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Chapter 234 - Invasion of the Sea Race

Suddenly, Liu Ming’s gaze fell on the thirteenth piece of green tile. With a swift movement of his arm, he took off the tile. Flipping over the tile, he studied the back of it with a fixed gaze,

He sees the word “Liu” lightly engraved on the back of it.

Liu Ming raised his brows and crushed the tile between his fingers, 


The entire tile reduced to powder, from which two items fell out. One of which, a swarthy ring and the other, a white cloth with words densely written on.

Liu Ming catched both items at once while he moved his body. He floated up in a ghost-like manner through the window and arrived at the second level of the building.

Liu Ming reached and took out a crystal ball. With the use of his Fa Li, the crystal ball turned into a floating ball of white light before him.

At this moment, Liu Ming took out the two items to examine.

The ring seemed like nothing out of the ordinary as if it was a simple metal ring. However, from a closer inspection, the inner part of the ring had a blooming lotus engraved on it. Although the engraving was very small, it was lifelike and exquisite. Aside from that, there was nothing else special about the ring.

Liu Ming held the ring, turning it over and over again and studied it. With a slight change in expression, he put away the ring and instead took out the white cloth.

The white cloth was very obviously soaked in some special medicine before since it did not turn yellow over the years. Even the words written on it were still very clear and not blurry at all.

On the white cloth, the neatly written words were, in fact, his father’s handwriting. 

Even after many years, seeing such familiar items caused Liu Ming to be in a state of trance

Sighing, he barely restrained himself from what he was feeling and focused on what was written on the white cloth.

An instant later, he gave a look of surprise.

Not knowing how long after, he let out a sigh. He then threw the white cloth while a flame gushed out from his hands, turning the white cloth into ashes.

“So this was where Mother had died during childbirth. Father was one of the confidantes of the Third Marquis and in order to keep Mother and me alive, he went as far as to steal the Third Marquis’ most valuable ring. In the end, he could only save me.”

Liu Ming muttered as dark shadows was cast his face, hiding his expression.

Following that , he sat there quietly in the building , not moving at all.

He remained there until the sky turned bright when he turned into a silhouette that flew out. Flickering a few times, he silently slid beyond the high walls of the Third Marquis’ House.

Not long after, at the corner of the Marquis’ House where the old building was, several glyphs on the walls began to flicker slightly and burst out suddenly. Red flames then started rolling out.

In an instant, the entire building was engulfed in the menacing flames.

When the nearby patrol guards hastily broke into the house, the entire old building had turned into nothing. However, all the other buildings nearby were fine, without a trace of the flames jumping to them.

Seeing this, the guards looked at each other speechlessly. 


Back at the dwelling, Liu Ming sat cross-legged on the futon. He stared at the black ring in deep thoughts as he felt the Heaven and Earth Yuan Li converging slightly. 

The ring could actually gather Yuan Qi. Although this little amount of Yuan Qi is insignificant to a cultivator, for a mortal, carrying this over the years could actually prolong their life. 

Which explained why the Third Marquis valued the ring as a treasure. Even after Father had stolen and hidden it after these years, he was still unwilling to part with it and even sent people to search, demanding to know the whereabouts of it. 

What the Third Marquis didn’t know was that, even after Mother had died, the ring had never left the house. In fact, Father had always kept it hidden in the old building where he stayed. 

What left Liu Ming a little surprised was that his own Father had not mentioned any other relatives he had nor anything from Mother’s side of the family. All that was written was how Mother had died and the reason for concealing his identity and leaving the mansion. 

Fortunately, the Third Marquis had already died in the hands of the Evil Cultivators from the Black Spirit Group. Otherwise, he would have a blood vengeance with the Third Marquis! If the Third Marquis were to be alive right now, Liu Ming would probably show up personally.

Suddenly, a muffled sound came from his hands. A little red ball of flame emerged on the top of the black ring. 

However, in the next moment all that was heard was a “pu”. All the flame was sucked into the ring and slightly gathered all the Heaven and Earth Yuan Li to make the Yuan Li a little denser.

A cold light flashed, 

Liu Ming flipped his other arm, pulling out a short green sword. He then mercilessly slashed the ring

A “dang” ring sounded. At the moment when the short sword hit the ring, an even more powerful energy rebounded, causing the short sword to bounce high up.

Liu Ming then placed the black ring before his eyes, only to see that the short sword had left no trace in the ring.

Squinting his eyes, Liu Ming lowered his head to look at the black ring. A very complicated expression appeared on his face.

“Great Tungsten Steel! After searching high and low and not finding this, I can’t believe I would find it through such circumstance.”

Shockingly, this ring was made of Great Tungsten Steel.

The reason he could recognize the material instantly was because before Spirit Master Lei left, Liu Ming had purposely gone to ask about the characteristics and the appearance of the Great Tungsten Steel. 

The ability to gather Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi was one of the characteristics of the Great Tungsten Steel.

With all the other tests he did just now, it all proved that it was indeed Great Tungsten Steel.

However, seeing how rare this material was, the one who refined the ring at that time probably did not know the true features of it. He most likely saw the Yuan Li fathering ability and randomly refined it into a ring.

The same goes for the Third Marquis who later obtained the ring. 

Although Liu Ming managed to get this Great Tungsten Steel which was what he always wanted, somehow, he just wasn’t able to be happy about it.

The next few days, he could not help but think back on all the bittersweet memories he and his father shared.

Only after seventh to eighth day passing could Liu Ming finally recover from the state he was in.

After a strong fight with his mind, he was prepared to adjust it over the next couple of days in which he would start using the Great Tungsten Steel to concise his sword embryo spirit. 

On this day, however,  Liu Ming went to a coffin shop in one of the alleys in Xuanjing where he had intended to return some news. Instead, he received wave after wave of shocking news.

“What, Jia Lan is from the Sea Race and has stolen the Head of the Great Strength Ghost King! A few spies disguised as core disciples in the Firestorm Way that have also stolen the Firestorm Way’s ultimate treasure, Wind Lightning Seal! Not only that but the First Elder from the Heavenly Moon Sect was inexplicably poisoned. Apparently, one of her maids had fled and has disappeared since. The Sea Race even declared war against the coastal countries and have all been occupied by the Sea Race. Now the five Sect has already combined forces and rushed overnight to the Da Xuan Country’s border with the coastal countries. It was announced that all disciples who are not serving posts must report back within two months.” Standing before the messenger, Liu Ming felt a little dizzy after seeing the chain of news. 

However, with this news, there was not the order for Liu Ming to report back to the sect. 

To the Barbarian Ghost Sect, since Liu Ming holds the responsibility of monitoring Xuanjing, he need not respond to this call. Instead, they asked him to take note of anything happening here in Xuanjing in case the Sea Race continues sending people to infiltrate the area.

When Liu Ming walked out from the alley, his face turned gloomy.

Up till now, he still could not believe the news that Jia Lan was Sea Race. Since the higher level Sect had already sent this news out to all the disciples, it would certainly have been confirmed. 

This let Liu Ming to be in mixed feelings.

Looking at the busy streets filled with mortals and a few other cultivators passing by, everything seemed usual.

The news of invasion about the Sea Race to the Yun Chuan Continent had obviously not spread here yet. If not, Xuanjing would definitely not be this calm. 

Nevertheless, this news could not be held back for long. At that point, the entire Xuanjing would probably be in a state of shock and chaos. Before this, he would have to sell off some things immediately. Otherwise, when the chaos arrives, he might not be able to sell out many of his items at the original price.

On the other hand, the price of several other items might start soaring. 

After Liu Ming thought about it for awhile, he called a carriage without hesitation and headed straight to the underground market. 

A few hours later, Liu Ming, disguised in black, walked out from what seemed to be an ordinary shop. He was carrying many totems and ingredients that he swept off the shelf. At the same time, on him were over ten thousand Spirit Stones.

Coupled with the seventy to eighty thousand Spirit Stones he obtained from the two Black Spirit Group Leaders, it brought up his assets close to two hundred thousand. 

This was the result before he even tried to auction the other treasures he had. 

Nonetheless, Liu Ming still went to a number of glyph, ingredient shops. After purchasing a batch of simple Storage Glyphs that Spirit Apostle could use as well as alchemy material worth tens of thousands of Spirit Stones, he was then relieved.

When he was about to leave, all of a sudden, he saw a remarkable blacksmith shop. On the door, hung the words “Ten Thousand Refinement House” on a silver plaque. After his heart stirred slightly, he immediately walked over.

This Thousand Refinement House at Xuanjing was considered famous, having way more power as compared to the Hundred Spirit House and the Gathering Wealth Building. The word was that they had shops across Da Xuan Country as well as in a few neighboring countries. They were a faction that had influence over quite a few countries.

“Dear fellow, have you come to buy materials or sell them?” A middle aged man with a mustache beamed with smiles as Liu Ming walked in and asked. 

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