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Chapter 176 – Small Clear Temple

At this time, a light flashed as Liu Ming appeared at a spot behind the gray-robed person, that seemed void of any presence. With a flash of his eyes, he muttered to himself, “To actually not be able to see through such a simple illusion. Looks like he is merely a normal person.”

Immediately after making his observation, he grabbed at the air in front of him. The originally motionless man immediately flew up and landed in Liu Ming’s hand. Afterward, Liu Ming’s other hand searched the man but came up empty-handed.

Liu Ming’s brows creased together before he opened his mouth, releasing a breath of black gas on the face of the man.

The originally knocked out gray-robed man seemed to slowly wake up. However, the moment he opened his eyes, he met another pair of eyes that emitted a white light.

Immediately, the conscious of the man sunk as his two eyes became lifeless. At the same time, a voice which seemed to come from far away sounded in his ear,“Who are you? Who set you to follow me out of the Qian House…”

After the time it took to drink a cup of tea, Liu Ming’s hand loosened as the gray-robed man fell to the ground unconscious.

“Gathering Wealth Building! Looks like they are the opponents of the Hundred Spirit House. However, it does not make much of a difference to me and I don’t have to worry about this matter.” Liu Ming muttered as if he had thought of something. The white light in his eyes was also gone and his eyes were back to normal.

What he had done, just a few moments ago, was not some soul-searching technique. He instead merely relied on his strong Mental Strength as a hypnotizing method.

Although this method would have no effect on Spirit Apostles, against normal people or low level practitioners, it would be quite effective.

At this time, Liu Ming made a one-handed technique and firework like sounds came from within his body. His body stretched to be taller than before by at least two heads while the rest of his body became quite well-built.

Immediately those changes, his hands rubbed his face and his face changed into that of a burly man.

Liu Ming slapped his elbow and the Sumeru Conch appeared. Putting a slight bit of Fa Li within the conch, a black robe appeared with a flash.

Taking off the green robe on him, Liu Ming shoved the robe into the conch and he immediately put on the black robe. Afterward, he walked onto the street with large strides.

After two hours, a normal looking carriage ran out of the east gate of Xuanjing and quickly arrived before a small mountain outside the city.

The moment the carriage stopped, the door to the carriage opened up.

The black-robed man, that Liu Ming had transformed into, jumped down from the carriage. After turning his head and throwing a silver at the coachman, he walked along a small path up the mountain.

After the time it took to eat a meal, he arrived before a small and quiet Taoist temple.

The Taoist temple took up no more than an acre with its door completely shut. In addition, there was a blood red wall that surrounded the temple. Looking from afar, it seemed like there were five or six houses in the temple.

Liu Ming looked up and saw three words, “Small Clear Temple” above. Immediately, he gave a slight smile and walked before the temple, giving a couple of knocks on the bronze handle.

“Who is it? If it is someone trying to give incense and answer some dreams, our temple doesn’t take any visitors for the time being. The temple owner is currently in secluded cultivation and cannot welcome any guests.” The door didn’t open but a crisp boy’s voice sounded behind it.

When Liu Ming heard this, his expression didn’t change as he expressionlessly said, “I am a distant relative of the temple owner and am coming on some business.”

“What? A relative of the temple owner? Then please wait.” The boy seemed quite surprised.

A jogging noise sounded as the door slowly opened. From within walked out a twelve to thirteen year old boy. He had a confused expression on his face as he looked at Liu Ming.

“I have a token right here. If you bring it to your temple owner, he will naturally know who I am.” Liu Ming looked at the temple boy before taking out a half jade ornament and passed it over.

“Please wait for a moment, I’ll be back soon!” The temple boy paused for a second before taking the jade ornament as the door closed back up.

When Liu Ming saw this, his eyes winced but he kept quiet. He stayed in the same spot without moving.

After a short period of time, the door was once again opened. The temple boy appeared again and bowed before saying with an apologetic tone, “Please come in. The temple owner has already left cultivation and waiting in the wing of the temple.”

Liu Ming’s eyes scanned over the temple boy as he walked forward.

Thus, he walked into the temple following the temple boy. After passing through the main hall, he came to a courtyard. The courtyard seemed to be a quiet wing of the temple.

“You can enter alone. The temple owner is inside.” The temple boy walked to the wing of the temple and moved aside as he spoke respectfully.

“Alright, didn’t you forget something?” Liu Ming nodded and walked forward. However, before entering, his feet paused and he asked the temple boy a question.

“Ah, that’s right. This is the token from before. Please take it!” The temple boy first stilled after hearing Liu Ming’s words but immediately realized something. He quickly took the jade ornament from his pocket and gave it to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming nodded and his arm moved. A “kacha” noise sounded!

Liu Ming’s arm suddenly extended by a huge margin and grabbed the temple boy’s neck. With a shake, Liu Ming broke the neck of the boy.

The temple boy immediately died before even making a noise!

Liu Ming’s five fingers loosened as the temple boy’s body lifelessly slid to the ground.

At almost the same time, countless small holes suddenly opened from the two side walls of the temple. Immediately after they opened, an air piercing sound came out. Countless arrows shot out and turned into many cold streaks of light that shot toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s brow twitched and he flashed the Cyan Moon Sword that he had ready. With a slight shake, waves of sword shadows appeared which covered Liu Ming’s body.

Once these arrows hit the sword shadows, they all exploded apart and turned into balls of scarlet flames.

However, in the next moment, Liu Ming, within the sword shadows, gave a roar and the Sword Qi around him surged to engulf and extinguish the flames around him.

Immediately afterward, a cold light appeared within the sword shadows and a couple lines of cyan Sword Qi shot out from within. They slammed into the walls on the both sides of Liu Ming.

“Not good, run quickly!”

Immediately, many voices sounded behind the walls.

With a flash of green light, the Sword Qi disappeared within the walls.

Afterward, violent screams sounded as seven to eight white-robed people came jumping out of the walls which had now crumbled in half.

The two walls were empty on the inside and were made to be able to hide people within them.

Each of these white-robed men held a faint yellow crossbow, but in the next moment, they all were cut in two.

Liu Ming had just released a couple of Sword Qis to not only cut through the wall but to also kill all of the white-robed men within.

At this time, Liu Ming stamped his foot and rose into the sky.

At the same time, the ground below Liu Ming’s feet opened up and a pair of steel claws appeared. They barely missed Liu Ming’s feet.

Liu Ming’s Cyan Moon Sword slashed down and a foot long Sword Qi came out.


The ground beneath opened up and a yellow-colored figure shot out from the ground, trying to escape to the side.

Liu Ming’s expression didn’t change. He suddenly pointed a finger at the Sword Qi below him.

The cyan Sword Qi suddenly changed direction mid-air, and followed the yellow-colored figure. In an instant, it engulfed the figure within cold light.

It was actually Liu Ming using his immense Mental Strength to forcefully change the direction of the Sword Qi.

After a scream, the yellow-colored figure turned into a rain of blood.

However, Liu Ming did not seem to pay attention to what happened and instead held his sword as he remained floating mid-air. He turned his head and emotionlessly said to the wing of the temple, “To actually hide so long and not come out. Do you really think that I will let you live.”

“Fellow really does have an impressive amount of power. It seems that you should be the Supervising Disciple of Barbarian Ghost Sect. I know that I am not your enemy and would like to ask, what conditions are there for my life?” A hoarse voice sounded from within the wing of the temple.

“Hehe, since you know that I am the new Supervising Disciples, how dare you ambush me? Looks like my sect’s previous Supervising Disciple disappearing was most likely due to you guys. Do you think I would let you go?” Liu Ming replied with a laugh.

“Looks like it’s either my life or yours. I still have one question that I hope fellow can answer. I personally think that all of the ambushes were done perfectly, so how did fellow find out about them?” The hoarse voice paused before slowly beginning again.

“Hmph, did you think that I would talk about these kind of things? If you aren’t willing to come out, then don’t blame me for not being nice.” Liu Ming gave a cold grunt. He did not want to waste words with the person within the house. With a single-handed technique, green Wind Blades started to appear before him. Seven to eight green lights shot out with a shake of his sleeve.

“Peng, peng!” The Wind Blades that had shot into the house seemed to have been blocked off by something.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s gaze stilled.

His current strength paired with his perfect Wind Blade Technique, meant that the strength contained within each Wind Blade was much stronger than anything a normal Spirit Apostle could summon. Even a Middle Tier Spirit Apostle would not take the attack lightly…

Thus, the enemy within the house was at least a Late Spirit Apostle.

Liu Ming’s mind thought like this but the movements in his hand did not stop. With a change of technique, many scarlet fireballs appeared. Under the roar of Liu Ming, all of the fireballs shot down.

Before these fireballs truly landed, a hot gust arrived.


A figure shot out from the roof of the house. After a twist, it began fleeing toward the mountain peak.

However, Liu Ming seemed ready for such a reaction and after a sweep of his sleeve, a silver chain shot out like a snake. With one flick, it turned into countless chain images as it pushed down on the figure.

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