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Chapter 247 - Precious Treasure

Nine months later, the white-robed man was meditating with his eyes closed when he suddenly heard a buzzing noise. 

He was surprised and hurriedly stopped his technique. He opened his eyes and looked in front of him. 

He saw that the bronze mirror, which was originally quietly hanging on the wall, slightly trembling. 

The image in the bronze mirror showed that the door of the stone house, which was shut tightly, had slowly opened, and a youth in a green robe walked out of the house with a calm expression. It was Liu Ming.

The man in the white robe rejoiced when he saw this. He hurriedly flipped his hand and a formation disk suddenly appeared. After he did a few motions with his hand, he walked towards the stairs. 


Liu Ming looked around at the scenery outside the stone house. Everything was still the same as before.

The only difference was probably that when he entered the stone house, he was still an average Spirit Apostle, whereas, by the time he came out, he was already a true Liquid Level Spirit Master. 

Liu Ming thought like this and couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile on his face. He lightly clenched his fists and a layer of blue light that slightly sparkled appeared on the surface of his body. 

This was the Symbol Qi that he had cultivated so strenuously to attain. The strength of the defense was enough to face the full power attack of an average Spirit Apostle with ease. 

And to cultivate this Symbol Qi, he used up all three bottles of the Seventh Blue Aura Qi in one go and had to attempt to condense the Aura Qi three times before finally succeeding with difficulty.

At that time, he almost broke out into a cold sweat and called it a fluke in his mind.

If the portion of Aura Qi he had gained back then was a tiny bit smaller, there really would have been a possibility of failing to break through this time. 

Liu Ming thought like this and abruptly moved his finger to point to the ground nearby. 

A “pu” sound.

A blue light shot out and left a small, deep hole in the ground nearby. Instantly, there was an extraordinarily cold air that emerged and blocked the small hole with ice. 

Liu Ming saw this and a satisfied expression appeared on his face. 

Regardless of defense or attack, the Seventh Blue Symbol Qi made him quite content. It was worthy of the hardships experienced at the Ten Thousand Barbarian Mountains.

But at this time, if someone used their mind to enter Liu Ming’s body, they would notice that the True Yuan in his Dan Tian had become a pale, silver liquid, and was exhibiting an astonishing Fa Li fluctuation. 

This was precisely a sign of a cultivator entering the Liquid Level - True Yuan Liquefaction. The body would now also be able to hold Fa Li that was a dozen or even dozens of times more than that of a Spirit Apostle. 

Of course, at the instant of entering the Liquid Level, his Mental Strength also increased by a few times. 

One should note that Liu Ming’s Mental Strength previously was not weaker than an Beginning Spirit Master, and now with the sudden increase, it was most likely that even a Late Spirit Master could not compare. 

It was also thanks to the fact that after Liu Ming advanced, he remained at the Spirit Pool to arduously cultivate for over half a year. Otherwise, whether it be True Yuan liquefying or the increase in Mental Strength, they would all cause the state to be unstable and would easily lead to problems in the future. 

Liu Ming thought like this and walked in the direction of where he first entered this place. 

As a result, when he reached the area near that transportation formation, the white robed man was waiting there. When he saw Liu Ming walking over, he said with a smile, “Hehe, congratulations to Nephew Liu for advancing to the Liquid Level and becoming one of us. I have already notified Senior Sect Leader and he will be here soon to take you to the Ancestral Hall to offer sacrifices. After that, you may officially call me ‘Senior’. Tsk tsk, Martial Nephew probably does not know yet how many people are shocked because of your success in condensing Symbol Qi.”

“My breaking through successfully this time was purely due to luck. If I were to attempt again I would most likely fail.” Liu Ming did not dare to neglect and hurriedly spoke with a salute. 

“Haha, since we cultivate to defy the heavens, luck is naturally a part of strength.” The white robed man laughed, appearing as if he did not mind one bit. 

Liu Ming naturally could only smile.

In the remaining time, he followed the white robed man inside the formation and exited from the Spirit Pool area, returning to a large hall in the pavilion at the entrance of the canyon once again.

Liu Ming had not yet had the chance to shake his head and rid himself of the dizziness when a figure swayed outside the main door of the pavilion and an elder walked in with a smile.

It was the Barbarin Ghost Sect Leader!


Two hours later, Liu Ming left the main peak’s Ancestral Hall and returned to Nine Infants Mountain.

Half a day later, he chose a true dwelling with the company of Gui Ruquan and moved in. 

The next day, Liu Ming received Spirit Masters of the other factions who came to congratulate him at his dwelling.

The day after that, Liu Ming met the disciples of the Nine Infants Faction as a Martial Uncle for the first time in the main hall at the peak of Nine Infants Mountain. 

Although the disciples already knew about Liu Ming advancing to Spirit Master, meeting Liu Ming himself still put strange expressions on their faces.


Half a month later, Liu MIng was sitting in a secret room in his new dwelling. Before him was a ten-meter large formation.

At the center of the formation, a green sword floated midair and at the same time, there were over a dozen of light green restrictions flashing. 

Liu Ming quickly made hand techniques with both hands and he breathed out blobs of essence qi. These all disappeared in the short with a flash. 

He was refining this middle tier sword totem.

With his original cultivation, he could only activate three to four layers of restrictions with difficulty. But now that he had become a Liquid Level Beginning Spirit Master, his Fa Li suddenly increased by more than tenfold which naturally meant that he could activate the rest of the restrictions.

Thus he was refining the Cyan Moon Sword again.

If he activated the totem again after it was refined, the power would naturally be a world of a difference from before.

As more and more inscriptions appeared on the surface of the green short sword and the sixteenth restriction was faintly appearing, Liu Ming’s face lit up. Yet just as he altered his hand seal, several buzzing noises resonated from within his sleeve.

Liu Ming jolted, swept his gaze across his sleeve to the origin of the sound and furrowed his eyebrows.

He suddenly paused his hand seal, and with the green sword still floating mid air, he shook his sleeve. A circular formation disk flew out and with a spin, it steadily landed in his hand. 

After Liu Ming’s gaze swept across the few lines of characters that had appeared on the formation disk, he appeared surprised. His gaze flickered a few times before putting the disk away; his facial expression was as if he was in thought. 

It was the Barbarian Sect Leader’s message that had appeared on the formation disk. It had said for him to go to the main peak’s large hall for a meeting as there were important matters to discuss.

Although Liu Ming thought it was a little strange, he naturally could not ignore it.

Thus with his hands speedily forming seals to cast a technique, the inscriptions on the surface of the Cyan Moon Sword retracted. He put the sword away and left the secret room.

A short while later, Liu Ming left Nine Infants Mountain on a gray cloud and flew straight towards the main peak.

Not long after, he arrived at the main peak’s large hall that was specifically used for meetings.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, with his brows furrowed, was already there waiting. The moment he saw Liu Ming walk in, he smiled slightly and greeted, “Junior Liu, you have finally arrived, please take a seat.”

“Senior Sect Leader is too courteous. What have you summoned me here for?” Liu Ming respectfully bowed to the old man in linen clothes.

“Since Junior is a quick tempered person, I will not beat about the bush. I would first like to ask if the method Junior was cultivating was the Dark Bone Method.” The Barbarian Sect Leader went into a moment of silence before saying words that made Liu Ming shudder.

“Senior Sect Leader found out from Senior Ruan, right?” Liu Ming, after changing his mind, did not reveal any odd expression.

“Don’t worry, Junior Liu. If we were to talk about who has the highest level of comprehension of the Dark Bone Method, after Junior Ruan, it would be me. Since you participated in the Large Competition a few years back, even if Junior Ruan had not told me, I would still be able to recognize a few signs of this method.” The old man in linen laughed lightly.

“Since it’s like this, I don’t need to keep hiding it. I am indeed cultivating the Dark Bone Method! Senior, have you called me here just because of this method?” Asked Liu Ming without a change in expression, while thoughts quickly ran across his mind.

“Yes, it is indeed related to this method. But before that, I still want to ask if Junior Liu has any opinions regarding the Sea Race invading the coastline nations this time.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said with a serious expression. 

“The Sea Race invasion? It is not easy to say, but there is one thing that’s for certain. The Sea Race has immense power and it would probably be very difficult to stop the invasion by just our strength as one country.” Liu Ming was first a little dazed but immediately replied without hesitation.

“Looks like Junior Liu is also a sensible person. Since it’s like this, I have a few messages that were sent back from the border. Junior may first take a look before saying anything else.“ The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader nodded before he unexpectedly took out a white jade slip and handed it over.

Although Liu Ming was a little surprised, he did not hold back. He took the jade slip and held it against his forehead.

As time passed, Liu Ming’s facial expression slowly became uneasy, and after quite a while, he finally sighed and removed the jade slip from his forehead. 

“I would not have thought that the Sea Race’s true strength was this strong. The situation ahead has actually also become this awful.”

“It’s like what you saw. The Sea Race’s strength is way beyond what we had originally imagined. And the Crystal Level experts of our five sects have already been stationed at the border a year ago in order to prevent the opposing Crystal Level experts’ sneak attacks, destroying them one by one. But even so, as soon as the Sea Race really commences attacking, the allied forces at the border will not be able to endure for too long. That’s why us sects need to send reinforcements immediately. But as Junior Liu also knows, the power of our Barbarian Ghost Sect was originally the smallest. We do not have many Spirit Masters and subtracting the ones who need to remain and guard the sect as well as the ones who are currently on missions, the amount of people we are able to send out is very few. That’s why, although our sect is unable to send many Spirit Masters this time, we are planning to utilize a few precious treasures that have always been sealed away.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader said with respect. 

“Precious treasure?” Liu Ming could not help but feel astonished as he heard this. 

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