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Chapter 219 - The Battle (Part 2)

The hollow figure of the sharks danced in the air, many times more agile than a real shark, and its head hit the bone awl as the black light from the awl’s surface flashed in a frenzy .

Feng Long panicked and crazily pushed his body’s Fa Li. He pointed ten fingers in the air and grew the three bone awls by quite a few multiples before they barely blocked the white shark’s attack.

Although there were four battles happening, both Yei Tianmei and Third Red did not even give them a single look. They were all staring at the woman who was walking towards the blood colored shadow figure.

Yei Tianmei was feeling very confident about her disciple’s potential and strength.

Even though it was the first time the skinny man met Zhang Xiuniang, with his Crystal level Master’s scary amount of mental strength, he detected the sword energy waiting to be released from the woman, and in shock he stopped paying attention to other people after this discovery .

The two of them very clearly knew that the key of victory depended on this woman.

 Zhang Xiuniang held her sword on one hand and she walked to seven to eight feet away from the bloody shadow figure. Just as she stopped walking, the snow white long sword on her hand released a terrifying chilliness to the surrounding along with a buzzing sound coming from the sword.

Silently a thin layer of crystal clear frost formed on the green stone ground around her.

When Third Red saw this, his face was a little ugly. He then suddenly raised his head and said coldly to Ye Tianmei:

“This ice attribute totem specially restrains us of the Sea Race. Seeing this girl’s body’s full of sword energy, she is definitely a core disciple from your sect. Looks like you must have deliberately planned this. Otherwise why would a core disciple like her doing instead of training in your sect’s secret ground.”

“Not deliberately! I only brought this younger generation to gain new experiences, and didn’t know that we would see you here. And since when did your race start practicing demonic cultivation methods. I wonder what kind of demonic technique is it with this much amount of demonic aura? “ Yei Tianmei stared at the figure in the blood colored light with her eyes showing a hint of uncertainty. 

 Third Red’s eyes glowed slightly and said: “There is no need for me to tell you what cultivation method it is, you will see very shortly.”

Yei Tianmei’s eyes squinted and stopped talking after he looked at the situation.

At this moment, Zhang Xiuniang’s wrist shook and created a loud bang. With no forewarning, more than a dozen dense sword light threads were formed and slashed towards the bloody figure.  

The figure in the blood colored light did not dodge this fierce attack but rushed towards the dense sword light threads while letting out a strange whistle sound.

His movement was so fast that within a blink the distance between him and the girl was shortened by almost half.

The opponent's peculiar move surprised even a genius with the Sword Communication spirit body such as Zhang Xiuniang. However, she was not ordinary, and she subconsciously slid a few steps backwards and at the same time made a slash forward with the sword in her hand.

The more than a dozen dense sword light threads condensed and formed a sword net under the influence of the snow white longsword, and covered the rushing bloody figure.  

In a flash, the sword net sliced the bloody figure into a dozen parts, and revealed the appearance of the person. He was a normal looking man around the age of 20 something but the lower half of his body was not transformed into a fish tail while the upper half of his body was covered in green scales, and his eyes were as red as blood.

Zhang Xiuniang was surprised to have defeated a strong foe so easily.

But then all of a sudden, a ball of blood bounced out of the broken corpse and after a blur it changed into a cluster of blood threads that charged towards the woman. 

In shock Zhang Xiuniang moved her wrist and made circles in front of her with the snow white longsword in an attempt to block the attack from the cluster of blood threads.

But all of the sudden the cluster of blood threads broke off into tiny pieces in the air and formed countless number of blood red inscriptions which fluttered in the air.

When Zhang Xiuniang finally realized what was going on, a giant formation of inscriptions had formed and trapped her in the center.

She was stunned and the sword in her hand trembled, as she tried to escape by becoming one with the sword.

But it was too late.

The moment the bloody inscriptions were formed, layers of blood colored light formed along with a humming sound and trapped her within the layers of light walls.

At the same time, Zhang Xiuniang felt a heaviness on her body. An invisible restrain was put upon her and made her movements a dozen times slower than before, and seemed as if she was struggling to even move her fingers.

Naturally her face changed dramatically and immediately transformed the sword on her hand to half a dozen feet long with her body’s Fa Li. She slashed the blood coloured light screen without hesitation.  


The blood colored light screen vibrated a few times and took the attack without receiving any damage.

Yei Tianmei’s eyes squinted after seeing this and asked Hong San with a cold voice, “This is a blood symbol formation! That was just a zombie, he isn’t a normal Sea Race. I think you should give me an explanation Fellow Third.” 

Third Red felt joyous after seeing Zhang Xiuniang being trapped in the blood symbol formation, but did not show any emotion on his face and answered: “Just then Nephew Divine Secret asked for five people to battle, but didn’t say that they have to all be of the Sea Race. We are only letting four people to fight in this battle, this zombie is only a spirit pet controlled by one of them. So how is there anything wrong with this?”

After hearing such an answer, Ye Tianmei frowned her eyebrows but instantly restored her calmn after she glanced at the shadow inside the Blood Symbol Formation. 

“If I am correct this zombie has not finished refining. Otherwise not even a Spirit Master could escape from it. But now, as a half finished product, it can’t even use a third of its powers. Do you really think a formation of this level can trap my disciple?”

“Really? I reckon a formation of this level is more than enough to trap your disciple, unless she has finished cultivating the Imperial Sword Technique or another technique of simliar strength, otherwise…” The skinny man spoke with disbelief but just before he finished his sentence, a loud “bang” came from the blood formation below. 

Zhang Xiuniang started mumbling before jumping upwards, transforming into a white flash and smashing against the blood coloured light screen, creating a thin crack on it.

“Imperial sword technique!” The skinny man saw this scene and his expression instantly became quite cloudy.

But when he saw Zhang Xiuniang stop attacking and start to rest after a flip in the air, he laughed and said, “I am very impressed that your disciple is so talented that she successfully trained successfully in the Imperial Sword Technique while at the Spirit Apostle level. But it is going to take a while to break out of the formation with the her amount of Fa Li. And the other matches will end before she can break out.” 

The skinny man glanced at the other matches after speaking.

Yei Tianmei glanced at the others as well and said nothing else.

In a short while, the other matches were almost finished . 

Both Hu Chunniang and Feng Long were at a disadvantage against Queen Dong and the middle aged servant’s attack.

Queen Dong had put away her yellow shield some time ago and was holding the jade slip with both of her hands. As she waved the jade slip around, white light started to emit out of it and formed a flower the size of a bowl. This defensive tool became a fierce weapon as it hurled towards Hu Chunniang.

Although Hu Chunniang was sweatily waving her two short swords into two piercing lights and layered barrier after barrier in front of her, under the white flowers’ attacks, she still shook from the attacks. It was as if every white flower was incredibly heavy and Hu Chunniang was barely holding on. 

Feng Long was facing a new giant blue shrimp a few dozen feet long as well as the white hollow shark.

He as well could only maintain his current status under the wild attacks from the giants beasts

Even though Du Hai seemed to be at an advantage attacking the green light screen with his blade’s lightning quick slashes, his face seemed terrible.

This was because the middled aged servant was holding a turtle shell up high as her eyes were tightly shut, chanting something silently. From beginning to end, she did not counter attack at all. 

One could discover the cracks on the blood colored light screen which surrounded Zhang Xiuniang slowly recovering as the middle aged servant’s chanting continued.

The zombie was actually secretly controlled by this middle aged servant.

This was why she was only defending herself with the light screen made from the totem in her hands and did nothing else against Du Hai. 

The last battle looked even weirder.

The giant man’s cultivation increased almost by half its original after consuming the blood pill. The heavy weapon seemed like a toothpick in his hands and white foggy whirlwinds were formed where the giant club passed. 

However, Liu Ming was only holding a short green sword with a yellow light shield on his forearm. Then, he dodged every attack effortlessly as if he was extremely light and being carried by the whirlwinds. In addition, for the layer after layer of club attacks that seemed impossible to dodge, Liu Ming only had to twist his waist and dodged away like a feather. 

In this short time, the giant man was so frustrated that he almost spat blood. He swung his club with more force, and hoped to hit Liu Ming and turn him into a squashed pile of meat.

Both Third Red and Yei Tian Mei changed expressions after glancing at the situation beneath them. 

The skinny man was happy seeing the other battles but turned gloomy after seeing Liu Ming’s battle.

Yei Tianmei was surprised after seeing Liu Ming’s performance.

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