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Chapter 191 - Buddhist Weapon

That person immediately gave out a wail, and his body transformed into a bloody rain that fell down.

As the two practitioner weapons were freed from their owner’s control, they naturally fell down from above after their glow had dissipated.

Liu Ming grabbed with one hand and pulled the two practitioner weapons out of the air. With a casual glance, he realized that these two practitioner weapons were only ordinary middle tier practitioner weapons, so he shoved them into the Sumeru Conch.

Afterwards, he controlled the black cloud under him and went over to search over the two bodies. However, he only found a few spirit stones and glyphs, with nothing of value.

However, this did not exceed his expectations either.

After all, these two people were so weak and were Beginning Spirit Apostles at most. If they really had any life-saving goods, they would not be killed so easily with a single strike just now.

After putting the things he had found away, Liu Ming once again continued to fly forwards in the sky.

This time, he saw two closely neighboured small hills only after flying for a dozen or so kilometres. In between was a depression with an area of less than an acre, which was covered up by a broiling white sea of fog.

Around the surroundings of the sea of fog were over a hundred of elite warriors, closely packed together. They all carried different types of weapons and swung crazily at the sea of fog.

Some of the weapons in their hands gave off light flashes. Surprisingly, the warriors were all low level practitioners.

Slightly further away, there were another thirty or forty people carrying strong bows and stiff crossbows while extremely alert of their surroundings.

Above the two hills were seven or eight shadows which stood there. Similarly, they either released fireballs or wind blades, attacking the center of the sea of fog.

Every wave of attack would cause the sea of fog to shrink and dissipate slightly. When Liu Ming had rushed near, the whole fog sea had already become abnormally thin. Even the people hidden inside could be vaguely seen.

“Haha, why keep persisting, Fellows. Speaking of which, we do not have any personal grudges between each other and are purely serving out our master’s orders. If everybody is willing to surrender and take the initiative to hand over the items for the auction, I can even make the decision to let you Fellows leave safely.” A large shadow that floated above the hill suddenly laughed aloud.

Surprisingly, the owner of the shadow was a yellow robed elderly man. His face was covered with senile spots and he carried a green wooden casket on his back.

“Old Yang, quit dreaming. This Four Elements Vajra Formation is known for its defence. The smaller the defensive area shrinks, the more its defensive capabilities increase. I believe you have already discovered this. Otherwise, why would you be saying all this rubbish right now! I will also not hide the truth from you; we have already informed Owner Qian about us being stuck over two hours ago. I believe reinforcements have just about arrived. However, I will advise you that if you leave now, you can still make it, otherwise when the time comes, you will not be able to leave even if you want to.” The cold voice of a man resounded from the centre of the sea of fog.

“What, you have already sent the news to Xuanjing. Hmph, do you really believe I will believe because you said that? Since you want to refuse a toast to drink a forfeit, then don’t blame me for being heartless.” Hearing what was said, the yellow robed elderly man was startled at first, but then afterwards, he grew mad, and suddenly slapped the green wooden casket on his back. A clear sound immediately resounded, and thirteen abnormally thin flying blades around half a feet in length actually flew out. They transformed into a series of cold rays, which joined in on the attacks.

Seeing this, the other spirit apostles gained a boost in morale and also began forming hand seals consecutively to cast spells, increasing the strength of the attacks.

At this moment, the sea of fog churned wildly, as if it was about to completely be destroyed in the next moment.

However, Liu Ming had also finally been noticed by the guarding practitioners.

Someone immediately gave out a long whistle as an alarm. The other people used the bows and crossbows in their hands to attack Liu Ming in the air without hesitating at all.

Only a loud noise could be heard and a densely packed wave of arrows and bolts were shot out, which had each transformed into colourful rays of light.

Seeing this, Liu Ming sneered. He only formed a hand seal with one hand and the black gas around him churned. It transformed into a dozen or so tentacles each around the thickness of a bowl, and danced about crazily.

Most of the arrows and bolts were knocked flying by those tentacles and the occasional ones that would penetrate into it also stopped moving after a muffled sound.

Just at that moment, Liu Ming formed a hand seal with one hand and azure light immediately began to coalesce in front of him. After a flash, seven or eight azure wind blades shot forwards.

Shrill cries immediately could be heard and seven or eight practitioners who were responsible for guarding were immediately chopped into two halves under the azure flash.

Seeing this, the remaining men all turned around and sprinted towards the two hills out of fright, with some screaming “Save us, Senior Yang”.

Those cultivators on the hill naturally realized the commotion on that side. Two people immediately flew over, and yelled “stop” from far away.

Liu Ming instead treated it as if he did not see it at all and his fingers moved one after another. Azure wind blades shot forwards without end and as every ray of azure light flashed by, a person in the group feel dead.

In the blink of an eye, all of those practitioners responsible for guarding were killed by him.

Not only did such a surprising scene cause the two flying over to become both worried and mad, the other practitioners that were using the weapons in their hands to attack the sea of fog also stopped one by one out of surprise, and gazed towards Liu Ming with a face full of fear.

“Fellow really is cold blooded, to have your hand dyed with the lives of so many people in such a short amount of time!” Of the two people flying over, the red-faced middle-aged man who wore a golden hairband berated aloud.

“Hmph, if I really do want to be such a soft-hearted person, then perhaps I would not appear here. I don’t care about anything else, right now, whoever blocks my way, I will kill. Do you want to move, or do you want me to act?” Liu Ming shot a glance at the speaking person, and responded with an indifferent expression.

“What arrogant manner of speaking! I had never knew that there was such an arrogant person like you that was a guest of the Hundred Spirit House. Brother Tian, we do not need to go easy on him. Let’s act together.” After hearing what was said, the red-faced male became very angry, and spoke to the skinny, sick-looking man by his side after turning his head.

“Don’t fret. How did this person get here? Was there nobody stopping him on the way?” The Tian man instead swept his gaze, and then asked especially carefully.

“Oh, you should be talking about the original owners of these two practitioner weapons. The two of them ambushed me, and have already been killed!” Hearing what was said, Liu Ming shook his sleeve, and a flying fork and a flying blade appeared in front of him. Then he spoke plainly.

“What, you killed Fellow Jin and the other person.” After hearing what had been said, the Tian man who was originally still rather enraged immediately changed in expression.

“Hmph, the newcomer indeed is ill-intentioned. Although the two of them are only Beginning Spirit Apostles, you were still able to kill them before they are even able to send a signal. Looks like your strength really is not average. Brother Feng, be extra careful.” Hearing that, the skinny man’s complexion immediately became ugly. Following that, he shook his sleeve, and actually pulled out a string of buddhist beads.

After breathing in, the man surnamed Feng did not advance and instead backed off several steps. At the same time, he pat the leather pouch on his waist with a hand and out flew two blueish round balls.

With a series of messy pops, they actually transformed into two weird blue birds around two feet in size. Their heads were large and bodies were small, and from their back sprouted four short, small wings.

“Puppet beasts?”

Seeing this, Liu Ming had been startled at first, but then immediately smiled.

“Hmph, I hope you will still be able to smile a little later.”

After releasing the puppet beasts that the Feng man was most confident of, courage immediately welled in his heart. After speaking coldly, he pointed the hand seals he formed with his two hands at the blue wooden birds.

“Pop, pop!”

The two wooden bird puppets extended the four wings on their backs and transformed into two balls of blue light as they flew into the sky. With a spiral, they directly shot towards Liu Ming.

At the same time, the Tian man on the other side began to chant. Activating his Fa Li, he channeled the Fa Li from his whole body into the buddhist beads.

The entire string of beads released a great radiance and at the same time in the waves of deep buddhist chanting, rainbow colored seal characters began to emerge from within, and after a tremble, they shot towards Liu Ming like torrential rain.

“A practitioner weapon that actually possess a true buddhist nature! This is rare!”

Liu Ming did not really care about the two blue wooden birds. However, he was greatly interested by the buddhist beads in the hands of the skinny man.

Before Liu Ming moved his limbs, the black tentacles on his body instead began to dance about by themselves and transformed into black shadows that protected him closely.

In the next moment, those rainbow coloured inscriptions landed on the black tentacles like rain hitting a banana leaf. They transformed into densely packed balls of light and exploded, actually destroying close to half of the tentacles.

However, Liu Ming only raised his brow slightly and the black gas on him churned, allowing even more black tentacles to form. They actually forceful blocked the next attacks too.

The two wooden blue bird also arrived nearby but did not stop in the slightest. Instead, they used terrifying speed to quickly begin circling around Liu Ming. At the same time, they opened their mouths and a white line forming from multiple water arrows began shooting from their mouths.

However, just when the two wooden birds began to attack together, Liu Ming who was protected within the black tentacles also began to act.

He brought his hands together, before separating them again. Surprisingly, a huge, azure wind blade of half a foot in length appears. With the tremble of his hand, the huge wind blade transformed into an azure flash, disappeared from in front of him.

In the next moment, the Feng man who was currently controlling the two wooden bird puppets to attack only felt a flash of green light in front of him and the halo that protected him was shattered by something. At the same time, he also seemed to feel that his waist grow cold slightly.

He lowered his head to glance downwards in surprise. His upper body just rolled off his waist with a plop.

Only now did the Feng men shriek aloud. After that, he died.

As for the blue wooden birds that originally circled Liu Ming with lightning speed attacks, they actually stopped moving with a screech and floated mid-air silently.

On the other side, the skinny man who was still channelling the buddhist beads in his hand almost could not believe the scene that had occurred in front of him.

Although the strength of the Feng man may have been slightly weaker than his, but to kill him just by moving a limb, it was naturally something he did not think about at all.

As for such a terrifying existence, if it had used a similar method to handle him, he definitely would not have any confidence in defending against the attack in time.

Under great surprise, the skinny man immediately gave out a low grunt, and the buddhist beads in his hand suddenly scattered with a tug. At the same time, his two hands quickly formed hand seals, and he began chanting.

Those buddhist beads immediately transformed into huge inscriptions which spun around his body. Under the hum, they formed a seven colored light barrier, completely protecting everything within.


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