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Chapter 203 - Seriously Wounded

“When I came, I heard that the one who broke into the palace had even disturbed the emperor. First form a couple of groups to capture the intruder and his companion. I will go back into the palace and make sure that no one takes advantage of someone doing harm to the emperor.” The blue haired and purple bearded man was naturally the Gold Spirit Guest Qiu Longzhi who spoke with a low voice.

“Yes, I’ll do so immediately.” The practitioner guard answered before giving out orders.

At this time, the other Gold Spirit Guests followed the orders and formed various teams as they chased out of the palace. 

Qiu Longzhi lowered his voice as he ordered someone else a couple of sentences before turning around and bringing a couple of his trusted cultivators to head towards the inner palace.

After a while, he passed through various sentries and finally arrived at a very exquisite small hall. Inside, the lights covered every shadow as a hundred or so silver armored guards stood outside. Each of them had knives and armor and blocked the entrance in tows without the slightest intention of giving way for Qiu Longzhi.

“Qiu Longzhi, here to greet the emperor? Are you alright?!” Qiu Longzhi stood before the armored guards as his eyes flashed and he yelled towards the hall.

“Commander Qiu, I am fine, only shocked by the intruder. A little rest will do. As for that intruder that has barged into the palace, have you caught her?” A voice that was loud but without strength sounded within the hall. 

“It’s great that emperor is fine. The intruder was originally going to be caught but unfortunately, there was someone that reinforced the intruder. Thus, they were able to escape. However, be at ease, I have already sent people to lock the four doors and sent extra men to chase them. I believe that we will get news soon. In addition, does emperor know the true appearance of the intruder and the reason for entering the palace?”Qiu Longzhi replied unhurriedly.

“No, she was bumped into by me and kept her mask on so how could I have seen her face. Hmph, are you suspecting me?” The voice within the hall suddenly lowered. 

“I would not dare to do so. I am only afraid that the intruder entered the palace with some evil intent and also had companions that are still hidden within the palace.” Although Qiu Longzhi said that he was wrong, the gaze that he shot at the hall had a trace of suspicion. 

If he didn’t hear wrong, the voice in the hall seemed to be a bit weak. 

However, the emperor Xuan Zhi was also a practitioner and if he was just “shocked”, he would not be in this state.

Obviously, this emperor was hiding something to him.

“Oh, so Commander Qiu was asking with loyal heart. Then I won’t blame you! However, this intruder is quite bold and entered the palace to disturb me. You must catch this person dead or alive! Go do that.” The male voice within the hall relaxed slightly before he clenched his teeth and ordered.

“Yes, I will do so! However, just in case, I’ll leave a couple of my underlings here to reinforce the security.” Qiu Longzhi answered but after his eyes looked around, he added an extra sentence.

“No need to so. I have already had Commander Wu gather the Gold Spirit Guests underlings. Commander Qiu, all you need to do is focus on catching the intruder.” Emperor Xuan Zhi within the hall’s voice lowered again.

“If that’s the case, then I will be at ease.” When Qiu Longzhi heard this, he was first surprised before he showed an expression of obedience.

Immediately afterwards, he brought his trusted cultivators to leave.

“Boss Qiu, something’s wrong. I just went to scouted. Rumor is that a maid first heard the emperor give a scream before the intruder ran from the emperor with one of the swords full of blood. In addition, with the palace in such disarray, how could the commanders that have gone into a retreat not even attempt to come out. In addition, the emperor doesn’t seem to have the intention of punishing them either. This is quite strange.” An skinny old man with triangular eyes walked before Qiu Longzhi as he said in a soft voice.

“I naturally saw what was wrong but I can’t forcefully enter the residence of the emperor. How about this, I’ll go with people to find the intruders while you secretly have a couple men looking over the inner place. Let me know of any movements.” Qiu Longzhi said with a dark face.

“Boss Qiu can relax. I know what to do.” The old man with triangular eyes nodded in understanding. 

Thus, moments later, the people had once again arrived before teh aplace walls. 

When Qiu Longzhi’s gaze saw a patch of black blood on the ground, he waved over a guard and asked him a couple of sentences. Then, his face lit up with surprise.

With a shake of his sleeve, a small golden dog the size of a fist flew out. Qiu Longzhi then made a couple techniques and said a couple of words. With that, the small golden dog circled around the black blood a couple of times before jumping in a certain direction.

“Go, follow the Spirit Hound! The blood stain was from the intruder and as long as the intruder is within a hundred miles, the intruder will not escape my Thousand Mile Hound’s tracking.” Qiu Longzhi said with a savage face as he followed the others behind the small hound.


At the same time, in the hall surrounded by the silver armored guards.

The owner of Xuanjing, Xuan Zhi was currently sitting on a large bed with a pale face. To his side, one of his arms were actually gone.

Behind him, a pair of jade like hands supported his back as a light blue Fa Li poured into his body.

The owner of these hands was Queen Dong!

As the blue light poured into Xuan Zhi’s body increased, he showed an extremely painful expression. Suddenly, blue light flashed from his cut off arm and countless blood vessels twisted together as they grew. It vaguely was in the shape of a brand new arm.

After the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, Xuan Zhi gave a low roar. Blue light flashed on his new arm as it restored as good as new. 

Besides being whiter than before, the arm was no different from the one before.

“Alright. I have helped you dissolve the Spirit Pill’s medicinal effects to make this new arm. This way, when you go to the imperial court in two days, you will not be suspected. However, how could you be so careless. To actually let that human cultivator see you when you were transforming and have lost an arm.” Queen Dong retracted her hands as she spoke with a little annoyance.

“How would I know that there would be cultivators disguised as my maids to enter my dwelling. Usually, I kill the mortal maids that have seen my transformation. However, if not for the two Sea Race guards that mother had sent by my side, I’m afraid that I might have died this time.” Xuan Zhi said with an extremely dark face.

“Hmph, when I sent those two to protect you before, you were quite annoyed. Now you know their benefits. These two are servants that have served our Dong family for their lives. You are my son and they would obviously be loyal to you.” Queen Dong glanced at Xuan ZHi before saying.

“Don’t say anymore mother. I did not know much before and now I know that I am wrong. However, although the two guards are strong, the intruder also had a companion. Them running out alone would not have any problems right?” Xuan Zhi gave a bitter smile as he asked with worry. 

“This, you can be at ease. That intruder was struck by their exclusive secret technique and is probably almost dead now. Even with an companion, they will not be a match for the two guards. However, when the intruder escaped out, the method that the intruder used was quite strange. It seemed like mainstream Sword Cultivation and he does not seem like a normal loose cultivator! Could it be that the intruder is a woman cultivator of the Heavenly Moon Sect?” Queen Dong paused before she opened her mouth, guessing Hu Chunnaing’s true identity correctly.

“What, is it cultivators of the Heavenly Moon Sect? Have the large sects found out our matter.” Xuan Zhi was frightened as his face turned pale with a “shua” sound.

“If the Heavenly Moon Sect and the other four sects have gotten word, they would have sent Spirit Masters level existences to sweep through the entire Xuanjing. Why would they send a mere Spirit Apostle and risk alerting us. We cannot exclude the fact that this person accidentally received some kind of Sword Cultivation legacy and is thus able to perform techniques of Sword Cultivators.” Queen Dong thought before shaking her head.

“That’s most likely the case. However, mother, I still have not been able to find out who is the Supervising Disciple for the Heavenly Moon Sect. Could it be her who invaded our palace tonight?” Xuan Zhi gave a long sigh before thinking of something and saying seriously.

“The Supervising Disciple for the Heavenly Moon Sect? Yes, there is that possibility. Whatever, no matter that woman’s true identity, if she is dead, there won’t be many problems. In half a year, our race’s plans will start. At that time, even if the five sects hear word of us, they won’t have time to deal with us.” Queen Dong first nodded before giving a cold sneer.

“I hope that I can last for another half year.” When Xuan Zhi heard this, his face changed before he finally gave a bitter laugh.


Liu Ming carried the young woman as he flew between the the silent alleys. Within a couple of moments, he was far from the palace and he plunged into a bamboo forest between two alleys. 

The bamboo forest had a small stone pavilion within it and besides the two alleys, there were no other exits. 

This place was somewhere that he had choosen and not only was it extremely remote, there would definitely not be any people around this place. 

Once he entered the stone pavilion, he placed the young woman on the ground before removing her mask. 

Immediately, a face as white as jade and extremely pretty appeared before his eyes. However, the two cheeks were scarlet and her lips were jet black and cracking at various places. 

Liu Ming’s heart sank as he pressed his hands on the girl’s forehead. 

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