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Chapter 232 - Exorcism

The scrawny youth let out a “pah!”

Though the sound was faint, he spat out a cloudy gray glowing ball.

The jade streak shot into the glowing ball. After entering, the streak slowed and became sluggish.

Taking advantage of the situation, the scrawny youth tilted his head and barely evaded the needle.

Just at that moment, Liu Ming, who stood firmly, suddenly stomped one foot forward. His whole body bolted forward like a crossbow arrow. With a swaying motion, he came to the scrawny youth’s side. He raised his hand and stabbed towards the youth with a blue icicle.

The scrawny youth’s expression fell as he caught the icicle with the same palm he used to crush the Wind Blade to powder before. As he did that, he sneered,

“With this kind of technique, you thought you could hurt me!? How naive!”

Seeing this, a strange look appeared on Liu Ming’s face. He suddenly became a blur and bolted away instantly.

At the same time, the blue icicle hadn't been completely crushed by the scrawny youth and instead exploded with a flash.  

“Boom!” An odd chilling air swept wildly out.

The cold air was naturally nothing to the scrawny youth. But surprisingly, three crimson-red beads suddenly appeared from the broken ice.


The scrawny youth was shocked by what he saw. He wanted to do something in defense, but it was too late.

With a flash, the three beads exploded simultaneously with three booms.

Three crimson flame clouds shot upwards in the pit and after surging as they condensed, they transformed into a dazzling, crimson-red sun.

The scorching sun directly engulfed the scrawny youth along with the gold chair while the heat was so intense that it turned the surroundings into a hazy mess.

Trapped within the scorching sun, the youth let out a blood-curdling screech, instantly being reduced to ashes. All that was left behind was an ink-black, humanoid skeleton.

However, even the skeleton did not last for very long, slowly melting away in the searing heat.

But right at this very moment, two black flames suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the large, empty eye sockets in its skull. With that, the skeleton let out a tragic shrill cry and the gold chair beneath it actually quickly melted it into a golden liquid with a flash, the liquid twisted towards the skeleton.

In that split second, the originally ink-black skeleton actually flashed wildly a few times and became shimmering gold.

Then, the gold light on the golden skeleton burst out and actually stopped the skeletal frame from melting. Then, with a few steps, the skeleton directly shot out of the crimson-red sun.

Though, in the very moment the golden skeleton emerged from the red light, a blur appeared before him. Liu Ming had actually appeared stealthily once again. As Liu Ming raised his hand, a hazy white object flew out.

It was actually a string of crystal-like prayer beads.

Although he had not refined the prayers beads much, in the instant facing the gold skeleton, the beads released a strong Buddhist chant as if it had met itsgreatest enemy. It then appeared the gold skeleton's neck before lighting up and suddenly transforming into a thick rainbow-colored halo. Immediately after, the halo tightened up.

The gold skeleton let out an awful cry. Then, a raw fleshy stench and green smoke emitted from its neck, as it trembled terribly out of control.


The Jade Shadow Needle circled the skeleton. In a flash, the needle shot into the back of the skeleton's skull and pierced out of its forehead.

The gold skeleton that was fighting desperately immediately lost the luster of its eerie dark flames in its eye sockets. The struggling body of the skeleton also went limp and dropped to the ground.

Seeing this, Liu Ming relaxed and moved to the skeleton's side. A cyan light flashed in his hand and a wind blade appeared. He raised his arm and was ready to chop off the skeleton’s skull. 

But in that moment, something strange happened!

However, the originally lifeless gold skeleton suddenly rose up. The two balls of black flames reappeared and rotated in its eye sockets. It transforming into two shrouds of black smoke and soared into the skies. In a flash, the smoke formed a hazy black ghost face.

“Kid! Since you destroyed my corpse body, I will take your flesh body as compensation!”

The ghost face gave an evil laugh before it charged towards Liu Ming in a blur.

Liu Ming was naturally shocked. He instantly retreated and shot the ghost face with the Cyan Wind Blade in his hands without any hesitation.

After the cyan light flashed, the ghost face was actually unharmed. Through gusts of raw fleshy smelling wind, it actually neared Liu Ming.

Liu Ming let out an angry roar. He flipped his palms and summoned a crimson red iron tube. With a “ka bang”, the tube spat a crystal silk net out.

The silk net disappeared in a flash, passing through the ghost face. Unfortunately, it had no effect.

In the shock of it all, Liu Ming tried to do something else but it was too late.

All of a sudden, the ghost face stretched and transformed into a ball of black smoke before knocking into Liu Ming's body.

The attack abruptly sent chills up Liu Ming’s body. He used both arms to protect himself but it had no effect. It was as though this creature really had no physical form at all.

The ghost face let out an odd laugh before it was about to drill into Liu Ming’s body.

But in that moment, tens of crimson red rays of light suddenly appeared on Liu Ming's body. When the ghost face touched the light, it immediately let out an awful cry. In addition, the ghost face transformed into a ball of black smoke and shot back.

It was Liu Ming's custom dragon scale armor which activated when an evil creature was in his vicinity. It forced the ghost face back with just one hit.

Liu Ming was naturally delighted to see this. Without hesitation, he abruptly spat out strong gusts of hazy green wind. The wind forced the ghost face to spin endlessly in one spot with no way of moving forward.

He then formed a one handed sign once again and pointed towards the gold skeleton.


The rainbow halo around the skeleton's neck vanished and transformed into a dense array of prayer beads. In a blur, the beads smashed into the black fog that had transformed into the ghost face.

With this, seven colored rays exploded at the center of the black fog.

The ghost face let out blood-curdling screams as its black fog frantically squirmed in the seven colored streaks of light. It was unable to recover its face form under the attacks.

Liu Ming, who had time to take a break, swiftly pulled out a pile of glyphs from under his sleeve and threw them out.

Loud noises of “Pu! Pu!” were heard.

In a blur, the glyphs attached themselves to the black fog like herbal plasters. The black fog was instantly wrapped solid.

Liu Ming changed his hand sign and spat out a single word, “Explode!”

In that moment, each and every yellow glyph exploded into balls of white light. Amongst the white light, there were even hints of gold flames flickering.

This time, before ghost face could even let out a cry, it disintegrated in the gold flames.

Liu Ming finally let out a long deep breath.

If it weren’t for the fact that this ghost was incapable of leaving the chair at the start and he had been carrying quite a few things that countered ghosts, exterminating it would never have been such a difficult task.

However, after thinking it over, he also felt a deep pain in his heart.

The pile of glyphs just now were a gift presented by Spirit Master Lei not too long ago. They were high level glyphs that were specifically made to defeat ghostly creatures. It was at almost the same value as the Gold Light Talisman to used in life threatening situations.

If it weren’t for the ghost face’s seemingly infinite persistency and the fact that regular exorcism glyphs would probably be ineffective, he would never have used them all up in one go like that.

However, in the previous fight, it was understandable for prayer beads to effectively ward off ghostly creatures. But, for the red dragon scale to have similar effects, that was a pleasant surprise.

Deep in thought, Liu Ming raised his hand to feel the faintly hot armor before he beckoned before him.

An air piercing sound was heard.

Numerous beads shot out in a blur and recreated a new string of white hazy prayer beads.

When the ghost face was eliminated, the two Demonic Apes that originally fought with the Flying Head also vanished in black smoke.

Immediately after, the head gently flew over.

At this time, the White Bone Scorpion finally crawled out of the crater in the ground and tumbled over to Liu Ming’s side. It used both its front pincers to rub up against Liu Ming’s pants.

After Liu Ming saw the cracks on the Bone Scorpion’s back, he couldn’t help but lightly furrow his brow. Then, he slapped his leather pouch.


A black fog appeared, storing the Bone Scorpion away once again in his pouch.

This time, the Bone Scorpion was injured quite heavily. It looks like it won’t be out for action for a few months.

Though the Flying Head had lost a bit of its vitality, it wasn’t too injured too heavily and didn’t need to have to be stored away.

After Liu Ming used his conscious to order the Flying Head to be on alert before he looked towards the gold skeleton that was still left in good condition.

The skeleton laid quietly by the side of the pit with seemingly no signs of life.

Suddenly, the image of the gold chair liquidizing and enveloping the skeleton came to Liu Ming’s mind. Naturally, he grew quite interested.

But now was not the time to examine this object.

After Liu Ming walked around the gold skeleton twice, he raised his hand to release a simple Storage Glyph.

Then, he walked over to the corpse of the fat man dressed in black.

When the fight first broke out with the ghost just now, the ghost had carelessly thrown the corpse to the floor.

After Liu Ming bent down and performed a search, he discovered that there were several books of Evil Cultivation novels and that the Beast Transformation Technique was actually among them.

Apart from this, there were several High tier Spirit Stones that were worth ten thousand lower tier Spirit Stones each.

This discovery naturally delighted him.

At that moment, he just remembered that he hadn’t checked the corpse of the tall man dressed in black.

The fat man in black had such immense wealth as just the number two in the Black Spirit Party. Then, the tall man in black, who was number one, wouldn’t stray too far in wealth.

Luckily, nobody would barge into this place for a while and he didn’t need to hurry.

After storing the items away, he breathed in deeply. He took a few steps forward towards the side of the pit and stared into the pit.

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