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Chapter 243: Return to the Sect

 Upon sensing the four giant ants possessing Wind Escape, an incredible escape technique, Liu Ming naturally would not go easy. Not only did he activate his Dark Bone Method to the maximum, the cyan short sword in his hand chopped out continuously, while at the same moment, cyan wind blades shot out continuously, forming a cyan line towards the giant ants.

Although the two giant ants which surrounded and attacked Liu Ming possessed the Wind Escape Technique, under such fierce attacks, they could only evade.

Upon seeing that its attacks did not wield results, one of the giant ants decided to escape using Wind Escape Technique. However, it did not manage to successfully dodge the counterattacks by Liu Ming and was cut by a green sword qi. It was then followed by seven to eight wind blades which left several deep wounds on its body, causing it to be unable to activate the technique to quickly evade the remaining attacks. 

As a“ding” sounded, a silver chain broke through space and in a flash, tied up the giant ant tightly.

At this moment, Liu Ming felt a movement behind his back and the other giant ant appeared, its two of its front legs moved as it rushed forward without a sound.

Without turning his head, Liu Ming flipped his hand, sending a green sword qi chopping out.

The giant ant suddenly twisted its body to an awkward angle, dodging the dense sword qi coming towards it.

However, at this moment, Liu Ming’s other arm turned blurry and a dazzling gold fist smashed out.

Shocked, the giant ant used its front two limbs to strike at the gold fist in a crisscross manner, hoping to cut it apart.

However, upon contact with the gold fist, a shocking power surged out from the fist.

The giant ant gave an anguished cry and the power from the fist broke both front limbs.

The golden fist blurred again, penetrating the skull of the giant ant, killing it on the spot.

At the same time, silvery inscriptions began appearing on the silver chain tying the other giant ant and with the sudden tightening, it split the ant into several parts.

Just when Liu Ming eliminated the two giant ants, the flying head with long hair billowing in the wind suddenly moved, disappearing into space, leaving no trace behind.

The sound of space breaking resounded through the air. 

Two of the giant ants which were hiding using the Wind Escape Technique were pulled out by the long hair. At the same time, a green colored shadow flashed and the ants were split into over ten parts as they fell from the sky.

At this moment, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed towards the insect that upon releasing the four giant ants became unmoving.

Upon seeing the four giant ants were killed this quickly, its beautiful face expressed shock and its mouth let out a strange scream before the wings on its back started moving and it started escaping.

Liu Ming was flabbergasted for a moment, but without thinking, he formed seals with both hands, immediately a green light appeared and a gigantic wind blade appeared in front of him

With a tremble of the wrist, the gigantic wknd blade screeched as it shot out.

In the next moment, the body of the demonic insect released a pink light which enveloped its body. However, the moment the green light flashed, the gigantic wind blade split both the demonic insect and the light into two.

The demonic insect gave a terrible scream before its body fell from the sky.

However, at this moment, two green flames shot at the demonic insect with a “pu, pu” sound, turning it to dust in a moment.

It was the Flying Head which had caught up and shot out the two flames. 

Being able to kill such a seemingly strange demonic insect with ease, it made Liu Ming feel relaxed.

Although the giant ants let out by the demonic insect were powerful, its body was extremely weak. Most likely, this was due to failure in congealing the Aura Qi, leading to the sharp decrease in its power.

Liu Ming felt something was off, but did not give it much thought but instead, flew towards the Aura Pit.

Although the Bai Clan said that this Aura Pit has not been visited by anyone for many years and should have accumulated quite a bit of Seventh Blue Pure Aura, seeing a demonic insect in the pit made him start to worry.

Even if nobody had ever noticed this place, who knew how many demonic beasts had already used the Pure Aura during this period of time.

As Liu Ming start to consider all these, he started to get more worried.

In a moment, he had already reached the side of the gigantic pit, upon looking down with rapt attention, his expression changed.

This Pura Pit was much different compared to the pit in the underground of Immortal Dawn Mountain.

Looking from the top,  the shape of the pit was a funnel awl. In addition, the deepest part of the center was more than 100 feet from the top. Aside from some pale blue mist moving around the center, the rest of the place was made of unknown translucent stones of different sizes, each of them dazzling.

Liu Ming’s gazed at the blue fog in the center for a while before he frowned. 

Performing a seal with one hand, he flew up into the sky and dropping slowly towards the center of the Aura Pit. Upon seeing the distance between him and the pale blue mist was only ten feet, he grabbed out with his hand.

Immediately, a huge cloud of pale blue mist rushed towards Liu Ming before stopping in front near him.

Liu Ming squinted his eyes as he looked at it carefully.

He realized that within the blue mist, there are over ten grains of dazzling blue lights flashing, as though they were stars of the universe.

Upon seeing this, his face lit up.

To think that there was so much Seventh Blue Pure Aura within a cloud of mist. It seems like being able to extract two portions of Pure Aura Qi is not much of a problem

As Liu Ming kept on thinking, he got excited and quickly fished out a small bottle from his sleeves.


Two months later in the Barbarian Ghost Sect, on top of Nine Infant Mountain's hall.

Liu Ming, who had just returned to the sect, stood in front of Gui Ruquan as he respectfully detailed his experience in Xuanjing to the master of Nine Infant Mountain.

“You have performed well in Xuanjing and had done us proud. This time, if we had not killed all the Sea Race in Xuanjing a few years back, I am afraid our five sects would have become unable to fully concentrate on our enemies. However, it is a pity that your teacher and Martial Uncle Zhu, under orders, had gone to the border. If not, they would be elated to hear that you have returned. By the way, what does Martial Nephew decide to do in the future? Junior Zhong had already requested for the reinstatement of your true name, therefore, you can use Liu Ming as your name from now on. If there are no accidents, with your status as a Core Disciple, sooner or later, you will be sent to the borders for training.” Gui Ruquan said with satisfaction after hearing about Liu Ming’s experience.

“Many thanks for Martial Uncle’s concern, after going through several years of cultivation, I feel that my Fa Li powerful and also found quite a bit of suitable Pure Aura Qi. Therefore, I will be preparing to request for breaking through to the Spirit Master realm. If I remember correctly, every disciple who is experiencing breakthroughs is exempted from any orders within the sect, unless the matter concerns the fall of the sect.” Liu Ming said after considering for a while.

“Indeed there are such rules. However, do you really want to break through to Spirit Master Stage now? Have you thought of cultivating for another two years, to gain an even higher chance of breakthrough!” Gui Ruquan expression changed a little upon hearing Liu Ming’s words.

“It is alright. If this disciple is unable to break through this time, with a few years of rest, I should be able to have another chance of breakthrough before the age of thirty. However, if I were to wait for another two years, I am afraid there would not be enough time.” Liu Ming thought for a while before answering.

“Yes, Martial Nephew is not wrong in your considerations as well. However, you must remember one point, whenever breaking through, it is best that one succeed at first try, if not no matter what you do to remediate the situation, the success rate will become lower.” Gui Ruquan said after nodding his head, his expression neutral as he spoke.

“Many thanks to Martial Uncle Gui for your guidance, I will remember it. By the way, I received a letter from the sect a few years ago, saying that our five sects had been infiltrated by spies from the Sea Race. The spy of our sect was Senior Sister Jia Lan, she even stole the head of the Barbarian Ghost King which the Six Yin Master used. I wonder if this was true?” After bowing to express his gratitude, Liu Ming asked with a little hesitation.

“Of course it is true. The one who discovered her identity as a spy from the Sea Race was Junior Sister Bing from the Baleful Yin Mountain, who was also her master at that time. During that time, Junior Sister Bing with Jia Lan had already solved the mysterious disappearance of the Barbarian Ghost King and was about to unseal the Barbarian Ghost King’s head. It was at this moment Jia Lan revealed herself to be part of the Sea Race and betrayed Junior Sister Bing before stealing the Barbarian Ghost King head. Heavenly Moon Sect and the other four sects suffered similar situations whereby it was either their sect treasures were stolen, or the elders of the sect were killed. Among all the sects, Heavenly Moon Sect suffered the most losses. One of the two Grand Elders of the sect, Priestess Lengyue was poisoned by a strange poison that belonged to the Sea Race and is currently in a coma in the forbidden area of the sect.” When Liu Ming asked, Gui Ruquan’s face sank as he explained.

“So these are all real. It seems like the invasion by the Sea Race this time had gone through arduous planning for many years.” After hearing Gui Ruquan’s explanation, even his face distorted slightly.

For the rest of the time, he listened to Gui Ruquan’s tips about breaking through to Spirit Master before leaving the hall.

He then went to the Duty Hall to report and detailed all that happened during his mission before receiving his rewards for the mission.

At this moment, Liu Ming realized a group of youngsters who seem to be of the inner sect members of the Barbarian Ghost Sect had appeared in the sect and the familiar faces among the previous generation of disciples decreased significantly.

Seems like after these few years, Barbarian Ghost Sect had gathered another new batch of disciples, at the same time, many disciples of the previous generation had been conscripted and sent to the border of Xuan Kingdom.

In the next four days, Liu Ming did not step out of his room and was inside having a good rest to prepare for his breakthrough.

It was only after half a month when Liu Ming suddenly came to a secretive canyon between two mountain peaks of the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

At the entrance of the canyon, there was unexpectedly a gigantic garret three stories high. Hanging high on the huge main door was a board with “Imperial Heavenly Spiritual Hall” written on it.

Liu Ming touched an item among his sleeves before walking in big strides into the cave.

Within the hall of the garret, aside from a white magical formation, there was no one else around.

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