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Chapter 180 – Yuan Spirit Flying Sword

“Haha, Mister Qian need not be so polite. Tomorrow, I will have someone send over a guest token and as for your residence…” Qian Chao said with excitement.

“The matter of residence doesn’t need to trouble owner. I like peace and serenity and have already rented a place a cave at the Immortal Dawn Mountain. Once the auction ends, I will take out the poison within your son and move over.” Liu Ming replied without hesitation.

“If that’s the case then mister will need quite a bit of Spirit Stones per month. How about this, the Spirit Stones given to mister per month will increase by ten-percent.” Qian Chao was first surprised before he replied as such.

“Then I’ll thank owner for your generosity.” Hearing this, Liu Ming gave his thanks.

Afterward, this owner of the Hundred Spirit House chatted with Liu Ming for a couple of minutes before taking his leave.

Liu Ming followed the owner to the door before returning to his room with a thoughtful expression on his face.

In the remaining time, Liu Ming immediately used the Ice Silver Grass to make the medicine for Qian Ruping. Then, he began using other methods to completely get rid of the sickness.

At the same time, Qian Chao returned to the main hall.

There, Elder Mian was seated and currently tasting some tea.

“Owner, you’re back. Looking at the happiness on your face, was the talk successful? Will Mister Qian be joining the Hundred Spirit House?” The black-robed man looked at Qian Chao’s expression and gave a slight smile.

“Hehe, Elder Mian has always been able to discern everything even if I try to hide it. With the talk, Mister Qian agreed. However, he had two terms and now I am going to have to use a huge favor to someone.” Qian Chao said smiling.

“Oh, waste a big favor! Owner is saying…” Elder Mian said with some surprise.

“The first term that Mister Qian made was not too bad but the second term he wanted to have Master Fan teach him alchemy.” The happiness on Qian Chao’s face simmered as he spoke with some seriousness.

“Alchemy, Master Fan! Is owner talking about Master Fan Baizi?” Hearing this, Elder Mian’s face slightly changed.

“Right, besides Master Fan Baizi, is there anyone else in Xuanjing worthy of the name of Master?” Qian Chao replied without hesitation.

“However, Master Fan Baizi doesn’t take visitors normally. How is it possible for him to teach Fellow Qian the art of alchemy?” Elder Mian was quite surprised.

“I naturally know that. However, Mister Qian merely wants a recommendation and seems to have his own plans to convince the master.” Qian Chao sighed as he replied.

“A recommendation is possible with owner’s relationship with Master Fan. So that’s why owner was talking about using up a favor. However, the actions of Fellow Qian might be wasted.” When Elder Mian heard this, he replied with a sudden realization.

“As long as this Mister Qian is like you and also a Late Spirit Apostle, such a price is more than fair. However, this Mister Qian looks really young. Does he really have that astounding of a cultivation?” Qian Chao nodded before showing some worry on his face.

“What? Does owner not trust in my judgement? Hehe, although this Fellow Qian has never stated anything but from what Aunt Hong said and my personal observations during the past few days, I can say confidently that his cultivation is definitely above mine. Even if owner paid a larger price, as long as you can recruit him to the Hundred Spirit House, it would be worth it.” Elder Mian smiled as he replied.

“With Elder Mian’s words, I can relax. A Late Spirit Apostle guest is a huge help to the Hundred Spirit House right now. Even if we merely use some rumors, Elder Mian will be able to use the opportunity to attend to some other matters.” Qian Chao’s expression relaxed as he responded.

“That’s right, have you found anything about the origin of Fellow Qian? For him to be a Late Spirit Apostle at such a young age, he should be quite a famous Loose Cultivator.” Elder Mian thought of something else as he asked.

“I have naturally already sent someone to find out information. However, they haven’t found anything yet. From what I think, Mister Qian might not be someone from this country and instead a cultivator from another country. Otherwise, how else could there be no information about him.” Qian Chao’s expression became serious once again.

“That’s hard to say. Most Loose Cultivators aren’t able to join sects, and thus use the path of Bitter Cultivation in isolation from the outside world. As long as there are enough resources, it is not strange for them to cultivate for over a hundred years without coming out. However, from the manner of this Fellow Qian, he doesn’t seem like someone who has been secluded. Rather, it is more probable that he is a cultivator from another country. With his cultivation at such a young age, he might even be a sect disciple of another country.” Elder Qian said with some thought.

“What? Does Elder Mian think that Mister Qian is a cultivator from another country that betrayed his sect?” When Qian Chao heard these words, his face changed drastically.

“Hehe, Owner Qian does not need to worry. Even if he really is a cultivator from another country that betrayed his sect, this is the capital of Da Xuan Country so what fear is there. In addition, there are other cultivators from other countries that are serving as guests for other factions.” Elder Mian gave a laugh as he replied.

“That’s true. As long as this person doesn’t have any ill will toward our Hundred Spirit House, I don’t need to worry about anything. Three or four out of ten of cultivators within Xuanjing have some problem with their identity.” Qian Chao spoke his thoughts out loud before also smiling.

Elder Mian held his beard in his hand as he made a small smile.

In the next five to six days, Liu Ming left during the day and randomly wandered the streets of Xuanjing. In addition, he bought some information about Xuanjing from some hidden factions in the city and finally got a basic understanding of the current situation.

On the night of the final day, Liu Ming pulled out the final silver needle from Qian Ruping and looked at the smiling, round, healthy face with a small smile. He softly covered the girl with the bedding next to him and left the side of the bed to enter the adjacent room.

In this room, he climbed up to his bed and calmly sat down. He thought about what he had done during the past few days.

After a couple days of work, Qian Ruping’s strange sickness was finally completely cured. As long as she took care of herself in the future, she could live like a normal person.

At this time, he could finally focus his mind on his real missions in Xuanjing.

Liu Ming entering Xuanjing to find out what had happened to the previous Supervising Disciple was secondary to his missions of waiting for his Fa Li to purify, find enough Pure Aura Qi, and also discover the truth behind the secret that his father left.

The first two points were definitely things that took a lot of time and effort; therefore, they could not be completed quickly.

The third point related to a specific place — the “House of the Third Marquis.”

According to his father’s last words, he had left Liu Ming a thing in an extremely secret position within the house of the Third Marquis. His father could only enter the house before he could find out the truth about the secret he had uncovered.

Liu Ming had originally wanted to wait until he had lived within Xuanjing for a while before finding a way to sneak into the house. However, he had never thought that the Hundred Spirit House, a group he had randomly linked up with, would be related to the House of the Third Marquis.

Otherwise, he might not have agreed to be a guest of the Hundred Spirit House.

After all, with his strength, he could successfully become a part of any faction. There was no need for him to choose so quickly.

However, he could naturally not let this chance pass by.

Liu Ming knew that as long as he was slightly patient, he could easily get into the house of the Third Marquis through his relationship with the Hundred Spirit House. This was much safer and more stable than trying to sneak into the house by force.

Liu Ming thought like this as a slight smile appeared on his face. His two eyes closed for a second as a faint gold light ball appeared within his conscious. With a slight touch of his Mental Strength, the light ball turned into a faint-gold book that opened up slowly page by page.

It was the Great Symbol Sword Technique from the Six Yin Master!

This sword technique was extremely dense and hard to understand. Even with Liu Ming’s intelligence, he could only learn about ten-percent to twenty-percent of the entire technique.

What Liu Ming had learned turned out to be the most basic portion of the technique. In fact, it was simply a method of drawing in the Gold-Attributed Spirit Air around one’s body, and how to begin cultivating one’s own Sword Spirit Embryo.

Liu Ming finally understood what a Sword Spirit Embryo meant. It was an important prerequisite to refining a Yuan Spirit Flying Sword.

According to the sword technique, there were two types of true Flying Swords.

One of them was a normal sword type Totem that was refined to be able to be used with one’s thought.

The power of these Flying Swords were not too different from normal totems, and if they were destroyed, there wouldn’t be too much of an impact to the owner of the Flying Sword.

However, high level Sword Cultivators would look upon these Flying Swords with disdain.

One would need to use their own essence blood to cultivate the other type known as the Sword Spirit Embryo. Then, one would pour that into a pre-refined Flying Sword body and combine the two. From there, one could refine the legendary Yuan Spirit Flying Sword.

Because this kind of Flying Sword had one’s own essence blood poured into it, the power in it was abnormally strong. In addition, they were like an extension of one’s arm and could kill an enemy from hundreds of miles away. This was a true Flying Sword and something that countless Sword Cultivators longed for.

Of course, once these Yuan Spirit Flying Sword were destroyed, their owners would be greatly hurt. Some were even refined in such a way that the owner would die if his or her sword was destroyed.

Thus, the material that these high level Sword Cultivators procured for their Yuan Spirit Flying Swords were not materials used to forge normal totems.

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