

Of course, there were even more experts of the Liquid Level who were battling each other. Under the effect of the immense force, the area nearby was swept clear.

Right at this time, the sea surface near the Barbarian Ghost Sect shook and loud, deep noises rang out again and again, as if there was something extraordinarily heavy that was slowly crawling out from the depths.

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and looked towards where the noise was emitted with surprise.

He saw that the seawater split and a large, dark blue hand shot out at lightning speed. It grabbed a disciple of the Hall of Blood that was flurrying in the air nearby and crushed him, turning him into a bloody mist.

There was the sound of a bull’s grunt!

An enormous monster that had a bull’s head and a human’s body crawled out of the water. It was at least seventy to eighty feet tall, covered in blue scales and carrying a huge, black sword in one hand.

Monsters like this crawled out of the seawater one by one. There were at least thirteen or fourteen of them.

With a sword in one hand, these monsters rushed into the groups of battles nearby. They were unstoppable, none of the disciples were able to last a few attacks. They were either slashed in half by the huge sword or grabbed by its large hand and crushed.

The attacks of the several sects’ disciples using techniques and weapons were all blocked by the thick scales on the body surface and were unable to cause any large harm at all.

“Liu Ming, you go and deal with the newly appeared sea demons! The regular disciples are not their opponent,” ordered the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader. After seeing this, his expression had darkened and he finally turned his head towards Liu Ming.

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