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Chapter 221 - Battle of the Sea Jia (Part 1) 

Facing such a fierce attack, Liu Ming smacked the leather pouch around his waist without any hesitation. Then, a black gas shooted out from the bag and confronted the silver flash charging towards him. At the same time, the azure moon sword in his hand spun before it released azure sword shadows towards the giant.

After some explosions, Big Zheng staggered and was forced to moved backwards under the criss-cross attack of the azure sword shadows.

At the same time, the weird silver fish clashed with the white bone scorpion who jumped out of  the black gas and they ended up brawling on the ground.

The white bone scorpion casually lifted its enormous claws and fiercely charged towards the weird silver fish.

Even though the weird fish did not have any limbs, the front half of its body was like a sharp blade and stopped more than half of the bone scorpion’s attacks by crazily shaking its head. Even when the occasional attacks did land on its body, the attack just glided off the silver scales.

But even so, the weird fish’s resistance only lasted for a short while!

The weird fish could not dodge any more attacks as the scorpion’s tail turned into a few dozen black lines and several bloody holes were formed on the fish’s body and black blood was squirting out from the wounds.

Under the grave injury and poison, the only thing thee weird fish could do was to evade by crazily flopping its wings.

But at the time, the giant could not do anything about the weird fish’s situation.

This was because Liu Ming slashed green sword shadows with one hand and casted green wind blades without regards to his Fa Li, with his other hand. At the start, Liu Ming’s wind blades were shooting one at a time, but after a while, two to three or three to four times were shooting for every attack.

Although, the giant’s golden pincers were strong enough to resist the the sword qi, under such a dense attack, he could only desperately swing his arms, forming a golden barrier. Even so, his shoulders were still cut deeply by some of the wind blades and a light green blood was flowing out from the wounds. 

Big Zheng was scared and shocked at the same time while was not willing to be unable to fight back.

Suddenly, his enormous fish tail swung towards the space near him. Dots of blue lights appeared and instantaneously turned into sea water. Even though it was not comparable to the amount of sea water accumulated by Queen Dong after her transformation, it was enough to protect him by covering his body.

More than half of the wind blades’ power was neutralized by the layer of seawater and the remaining power could only leave a light white mark on his green scales.

But at this moment, Liu Ming’s green sword shadows and wind blades both disappeared in front of him. Instead, a bright red fire ball was formed behind him and it was getting bigger and bigger under Liu Ming’s chantings.  


With a deep exclamation and a shake from both hands, a giant fire ball sped towards the giant.

Seeing this, Big Zheng was not willing to take such an attack and he tried to dodge to the sides.

But at this moment, Liu Ming kicked off from the ground and charged towards the giant like an arrow.

As the giant barely dodged the enormous fire ball, Liu Ming appeared closer than two meters away from him and pointed a dark red steel tube towards him.


The giant shouted but it was too late for him to dodge.

After a “peng” sound, a net of thin crystal threads shot from the steel tube, completely covering him. 

The giant felt a chill and the seawater barrier around him froze to ice the moment the net touched it.

Big Zheng growled and moved his golden pincers violently, breaking the layer of ice broke into pieces. 

But at this time, Liu Ming’s face showed a hint of mystery and silently moved backwards.

Big Zheng was startled and unable to understand what Liu Ming was doing. However, he suddenly felt a hot sensation from behind and then a light of fire shone from his body; the enormous fireball which he thought he had dodged had turned back and hit him.

A sky shaking bang roared out!

After the terrifying cries from the giant, his body was drowned completely under layers of fire. His body only twitched twice before turning into dust in the mushroom shaped dark red fire cloud. 

Almost at the same time, because the silver monster fish was connected with the giant by mind, at the same time his master died, its body also twitched. The bone scorpion saw this opportunity and pushed it against the ground with its two giant claws before the sting on its tail attacked in dense black lines.

Even though the monster fish was of a rare species, its body was penetrated thousand of times. At the same time, the poison in its body was no longer suppressed and turned the silver body into pitch black color as its flesh started decomposing at a high speed. 

After such an intense battle, Liu Ming finally defeated the giant

But his face was slightly pale, the color of face only returned after he quickly poked the two sides of his head.  

He was only like this because he used a large amount of mental energy controlling the enormous fireball to turn back.

He has tried this controlling technique before but only with normal size fireballs and wind blades, and it was only to change the direction of the attack slightly. This was the first time for him to control a giant fireball completely.

The result made him happy but the large amount of mental energy expended was out of his expectation.

But at this point he could not care less.

This was because the battles on the other side had finished as well.

After a loud laugh, a smaller shadow flew out of the swirling sea water.

It was Hu Chunniang.

After flying out a few dozen meters, she staggered and fell on the ground unconscious. Her body was full of dense wounds, as if she had been cut by countless sharp blades. One of the two diggers in her hands were full of cracks in different sizes and the other one had snapped right in the middle.

Queen Dong’s gigantic body after her transformation appeared after the swirling sea water broke apart.

Her face showed ferociousness, and on the trident she was holding was the body of Feng Long, the disciple from the Barbarian Ghost Sect.  

The middle aged man’s vitals had been pierced through by the sharp trident. His body was also full of wounds and lifelessly hung from the trident.

Seeing this, a cold glint flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes.

The Sea Jia, transformed from Queen Dong, suddenly trembled as if she wanted to rush towards the unconscious Hu Chunniang. However, in the next moment, she seemed to have sensed something and suddenly turned her head. Her eyes collided with Liu Ming’s and her pupils dilated.

At this time, she obviously saw that besides the fact that the ground around Liu Ming being torn apart, his opponent, the giant man, was nowhere to be seen. In addition, there was a monster fish corpse that was slowly decomposing near Liu Ming.

Liu Ming didn’t waste any words, raised his leg and rushed over to his giant opponent. 

At the same time, the white bone scorpion seemed to have received some hidden signal from Liu Ming and with a move of its body, it disappeared within the ground. 

The Sea Jia from Queen Dong gave a cold hmph and breathed towards Feng Long on her trident. A freezing gust flew over and turned the corpse into a block of ice.

She slightly shook her weapon and the ice block shattered with a crisp sound.

This Sea Race woman who transformed into a Sea Jia had a dark face. It was obvious that she could sense Liu Ming was not normal and faced him as if he was a great opponent.

At the other side, Du Hai was still hacking at the middle aged maid’s light barrier. 

However, at this time, the light barrier was less than half of its original size. Within it, the middle aged maid did not have her original composure. Her forehead was rolling with sweat while a heat rose from her back.

She was like this partially because of Du Hai’s attacks, partially because Zhang Xiuniang was using the Imperial Sword Technique attacking the blood formation multiple times.

Although she poured an extreme amount of Fa Li, she still could not mend the new cracks on the blood formation. 

At the moment, the blood formation had dozens of cracks with each one larger than the previous one. 

Up in the air, the originally smiling man became more serious. His gaze looked between Queen Dong and Liu Ming without pause and seemed to be judging the strengths of the two.

Ye Tian Mei, on the bronze chariot, kept the same expression.

No matter it was Feng Long being pierced by the trident of the Sea Jia from Queen Dong or Liu Ming controlling the huge fireball to turn the giant into dust, it seemed like nothing could make her change her expression.

However, at this time, Zhou Tianhe or Master Lei were surprised by the situation. 

“Brother Lei, who is this disciple? To actually be able to use his mind in controlling spells as a Spirit Apostle, this disciple’s mental strength must be among the top ten within the five sects.” Zhou Tianhe could not help but turn his head to look towards Master Lei and asked. 

“This disciple is one of the top among the core disciples. In addition, he did the sect a great service with an impressive strength. As for his name, you don’t need to ask him. Just go back to your sect and ask around to know.” Master Lei’s eyes flashed before he gave a vague answer. 

“So this is a disciple with some fame. However, for such a core disciple, why isn’t he in your sect’s sacred areas, preparing to become a Spirit Master and instead in the supervising disciple role in Xuanjing? Isn’t this wasting his talent!” Zhou Tianhe heard this and suddenly smiled.

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