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Chapter 166 – Bai Yaner

“Why is that not possible? That Liu brat is one of the top ten disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. No matter his strength or status, it’s more than enough to be paired with Yan Er. If he does not think that the Mu Clan practitioner is good enough because of her status, I believe that that brat would be moved with Yan Er’s beauty and status as a Spirit Apostle. More importantly, didn’t we inquire into his background? He has no relation to any practitioner clan and is only a exile that escaped from Savage Island. If big brother can really recruit him as a son-in-law into our Bai Clan, then would we not have any fear of him not working for our Bai Clan?” The second brother of the Bai Clan said with some excitement.

Hearing up to this point, the old woman didn’t say anything, but her face showed a sliver of anticipation.

“Mother, second brother, don’t forget that we promised Yan Er that as long as she became a Spirit Apostle, we would not interfere with her marriage and not force anything on her.” Seeing her reaction, Bai Xinliu made a bitter smile as he replied.

“Senior brother, this is a completely different time from then. If we aren’t able to make that brat change his mind, then the whole entire Bai Clan would be beat until its original state. In fact, under the wrath of so many people, our Bai Clan might be destroyed. After all, the expansion before has stepped on the profits of too many factions.” The man with a savage aura said with some urgency.

Bai Xinliu could not help but have his face change multiple times after hearing those words. He was at a loss for words for the next few moments.

“Yes, Second Brother’s words do have some credibility. However, we really cannot force anything onto her like a marriage because Yan Er has her status as a Spirit Apostle. How about this, we can discuss this matter with her. If Yan Er does not disagree, then we can have the best of both worlds where we won’t have to do anything that we wouldn’t like.” The old woman finally made her decision as she spoke.

“Okay, since mother has said that, we can talk to her about it once Yan Er comes back.” With the old woman also in agreement, Bai Xinliu could only gnash his teeth and respond in such a manner.

In the other courtyard, Liu Ming was currently sitting on the bed as he silently cultivated with closed eyes. It was as if he did not care for what happened tomorrow.

The morning of the next day, Liu Ming, who was still sitting down, had his face slightly twitch and he immediately opened both of his eyes. He gave a slight glance toward his roof before he regained his composure as he began cultivating again.

At the same time, a few hundred feet above the Bai Clan, a male and a female were each standing on a gray cloud side by side. Their four eyes looked down at the courtyard where Liu Ming was sitting in.

“The entire Bai Clan only has one person with the aura of a Spirit Apostle. Looks like your brother really has returned to the clan.” The young man was exceptionally handsome and had a long blue robe on. Suddenly, he turned his head and smiled toward the slim figure that had a green cloak around her.

“Yes, when I left the clan a couple of days ago, this courtyard was still empty. Looks like it is true that Congtian is within there. In a couple of days, I’ll introduce brother to you.” The green-cloaked lady let out a pleasant laugh as she replied.

“Okay, the main reason as to why I came was because I wanted to see you, Yan Er, again. At the same time, I am also curious about what my younger sister’s future husband looks like. Ever since my younger sister was imprisoned in our clan, she did not say a good word about your brother. However, my young aunt’s letters held nothing but praise for your brother. Also, being able to become one of the top ten disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect is definitely something your brother is better at than others.” The blue-robed man smiled as he spoke.

“Speaking about this, I must thank Brother Mu. If it weren’t for the fact that Brother Mu Ling brought back the news that my brother became one of the top ten disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect, it is very likely that the Bai Clan could not take advantage of this chance to expand our sphere of influence.” The cloaked lady responded softly.

The blue-robed man was the messenger from the Mu Clan who was also a Spirit Apostle under the Nine Enchantment Sect. In addition, from the tone, he seemed to also be the older brother of Mu Mingzhu.

As for the cloaked lady, it was Bai Yaner from the Heavenly Moon Sect.

“Hehe, for us Practitioner Clans to know what is occurring within the sects is quite hard. It is quite common for us to have to wait a couple months to half a year before we know what is going on. My young aunt had to use a special method to send information for the Mu Clan to know what happened in Barbarian Ghost Sect. However, even if I didn’t tell you, your brother would have brought the news to the Bai Clan slightly later. Thus, it was not that big of a deal. In addition, my sister is about to marry your brother, and at that time, the Mu and Bai Clan will almost be one.” Mu Ling said with a smile.

“I would naturally want our two clans, one east and one west, to finalize this alliance. Thus, no matter what faction wants to fight us, they would need to be much more cautious. Time was not enough this time and I won’t be able to accompany you on a tour outside the Lushui city. If we find an opportunity next time, I will definitely accompany Brother Mu Ling. Now, let’s first go down. I’ll first arrange for Brother Mu’s residence and in these two days, we might have to closely talk about the kinks of the alliance of the two clans.” Bai Yaner smiled as she slowly descended to the Bai Clan.

The blue-robed young man stared at Bai Yaner’s back with some infatuation and also landed below.

In a quarter of an hour, Bai Yaner appeared within the main hall where the Bai Clan welcomed their guests. The Bai Clan clan head, second brother of the clan, and the old woman were all sitting squarely on chairs and discussing something.

“Yan Er, you have finally come back! I thought that you would take longer.” When Bai Xinliu saw his own daughter, he was quite happy as he hurriedly said.

“Hello grandmother, father, and second uncle!” Bai Yaner bowed slightly to the three of them before taking off the cloak on her face.

This girl was at most in her twenties with fair skin and a face like a peach tree blossom. Her pair of eyes were vibrant and always moving. Between her brows, a sense of an enchanting aura emanated as she seemed to be so beautiful that she couldn’t be looked at.
TL: Don’t ask me what a peach tree blossom face looks like

“Quickly stand up, you must have been exhausted this time. That’s right, did the messenger from the Mu Clan come with you?” The old woman seemed to be quite caring of Bai Yaner and quickly let her stand. Then, the old woman asked her a question in a timid manner.

“Grandmother can relax, I have already arranged everything. In addition, we have taken the whole day to travel and he should already be asleep by now.” Bai Yaner gave a small smile as she answered.

“That’s good. Before we talk things through with that brat, we definitely can not let the two of them meet. “ When the old woman heard this, she let out a sigh of relief.

“However, our time isn’t too long. We must rope in that person in the least amount of time possible. At the very least, we can’t allow him to publicize his identity or else the trouble that our Bai Clan will receive will be very great. However, why did that Liu brat come here so suddenly? Wasn’t the custom that the new top ten disciples of each sect would stay within the sect to use the resources that the sect awards for a couple of months!?” The man with the savage aura worriedly wondered.

“According to common sense, that is what should have happened. After all, they should be preparing for the Life and Death Trials to take place one year later. However, something might have happened within the Barbarian Ghost Sect that we do not know about.” Bai Yaner’s eyes flashed as she slowly replied.

“What could have happened. Will it effect our plan?” The Bai Clan Clan Head’s face changed as he asked.

“That’s hard to say. After all, the news that we received last time was only that this person became one of the top ten Core Disciples in the Barbarian Ghost Sect after the Large Competition and the news was even given to us by the Mu Clan. However, father, you need not worry. We have learned our lesson and placed people around the Barbarian Ghost Sect. As soon as any information leaks out, they will use birds to convey it back. Right now, what we need to do is discuss how we are going to rope in this person.” Bai Yaner said unhurriedly.

“Yes, that is correct. However, Yan Er, you are also an Spirit Apostle. Do you think that the conditions that we set out earlier will be enough to influence this brat?” The old woman kept a serious face as she asked after some hesitation.

“If it was before, that was more than enough. However, this person has become one of the top ten disciples which complicates matters. If he were to speak of the fact that he impersonated Bai Congtian to the higher echelons of the sect with his current status, he would most likely be punished very slightly and we will no longer be able to threaten him with that. However, what is more likely is that after that person had a huge gain in strength, he would not want to have any more connections with the Bai Clan and would want to cut ties with us in one fell swoop. If that’s the case, then the conditions that we put out earlier are a little too shallow.” Bai Yaner sighed as she spoke.

“However, the conditions that we discussed earlier are the maximum that the Bai Clan can take out. After all, our Bai Clan was only a third-rate Practioner Clan and doesn’t have too many accumulated resources.” The second brother of the Bai Clan said with some anxiousness.

“The person we are dealing with is one of the top ten disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Compared to what the sect gave him, I doubt that the resources the Bai Clan is able to offer will be in his sights.” Bai Yaner shook her head as she replied with a serious expression.

“If that’s the case, Yan Er, do you think it’s possible to re-rope this person into our Bai Clan with another method?” The old woman’s brows were knit for a while before she suddenly asked.

“Oh, grandmother is saying…” Bai Yaner blinked before letting out a few words.

“Yan Er, I will not lie to you. Yesterday, me, your father, and your second uncle discussed a little and thought that there might be some other method to tempt this brat. However, this matter regards you so as your grandmother, I’d like to ask you one thing:

If I betrothed you to that person, are you willing to do so?” The old woman waved the bronze walking staff in her hand as a glint appeared in her eyes.

“Oh, grandmother and father want to have this person as a son-in-law? As for this matter, I cannot give a reply so soon and will have to see the person first before making my decision.” When Bai Yaner heard this, she actually did not become enraged and rather seemed to fall into deep thought before she earnestly replied.

“Hehe, of course. Yan Er should meet this person and test him before having your father and second uncle come out to discuss the details. I am an old geezer with many years behind so I won’t be showing my face.” After seeing that Bai Yaner did not refuse immediately, the wrinkled face of the old woman could not help but show a smile.

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