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Chapter 204 - First Fight with the Sea Race

Her body temperature was also extremely high as she felt like a furnace!

Liu Ming’s brows furrowed and after looking at the jet black lips of the woman, he suddenly took out his cyan short sword. Then, he made a slight cut to one of the fingers to see that a drop of black blood that had a pungent roll out.

With this, his face really changed.

After thinking, he found a couple of medicinal bottles and shoved a couple of different pills into the mouth of the young woman. Then, he moved her chin to have her swallow them even while she was unconscious.

After doing all of this, Liu Ming put away the medicinal bottles and then found a Glyph on him to press onto the young woman.

With a “pu”, a white light barrier appeared on Hu Chunniang and protected her within.

At this time, he calmly turned around and emotionless spoke to a patch of bamboo forest to his side:

“You two could really keep your cool to have followed me here and still resisted from attacking me?” 

“Oh, you could actually see through our concealment techniques. Looks like we have underestimated you. Brother Wei, let’s show ourselves.” A hoarse male voice sounded from the bamboo forest as a blue light flashed to reveal two men with long grey robes.

One of them was quite large and had a handsome face. The other was quite short with white freckles on his face, making him look extremely ugly.

However, although these two were such polar opposites, when they stood in front of Liu Ming, there was a strange feeling of extreme harmony.

“You don't need to try to save this woman. She has already been poisoned with a special poison from our techniques. Besides our special cure, there are no other cures. Your pills will merely make her feel more pain.” The handsome man looked at Hu Chunniang before replying. 

“Hehe, Brother Wei is correct. If you don’t want to end up like her, you should slit your own throat and save us the trouble.” The shorter man opened his mouth to say extremely sharp and sarcastic words. This was also the hoarse voice from before. 

“If that’s the case, then there must be the cure in your hands. As long as I kill you two, I will be able to save my companion.” When Liu Ming heard this, not only did he his face not change, his eyes narrowed.

“What, kill us with only you?” The short man heard this and let out an ear piercing laugh while his face was full of sarcasm.

Although the handsome man didn’t speak, the ridicule in his eyes showed that he felt this situation hilarious.

“It’s Xuanjing and I have to take care of two Late Spirit Apostles at once. Look slike I can only make this a quick fight.” Liu Ming disregarded those two as he tore off the two leather pouchs at his waist before throwing it forward.

“Pu, pu.”

The two leather pouches twisted in the air before a white and black shadow flew out. They separated and landed on the ground, transforming into a bone scorpion that was quite a few yards long and a loose haired, green horned male head. 

“What is this? Watch out, this person seems to hard to fight!” The two obviously didn’t recognize the White Bone Scorpion or the Flying Head. Thus, after seeing them, they all paused. However, the handsome man immediately felt the strong aura of the two and after his face change, he warned his companion. 

“I know without you saying. Looks like we won’t be able to kill him if it's us alone. Old rules, we can only join forces.” The short man looked at the White Bone Scorpion and the Flying Head before becoming serious and with a flick of his wrist, a silver shell appeared in his hand.

As for the handsome man, both his wrists flicked as two short light green sticks appeared. 

However, at this time, a savage glint appeared in the Flying Head’s eyes and he attacked first. 

The demon head’s hair suddenly grew forward and turned into a large net that went to cover the short man.

At the same time, the bone scorpion’s tail hit the ground as it lunged towards the handsome man. 

Whether it was the Flying Head or the White Bone Scorpion, the power of the attacks was beyond their expectations.

“Use the combining technique.” When the short man saw this, he gave a low roar and used the silver shell. A large amount of blue light flew out and with a blur, it turned into a thick water cover that covered the two.

At the same time, the handsome man took a deep breath and swung the two short sticks in his hand. Waves of green ripples came out and disappeared into the water cover.

In the next moment, the water cover gained a crystal like green light to it. 

At this time, the White Bone Scorpion was already near the water cover and it first opened its mouth to let out a huge puff of purple poisonous gas. Then, its tail hook spun and turned into dozens of black lines that shot out. 


The purple gas landed on the water cover and corroded over half of the water cover’s green luster. 

Then, the dozen of so black lines hit the same spot.

“Hua la!” Not only did the green crystal light disappear, the water cover even started to shake crazily. 

Then, the two claws of the White Bone Scorpion raised up and crashed into the water cover with its whole body. With a blur, it actually passed through and neared the handsome man in a second.


The handsome man could not believe his eyes.

The defensive barrier was released combining their unique ability and special Totems in their hands. 

Normally, even if it was three to four Late Perfection Spirit Apostles, they would be able to hold for at least fifteen minutes. However, it couldn’t even defend against a poisonous bug.

Scared, the handsome man knew that it was too late to dodge. He could only put the two sticks before him in a cross and also roar out!

The man’s lower body also had a blue flash as it transformed into a green fish tail. At the same time, small scales appeared on the two sides of his face.

The handsome young man that had transformed had his Fa Li add by half. With the crossing of the two sticks, the green light started to appear greatly. 


When the White Bone Scorpion and the two short green sticks hit each other, its body flew backwards and landed heavily on the water cover.

The bone scorpion gave a strange cry as it made a roll and used the force from hitting the cover to lunge back. 

This time, the handsome man did not dare underestimate it. The short sticks in his hands turned into a ball of green light as he fought with the White Bone Scorpion.

On the other side, the short man was furiously using his silver shell while silently cursing.

The Flying Head’s hair that made a net covered the water cover and although it was held up for a while, the cover shone a crazy green light and the areas where the net made contact with the water cover made “chi chi” sounds. Faintly, layers of green gas were spreading into the water cover and continuously weakening its defensive abilities. 

At the same time, the Flying Head neared water cover with a flash and opened its mouth. Its long tongue was like a whip that furiously shot around…

The water cover gave a lot of shudders as it seemed to disappear at anytime.

The short man was shocked and also showed his fish parts as he used his silver shell. He didn’t even have time to take out any other totems or use other techniques. 

Otherwise, if the Fa Li to his silver shell was too little for just a second, the cover would break and he would die. 

However, at this time, the handsome man pushed back the White Bone Scorpion once again before finally being able to take a break. He quickly opened his mouth and spit out a small light blue flag. 

He quickly threw out his two short sticks and pushed the White Bone Scorpion back. Then, he grabbed the small flag and showed a savage face before he was about to use it. 

However, at this time, Liu Ming, who stood before the stone pavilion, emitted a large explosion sound!

Then, the handsome man felt a green light flash before him as a huge Wind Blade that was over ten yards long flew near him. 

“Not good!”

The handsome man was extremely shocked and without another choice, he stuck the small blue flag within himself. At the same time, his waist shook as his entire body became somewhat translucent. 


The huge Wind Blade cut the handsome man in two without any resistance.

However, in the next moment, a strange scene occurred.

The handsome man first showed a face of pain before giving a low roar. Then, his top and bottom half of the translucent body came together. As he gave a twist, the two halves miraculously connected back together.

Then, blue light shone from the wound and the man returned back to normal. There wasn’t even a trace of blood.

The handsome man then let out a huge breath. He was about to open his mouth and spit out the small blue flag. 

However, at this time, a sound like a mosquito buzzing rang in his ears!

A emerald green thin needle flashed and in the moment that the man relaxed, it turned into a green streak that entered its ears and disappeared. Then, with a flash, it exited out of the other ear.

A blood curling scream!

The handsome man fell dead with his face blackened.

To the other side, the short man was extremely scared when he saw this. Biting his tongue, he spit out a couple mouthfuls of Essence Blood. 

But before he could cast any spells, the White Bone Scorpion moved and appeared before him like a ghost. Then, it opened its mouth and a chunk of purple gas pushed onto his face.


The short man suddenly used his silver shell to smack the bone scorpion. At the same time, he covered his face and his body became a blur as he turned into seven or eight shadows that escaped outwards.

However, at this time, another shadow appeared before one of the shadows and Liu Ming had actually appeared like a ghost. The cyan sword in his hand shook before a cold flash appeared and cut the shadow from the middle.

Blood poured from the shadow and it was the real body of the short man.

However, at this moment, he had turned into a corpse that couldn’t move.

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