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Chapter 220 - The Battle (Part 3)

But in this situation, the battle groups suddenly changed.

All of a sudden, Queen Dong, with one wave of her jade slip, released a large amount of white light flowers which knocked Hu Chunniang back many steps. Then, she left behind an aftershadow and appeared at Xuan Zhi’s side.

“Zhi Er, it seems like we have no choice but to resort to that attack. Quickly cast it! If you don’t hurry, I’m afraid Aunt Lin won’t be able to hold on much longer.” Queen Dong anxiously told Xuan Zhi this.

“Mother, do we really have to use this secret technique! It doesn’t seem to be necessary yet, if I use it, the consequence will be drastic.” Xuan Zhi while managing the two sea beast shadows surrounding Feng Long, heard the remark. With this, he could not help but be startled and was hesitant. 

“Idiot! Can’t you see that their most power girl will not take long before breaking through the blood formation. The opponent of Big Zheng is no ordinary person either and he won’t be able to end the battle any time soon. If we miss the current opportunity, us mother and child will have no place to rest after we die. You also won’t have to worry about the damage dealt to your life, after I return I will report to your grandfather and we will naturally use spiritual medicine to help you recover.” Queen Dong responded after hearing Xuan Zhi’s complaints.

After hearing this, Xuan Zhi was startled then looked towards the blood colored formation and Liu Ming. He noticed that Queen Dong’s words were not exaggerating and gnashed his teeth as he agreed.

“Fine, then I shall use the secret art!”

Right after, Xuan Zhi drew a dagger that was emitting a chilling aura. He then cut a gash on both sides of his face as blood then gushed out of the wound.

“Very good, son. I will aid you!” Queen Dong said as she took out multiple glyphs of different colors before placing them all onto Xuan Zhi’s body.

Than a spectrum of light were emitted from Xuan Zhi’s body, impressively all of the glyphs were geared towards defense.

The former owner of Xuan Jing sheathed the dagger, then with all of his fingers dipped in blood, he drew a odd symbol on his forehead. At the same time, he was chanting an ancient and nameless scripture.

In text instant, between Xuan Zhi’s brows an imprint of blood sudden flashed and at the same time all of his muscles bulged, making his entire body red.


Within the blood light Xuan Zhi suddenly morphed into a Sea Race who was half man half fish. At the same time, a dense web of blood veins suddenly burst out of his body and dowsed the surrounding in a rain of blood. In addition, an unexplainable explosion of savage aura emerged from the blood imprint between his brows, impressing the feeling of majesty.

At this time Xuan Zhi raised his arm, pointing a finger with great difficulty at Queen Dong.

Immediately that aura began to stir, rushing towards Queen Dong as if it was a wild horse without a leash.

Queen Dong’s beautiful, mature body was doused in blood and the instant that the aura touched her body, she gave a sharp cry. Dropping to the ground, she also turned half man, half fish.

It revealed Queen Dong’s original face. However, under the influence of the aura, her body expanded rapidly without signs of stopping,. In the blind of an eye, she turned into a giant over three meters tall and with a single movement of her tail, she stood up once again,

At this point, the beautiful middle aged lady although had a face that still looked like Queen Dong, her entire body was covered in silvery fish scales. At the same time, a bloody red eye has emerged between her brows.

“Haha, this is the transformation of the Sea Jia, really is as powerful as legend says, I am far more powerful than I was.” Queen Dong said after turning into a giant Sea Race looked at her hands, suddenly laughing like a maniac. 

Hu Chunniang after breaking through the white light flower originally wanted to rush Queen Dong, but after seeing this scene, suddenly faltered a step.

And at the same instant, Xuan Zhi completed the spell, the two sea animal shadows without anyone’s control, were ripped apart by countless stabs from Feng Long using his three bone awls. Finally, the sea animals both dissipated.

But after he saw clearly Queen Dong’s enormous body, his face changed. With a flash, he dashed backwards, appearing next to Hu Chunniang.

The two of them spared each other a glance and gained the idea of fighting the enemy together, before then cautiously looking at the monstrosity.

“Mother, the rest will be up to you. I, will no longer be able to keep up.” At the same time, Xuan Zhi, after casting the spell looked at the Queen, smiling bitterly. Then, it was followed by a “ku tong” sound, Xuan Zhi collapsed onto the floor and sat there.

At the same time, the rain of blood shooting out suddenly stopped. Also, the remaining savage aura completely dissipated.

“Rest assured! I already completed the legendary Sea Jia transformation, these humans, even together, are no match for me.” Queen Dong said with confidence, then suddenly clapped her two hands.


A dark blue wave rose from her two hands and in an instant, changed into a gigantic dark blue trident.

Queen Dong grabbed the shaft of the trident and with a slight movement, blue light appeared in the space around her before instantly changing into balls of sea water. These balls then surrounded Queen Dong and levitated around her. 

Hu Chunniang and Feng Long, after seeing this, was shocked before attacking at the same time.

Hu Chunniang threw her two swords up as she pointed quickly at them. Then, two swords turned in a blur before slipping into two, then four, before forming over a couple dozen sword shadows. Then, Hu Chunniang gave a command, making all of the sword shadow shoot out violently.

On the other side Feng Long, spat out a mouth full of essence blood. The three bone awlsmoved into the blood together, forming a single massive awl. The surface of this awl was covered in blood runes, leaking out a dense blood aura. 

But after Queen Dong saw this, with a sinister laugh and a wave of the trident, she brought the rolling sea forward in a charge.

Three people after displaying their techniques entered into a battle royale together.

Queen Dong’s frightening transformation, not only let Ye Tianmei, who was only a spectator feel shock and let a trace of contemplation on her face, it also made Liu Ming who was currently tangling with the large man shocked when he glanced over.

According to his original wishes, he didn’t want to expose too much in this battle in order to avoid the attention of the experts from the sea race. However, Zhang Xiuniang was trapped in a blood formation, and the Sea Race also turned Queen Dong into a terrifying monstrosity.

From this point, if he doesn’t used some of his true trump cards, perhaps they would lose this battle. And if it ended like that, according to Barbarian Ghost Sect’s rules, Master Lei would definitely make them suffer.

Liu Ming after reaching this point, had a slight drop in attention. While turning, he hesitated for a moment and left a weakness which was exploited by the enraged giant.

With a flash in his eyes, suddenly, the giant stick trembled, turning into a transparent sea snake. With a gaping both, it tried to bite Liu Ming’s neck. Then with Big Zheng himself opened his mouth as a stream of whitish liquid sprayed out before in a flash, it turned into a bunch of water arrows and shot out, covering Liu Ming’s every direction.

Liu Ming did not mind these water arrows but the quarterstaff suddenly turned into a living creature surprised him greatly.

After realizing this, with a snort, suddenly a blue light flashed from within his sleeves. A small blue flag appeared in his hands and with a wave forward, an enormous amount of blue light emerged.

No matter if it was the water snake or the water arrows, they all entered into the light and disappeared without a sound.

Big Zheng, after seeing this, suddenly yelled: “Essence Water flag! You were the one that killed Wei Yu and stole the totem! So you were one of the two bastards that ruined our plans.”

After Big Zheng’s outburst, his face became even more twisted with rage and he suddenly made hand signs with hands. Blue light emerged from his body before revealing that he turned into his original Sea Race appearance as half fish, half man. He then withdrew a pouch, pelting it ferociously at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed again and with a wave, he suddenly was holding an azure sword. With a single movement, a Sword Qi of several feet bursted out, smashing into the pouch.


The pouch was obliterated, but from the center, a flash of silver light appeared that flew towards Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s brows jumped and did not even tried to dodge it. Instead, with a wave of his sword, a new several feet long azure light flew towards the silver light.

“Dang”, a sharp sound rang!

The silver light was directly reflected but from within the silver light came a massive force, forcing Liu Ming back.

At this moment, the reflected silver light suddenly turned back towards Liu Ming and flew towards Liu Ming even faster than before. This time, its target was at his chest.

Liu Ming was frightened greatly, before he steadied himself, he hurriedly did a sword dance, forming wave after wave of azure sword shadows.

A wave of noises later, the silver light penetrated the layers of sword shadows and then was deflected by the azure sword.

At this time, Liu Ming finally saw what the silver light was.

It actually was a half feet, long and thin flying fish.

But this fish was shining silver, its mouth and head wass also sharp like a sword, almost taking up the whole fish. Its back body had a small transparent fin which flapped like a bee’s wings and it suddenly turned around and charged towards Liu Ming again.

“What kind of demon fish is this, it’s so powerful!” Liu Ming, after seeing his azure sword was unable to harm the fish and the fish still charging towards him, was extremely surprised.

At this time, Big Zheng suddenly slapped the ground with his tail, flying forward. Then, he stretched his hands out before they actually turned into a pair of golden pincers as he charged murderously at Liu Ming.

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