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Chapter 233 - Unknown Pure Aura

Several foot in the pit was an impressive shroud of grey fog that covered everything in sight. However, mingled in the pit, were also some crystal black silk, each as fine as a single strand of hair. Despite the fog tumbling around, the silk strands kept still which made people feel uncomfortable.

“What is this aura……”

Liu Ming released his consciousness to feel the thing black threads in the aura pit. He looked as though he was absorbed in thought.

The aura emitted from the black silk had a few similarities with the black smoke from within the Aura Zombies. It looked as though the Aura Zombie was using this place to train its bodies with Pure Aura Qi and preserve the body from decomposition.

The previous Aura Zombie body showed great resilience towards sharp bladed attacks; it

could even single-handedly crush giant Wind Blades. Perhaps, there's a crucial link there with the effectiveness of this type of Pure Aura Qi. On the other hand, this Pure Aura Qi also seemed to be weak against fire type attacks. Otherwise, the Aura Zombie wouldn't have been so afraid of the giant fireballs, nor have the three crimson beads that easily incinerated its body.

On that thought, Liu Ming couldn't help but feel disappointed. 

With such a flaw. this Pura Aura Qi would be considered lower grade.

After all, no matter how effective its other amplifications was, one’s opponent could just take advantage of such an obvious weakness. It was very easy to die if this weakness was found. 

However, the type of Pure Aura Qi in the Aura Pit, as well as its deficiencies, would have to be tested by others.

Even if this was the lowest grade of Pure Aura Qi, there were still at least two to three portions gathered in the pit.

With this much Pure Aura Qi, it would be enough to use as a backup, regardless of how flawed it may be. After all, with more of one type of Pure Aura Qi, the more successful the condensing the Aura into Cultivation Qi would be.

With that thought, Liu Ming stopped hesitating and pulled out an ordinary looking porcelain vase from his sleeve. He threw it down the pit and began to conjure one handed signs.

After a while, Liu Ming produced five identical porcelain vases in front of him.

At this time, the black silk in the pit became scarce.

Liu Ming didn't intend to use the leftover pure aura at once. With a wave of his sleeve, he stored away the five vases.

He then searched all four corners of the cave.

The result was that apart from the pit in the center of the cave, there was virtually nothing else worth paying attention to. 

So Liu Ming put away the Flying Head back into his leather bag and returned to the heart of the original formation. He lifted his hand and stared towards the direction of the entrance.

He squinted his eyes, and suddenly his cyan short sword slashed into the sky.


A screen of light emerged and bounced away from the sword qi.

So, the restriction was still there after all.

But this time, Liu Ming was left undisturbed. His arm became a blur. Suddenly, the short sword surged into the sky and released an array of cyan Sword Qis.

A little while, a roaring sound was heard and the curtain of light finally cracked inch by inch.

Liu Ming laughed out loud. Then, he transformed into a shadow and rose to the skies.


After landing on both feet at the top of the cave exit, Liu Ming's face was filled with joy.

As expected, the corpse of the tall man dressed in black was still here.

Without a second thought, Liu Ming took a few steps forward. After he searched the corpse, he also found several high tier Spirit Stones, a few pills and glyphs, and a bronze mirror that released blood red lightning fires previously. 

Though the mirror wasn’t very powerful, it was obviously a totem. It was probably just a lower tier totem, but a rare Mirror Totem at that. If he sold it, it could perhaps fetch thirty thousand Spirit Stones or more. 

It was a shame that this time, he couldn't find any methods. Liu Ming was quite disappointed, as he hoped to take a look for the Floating Ghost Tattoo training method.

In the remaining time, Liu Ming investigated the leftover black coffins once again. As a result, he found quite a few alchemy materials to make pills, large amounts of Spirit Stones, Glyphs and a couple low tier sword totems.

Although it looked like there weren’t many, nor were there any valuable items, he estimated that he could roughly fetch a total of one hundred thousand Spirit Stones for the lot.

With this, Liu Ming, who was short of Spirit Stones at the time, was ecstatic. 

This journey into the caves not only brought returns of five of the same unknown Pure Aura Qi, but he also got nearly two hundred thousand Spirit Stones worth of other treasures.

He immediately took out simple Storage Glyphs on his body and stored everything within them. He left satisfied after covering his tracks.

After a busy and hectic night, the skies outside already began to glisten with light.

After leaving the cave, it wasn’t too convenient for Liu Ming to not return to the Third Marquis House. So he headed straight back to the dwelling on the Immortal Dawn Mountain.

By noon, Liu Ming sat cross-legged in the secret room and faced the golden skeleton in front of him. He studied it closely.

He had already run tests on it. After being covered by a layer of liquid gold, the skeleton hardened to the level of a lower tier totem. Even if the cyan moon sword was used, it would only leave behind a shallow scar.

In short, if there weren’t at least seven or eight sword strikes at the same place, perhaps it would be impossible to break through.

Liu Ming studied it for a while. With some kind of thought, he suddenly grabbed the shoulder bones with both hands.

With a “pu”, roaring red flames rushed out from his arms and in a split second, the skeleton was completely engulfed in the flames.

However, in the flames, the gold shimmering skeletal frame didn't change in color at all.

“So it seems that the flames aren’t hot enough.” Liu Ming murmured as he couldn't help but furrow his brow.

The previous golden chair melted in the high heat that was created from the explosive flames from the three Crimson Flame Beads. How was he going to replicate those conditions again?

After some contemplating, Liu Ming eyes lighted up.

He gathered up the gold skeleton and got up. He walked out of the secret room and left his cave.

Fifteen minutes later, he reached Fan Baizi’s Cave and lightly knocked on the cave door a few times.

“Ah... It's Senior Qian. The master is currently refining pills, so I'm afraid there won't be time today for Martial Uncle to receive advice on the Alchemy.” A boy who opened the door saw that it was Liu Ming and immediately broke into a smile.

Liu Ming had been studying Alchemy for some time now at Fan Baizi, so naturally, the boy and Liu Ming were rather familiar with each other.

“Don't worry. This time, I'm not looking for Master Fan, I'm actually hoping to borrow the cave's earth fire furnace.” Liu Ming said with a faint smile. He waved his sleeve and a Middle tier Spirit Stone fell out. He threw it to the boy.

“Hehe, for other, it'd be impossible to use the earth fire furnace. But Martial Uncle is not an outsider, so of course, it's no problem. The Master is using earth fire furnace number one at the moment, so Martial Uncle, please use number two” The boy quickly took the Spirit Stone as he said grinning from ear to ear.

“Okay, lead the way.” Hearing this, Liu Ming quietly nodded.

Liu Ming followed the boy's lead and headed deep into the cave.

After a while, he was led into a crimson red stone room. Besides a lonely green pill furnace, there was nothing else inside.

Liu Ming looked towards the black shiny gap below the pill furnace and had a satisfied look on his face.

He waved his sleeve, closing the stone door. Then, pulled out a set of formation flags from his arms and tossed it in all directions.

Then, a layer of faint light from the white light screen appeared covering the entire secret room.

Having done all this, Liu Ming then pulled out a glyph and crushed it into pieces.

As the shroud of light formed, the golden skeleton floated into view once again.

Liu Ming raised his arm to the pill furnace with a wave. After a flash on the lid, it levitated silently.

“Whoosh.” With a single flick of his foot, the gold skeleton was kicked into the pill furnace.

Liu Ming waved his sleeve again and the lid fell.

He single-handedly released it and shot several techniques at the crack below the pill furnace.


Fiery lights flashed from the crack as it spat crimson red flames out. The flames wrapped around the pill furnace in a split second.

Liu Ming waved both hands at the flames and two waves of pure Fa Li rushed into the flames.

With a “bang”, the flames that were, at first crimson red had become white. They released a blazing heat and even made the surrounding air to buzz.

At the sight of this, Liu Ming showed happiness on his face as he continuously used urged Fa Li to pour through. 


Fifteen minutes later, Liu Ming left Fan Baizi’s cave with a satisfied look on his face and returned to his own cave.

After he returned to the secret room, he sat cross-legged and pulled out a jade box from under his sleeve. He lifted the lid and revealed a gold glistening ball that was the size of his fists.

It was the gold liquid that was separated from the skeleton borrowing the fire of the pill furnace. However, the black skeletons disintegrated into ash in the high heat. 

After Liu Ming took out the gold liquid from the pill furnace, it began to harden in no time.

Liu Ming spent half the day in the secret room but still couldn’t figure out what type of treasure or material this golden liquid belonged to.

Amongst the rare materials he knew, he had never heard of anything like this.

This object looked like the black liquid from the people of the sea race. It would have to wait to be identified in the future. 

With the rest of his time, Liu Ming organized all the objects that he obtained in the cave in preparation to exchange them for Spirit Stones.

In the end, Liu Ming brought over his new book, which detailed the “Beast Transformation Technique” and flipped through the pages with interest.

The book stored training methods that were mostly quite bloody. Naturally, he would not practice these techniques. However, looking through the secret techniques and spells, his mind was opened. In the future, if he were to encounter opponents who trained in similar cultivation methods, he would know how to find the kinks in their defense and defeat them easily.


At midnight, Liu Ming changed his expression as he left the cave for the Third Marquis House once again.

Having already experienced it once before, this time, he headed straight for the old building in the far corners of the Marquis House.

Upon successfully infiltrating the old building, he flipped onto the rooftop of the second floor with a shift of his body. Then, he took a piece of the ceiling tile from the far left, and started slowly look to the right. 

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