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Chapter 251 - Golden Ginseng

When Senior Huang saw this, his pupils slightly constricted and with a move of his figure, he magically appeared next to the huge cauldron and began assessing it attentively. 

Liu Ming watched with only a smile.

“It’s only made of average silver sand essence, how could it possibly be this heavy? Unless there is something in the cauldron?” said Senior Huang whilst furrowing his brows after circling the huge cauldron once. 

“Senior found out as expected. The item in the cauldron is indeed what I have brought for refining,” said Liu Ming with a flicker of his eyes.

Senior huang nodded and shook his sleeve. An invisible force surged towards the huge lid. 

With a “pu”, the lid that appeared to be fairly heavy flew off at once and securely remained floating in midair.

Senior Huang then finally craned his neck and looked inside the cauldron to see the black drop of liquid that was emitting black gas. He could not help but reveal an expression of surprise.

It was obvious that Senior Huang did not think that the item inside the cauldron would be of this size at all.

However in the next moment, the black robed elder, with a change in idea, suddenly thought of something and instantly single-handedly grasped at the space inside the cauldron. 

A muffled “peng” sound rang out and the cauldron shook a little, but the black liquid inside it still did not budge one bit. 

Senior Huang’s facial expression underwent a huge change and exclaimed, “It really is the rumoured treasure, First Yuan Heavy Water!”

“What, Senior has seen this treasure before?” Liu Ming was a little surprised after he saw that the elder recognized the First Yuan Heavy Water so quickly.

“It is my first time seeing such an unusual treasure, but I own a marvelous book that contains records of the world’s various rare materials for forging totems. It contains a description and pictures of the First Yuan Heavy Water. I originally was not able to confirm it but after testing the true weight of it, I am sure,” muttered Senior Huang while staring at the item inside the cauldron without blinking. In this moment, his face displayed an expression of infatuation. 

“So that’s how it is. Since Senior Huang knows what this is, you probably also know what item it is that I would like you to forge,” said Liu Ming very straightforwardly after his realization. 

“Although the First Yuan Heavy Water is extremely rare, there aren’t really that many things one can forge with it. In addition, the materials that are compatible with it are also extremely valuable and rare. Unless Junior plans to use this drop of First Yuan Heavy Water by itself and have it refined into the rumored Heavy Water Bead?” replied Senior Huang slowly after thinking. After listening to Liu Ming’s words, he finally woke up a little from his infatuated state of mind.

“To be able to see through my intentions so quickly, Senior Huang really is the number one blacksmith of our sect. You are right, I indeed want to have the First Yuan Heavy Water refined into a Heavy Water Bead. But how likely would Senior be able to succeed?” asked Liu Ming with a serious expression after nodding.

“As Junior Liu previously said, with such a precious treasure, if it were just the blacksmiths from the normal markets, the chance of failure would probably not be small. But if it were I, myself, forging it, there is naturally not too big of a problem. The only thing would be to see what tier of a totem the end result will be,” said Senior Huang with great confidence after thinking for a bit.

“With such great confidence; I knew it was the right choice to come here.” Liu Ming was delighted after hearing what Senior Huang said.

“Hehe, since Junior is able to take out this First Yuan Heavy Water, as a blacksmith, I am naturally unable to dismiss the temptation of personally forging a totem with it. But Junior Liu must not be expecting me to do this for free, right?” said Senior Huang indirectly.

“How would I dare to let Senior Huang bustle about for free. Although I still have a few spirit stones on me, Senior Huang is most likely not interested. How about this, I still have a portion of Pure Aura Qi that was rewarded to me by the sect back then. Why don’t I use that as remuneration,” replied Liu Ming with a smile after thinking quickly. 

“The Pure Aura Qi rewarded by the sect, although very average, is just enough to pay for the forging of totems. However, the amount of supplementary materials that need to be used to refine the First Yuan Heavy Water into a Heavy Water Bead will not be low. Although I am able to gather them, their value is not cheap either.” Senior Huang first nodded before shaking his head. 

“Other than the Pure Aura Qi, I will also pay Senior twenty thousand spirit stones!” This time, Liu Ming spoke with extreme frankness. 

“Who would have thought that although Junior is young, you have a considerable amount of assets. Okay, then it has been agreed upon. You may come here to take the totem after one month. Also, tell me what effects and restrictions you would like the Heavy Water Bead to have first. That way it won’t be unsuitable for you after it has already been forged.” Senior Huang was a little surprised after he listened to Liu Ming but eventually spoke with more gentleness after measuring him with the eye. 

“I have no other requirements other than having this Heavy Water Bead being heavy. It does not matter what tier of a totem Senior ends up forging, as long as it contains restrictions that are of this heavy nature,” replied Liu Ming without any hesitation, as if he had already thought about this before. 

“Only after using brute force to forcefully knock down opponents? With the Heavy Water Bead’s original weight, if one were to multiply it a few times, perhaps it would even be able to crush a small mountain into pieces. But if one’s Fa Li were not pure enough and body not powerful enough, I’m afraid it would be very difficult to drive such a heavy treasure to one’s own wish.” Even though it was unknown how many people he had forged totems for, Senior Huang still sucked in a cold breath after hearing Liu Ming’s words.

He could almost imagine the shocking scene of the Heavy Water Bead crushing everything after it comes into being. 

“Senior, please rest assured. Since I have this requirement, I am naturally prepared for it,” said Liu Ming with a slight smile.

“Alright, since Junior really wants to go after this kind of straightforward, tyrannical power, and believe that you are capable of controlling it, I will refine the treasure according to your wishes.” Senior Huang pondered a little and seemed rather uncaring.

As a result, in the following time, Senior Huang pledged on the spot according to the regular rules of blacksmiths.

Thereupon, Liu Ming did not stay any longer. He bid farewell and left right away.

The black-robed elder that remained in the hall was looking at the black drop of liquid in the cauldron and could not hide the excitement on his face.


Liu Ming did not return to his dwelling and instead, headed straight for the Scripture Pavilion after making a term.

“What?  Junior wants Spirit Master level pill recipes for increasing Fa Li?” exclaimed the red-robed elder, Liao Feng, inside the Scripture Pavilion. 

“Yes, I have recently taken an interest in alchemy and want to borrow a few high-level pill recipes to view and emulate,” said Liu Ming calmly, blinking his eyes.

The red-robed elder had an odd expression after hearing this. Quite a while later, he finally said with uncertainty, “There is naturally not a problem with Junior borrowing high-level pill recipes. But each pill recipe will cost one thousand contribution points and will require you to make an oath to not reveal it to another person.”

“Okay, that is not a problem.” Liu Ming agreed to it very simply.

The red-robed elder saw this and did not ask anything else. He shook his sleeves and in a ray of light, the two of them disappeared into the secret room of the Scripture Pavilion.

A quarter of an hour later, Liu Ming flew out of the Scripture Pavilion and directly returned to Nine Infants Mountain.

Inside the secret room of his dwelling, Liu Ming sat on a cushion cross-legged. He looked at the pale, white beast hide covered in silver inscriptions the size of ants with furrowed eyebrows. 

When he finished reading the final piece of beast hide, he released a long breath and muttered to himself with a downcast expression, “Who would have thought it would be so difficult to refine Spirit Master level pills. And they need so many different supplementary spirit medicines. Looks like it won’t be possible to refine Spirit Master level pills anytime soon. Nevermind, I should just take the spirit medicines directly. Even though it is not as effective, my Fa Li will still increase greatly. I can’t worry too much about things in the future and instead should focus on increasing my strength. I will consider other matters after I survive the war with the Sea Race.”

After Liu Ming finished muttering, he single-handedly grabbed at his arm and a few jade boxes of various lengths appeared out of nowhere. They securely landed in front of him when he shook his sleeve.

He then raised his hand and beckoned and a rectangular jade box flew towards him. It spun once and the lid opened up, revealing a golden ginseng. 

The ginseng was as thick as an arm and was two feet long. Its shape could be seen clearly and it permeated an enticing aroma.

It was the most precious spirit medicine he obtained from the secret realm back then. According to its color and aroma, it should have been at least thousands of years old. Even if one were to ingest it as it was, it would make one’s Fa Li skyrocket.

Liu Ming kept it till now because he thought it would have been too wasteful to ingest it as a Spirit Apostle.

Other than the golden ginseng, he also kept a few other spirit medicines that could increase a Spirit Master’s Fa Li, but their effects would be a little weaker in comparison.

According to Liu Ming’s estimation, if he were to ingest all of the spirit medicines, it would be enough to cover a dozen years’ of strenuous cultivation even though it would not be enough to directly make him reach the Middle Liquid Level.

With that, Liu Ming did not hesitate any longer and with a flash of green light, he used the short sword to slice a thin piece of the golden ginseng. He put it directly in his mouth and chewed a few times. 

An aromatic liquid filled his mouth and became abnormally creamy right away. With a gulp, it all slid down his throat and into his stomach.

He immediately felt a boiling sensation in his abdomen that instantly turned into waves of heat which headed for his meridians. At the same time, his face turned bright red.

Liu Ming hurriedly put away the things in his hands. With his two hands forming seals, a black mist formed on the surface of his body. It did not take long for his figure to be completely submerged in it. 

As time passed, there was more and more black mist in the secret room. The aura of Liu Ming, who was in the center, became increasingly stronger. 

Not too long later, the entire secret room was filled with thick, black mist and from time to time, there would be a ‘ga beng’ sound that rang out.

Half a day later, all of the churning black mist drifted towards the center and instantly became a long, black belt that was as wide as a palm. It spun around Liu Ming with much flexibility.

Right at this time, Liu Ming, who originally had his eyes closed, opened his eyes. His facial expression was one of pleasant surprise. 

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