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Chapter 231 - The Battle with the Aura Zombie

The youth raised his arm and pointed a single finger towards Liu Ming.


A powerful gust of invisible wind rushed towards Liu Ming, so quick that it left him no time to react. Caught off guard, he suddenly turned his head. The strong wind clipped the side of his ear in a flash and hit the stone wall behind him. A hole in the shape of a finger materialized on the stone wall.

"Symbol Qi!"

Seeing this, Liu Ming's expression changed.

The scrawny youth on the gold chair chuckled mischievously. Suddenly, an array of fingers was fired one after the other.

"Whoosh! whoosh!" Strong gusts of wind flashed by, attacking towards Liu Ming's body.

Of course, Liu Ming was prepared after the previous attack. He wouldn’t just stand there. Liu Ming swayed his body and created a string of after images until he was a couple meters away.

Again, several finger winds shot by, leaving the stone wall behind him riddled with holes.

"Something’s off! You're not a Spirit Master! There's more to a real Spirit Master's Symbol Qi!" Liu Ming quickly glanced back at the holes in the stone wall and back again at the scrawny youth who fired the last round of attacks. When the youth stopped firing, Liu Ming squinted his eyes and spoke up.

"Heh heh... I've already cultivated the Symbol Qi. It doesn't matter if I'm a Spirit Master or not! You are but a puny Spirit Apostle, do you still think you can slip through my fingers and escape? This place has been completely restricted. Unless you’ve got something that can match a Spirit Master's attack, you can't possibly break through. You're doomed to have your body drained of blood by me!" The scrawny youth spoke as he chuckled.

Bending his five fingers, he formed a claw and rushed at Liu Ming.

A rip in the atmosphere was heard!

The space at the top of Liu Ming's head rippled and a half translucent grey hand appeared. The hand clawed at him in lightning speeds.

Liu Ming eyes flashed and with a twist, he body became like a single leaf in the strong wind, floating away.

At the same time, the White Bone Scorpion and Flying Head launched their attacks. A full head of long thick hair fired aggressively and a scorpion's tail transformed into tens of piercing black threads piecing out.

Attacked by both, the gray hand flashed a couple of times before being reduced to flickers of light which faded quickly.

Seeing this, the scrawny youth's face dropped and lifted his arms as though ready to claw at Liu Ming again.

Suddenly, Liu Ming broke into laughter.

"Interesting. Your attack just now looked impressive but why do I feel like it was all for show? Time and time again, you've been dropping hints that I could use strong methods to break free but... Let me take a wild guess here.. For some reason, you're the one who is incapable of breaking the barrier, so you want to use me to give you a helping hand. Unless.. There's something wrong with your body, so you're trying to scare me off... From a while back, you haven't moved an inch from your chair, have you?"

After hearing what Liu Ming had to say, the scrawny youth's face became instantly hostile. Without a word, he pulled out a silver long sword from his waist and slashed towards Liu Ming.

An ear piercing screech!

Liu Ming felt a silver light before his eyes. He didn't know exactly how it happened but a cloudy silver Sword Qi appeared above his head and slashed hastily downward.

Startled, he was just about to dodge when a loud "bang" emerged from the ground. Suddenly, two dirt yellow hands appeared and firmly grabbed both his legs.

Liu Ming's heart dropped. The Cyan Short Sword suddenly slashed up numerous times at the sword, shooting up a cloud of cyan sword shadows. At the same time, the silver chain began to spin out of control, not only crushing the two khaki hands into powder but also transforming into a protective silver shadow.

The sound of both the silver and cyan swords clashing rang frightening loud in the sky.

On seeing this, the scrawny youth on the golden chair let out a cold laugh. He swayed his sword-bearing arm, slashing again at Liu Ming.

All of a sudden, another silver Sword Qi struck down like lightning from high above.

With a wailing sound, the cyan Sword Qi formed tiny glistening cyan lights before disappearing altogether.

The silver Sword Qis combined into one strike and hit the crazily spinning Silver Chain.

Immediately, an array of muffled noises exploded into the air.

Liu Ming staggered before exiting the shroud of silver Sword Qi.

And the silver chain that was sparkling in crystal light, came out with a dim light.

After he regained his balance, Liu Ming took a quick glance at the silver chains and back at the scrawny youth in front of him. Suddenly, he revealed a strange look in his eyes and asked,

"Was that your trump card? Looks like I was right. There is something off about you!"

As the voice fell, he suddenly tossed the cyan Short Sword up into the sky. He formed a hand sign hastily and muttered incantations.

The whirling cyan Short Sword transformed into a cyan moon and grew larger with every rotation.

At the same time, the White Bone Scorpion and Flying Head thrust themselves in the direction of the crater.

In just a few seconds, the Flying Head made its way towards the scrawny youth and spat out a mouthful of green flames. Countless strings of silk hairs also shot out from a flick of its head.

An evil grin crept on the scrawny youth's face when suddenly, he spat out a white ashy light. In another sweep, he inhaled the mass of green flames but didn't bother with the piercing long strands of hair that filled the skies. Using his spare hand, he formed a fist and launched a punch.


The long thick hair pierced the scrawny youth’s body. Meanwhile, the Flying Head was struck by a powerful invisible force, which knocked it back flying. The Flying Head let out a chilling scream in pain.

In that moment, the White Bone Scorpion followed with a pounce and spat out a mass of violet flames. The scorpion’s tail swung and shot out tens of piercing black thread.

“Pu! Pu!”

The scrawny youth unexpectedly took the violet flames and black threads head-on. His arm slithered like a spirit snake and grabbed the Bone Scorpion’s pitch black tail. Then, he flicked his wrist and mercilessly hurled the Bone Scorpion to the edge of the pit.

A muffled thud.

The entire ground faintly rumbled.

The ground where the Bone Scorpion laid caved into itself and the Bone Scorpion struggled to crawl back up.

It was obvious that the Bone Scorpion been hurt quite badly.

But what was most shocking of all was that the wounds by the Flying Head’s long hair and by the Bone Scorpion’s piercing tail emitted black smoke but there was so sign of blood at all.

At this point, the Cyan Moon Sword in the sky had transformed into a perfect full moon. With a low grunt from Liu Ming, it blurred and disappeared.

The cyan moon flashed above the scrawny youth and silently fell with a cold shadow.

The youth originally wanted to make a move to get rid of the Bone Scorpion and Flying Head, but when he saw the frightening aura of the cyan full moon, his expression changed. With a flick of the silver sword, he pointed at the skies and released tens of Sword Qi strikes in a single breath.

In an instant, the cyan full moon and Silver Sword Qi violently collided, causing sounds of the impact to erupt in waves.  

Cyan and silver rays intertwined in the sky. They both looked as though they were stuck together.

Then, Liu Ming materialized a half a meter long giant Wind Blade. He flicked two hands and the Giant Wind Blade disappeared in a blur.

A light flashed before the scrawny youth’s eyes. He lifted his arm and clawed forward with a hand.

His entire palm abruptly shriveled up and grew pitch black.

The giant Wind Blade that blurred out of view, suddenly reappearing in front of the scrawny youth.

Liu Ming witnessed a scene he could not believe.

The giant Wind Blade struck the scrawny youth’s palms but failed to slice it open. The youth revealed a stern look on his face. Then, his five fingers abruptly came together and shattered the solid Wind Blade into tiny pieces.

Liu Ming, who was always considered to be a calm person, couldn’t help but feel his heart sink at the sight of this. However, his hands didn’t stop at all. His ten fingers trembled at lightning speed and appeared into a quickly growing crimson red fireball.

Seeing this, the scrawny youth’s complexion ran cold. With his mouth wide open, he spurted out two balls of black liquid.

In an instant, the two balls both fell to the ground. From the two balls of black liquid, out squirmed two one meter tall black Demonic Apes. With a cry, they rushed towards Liu Ming with their bare teeth and brandished claws,

But in that moment, there was another “pu”.

And in a split second, the two metamorphosised demonic apes were captured by a net from the Flying Head.

The two demonic apes fought ferociously but were unable to free themselves from the net.

The scrawny youth’s face looked a little pale. He flicked the silver sword in his hands and was about to slash at the Flying Head.

But in that instant, a loud noise was heard from above his head.

All of a sudden, the cyan full moon erupted. Hundreds of Cyan Sword Qi poured out and extinguished the Silver Sword Qi before transforming into a wave of thick cold light.

Left with little choice, the scrawny youth could change the direction of silver sword and slashed upwards.

At this time, Liu Ming gave off a rumbling sound. A fireball as large as a water vat was already rolling towards the scrawny youth.

The scrawny youth glanced over at the giant fireball, and for the first time, he revealed a hint of fear on his face. But for some unknown reason, he didn’t get up from the chair. Instead, he let out an awful screech and spat out five to six more balls of black liquid.

With every ball of liquid he spat out, the youth’s gaze grew duller.

“Whoosh! whoosh!” The balls of black liquid headed straight for the giant fireball.

A strange scene emerged.

When the mighty giant fireballs made contact with the balls of black liquid, it seemed like they blurred into one but they had actually silently perished altogether.

Then at that moment, a green streak flashed in the center of the fireball. A single jade green needle shot out from it. It darted towards the scrawny youth and looked like it was just about to pierce directly through his forehead.

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