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Chapter 224 - Sword Aura 

“Understood. Thank you for your understanding. Ah, right. What was the reason for having me bring Nephew Bai over here?” After a brief moment of relief, Lin Caiyu asked, puzzled.

“It’s nothing much. The reason that we were able to win this competition has much to do with this disciple of your Barbarian Ghost Sect. It could be said that he has protected my face. If that is the case, I might as well reward him with some benefits! If I don’t do so, that geezer Yan is probably going to criticize me again the next time I see him.” Ye Tianmei said nonchalantly.  

“Thank you. If Nephew Bai is able to be taught a thing or two by an elder such as yourself, a great opportunity has most definitely dawned upon him.” Although initially surprised, Lin Caiyu immediately spoke, happy at the occurrence. At the same time, she hurriedly waved at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming, upon hearing this, while clearly surprised himself, was equally as glad and hurriedly moved forward to give his thanks.

Hu Chunniang and Zhang Xiuniang were also stunned for a moment when they saw how things unfolded.

While Zhang Xiuniang was quickly able to collect herself, the look on Hu Chunniang’s face was one full of envy.

“So your name is Bai Congtian. In fact, this is the second time we have met. It seems there’s some fate involved between the two of us after all. So, what benefits do you wish to ask from me? And, let’s be clear, whatever reward that you ask for must be of equal value to your contribution. If what you ask for makes me believe you are greedy, I will do away with this promise of mine instantly.” Ye Tianmei spoke as she examined Liu Ming for the first time, having placed the piece in her hand down.

“Nephew Bai and Senior Ye have met before?” Naturally, upon hearing this, Lin Caiyu was shocked.

Zhou Tianhe, Zhang Xiuniang and the others reacted similarly. They all had a puzzled face. It was simply impossibly hard to imagine how a low level disciple such as Liu Ming was able to get to know a cultivator as strong as Ye Tianmei.

“I had never expected to meet elder in this place again. I had thought my existence is something you had long forgotten! I just wonder, this benefit that elder speaks of, are there other limitations beyond me not being greedy.” Liu Ming replied honestly after a quick thought.

“As long as your request is not disagreeable to me, there should be no problem.” Ye Tianmei smiled as she spoke, yet her reply made Liu Ming grimace and curse internally. 

What does she mean by not disagreeable to her? Isn’t that way too vague?!

Even so, in his own mind, he was quickly calculating what request would yield the most value to himself, yet at the same time won’t be rejected immediately by the Crystal Level Cultivator before him.

Upon seeing this, Ye Tianmei seemed to have no intent to rush Liu Ming, but merely stared at him. Meanwhile, the edges of her lips formed an expression that vaguely resembled a smile.

“Does elder have any Pure Aura Qi that are suitable for me?” Liu Ming thought for a second and asked with a question. 

“Pure Aura Qi? I have a couple portions but most of them are someone else’s. The others are quite normal and are you sure that you want a portion?” Ye Tianmei was not surprised and instead asked slowly. 

“Are these normal Pure Aura Qi of the same type?” Liu Ming had another thought and asked.

“They are not. Each of these Pure Aura Qi are different.” Ye Tianmei said without hurry. 

Liu Ming had a flash of disappoint on his face when he heard this. Then with another thought, he asked: 

“Since elder doesn’t have any suitable Pure Aura Qi, does elder have any Great Tungsten Steel? ““Great Tungsten Steel! Where did you hear this material from? This is an top tier material to refine flying swords but few outside of sword cultivators know about it. However, I do not possess any of this material and even if I did, it is not something that you can dream of obtaining. From your reaction, you seem to not realize the value of this material so I will allow you one more request. If it is not satisfactory, there will be no reward.” Ye Tianmei furrowed her brows as a hint of impatience showed on her face.

“I understand, thank you Elder Ye for your grace. In that case, could I learn a couple of methods to start training as a Sword Cultivator?” Liu Ming gave a bitter laugh in his heart as he spoke the last thing that he felt would be helpful for him at this point.

Zhou Tianhe and Lin Chaiyu were both shocked at these words.

“A path to begin cultivating as a Sword Cultivator? Are you thinking of also practicing the Path of Sword Cultivators? I have seen quite a few cultivators that have had those thoughts but most gave it up halfway through. Very few have been success and even then, they were incomparable with true Sword Cultivators. Are you sure you want to learn this path from me? All you need to do is buy some methods to start cultivating as a Sword Cultivator from any market. Think clearly, do you really want to waste your request on this!” Ye Tianmei’s eyes flashed when she heard this request.

“I have also seen those methods and notes from Sword Cultivators to be bought in markets. However, I believe that elder’s methods are much different from those within the market and I hope that elder can honor my request.” This time, Liu Ming replied without hesitation.

“Alright, since you have decided, then I will agree to this request. However, I can only give you some notes and tips without any detailed cultivation method.” Ye Tianmei said coldly.

“That is of no problem, just the notes would be enough!” Liu Ming replied without thinking.

“Okay, wait for a moment!” Ye Tianmei nodded and took out a jade slip. After pressing the slip to her forehead, she threw the slip at Liu Ming. 

After Liu Ming received the slip, Ye Tianmei’s expression suddenly turned cold. 

“Recorded are all of the notes and realizations that I had while I was a Spirit Apostle. Although there is no specific methodology within, as long as you can keep working at it and find a complete Sword Cultivation Method, you should be able to barely enter the Path of Sword Cultivators. Note that I’ve placed a restriction on this slip and you only have a night to memorize it. After tonight, it will forcefully break. In addition, although I am not giving you any huge secrets, I do not wish for too many to know it. If you teach it to others, not only will I kill you, I will also kill those that you have taught. If there’s only one person, I will kill that person. If there are ten, I will kill those ten people. If there are a hundred people, I will also kill them all.” Ye Tianmei said lightly.

“I would not dare to give these notes to another soul.” Liu Ming’s heart dropped for a second before he responded respectfully.

“Okay, you all may leave now.” After finishing this, Ye Tianmei waved her hand at Liu Ming and Yin Caiyu. 

“Then I shall bring Nephew Bai to leave first. If Elder Ye needs anything, feel free to contact me.” 

Lin Caiyu bowed.

Immediately afterwards, she brought Liu Ming away from the flying chariot and flew towards the bone ship. 

However, during the flight, she examined Liu Ming without stop. Her face was full of a weird expression.

Not only was she surprised that Liu Ming knew Yu Tianmei, she was even more shocked by his last request.


At the same time, aboard the bronze flying chariot, Zhou Tianhe could not help but ask:

“Martial Aunt, did your really give your Sword Cultivation notes to a Spirit Apostle from another sect?” 

“What, my decisions are now controlled by you?” 

“I would not dare do so, I just feel this being odd!”

Ye Tianmei’s soft words made Zhou Tianhe quickly bow and apologize.

“Whatever, all you need to know is that my actions have their meanings. In addition, all I have given him are some early cultivation notes, it can’t be considered anything precious. However, it might confirm a suspicion of mine.” Ye Tianmei furrowed her brows as she replied.

The moment that she saw Liu Ming, she felt an extremely faint sword aura from him. However, this aura was extremely weak and she was only able to barely sense it with it fading in and out.

Her being able to sense the aura was due to the fact that the sword aura that she cultivated was incredibly pure. Even Leng Yue’s aura could not compare to hers. If it was an ordinary crystal level Sword Cultivator, he definitely would not have been able to discover it. 

However, even with this, she still doubted whether this sword aura was truly there or if it was just an imagination.

Those who can cultivate sword aura must be genius disciples that only walk the Path of the Sword Cultivator. Even in the whole of Heavenly Moon Sect, only one disciple in the Spirit Apostle realm, Zhang Xiuniang, had successfully cultivated her sword aura. In addition, she spent quite a while and was only able to agglomerate it when she was a Late Spirit Apostle. 

With this in mind, how could a normal Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple have cultivated sword aura. 

She could say definitely that when she saw this Barbarian Ghost sect disciple previously, he did not give her that feeling. 

She also used a secret technique to soundlessly sweep over Liu Ming’s body.

But besides being able to confirm that this sword aura was emitted from within Liu Ming and not something that he had on him.

This made her even more interested.

Otherwise, how would she personally meet a Spirit Apostle from another sect with her status. Even more, she would not have generously given her own personal notes away. 

She believed that if Liu Ming read her notes on Sword Cultivation and did a little cultivation, the next time she met him, she would be able to sense more clearly.

Ye Tianmei’s plans would definitely not be explained to others and this matter was only slightly interesting to her. She didn’t put much mind to it. 

After all, Liu Ming was only a Spirit Apostle and his sword aura was extremely weak. 


Once Liu Ming got back to the bone boat and found a separate room with no one else in it. He immediately sat down and put his hand on his dantian, pressing lightly. His face was cloudy with a mix of emotions.

At this time, he could finally confirm that his sword embryo was not normal after he had met the crystal level elder from the Heavenly Moon Sect.

Originally, the sword embryo which had no movement or anything started to slightly heat up after he had approached Ye Tianmei. 

This was the first time the sword embryo showed such a sign.

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