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Chapter 216 - Third Red

“Life-saving Glyph?” Liu Ming was stunned. However, he reacted immediately by taking out his nameplate, handing it over with both hands.

Master Lei only poked the nameplate softly before pulling the golden stick back, replacing it with a golden glyph. He handed it to Liu Ming.

“This is a golden light glyph, an extremely rare golden attribute aerial escape glyph. Should you meet an opponent too strong, all that’s needed is for you to pull this out- you’ll be able to get away with astounding speed. Even regular Spirit Masters won’t be able to pursue you.” Master Lei’s voice sounded beside his ear at the same time.

“Many thanks, uncle!”

Naturally, Liu Ming was overjoyed upon hearing this. He put away the golden glyph with care before stepping to the side respectfully.

On the other hand, after answering the questions from Zhou Tianhe and his group, Hu Chunniang took out a rather shrivelled arm.

Upon examining the arm, Zhou Tianhe nodded with a solemn face, and that thirty year old woman tapped the arm with one finger. A ball of red flame surfaced.

The severed arm then started to burn up in the fire. A moment later, however, something strange happened.

What seemed to be a severed arm almost burning to ashes suddenly went “puff”, and the color of the flame changed into a dull green. 

“Fellow Lei, it seems that this person from the Sea Race isn’t just any Sea Race. Royal blood rests in this arm! If Sea Race royalty inhabit this land, we might have to change the original plan of our two sects!” Zhou Tianhe said to Master Lei, his face slightly changed from witnessing the scene.

“Royal blood! This is indeed unexpected. To have been sent to a place like Xuan Jing on such a high risk mission, however, it would seem that this royalty isn’t someone too important back in Sea Race home.” Master Lei responded after hearing Zhou Tianhe’s words.

“That remains a possibility. This matter is of great importance- we can’t take risks too easily. Here’s a proposal. Our two sects had planned to massacre all Sea Race upon sight, but how about sparing the leaders instead? The regular Sea Race die as planned, and we can try interrogating these leaders after capturing them.” The white robed man spoke up after some thought.

“That’s fine.” Seeming to show some hesitation, Master Lei slowly nodded.

“Good. Let’s continue after Zhou Mou lifts this ban with the Nine Star Child Mother Lightning.” Relaxing a bit, Zhou Tianhe lifted the jade box, opening his mouth and blowing at it. 

In a gust of wind, the golden glyph on the jade box turned into sprinkles of golden light, collapsing and disappearing. The box opened, revealing a silver pearl the size of a thumb.

The pearl was very rounded, enveloped in a layer of light. Upon closer inspection, countless silver markings invisible to the naked eye could be seen. It was tightly packed together, layer upon layer. 

Zhou Tianhe exhaled softly before taking the pearl out of the jade box, holding it up.

In an instant, the silver pearl started spinning slowly in his palm. A hazy layer of silver light gradually rose as an astounding presence started forming above.

The loose practitioners who were secretly watching from afar immediately backed off upon sensing such powerful a presence.

As the silver light on the pearl expanded into the size of the mouth of a bowl, Zhou Tianhe shook his wrist. In response, the pearl turned into a silver ball, shooting up towards the curtain of blue light.

Be it Liu Ming, Master Lei, or any other spirit master- all of them had their eyes peeled, completely focused on the scene before them.

The silver ball flashed, and just when it was about to hit the curtain of light, the space before the curtain rippled. Like a black line, a human form twisted into sight. With a movement of his arm, a giant crimson palm grabbed the ball.

A rumble sounded in the sky.

Silver strikes exploded within the giant hand, and circles of narrow silver light spread out in all directions. Not only did it shake the boat of bones and the bronze flyer, it affected even the nearby curtain of light. It seemed as if it would collapse into ashes any second.


“Who is this!”

Master Lei and the Barbarian Ghost Sect Spirit Masters took on a cautious pose upon witnessing this sight, and so did Zhou Tianhe and his group. The two nuns even pulled their longswords out from their backs.

“Hah, mere humans dare wave their weapons before me. You must not value life.”

As the crimson palm dissipated, the form twisted. From a hazy blur, a skinny middle aged man appeared, his eyebrows burnt yellow.

The man was dressed in blue leather armor, and he wore a black bracelet on each hand. A crimson crystal the size of a bean was embedded halfway between his eyebrows. He laughed coldly as he gazed down at the people beneath him.

“Crystal level Sea Race!”

Lin Caiyu cried out upon seeing the crimson crystal between the skinny man’s eyebrows. He immediately pinched his fingers and the black air on the surface of the boat rolled around, surfacing a curtain of black light that enveloped the entire boat.

Seeing this, Zhou Tianhe inhaled deeply. He then opened his mouth wide abruptly, shooting out a dull green crystal blade. Twirling around his body, it transformed into a streak many meters long. Wrapping around Hu Chun Niang and the two girls beside her, the streak boomed into the far distance.

“Sword technique! Human, you expect to escape from third master with just this?” Disdain showed on the skinny man. With a movement of his arm, he shot one palm forward into the air.

A puff could be heard.

A red light flashed in the sky above the streak and the giant crimson palm appeared with a flash once more. It swooped downwards.

The green streak dodged like mad but the crimson palm had a shapeless gravity pressed on it. A few flashes later, the streak ceased all movement.

The streak collapsed and Zhou Tianhe reappeared with his group, their faces shocked.

Seeing this, the skinny man’s face grew savage. Bending the fingers on his outstretched palm, he was about to crush everyone in the streak to dust.

At that moment, a crisp sound came from the air nearby, and a ray of blinding silver light came flying. With a twirl around the crimson palm, it cut off three fingers with one strike.

With a blur, the giant palm dissipated.

The skinny man let out a cold snort. Three of his own fingers dropped off from his outstretched palm as well, yet not one drop of blood could be seen. In an instant, green light condensed, and three new fingers grew out.

“Who is it? Show yourself!”

The skinny man was bursting with rage as he shot out at the air with silver light from his other hand.

With a rumble, an invisible force shot out violently, as if to tear everything in the air to shreds.

With another crisp sound, a silver blade flashed out from the other side. With a spin, near a hundred silver blade lights flew out, swirling a violent dance.

It seemed that the overwhelming force was about to fall into nothing before the crazed assault of the blade lights.

At the same time, the many blade lights converged, forming the silver blade once more.

The air behind the sword rippled, and a girl in palace clothing emerged, she had eyes like crystals, her face emotionless.

“Martial Aunt Ye!”

Seeing the true form of the girl in palace clothing, Zhou Tianhe let out his voice by accident as the other two moon sect girls with him bowed joyfully.

This girl was the one who cut down the rat demon in front of the Barbarian Ghost Sect before - crystal level Ye Tianmei!

“Crystal level sword practitioner!”

The skinny man’s pupils shrunk the instance he felt her presence, which Ye Tianmei had no intention of concealing at all.

His status allowed him to look down on regular crystal level human practitioners but the rarity of crystal level sword practitioners deemed their formidability, even if it was a human.

“I am Ye Tianmei of the Heavenly Moon Sect! Looking at your cultivation level, you should be quite the existence in the Sea Race! Can I have your name?” Ye Tianmei asked coldly as he eyed the skinny man, her face emotionless.

“Ye Tianmei! You’re the one who reached crystal level in just a hundred years, that elder of the Heavenly Moon Sect! I am the third ranked of the Red Scale Clan, you may address me as Third Red!” The skinny man answered after a moment of silence.

“A fellow of the red scale clan. What brings you here to Da Xuan country, and why are you bullying our younger sect members?” Ye Tianmei asked, her eyebrows raised.

“That…” The skinny man paused, not sure what to say.

The plot the Sea Race had them carry out on the Da Yuan country’s royalty wasn’t something to be shared publicly, after all.

At that moment, a light laughter sounded from the far distance.

“Elder, the reason for me and my third uncle’s visit is but to pick up some of our clan members that got left in this country a few years back. My third uncle’s attack just now was a simple joke, there was no actual intent behind it.”

Just when the voice reached them, a white light flashed from the far distance, followed by the sudden arrival of a white jade ship. It covered the distance in a blurry burst, reaching the air above the palace in no time at all.

On the front of the ship stood a girl in white palace clothes. Some distance behind her stood a gentle man, about twenty years old, and an elderly one, tall and tough.

“Who are you, to think that one of a younger generation could interrupt us like this?” Ye Tianmei’s eye flashed upon hearing his words, charging towards the white ship with her overwhelming energy.

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