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Chapter 168 – Seventh Blue Pure Aura

Liu Ming took the list with a single hand without any politeness. After a quick glance at the list, he gave a slight smile as he said, “This is what your Bai Clan is willing to offer? Everything on here added up is merely a couple thousand Spirit Stones. Do you really think that I would take trouble onto myself for this measly amount of Spirit Stones?”

“I know that these resources are a little scarce for Mister Liu. However, our Bai Clan really can’t compare to other large clans and can only gather so much in such a short time. However, the Bai Clan can promise Mister Liu that as long as you can wait half a year, we can give another portion that is equal to what’s on the list.” Bai Xinliu took a deep breath and spoke in a strong tone.

“What, Big Brother, how can you do that!” Second Brother Bai, who was to the side, immediately exclaimed in surprise.

“If the Bai Clan can’t maintain its current status, even if we had an infinite amount of resources, they’d be useless.” The Bai Clan’s Clan Head shook his hand as he solemnly explained.

“Sorry, if you can only offer that, I really don’t have interest in making this deal.” Before the brothers of the Bai Clan could argue further, Liu Ming shook his head.

Hearing his words, the two brothers of the Bai Clan’s faces changed.

“Brother Liu, aren’t you taking things too far? If we add these two portions of resources together, they are over ten thousand Spirit Stones and we Bai Clan are only asking to use your name. You won’t have any losses.” Bai Yaner finally spoke up from the side.

“If you will really be just borrowing my name then the resources that amount to over ten thousand Spirit Stones are indeed enough. However, I don’t believe that the Bai Clan won’t pull in my name in the future once they hit a rough patch. In addition, after I agree to this deal, I’ll stay ‘Bai Chongtian’ and if any of the other Practitioner Clans want to edge off the Bai Clan, they would first target me before they start fighting the Bai Clan. That isn’t a simple borrowing of my name.” When Liu Ming heard this, he gave a response that was biting.

When the Clan Head and the Second Brother of the Bai Clan heard this, they could only look at each other.

Although both of them had fully known what Liu Ming had just said, now that it was out in the open, they could not help but reveal awkward expressions.

When Bai Yaner heard Liu Ming’s words, her face also started changing.

Liu Ming simply stood in the same spot and gave the three time to think.

“Yaner, you…”

“Alright, second uncle, I know what you mean. However, this condition most likely will be useless.”

The Second Brother of the Bai Clan looked at Bai Yaner before wanting to say something. Before he could get anywhere, he was cut off by the girl.

“If you don’t try, how do you know that Mister Liu is not willing.” Unwilling to give up, the Second Brother of the Bai Clan muttered.

Although Liu Ming kept a still face when he heard this, he could not help but start becoming more curious about what they were talking about.

“Alright, Fellow Liu, what if I add myself onto the resources that we have stated before? If I marry you, will that be enough for you to help our Bai Clan through this hardship?” Bai Yaner sighed as she nonchalantly spoke to Liu Ming.

“Fellow Bai must be joking.” When Liu Ming heard this, he was stunned.

“Although I, Bai Yaner, am only a Beginning Spirit Apostle, inside the Bai Clan, my word is absolute. If you are willing to take me, I would also be willing to marry you.” Bai Yaner gave a charming smile to Liu Ming before speaking unhurriedly.

“Miss Bai is indeed incredibly beautiful and few men can say no to you. However, I have already decided to put my heart in cultivation and hope to one day advance to the stage of Spirit Master. Thus, for now, I don’t have any plans for marriage.” Liu Ming thought about it for a second and then looked at the beautiful face of Bai Yaner before replying with a hint of regret.

Hearing Liu Ming put things that way, Bai Yaner merely smiled and did not speak any more.

The Bai Clan brothers to the side became enormously disappointed, but they could not think of anything else that they could offer to the young man before them to change his mind.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming did not want to wait anymore and said, “If the Bai Clan can only take out so much, then I can’t stay. I still have other things that I must attend to and will be taking my leave first.”

Once he finished, he cupped his hands toward Bai Yaner and started taking large strides to the door.

When the Bai Clan brothers saw this, their faces changed drastically for the worse.

Bai Yaner also furrowed her brow.

At this time, a slightly hoarse voice came from outside of the door.

“Looks like ordinary conditions aren’t enough to keep Mister Liu on the side of the Bai Clan. However, since Mister has great aspirations and wants to become a Spirit Master, I have something that might be to your satisfaction.”

Once the voice fell, a figure flashed in the doorway and an old woman with a bronze walking staff soundlessly appeared there.



When the two brothers and Bai Yaner saw this, they immediately went forward to pay their respects.

“So it was Elder Lady Bai! Elder stayed outside for quite a while now and I had thought that you wouldn’t show yourself.” Liu Ming did not seem surprised at this and instead cupped his hands toward the old woman.

“So Mister Liu knew that I was outside. Tsk tsk, mister is truly worthy of being one of the top ten core disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. I have practiced a Hiding Secret Technique and most Spirit Apostles would not be able to discover me.” When the old woman heard Liu Ming’s words, a flash of surprise showed on her face.

Liu Ming gave a small smile as he said nothing.

With his mental strength that did not lose to a Spirit Master, no matter how intricate the old woman’s secret technique was, she would not be able to hide under the power of his mental strength.

“You three leave for now. I will be talking to Mister Liu alone for a second.” Seeing this, the old woman did not inquire further and instead ordered the two brothers and Bai Yaner out.

“Yes mother.” The two brothers of the Bai Clan quickly gave their consent.

“Grandmother, even I can’t stay?” Bai Yaner asked with some confusion.

“What I am about to talk to Mister Liu about is something that will have no benefit if you hear it. It’s better if you don’t hear it.” The old woman hesitated for a moment before speaking in such a manner.

Although Bai Yaner felt that it was a little strange, she could only agree and leave.

Once the room’s door was closed, there was only Liu Ming and the old lady from the Bai Clan left.

“Old lady, you can say whatever it is that you wanted to say now.” Liu Ming stared at the old woman as he slowly said.

“Why so hasty, Mister Liu? I have something here that you should first take a look at.” The old woman gave a slight smile before fishing out a light blue bottle from her sleeve. With an unwilling look at the bottle, she gave it to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming was not afraid of any tricks that could have been done with the bottle, and after taking the bottle, he gave it a small shake. Then, he opened the lid and took a peek. After seeing what was inside, Liu Ming could not help but say, “Pure Aura Qi, how can the Bai Clan have something like this? However, it seems that the amount is a bit low and is only a third of the normal portion.” Liu Ming was truly surprised.

“Hehe, Mister Liu is truly quite well knowledgeable. What’s within this bottle is not only Pure Aura Qi but rather the Seventh Blue Pure Aura which is quite famous within all of the Pure Aura Qis. It was discovered by our ancestors by accident and all we have is this one-third of a portion” The old woman said seriously.

“If it really is the Seventh Blue Pure Aura, that is indeed quite rare. However, with only a one-third portion, what use do I have in having it.” Liu Ming stared at the small bottle for a while before creasing his brows and asking.

“Please relax Mister Liu, this one-third of a portion for the Seventh Blue Pure Aura is merely an advance for Mister Liu. If mister is willing to promise to look after the Bai Clan for the next few years, I am willing to reveal the Aura Pit in which my ancestor found this Pure Aura Qi. From what my ancestor left in his will, the Aura Pit was extremely small and remote, but had enough Seventh Blue Pure Aura to make another portion of the Pure Aura Qi.” The old woman said without haste.

“Hmph, if that was really the case, wouldn’t your Bai Clan have taken away all of the Pure Aura Qi?” Liu Ming’s mind turned before he said with a grunt.

“As for this point, Mister Liu does not know that the Aura Pit is not only hard to find but its location is also extremely dangerous. My ancestor was a Late Spirit Apostle and had found the pit by accident. After risking his life, he was able to take away this small fraction of a portion of Pure Aura Qi. Although our Bai Clan sent out quite a few Spirit Apostles to take the remaining Pure Aura Qi, they died before they even reached the Aura Pit. This reason is why the prosperous Bai Clan was left without Spirit Apostles and declined until the state you see it today. In the future, we did not dare to send people to find that Aura Pit. This can be considered the Bai Clan’s largest secret.” The old woman gave a bitter smile as she said.

“Looks like that place is extremely danger. Then, old lady’s meaning is…” When Liu Ming heard this, his eyes flashed as he asked.

“It’s quite simple. As long as Mister Liu can promise the wellbeing of the Bai Clan for the next five years, I will immediately give the map to the Aura Pit to you. However, I must say that the surroundings around the Aura Pit are extremely dangerous and even if Mister Liu goes, I cannot ensure that no harm will befall you. So, this deal is entirely up to Mister Liu. The Bai Clan really doesn’t have anything else and as long as Mister Liu agrees, all of the resources from before are still in this deal.” The old woman said without hesitation.

“Hehe, dangerous. As long as the Bai Clan ancestor that took the Seventh Blue Pure Aura was truly a Late Spirit Apostle, I will have no fears. Alright, I agree to this deal. However, I can only be Bai Chongtian for another four years and not a day more.” Liu Ming looked at the old woman before glancing at the light blue bottle in his hands and replied after giving a cold sneer.

“Four years, that should be barely enough for our Bai Clan to stand among the first rate Practitioner Clans. Alright, then it’s a deal.” The old woman said after gnashing her teeth in decision. She then shakily extended out a dried and skinny hand.

Liu Ming was at first stunned by her movement, but immediately realized what this meant with a smile. He also extended out a hand to clap with the other hand.
TL: This is not an error – people used to clap hands instead of shaking hands

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